Crisis Pregnancy Centers: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Crisis pregnancy centers deceptively steer women away from abortion. They can be started way too easily by religious groups like, for instance, a late night talk show’s megachurch.
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  1. Americanlynn1

    Americanlynn111 minutes ago

    Certainly there are terrible examples to be found on the CPC side.... but there are just as many terrible examples of predatory and deceptive practices being used in abortion clinics, too. Does that mean ALL abortion clinics are lying to patients and using fear tactics to make them want to abort their baby? no.. the same also holds true for CPCs. There are wonderful ones out there doing excellent work at not only supporting the mothers during pregnancy, but also thru the birth process, and afterwards (whether helping them work with adoption agencies, or helping them to be able to care for the child themselves, including offering on-going free counseling, parenting classes, access to diapers, clothes and other necessities, etc.). To categorize CPCs in general as all being like this is very disingenuous and untrue. I would also expect you, sir, to use your platform to likewise call out those abortion clinics that are using the same kind of practices/tactics to get women to choose abortion over other options... because they certainly exist as well and should be held accountable.


    DAVE MISAL2 hours ago

    So... I knocked up my girlfriend. I had a full ride to Princeton. She had a full ride to Taylor. My 20 yr old son is glad I and my girlfriend didn't murder him. He is a better human than most abortionists. Abortionists have forgive there right to life by committing murder.

  3. Julian Julian

    Julian Julian13 hours ago

    when will people face the truth? this is just human farming in practice. We need more believer to give their hard earn money to the invisible man in the sky, NOT LESS

  4. Chimi Miki

    Chimi Miki20 hours ago

    fuking evil....

  5. proxyhuman

    proxyhumanDay ago

    Your wife ......IS AMAZING! I love her. And you. Thank you for actual information.

  6. proxyhuman

    proxyhumanDay ago

    One of the things that makes me laugh about republicans, their ability to come up with names for their organizations that mean the exact opposite of what they actually do.

  7. Gabe Donlon

    Gabe DonlonDay ago

    Fuck you. From the bottom of my heart. When you reference your motives briefly like she did, it’s because you aren’t thinking about them, you know them and you’re convicted by them. She says “abortion won’t make them happy” and she’s fucking RIGHT. Have you MET a woman who just had an abortion? If they haven’t had piece after piece of this S**t shoveled down their gullet (and even some that did), they are shell shocked after it. It DEVASTATES THEM. It breaks them in a way they won’t ever completely heal from. And do you know what “propaganda” they show the women that come through the clinic you’re talking about? An ultrasound. And nothing else. The doctors may talk about the specifics of the procedure (which is literally RIPPING THE FETUS APART WITH A VACUME) when asked, but mainly that’s it. They’re so effective in their mission because no sane human being with any positive emotions can look at an ultrasound and not say “it’s a life.” Hell, people who PREFORM abortions get messed up over it. And you choose to mock this woman’s genuine concern. You are a sick person. Normally, I don’t comment on this stuff. Because I’m only gonna get drowned out or get harassed by people claiming I’m “taking away rights” (personally, I’m more focused on women not psychologically bombing themselves through this), But you are a special kind of sick. Also, the “pro-choice” argument is not just “intellectually dead” it’s so undead it NEVER WENT TO HIGH-SCHOOL. And I’m being literal. Because there’s a little fact in freshman biology (so important it’s taught at the beginning of the year) that says: “the smallest form life can take is a cell.” Which means, that since all the other requirements for life can be found in this process, then all you need is a moment in the process where it’s smaller than a cell. Unfortunately (as they would have learned later in freshman biology) that never occurs. The smallest it gets is conception, when the two gameat cells merge into one cell. It then grows exponentially after that, and never stops.

  8. The Viewer

    The ViewerDay ago

    I'm a trans man. If I ever get pregnant I'd probably end up killing myself around month 3 cause of dysphoria induced depression if I couldn't access abortion. My friend was raped when she was 14, having a child would have not only been physically awful it would have ruined her life.

  9. Amazed Alloy

    Amazed Alloy2 days ago

    If I dare ask, why do people ignore the emotional damage an abortion can cause?

  10. The Viewer

    The ViewerDay ago

    People don't, but it should be a choice that's given with full knowledge of the options.

  11. The Battlesword

    The Battlesword7 days ago

    Abby Johnson? The woman who lied about having worked in an abortion clinic for 8 years and somehow got a movie deal out of it?

  12. lcyw20

    lcyw207 days ago

    These things need to be shut down, and the fucking liars running them locked up!

  13. Phil Buckhouse

    Phil Buckhouse7 days ago

    Chappelle said it best, "If you have a dick, you need to shut the fuck up here. This is their decision."

