My EX & I Let The Person In Front Of Us Decide What We Eat For 24 Hours


  1. Gabbie Hanna

    Gabbie Hanna17 days ago

    MY EP "2 WAY MIRROR" COMES OUT MAY 31!! SET YOUR ALARMS! PUT IT IN YOUR CALENDAR!! GET READY!!! 6 songs and a bunch of WAYYYY TOO PERSONAL stuff for your entertainment!

  2. Lydia Macias

    Lydia Macias3 hours ago

    Gabbie why did you have to blur his face out?

  3. Dora Echeverria

    Dora Echeverria6 days ago

    Can you just show his face in the next video?

  4. Kayla Collins

    Kayla Collins8 days ago

    Gabbie Hanna why did u break up

  5. TerrificTori66

    TerrificTori669 days ago


  6. Cinderwyrm

    Cinderwyrm10 days ago

    I like eating sashimi the non American way [It's fish with the tail attached (I eat the tail)] It's very crunchy

  7. Alyssa Collins

    Alyssa Collins9 hours ago

    You and ur ex are so cute

  8. Chey Poof

    Chey Poof10 hours ago


  9. Hop Scotch

    Hop Scotch15 hours ago

    Its Andrew Siwicki, right?

  10. Lo - Kee

    Lo - Kee18 hours ago

    I have never understood how gabby has been single. I'm only saying this because she makes it's seem like she's always single and like guys aren't attracted to her. Gabby is and has always been so damn fine in my opinion... her bf if/when she gets one is a lucky man... she is hella good looking and funny

  11. Marimar Martinez

    Marimar Martinez19 hours ago

    It’s Andrew and everyone knows it

  12. Kat L

    Kat L22 hours ago

    is it andrew?

  13. Haven Grace

    Haven Grace22 hours ago

    I? Like his? Voice?

  14. Makayla Locker

    Makayla LockerDay ago

    8:10 Boy with luv BTS ft Halsey is playing Streeeeaaam

  15. Jae

    JaeDay ago


  16. Makayla Locker

    Makayla LockerDay ago


  17. Nathan Edward

    Nathan EdwardDay ago

    She called him babe😂😂

  18. imantonija w

    imantonija wDay ago

    Now I REALLY now youre a bad driver lmfao😂ly❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  19. J

    JDay ago

    Talking with full mouth!! Pretty 👧 with no manners. That’s why he DITCH you!!!!!

  20. Rebecca Parker

    Rebecca ParkerDay ago

    McDonald’s Sprite C R I S P Y

  21. IAmAsh

    IAmAsh2 days ago

    I feel like they’re best friends and exes because their breakup wasn’t personal and it was one of those that either didn’t work out mutually or was too stress inducing on top of everything else and they decided being friends was better Honestly i’m glad i see someone other than me and my boyfriend (we’ve broken up before) and my ex get along with their ex in a best friend-ish kind of way, i’m surrounded by people who tend to abandon their partner the moment they break up

  22. IAmAsh

    IAmAsh2 days ago

    could you tell i was tryna be grammatically correct at the start and gave up at the end?

  23. Kristen Chatel

    Kristen Chatel2 days ago

    i thought it was shane dawson camera person but he's too lively

  24. Rosie Blue

    Rosie Blue2 days ago

    Wait why did they break up?

  25. Sakshi

    Sakshi2 days ago

    What is his name cause like which ex is he? Andrew?

  26. Aleksandr McGovern

    Aleksandr McGovern2 days ago

    .... soooooo like how are they not dating? Like 1- they are so fucking cute. And 2- he calls her babe at the end like just nonchalantly. I shit it. V cute.

  27. Caitlin Milligan

    Caitlin Milligan2 days ago

    maybe i just imagined it because i want it to be him but ive watched way too many shane dawson videos I KNOW THAT VOICE AND LAUGH HELLO ANDreW

  28. DON _ALD

    DON _ALD2 days ago

    I was just watching David's vlogs and I really missed Gabbie so...

  29. Jazz Matazzz

    Jazz Matazzz2 days ago

    omg the eminem impression i’m dead

  30. Abix

    Abix2 days ago

    EX?!?!?!?!? You guys are cute!!

  31. Itsyagirlbribri

    Itsyagirlbribri2 days ago

    Okay but I wuv themmm and his Eminem impressions are dope asf

  32. Ashley Maddox

    Ashley Maddox2 days ago

    I dont know about where y'all live but where I live they used to fry the pies now theyre baked

  33. Itzel

    Itzel2 days ago

    👏🏼Get👏🏼back👏🏼with👏🏼him Whos with me?

