My EX & I Let The Person In Front Of Us Decide What We Eat For 24 Hours


  1. Gabbie Hanna

    Gabbie Hanna3 months ago

    MY EP "2 WAY MIRROR" COMES OUT MAY 31!! SET YOUR ALARMS! PUT IT IN YOUR CALENDAR!! GET READY!!! 6 songs and a bunch of WAYYYY TOO PERSONAL stuff for your entertainment!

  2. dangthatsalongname 5

    dangthatsalongname 52 days ago

    Is your ex Andrew who films for shane

  3. Kamryn ththtmc

    Kamryn ththtmcMonth ago

    Gabbie Hanna put him in more

  4. Travis Cox

    Travis Cox2 months ago

    Please stop talking to him :( u could see how hurt you we're in perfect day....u deserve better.

  5. Tae Amo

    Tae Amo5 hours ago


  6. Kayla The Creator

    Kayla The Creator6 hours ago


  7. 강리즈

    강리즈22 hours ago

    8:05 was boy with luv playing in the background :00

  8. Sarah Nagle

    Sarah NagleDay ago

    It would have been funny if that table noticed they got the exact same thing as them

  9. Olivia Santellan

    Olivia SantellanDay ago

    Its shane dawsons camera man Andrew.....I think

  10. Emily S

    Emily SDay ago

    omg is nobody going to talk about her nails! one of them is red like pillowcase! tea

  11. príncє mєєp

    príncє mєєpDay ago

    I just have to say your McDonalds suck, the burgers aren't suppose to look like that. 😔

  12. ShadowMoonSlayer 973

    ShadowMoonSlayer 973Day ago

    Omg boy with luv played at 8:06 ahhh

  13. Allison Veltkamp

    Allison Veltkamp2 days ago

    They called each other babe CUTEEEEEEE

  14. Jess RWE

    Jess RWE2 days ago

    I'm uncultured, someone tell me why they keep saying Caveman in her vids? Am i not cool enough to know?

  15. Dewi Anouk

    Dewi Anouk2 days ago

    oh my god the nailpolish from the pillowcase video!!

  16. farms germany

    farms germany2 days ago

    Anybody else here now knowing who the boyfriend is

  17. Ealah Ullmann

    Ealah Ullmann2 days ago

    They get into the restaurant. Every ARMY watching it: Is tHaT bOy wiTh LoVE?!?!?!? :D

  18. Jack Poland

    Jack Poland3 days ago

    Your ex does a KILLER eminem impersonation

  19. I suck Jungkook’s toes

    I suck Jungkook’s toes3 days ago

    8:05 BTS!!!!!!!!!!

  20. AleChim Chimmy

    AleChim Chimmy3 days ago

    How did I just notice Boy With Luv playing on 8:07.... any ARMY fam out there??💜💜💜

  21. Mia Galo

    Mia Galo3 days ago

    I wanna see his facee

  22. devin haley

    devin haley3 days ago

    Is that Joe?

  23. Mia Mio

    Mia Mio3 days ago

    Dude you should make a q and a with him!!!

  24. Jenna Dickens

    Jenna Dickens3 days ago

    I’m here after listening to the whole ep (I’m so late I know lol) but at the beginning of this video, she said the whole ep was about him. Also, everyone’s like “gAbBiE wHy ArE yOu StIlL fRiEnDs WiTh hIm??” First, did you not hear Goodbye, for now? Just because they had a rough time then doesn’t mean she couldn’t forgive him. They have good chemistry now, it’s okay for them to be friends

  25. Andrew Allen

    Andrew Allen3 days ago

    why did you blur his face??

  26. Sarah Aurora

    Sarah Aurora3 days ago

    I feel like if you do that at a fast food they would mess with you

  27. Admiral Ackbar

    Admiral Ackbar4 days ago

    so why did they break up

  28. spring

    spring4 days ago

    He sounds like Jeff

  29. Madeleine Kay

    Madeleine Kay4 days ago

    Was that a Get Smart reference? 13:45

  30. Victoria Puglisi

    Victoria Puglisi5 days ago

    It's actually traditional to eat sushi with your hands in Japan, they bring out water to rinse your fingers with.

  31. Susannah Adeline

    Susannah Adeline5 days ago

    I know he hurt you and all but y’all are real cute

  32. kali a

    kali a5 days ago

    it's Andrew are you literally kidding

  33. Blanca Villegas

    Blanca Villegas5 days ago

    I need new videos ASAP!!

  34. Slytherin_dancer 16

    Slytherin_dancer 166 days ago

    That last part at when she’s freaking out in the parking garage is literally me and was literally giving me a panic attack

  35. lauren hibbitts

    lauren hibbitts6 days ago

    Gabbie: I don’t get full Also Gabbie in pizza video: my belly hurts really bad I have to stop eating Also Also Gabbie: *grabs more pizza* eats it

  36. Cherry Blossom

    Cherry Blossom6 days ago

    Omfgggggg I’m the same I legit never. Get. Full like after every meal I have..I’m hungry again. I thought I was the only one 😋

  37. Anonymousse

    Anonymousse7 days ago


  38. leticia Garza

    leticia Garza7 days ago

    2:28 you called me? (Sep. 21 is my birthday🙈🙊)

  39. jasmin & ani lol

    jasmin & ani lol9 days ago

    14:51 that is literally my friends name lol

  40. Jbird 123

    Jbird 1239 days ago

    He sounds like lazy Ron studios

  41. Mia Perez

    Mia Perez9 days ago

    why does he have such a hot voice thoo

  42. Rojweekus

    Rojweekus10 days ago


  43. inga tīrule

    inga tīrule10 days ago

    I'm shiping!!!!!!