  14. Einhorn Taschentuch

    Einhorn Taschentuch8 days ago

    Are these people forgetting that abortion WAS illegal once before, which resulted in women trying to perform an abortion themselves with a coat hanger? Do these people not realize that these kids will either grow up in an unloving family, put up for adoption (as if there aren't already too many kids in adoption Center's), or these children will just simply be left on street corners. Insane. The USA, especially all its religious people, need to wake up to reality and face the possible consequences of whatever it is they are trying to achieve.

  15. Todd Howard

    Todd Howard10 days ago

    15:35 hmmm my state is on there, where my taxes go to fund inaccurate, religiously affiliated, faux medical facilities? Time to dump some fucking Coca Cola in the harbor

  16. Charlie Woodward

    Charlie Woodward10 days ago

    Sorry America. China you know is really shady. North korea you know is inherently evil. America, the land of the free... its a really trashy country. The U.K. is quite bad but we laugh at America on a regular basis because we hear some stuff about your country and are genuinely dumbstruck...

  17. Andrea Robyn

    Andrea Robyn11 days ago

    These people care so much about unborn babies, but not the countless women who have died as a result of abortions being illegal or near impossible to access, or the lives of abortion doctors who have been murdered by the pro-life groups. Evidently, life is only sacred if they behave as you want them to.

  18. Garrett Stephens

    Garrett Stephens12 days ago

    Wait! They offer opinions besides killing an unborn child?? wow that is such a crime. They offer help with the pregnancy, adoption opinions, living assistance opinion, work opportunities for women with children, counseling, and parenting counciling??? Omg what an evil place!

  19. The Viewer

    The ViewerDay ago

    They shame women for even considering abortion. Yes, they are evil.

  20. Jesse Parrish

    Jesse Parrish13 days ago

    The merits of pro-choice or pro-life aside, CPCs exemplify conservatives donating resources for the support of pregnant women and their health. Yes, they are anti-abortion. But if it is fair to defend Planned Parenthood for their general services apart from abortion, it is at least as fair to defend these groups on the same basis. I would not speak in defense of deceptive advertising practices, but mining for quotes exemplifying deception detracts from what these people actually do and how these resources are actually spent. They do not exist solely to talk women out of abortions. Where I live, these centers routinely assist women with care who were never considering abortion, providing requisite information for ordinary medical providers as you would expect from an organization dealing with these circumstances. They are not a shell game. They provide real help to people who need it. There are reasons that you can support 38 CPCs in Mississippi while only having a single abortion clinic, and maybe, just maybe, some of those reasons are legitimate.

  21. 12 inchesofworm

    12 inchesofworm13 days ago

    Omg his wife is adorible

  22. sunflowrr xx

    sunflowrr xx14 days ago

    16:25 YES JOHN!!! 😂😂😂🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  23. sunflowrr xx

    sunflowrr xx14 days ago

    It shouldn’t be illegal to do this... especially since abortions are time sensitive.... ahhh and of course they don’t offer birth control! THE HYPOCRISY!

  24. Carah Kaaiakamanu

    Carah Kaaiakamanu16 days ago

    Hey. Any CPC people out there? I gotta say something :) Go fuck yourself. Stop forcing your opinion and religion on these poor women. So fuck yourself.

  25. Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi

    Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi16 days ago

    Yup... CPCs are essentially the Hunbot of Abortions. "We are an Abortion clinic.. definitely so come in and listen to our pitch!"

  26. Nobody Knows

    Nobody Knows16 days ago

    When the pro-lifers step up and adopt and foster EVERY SINGLE CHILD IN NEED, then they can tell people to have babies. Until then, they can fuck right off.

  27. theWolverine

    theWolverine18 days ago

    Says that a fact is "bul%*it" but doesn't explain why....

  28. theWolverine

    theWolverine18 days ago

    John Oliver, have you ever visited a CPC? Do some better research. Have you ever seen the baby clothes room filled with hundreds of free outfits? Or the education classes that they offer to help moms finish their education? Or the free ultrasounds that they offer? CPCs are helping women and providing real options not just "abortion is your only way out". You failed to mention that Abby Johnson, used to run a planned parenthood. Abby never said "pretend your an abortion center". Wait if it's all about women's choice? then isn't a women's choice to choose to keep a baby? Abortion is never health care.

  29. Probably Possessed •

    Probably Possessed •18 days ago

    ProLife: abortion is murder! don’t have any abortions they’re bad! ProChoice: I think that, even if I myself would not get an abortion, it should be available for others. It is a choice, being pro choice doesn’t always mean *you* want an abortion, you’re just acknowledging that everyone’s body is their own, and that they can make their own choices.