  34. Noland Newsome

    Noland Newsome2 days ago

    Im rewatching this video and this guy seems pretty dope.

  35. Lulu Wong

    Lulu Wong2 days ago

    them eating sushi is the whitest thing i ever seen

  36. Melissa Stensland

    Melissa Stensland2 days ago

    Is it matt???

  37. Emily Stockwell

    Emily Stockwell3 days ago

    Gabbie has more chemistry with her ex than I've ever had with anyone. 🙃

  38. Saddy Babby

    Saddy Babby3 days ago

    no one: literally no one: not even jesus: Gabby doing anything: My CaRpEl TuNNEl

  39. Erin Sweeney

    Erin Sweeney3 days ago

    I ship y’all sooooooo much

  40. Ines Torres

    Ines Torres3 days ago

    I feel like this is Andrew , I mean he seems super comfortable around the camera and his voice sounds like him .

  41. ella loves jahseh

    ella loves jahseh3 days ago

    he kinda sounds like andrew

  42. Kellis RB

    Kellis RB3 days ago

    Thanks for showing the people you. Can be friends with your ex :)

  43. donald blumpf

    donald blumpf3 days ago

    this bitch ugly

  44. park mochi

    park mochi3 days ago


  45. Makayla Locker

    Makayla LockerDay ago


  46. Olsens Life

    Olsens Life3 days ago

    You know! I actually saw a video once about sushi...apparently you’re supposed to use your fingers!!! 🤷🏻‍♀️

  47. Olsens Life

    Olsens Life3 days ago

    Someone needs to invent drive thru sushi.

  48. beemerchef27

    beemerchef273 days ago

    If I were you, I'd get back together with your ex because the odds of you getting someone else is, well,.....

  49. Charity Smith

    Charity Smith3 days ago

    2:34 *zoomes in on butt*

  50. Ellie

    Ellie3 days ago

    wait we all know this is Andrew right

  51. jessciss0rhands

    jessciss0rhands3 days ago

    Sorry but no...

  52. PerennialPizza

    PerennialPizza3 days ago

    "You didn't get a straw?" "No, bad for the environment." Well he's a keeper

  53. Jaquelyn Chrisdon

    Jaquelyn Chrisdon3 days ago

    PLOT TWIST: His face is blurred because he IS Eminem!!!!

  54. Kirsty Earley

    Kirsty Earley3 days ago


  55. Reid Nelson

    Reid Nelson3 days ago

    theres a black thing in the "sprite" at 18:16 gabs

  56. Maha Khan

    Maha Khan3 days ago


  57. Nobody Cares

    Nobody Cares3 days ago

    Your still In love with him I shipppp❤️❤️

  58. Elron Lushtail

    Elron Lushtail3 days ago

    That server was out of order.

  59. Jasmin Soto

    Jasmin Soto3 days ago

    why did they break up

  60. Babybort12

    Babybort123 days ago

    Wahhhh~! Even tho you guys are not in a relationship anymore i still ship it!!

  61. Sophie JC

    Sophie JC4 days ago

    Sorry, but why are u two not together? So cute. 💋

  62. Sassie Cassie

    Sassie Cassie4 days ago

    I swear he is Jake Roque. Who is a musician and used to work with and be in Molly Burke’s Videos?! We know he’s a musician and they had a “mutual friend”

  63. Alyssa M Santiago

    Alyssa M Santiago4 days ago

    It’s Andrew hands down

  64. Bri Stone

    Bri Stone4 days ago

    i did the challenge too and so much happens even a hit and run come over to my channel and check it out! :)

  65. JennyApostolos

    JennyApostolos4 days ago

  66. Jasmine Wayne

    Jasmine Wayne4 days ago

    I wish we could see what he looks like

  67. Tiger Queen

    Tiger Queen4 days ago


  68. balloutT Bailes

    balloutT Bailes4 days ago

    16:30 one happened a couple months ago at a Macdonald's where I live. 1 person dead.

  69. Nas J

    Nas J4 days ago

    What the fuck is the point of this video you dumb bitch. Why are you with your EX? Why do you let a random person decide what you eat? And why did you think this was content enough to post on the internet, just a dumb fucking bitch thats seeking attention, no female in their right mind just decides to hang out with their EX just because. Its so funny what videos people post when they have 0 ideas and creativity but want to be relevant soooooo bad

  70. TheMeanandNice

    TheMeanandNice4 days ago

    What’s his Insta 😌

  71. ajennine

    ajennine4 days ago

    ...well for a nano second I thought it might be Siwicki...