  44. Emmie Sumski

    Emmie Sumski10 days ago

    Watching this made me sad that me and my ex aren’t friends anymore because we were such good friends before we got together 🥺

  45. Shaelynn Gundy

    Shaelynn Gundy10 days ago

    He said love u , called her babe, zoomed in on her butt, almost bought her pekocheo, called her pretty that's odd if there not dating hummmm

  46. Shaelynn Gundy

    Shaelynn Gundy10 days ago

    He has a sexy voice

  47. Because I'm Bassie

    Because I'm Bassie10 days ago

    5:07 omg she threw her phone Oh nvm

  48. Bella is a Nickname

    Bella is a Nickname11 days ago

    My birthday is the September 21 wooo

  49. Jay ジェイ

    Jay ジェイ11 days ago

    I love seaweed salad ahh I want all you can eat sushi now ;; But I'll pass on the California roll lol @13:26 To your "ex," it's pronounced meok-bahng and it's called that because it's a combination of meokneun (eating) and bangsong (broadcast).

  50. MiaPlaysHalo

    MiaPlaysHalo12 days ago

    Aw one of my exes is my best friend too. Love him to death, literally call him my brother now

  51. colleen grace

    colleen grace12 days ago

    8:04 Boy with Luv by BTS ft Halsey in the back 🥺🥺🥺

  52. Wolfie ArtDrawz

    Wolfie ArtDrawz12 days ago

    if I got all that sushi... I WOULD EAT IT ALL

  53. Finley O'Con

    Finley O'Con12 days ago

    When it sounds like joe tho

  54. Ellen_BTS_ K-POP

    Ellen_BTS_ K-POP13 days ago

    Ok. I'm I the only one hearing "Boy with luv" by BTS and halsy at 8:02

  55. Deanna Gale

    Deanna Gale13 days ago

    Gets offended cause I always get plain food cause I'm picky asf

  56. music playlist

    music playlist13 days ago

    This is andrew

  57. Juguetes Divertidos Cinthya y Natalie

    Juguetes Divertidos Cinthya y Natalie13 days ago

    Y'all, this is so cute. I feel like they still love each other

  58. Sky Blue

    Sky Blue14 days ago

    omg that Eminem impression! i kinda had a fan girl moment just now :o

  59. Marta

    Marta15 days ago

    so this is jacob (like if u know lol)

  60. Cheyenne Chapman

    Cheyenne Chapman16 days ago

    Why is no one commenting on how good of a cameraman he is?!

  61. Lunar Games

    Lunar Games17 days ago

    This is so weird may the 10th was my birthday and I had sushi.

  62. hjpalmer8

    hjpalmer817 days ago

    Gabbie: I hate shrimp it's disgusting Also Gabbie: *continues to eat shrimp*

  63. Tori Mills

    Tori Mills17 days ago

    You all aint friends you guys flirting you have to be dating or have feelings because yall saying babe every 5 min

  64. SugaBun

    SugaBun18 days ago

    The ex sounds like he just doesnt wanna be there 😂😂 Lol, this is amazing.

  65. Vero N

    Vero N18 days ago

    It’s the same shirt that she wore for Zach Sang show

  66. Emily Gaddis

    Emily Gaddis18 days ago

    Gabbie what the fuck are you doing.

  67. Kam H

    Kam H18 days ago

    “he’s my ex” *calls each other babe*

  68. Demon Flower

    Demon Flower18 days ago

    Ok... so I don't mean to be rude or intrusive or whatever, and I dont know why y'all broke up but you seem like a perfect couple. 🤷‍♀️🥺❤🤗💁‍♀️

  69. Hayley Paterson

    Hayley Paterson19 days ago

    Also who else heard boy with love at 8:08......

  70. Hayley Paterson

    Hayley Paterson19 days ago this is the pathilogical liar ex......and there flirting for like half an hour and calling babe every 2seconds...and he knows about the ep and her album and there both laughing about it and I- idk how to feel about this

  71. Madison Stock

    Madison Stock19 days ago

    Wait is this Andrew??

  72. Will the Beast

    Will the Beast19 days ago

    Liar! Yesterday you did not uploud

  73. Elii Rivera

    Elii Rivera20 days ago

    i know who it issss ..... 🤭

  74. Natalie Chavez

    Natalie Chavez20 days ago

    18:37 he says no babe when the elevator closes to soon ❤️ 🥰

  75. Natalie Chavez

    Natalie Chavez20 days ago

    Are sure it’s ur EX??????

  76. iTSoKayAnimations

    iTSoKayAnimations21 day ago


  77. Celica Nolasco

    Celica Nolasco22 days ago

    Show your Exes face

  78. brieana scofield

    brieana scofield22 days ago

    is that him or a cover

  79. kaylee james

    kaylee james22 days ago

    6:23 same no wonder I weigh do much!!😂 my friend calls me a bottomless pit....

  80. Natalie’s Corner

    Natalie’s Corner22 days ago

    u can kinda see what he looks like at 15:24

  81. Timmy._. MUA

    Timmy._. MUA23 days ago

    Why can’t I have a relationship like that with MY EX 😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️ you’re so relatable bitch I love you

  82. Kris Toyota

    Kris Toyota24 days ago

    boy with luv playing in the background at 8:04


    SUGA KOOKIE25 days ago