  30. Dalek Emperor

    Dalek Emperor19 days ago

    And once again Christians prove that they are some of the worst people on the planet. I'm not really surprised, but im still shocked how someone that's already going to hell can fall sooo much lower. Let's take a look at their crimes, shall we? - Emotional Manipulation - Lying - Ruining a person's future by forcing a pregnancy onto them - And worst of all, ruining the lives of not only one person but two; the rape victim, aka the mother (but then again, you christians don't really see rape victims as women or people, just like we don't see you as human beings, so it evens out) wherein a rape victim is forced to have a baby she didn't want, gets stuck in financial hell because she is able to take care of her baby, and is thus in turn forced to give the baby away. *Slow clap* Well done, christians. Well played. I'm sure Satan is proud of how much misery your causing, cause you sure as hefle aren't spreading the word of god. Quite the oppisite:(

  31. Chunkboi

    Chunkboi19 days ago

    Forced-Birther: “Life begins at conception.” CPC: “Life begins at deception.”

  32. Aaron Rowan

    Aaron Rowan19 days ago

    I'm sure everyone commenting has watched 'Unplanned' to get both sides.

  33. Kevin Benoit

    Kevin Benoit21 day ago

    I can’t finish the episode. I’m too disgusted by these anti-choice cretins that give women less bodily autonomy than corpses.

  34. Gavin C

    Gavin C22 days ago

    Lies lies lies. You’re the same kind of people who would suffocate a baby just to avoid raising it.

  35. Stephen2462

    Stephen246218 days ago

    @Gavin C Now you're just putting words in my mouth. According to my "logic", when a fetus becomes a person is highly subjective and largely depends on opinion. I support the pro-choice movement because they aren't trying to force their opinion on when that precise moment is down people's throats. So what? A baby shower is something done in preparation of having a baby lol. If one doesn't plan on keeping a fetus until it becomes a baby, it's highly unlikely they'd throw a baby shower. That's just wishful thinking on your part lol If pro-choice people are superior, it's because we aren't trying to force stupid social dogma on everyone else. As for things changing, roughly only one in three Americans think abortion should be outlawed. You are very much in the minority, and losing ground every day; didn't another country just legalize it? I'm sorry that you decided to tie your sense of self-worth to that of the pro-life movement, but it isn't going to change anything.

  36. Gavin C

    Gavin C18 days ago

    Stephen2462 so according to your logic, the baby “isn’t a person” until it comes out of the vagina. So a baby that is 8 months 3 weeks old is okay to murder, by your logic. There have been people born MONTHS early and still live normal lives. But to you, they aren’t people they’re “fetuses.” Why isn’t called a fetus shower by the way? You should be scared because pro-life people are tired of you pro-abortion leeches, thinking you’re superior because you can kill your child. Laws will change, and people will be punished

  37. Stephen2462

    Stephen246218 days ago

    @Gavin C Not after it's become a person lol. Why would I be scared of some pathetic anti-choicer making stupid claims? That's just silly.

  38. Gavin C

    Gavin C18 days ago

    Stephen2462 no I just like to call out hypocrisy when I see it. John Oliver wouldn’t think twice about killing his child as long as the mother says so right? This isn’t a new topic for me. To automatically try and dismiss and my arguments show you’re scared. I would be too.

  39. Stephen2462

    Stephen246218 days ago

    Considering that JO is a father, that is demonstratively false. I'm sorry that learning something outside your bubble triggered you, but dismissing his points as lies doesn't really make them so.

  40. angelidez13

    angelidez1324 days ago

    We've already done the outlaw abortions bit and it didn't prevent abortions it just drove them underground and made it incredibly dangerous and unregulated. The effects of forcing woman to have a child they don't want are horrendous and even if they give the child up they would likely end up in foster care, an underfunded and abuse ridden system that will seriously effect their chances of growing up to be a healthy, happy, and functioning person. I really wish we didn't have the need for abortions, I really do but it is necessary in some situations. They're so concerned with the child's life that they don't look at the quality of life they will be getting...sad...

  41. writerspen010

    writerspen01025 days ago

    Is that the Debbie Downer lady at the end?? XD

  42. Daron Hunnell

    Daron Hunnell25 days ago

    ive been to a CBC, #morningstarpregnancyservices and they 100% told me condoms are only 80% effective....... after i got pregnant by my abusive boyfriend who intentionally got me pregnant when i was 17.

  43. Leonessa Elitneg

    Leonessa Elitneg26 days ago

    They’re not just church funded, they’re funded by adoption agencies the most.