  72. redd bluee

    redd bluee5 days ago

    20:24 theres netflix behind, you know what that means ;)

  73. Desi Rogers

    Desi Rogers5 days ago


  74. Mina Miles

    Mina Miles5 days ago

    did anybody hear Boy with Luv by BTS playing in the background? it was playing when she first got he sushi!!!!

  75. Makayla Locker

    Makayla LockerDay ago


  76. true moo

    true moo5 days ago

    bruh why was the sushi restaurant playing boy with luv in the background tho?

  77. Makayla Locker

    Makayla LockerDay ago


  78. Athena Chisa

    Athena Chisa5 days ago

    It sounds like they were playing Boy With Luv by BTS can you please reply to this comment and tell me what because it sounds exactly like it♥♥♥

  79. Makayla Locker

    Makayla LockerDay ago


  80. sweet potato greens

    sweet potato greens5 days ago

    sure hope those sushi leftovers made their way into a fridge somewhere in there!

  81. Klaudia Czubajewska

    Klaudia Czubajewska5 days ago


  82. Krystal Ha

    Krystal Ha5 days ago

    Ugly annoying.

  83. Ava Fowler

    Ava Fowler5 days ago


  84. Peggy White

    Peggy White5 days ago

    That Eminem was so fucking good what the fuck

  85. Amanda

    Amanda5 days ago

    18:38 He called her babe...

  86. Cassie Lewis

    Cassie Lewis5 days ago


  87. Ava Fowler

    Ava Fowler5 days ago

    Yes that is what I was thinking

  88. larryislouisxharry

    larryislouisxharry5 days ago

    Istg cabbie still interested

  89. djmonkeydoo2

    djmonkeydoo25 days ago

    You're going to get married

  90. Czarina Ortega

    Czarina Ortega5 days ago


  91. Tara K

    Tara K5 days ago

    thanks for ruining shrimp for me gabbie😊🙁

  92. izzy barker

    izzy barker5 days ago

    that is defo kian lawley

  93. Madeline Carter

    Madeline Carter5 days ago

    i really ship them

  94. Chaz Callahan

    Chaz Callahan5 days ago

    that was one of the best promos for a company ive ever seen

  95. Emily Ermel

    Emily Ermel5 days ago

    Am I the only one that thinks they're dating currently and she just said ex? They called each other babe way too much

  96. Alex Orion

    Alex Orion5 days ago

    They peer pressure each other A LOT. 😂

  97. Carlos Gomez

    Carlos Gomez5 days ago

    “Do we want a sprite?” We? WE?

  98. Haley C

    Haley C5 days ago

    You see his face for a second when a scene switches

  99. Nicole

    Nicole5 days ago

    i figured it out. her ex is joe. go watch her video about cleaning her vents and listen to joe’s voice then listen to the guys voice in this one.

  100. Kambri Fisher

    Kambri Fisher6 days ago

    ok so theory she dated Andrew who is friends with shane, Andrew is a filmer and the ex is the camera man. She openly said that she dated him and it kinda sounds like him just a though she has also talked about him before.

  101. Angela Sylvester

    Angela Sylvester6 days ago

    What was the point of doing this if you weren’t going to show his face? Lol

  102. Victoria Huynh

    Victoria Huynh6 days ago

    Gabbie being picky about regular things for 23 minutes straight

  103. Daricka Trochelman

    Daricka Trochelman6 days ago

    I cute

  104. Hope Mcnamara

    Hope Mcnamara6 days ago

    "my ex" "babe" yeah oKAY

  105. SdShadow Lad

    SdShadow Lad6 days ago

    Definitely not hur ex 😂😂

  106. robertas dvareckas

    robertas dvareckas6 days ago

    8:04 bts

  107. Makayla Locker

    Makayla LockerDay ago

    tHaNk YoU

  108. Dalynnkilynn

    Dalynnkilynn6 days ago

    Dude its Joe from ugh it's joe

  109. Charlotte Worth

    Charlotte Worth6 days ago


  110. Charlotte Worth

    Charlotte Worth6 days ago


  111. Zoey Loves hoseok

    Zoey Loves hoseok6 days ago


  112. Makayla Locker

    Makayla LockerDay ago


  113. Ali Jones

    Ali Jones6 days ago


  114. Addison Miller

    Addison Miller6 days ago

    Awww they're meant to be even tho there exes!! 😍

  115. Sharena Dilaurentis

    Sharena Dilaurentis6 days ago

    Who is heeee