    SMAKS EM SILLIFIED27 days ago

    Fuck you John, ya prick!

  45. Stephen2462

    Stephen246227 days ago

    He's married, but I'm sure he'd be flattered by your offer.

  46. shethewriter

    shethewriter28 days ago

    How can she laugh about manipulated women and lying to them about their own health? Ugh.

  47. Tracy Grantham

    Tracy Grantham29 days ago

    These people should follow their own yellow brick road to mythical OZ as that’s how nonessential and stupid they are. Disgusting.

  48. Samantha Petersen

    Samantha Petersen29 days ago

    I just can't even believe that these are allowed to exist and the "facts" they spew! There's a special place in hell for these people

  49. Siman Aken

    Siman Aken29 days ago

    Its interesting to see how the concept of saving a life is now a matter of convenience. Rather than criticize these people who are trying to atleast save life, why not spend the time teaching safe sex or no sex at all till a functional responsible family is formed capable of taking care of the produce of sex.

  50. Danielle

    Danielle22 days ago

    But that doesn't always work. In the cases of rape, for instance, the woman did not choose to get pregnant. No amount of safe sex education would have helped her. I agree that abortion should not be a form of birth control, but sometimes it is a necessary evil

  51. colovians

    coloviansMonth ago

    More than half of zygotes get thrown out by your body anyways so, things like the morning after pill or first term abortion are much more natural than skeptics argue. My mom who, by the way, is pro choice, had an abortion she didn't want. My would-have-been sister had a liver problem and she wouldn't make it to term. My parents were heart broken when they had to get a second term abortion. Anti-abortion advocates always seem to demonize and taunt women who get late term abortions when, those women ACTUALLY WANTED THE BABY. Late term abortions are only aloud in cases like my parents had and when the pregnancy would be potentially life threatening to the mother. PS: I would 100% die for my mom so I guess you could say babies ARE meant to die for their moms sometimes.

  52. Jana Meehan

    Jana MeehanMonth ago

    The best decision I ever made in my life is tying my tubes when I was a virgin. Best. Greatest. Birth control is the most important thing for a woman to do.

  53. Galina Georgieva

    Galina Georgieva26 days ago

    @Jana Meehan Many girls have problems, that's why I asked

  54. Jana Meehan

    Jana Meehan27 days ago

    @NadiaR. The world is full of doctors. Find another one. Do it soon. INSIST on making your own decisions. Your doctor should be dragged before the state certification board to defend his license. That's ridiculous. If you are over 18, you decide!!!!!

  55. Jana Meehan

    Jana Meehan27 days ago

    @Galina Georgieva As I recall, I had a very heavy period the first month following. After that, no. Why would I have hormone problems? My hormones were not involved. Quite the opposite: I was never on the pill or any other contraception that affects me chemically. It was a physical barrier, and I can't be more pleased. It was a delight and joy. It always has been.

  56. Jana Meehan

    Jana Meehan27 days ago

    @Galina Georgieva As I recall, I had a very heavy period the first month following. After that, no. Why would I have hormone problems? My hormones were not involved. Quite the opposite: I was never on the pill or any other contraception that affects me chemically. It was a physical barrier, and I can't be more pleased. It was a delight and joy. It always has been.

  57. Galina Georgieva

    Galina Georgieva27 days ago

    And you don't have any side effects? Hormonal problems, etc?

  58. crispy noodle

    crispy noodleMonth ago

    Well actually, doctors are using stem cells from things like abortions and invetro to help get rid of cancer so really instead of the child being the child of a rapist or being born into a home that doesn't want them they could help people's cancer, so which one would you choose? EXACTLY KAREN.

  59. crispy noodle

    crispy noodleMonth ago

    If they want to get rid of abortions, THEN ALLOW CONTRICEPTION.

  60. Renia E Saddler

    Renia E SaddlerMonth ago

    I don’t get why pro-abortion people can’t also be cool with the babies not being killed. It’s like they accept abortion as the only option for women with unplanned pregnancies.

  61. Stephen2462

    Stephen246227 days ago

    Very very few people are what you'd call "pro-abortion". The movement you're probably thinking of is called "pro-choice" for a reason.

  62. raptorblader

    raptorbladerMonth ago

    John's wife is a blessing and a delight to the world.

  63. Galina Georgieva

    Galina Georgieva27 days ago

    His real wife or this one?

  64. Susan McManaway

    Susan McManawayMonth ago

    Just the exact opposite of planned parenthood, where the goal is to abort and sell fetuses

  65. Stephen2462

    Stephen246227 days ago

    Lol no

  66. Offer Your Soul To Me Dark One

    Offer Your Soul To Me Dark OneMonth ago

    I dont care what people choose, wether they keep the baby or kill it, its your choice, the real problem here is "Premarital Sex"

  67. Noelia Jaime

    Noelia JaimeMonth ago

    The whole problem with most things in the U.S is RELIGION.Always has been,always will be. There SHOULD be a separation between church ans state,but there isn't.

  68. moonlily1

    moonlily1Month ago

    "Mamas...women..." That's pretty succinct. This Beavers lady thinks that 'woman' and 'mother' are synonymous.

  69. LightwaveGaming

    LightwaveGamingMonth ago

    "Mothers... I mean, women..." I guess we know what she thinks a woman's role is then

  70. HorrorMistress98

    HorrorMistress98Month ago

    I'm sick of these people treating women like human incubators

  71. Angelina Smith

    Angelina SmithMonth ago

    Firm believer in not every cum shot deserves a name 🤷

  72. mounika kulkarni

    mounika kulkarniMonth ago

    What do CPCs gain out of this? They get a commission on the child birth doctor's fees or something?

  73. Stephen2462

    Stephen2462Month ago

    The cpcs push a political agenda/narrative, admin turn get donations from people who support said agenda/narrative. That's "what they get out of it"

  74. Religion is Cancer

    Religion is CancerMonth ago

    Stephen2462 what

  75. Stephen2462

    Stephen2462Month ago

    They get donations from pro-lifers.

  76. Maria Luke

    Maria LukeMonth ago

    A good way to remember what the difference is: *CPC:* Pro-life clinic *Abortion Clinic:* Pro-Choice clinic

  77. ThreePieceNews

    ThreePieceNewsMonth ago

    Bernie should prohibit this when he is president

  78. Kayleigh Volkering

    Kayleigh VolkeringMonth ago

    I just got sick... after watching the last vid about how they're making having an abortion so hard, even this is happening. I'm so happy I live in my country where none of this was a problem when it was made public that women wanted rights to abortions. I've always known that I live in a stable country that doesn't let itself lead by crazy religious people who think an old debunked fairy tail book written by men is the way we should still live.... We're not livestock, we are not slaves, we are not property, we are humans. And just like I left a comment on the last vid on why I don't want kids, I know that even if I was on that table I would not be faced by it. I don't want kids and no one tells me what the fuck to do. It's a lump of cells but even that lump of cells without a brain or heart might have more feelings than these people pretending to be good but are clearly evil. Fuck you.... I normally don't swear in comments.... but fuck you. You absolutely disgust me to my core. I don't wish death upon anyone, but I wouldn't be surprised if it were to happen by you know, drowning by the tears that you've caused so many people to shed.

  79. chairmanofrussia

    chairmanofrussiaMonth ago

    Doesn’t federal funding of this mean that the government is favoring a religion? Isn’t that unconstitutional? Someone should challenge this.

  80. Nathan Wubs

    Nathan WubsMonth ago

    goverment funds a lot of religion already that is all non-profit, so nothing you can do about it.

  81. NEP NEP

    NEP NEPMonth ago

    Jesus Christ! Reading your comments! You’re all fucking Monsters!! Telling women he danger and side effect abortion has is evil? Fuck you,

  82. jeep23862

    jeep23862Month ago

    @NEP NEP What has another woman pregnancy got to do with you? Who are you to force a pregnant female to carry an unwanted pregnancy full term and then forcing the female into giving unwanted birth to unwanted children? Who do you think you are, Abū Bakr al-Baghdadi?

  83. Wesley Heartland

    Wesley HeartlandMonth ago

    @NEP NEP No, terminating a pregnancy has many many many many many fewer risks than going to term. If it is your progeny, take that matter up with the woman. But remember that there is no way you can obligate her to continue with the pregnancy.

  84. NEP NEP

    NEP NEPMonth ago

    Wesley Heartland actually aborting a baby has many many many many risks. Plus if it is my child it is my Business.

  85. Wesley Heartland

    Wesley HeartlandMonth ago

    NEP NEP going to term has far more risk than a clinical abortion... And relax... what the woman chooses to do is NOYFB Cheers!

  86. NEP NEP

    NEP NEPMonth ago

    OH GOD LETTING WOMEN MAKE A CHOICE!!! Just how many babies do you want murdered?

  87. Wesley Heartland

    Wesley HeartlandMonth ago

    Stephen2462 women with unwanted pregnancies go well out of their way to get a safe clinical abortion., it is all about choice

  88. Stephen2462

    Stephen2462Month ago

    Except these clinics are very much against letting women make a choice lol. Nobody's talking about killing babies lol.