Crisis Pregnancy Centers: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


  1. Justin Benjamin

    Justin Benjamin12 hours ago

    Let me start by saying that most of the claims made by these natalist radicals is bullshit. But a few of the claims they make are accurate. The condom use statistics, for example, are true depending on what the word "correctly" means: estimates by the CDC show that typical male condom failure rate is 18%, whereas female condoms have a failure rate of 21%. Given these estimates, a 1 in 5 failure rate is spot on, even though "perfect use" (which is unrealistic and done under laboratory conditions) has a significantly lower failure rate of 2%.

  2. Tim D

    Tim D3 days ago

    Creepy priest..

  3. Raquel Nunes

    Raquel Nunes4 days ago

    believing part of the fetus can end up in the lungs just shows what the lack of sex ed and proper science classes do

  4. James Greene

    James Greene5 days ago

    95% of biologists agree that life starts at conception

  5. Stephen2462

    Stephen2462Day ago

    So what? That doesn't make it a person.

  6. ExperiencedGhost

    ExperiencedGhost6 days ago

    What if a teen is raped and is pregnant???

  7. Cc

    Cc6 days ago

    No. If you are against abortion the only thing you should be doing is service in areas of helping mothers and children needing support.

  8. Merlin tym

    Merlin tym6 days ago

    "Its the exact opposite of an abortion clinic" And thats a problem because....

  9. Stephen2462

    Stephen24626 days ago

    Because they're lying and misleading people to push a polticial agenda.

  10. Justine A.

    Justine A.7 days ago

    So abortion clinics get bombed and violently targetted all the time but not these places? Is it because no one has thought to? Not that I am of course suggesting someone does. But like why hasn't ANYONE bombed one of these places, which of course would be absolutely terrible if that happened.

  11. Stephen2462

    Stephen24626 days ago

    Because pro-choicers aren't violent like that, and have the sense to know it would only garner sympathy for such places in the long run.

  12. Jeff Carr

    Jeff Carr7 days ago

    To be clear, according to recent polls, about 50 % of American are ok with "legal" murder. Am I understanding that correctly?

  13. Jeff Carr

    Jeff Carr6 days ago

    @Dante800 Was referring to abortion which is capital punishment without due process.

  14. Dante800

    Dante8006 days ago

    Yes, support for capital punishment in America traditionally hovers around 50% in the last decade or so.

  15. Brenyatta

    Brenyatta8 days ago

    I believe abortion should be plentifully available to women, and people that think the opposite can’t change my mind, no matter what

  16. Griffin Auroria

    Griffin Auroria8 days ago

    This show is on all the drugs

  17. mentaSko

    mentaSko9 days ago

    For a second there I actually thought they would make this idea a real functioning thing to help women who want abortion. I like John Oliver but I guess talking is always easier than doing...

  18. ziggy

    ziggy9 days ago

    That lady gives me MAJOR Umbridge vibes

  19. anna neumann

    anna neumann9 days ago


  20. Samuel Culper

    Samuel Culper9 days ago

    I don't condone deception as a means to prevent abortion but killing babies is even more morally abhorrent. Here's an idea - if you don't want the responsibility of caring for a child - don't fuck. This goes for women and men. And in the cases of rape and incest put the child up for adoption. The child doesn't deserve to die because of the actions of a deviant rapist.

  21. Samuel Culper

    Samuel Culper5 days ago

    I did not misrepresent your argument, I provided a counter argument. The saga of people invoking logical fallacies they don't understand continues.

  22. Samuel Culper

    Samuel Culper6 days ago

    @Stephen2462 The fact that you think there's a difference is your problem. It's human life regardless of its developmental stage.

  23. Stephen2462

    Stephen24626 days ago

    Nobody's killing babies lol, your inability to distinguish between a baby and a fetus is your problem.

  24. Lydia Robertson

    Lydia Robertson9 days ago

    I adore this Brit...

  25. Nina Albers

    Nina Albers9 days ago

    They will do anything for the unborn, but once you're born, you're on your own

  26. Geverprilreena

    Geverprilreena10 days ago

    " It doesn't register with reality"...hmmm...women ARE being actively manipulated in these centers. My own experience is that what these centers really are is fronts for Christian adoption agencies. They have no desire to actually help you figure out how to KEEP your baby. It's a bait and switch sales pitch....they say they are alternatives to abortion, which would be fine if they actually wanted to provide resources to give a woman hope that she could keep her baby, but they only want you to have your baby so you can give your baby up to the agency they recommend. I walked out and figured it out myself, because they were no help. Definitely gave out nonsense information and terrible advice. Thanks, John Oliver. More people need to see this and really take it in.

  27. Kyle Mouttet

    Kyle Mouttet10 days ago

    Blow the holy spirit right on through

  28. damen whelan

    damen whelan11 days ago

    Watching this in rural Ireland. Smoking my joint on top a mountain. Of course there's someone up here clucking....

  29. Artemis Chemistry

    Artemis Chemistry12 days ago

    “Too pregnant”?! Doesn’t she mean “too far along”? One is either pregnant or one is not.

  30. Katie Murphy

    Katie Murphy12 days ago

    A fun story for ppl who want to know how unqualified CPC's are: My mom is an OBGYN radiologist. She has been in the field for 30+ yrs and specialises in hi-risk pregnancy and women's health. She is exceptionally well known and liked throughout all of the OBGYN physicians in the area/state. Needless to say, she is extremely educated in her field and passionate about what she does. I went on a college tour with her. After the tour was over, we stayed to talk with the admissions office about some stuff. It just so happened that another woman was staying back too. She and my mother started speaking. Come to find out, this woman also worked- or as she put it "volunteered"- at a women's health office. My mom asked her what healthcare affiliation does it have, i.e. what hospital or public office does it affiliate with. The woman claims that this clinic is private (which doesn't make sense since there would still have to be an affiliation for insurance and service coverage). She then proceeds to talk about how she performs ultrasounds on pregnant women. She then asks the stupidest question- "how do you tell the sex of the child?". For the first time in my life, my mother was dumbfounded. She kindly asks if she should know that in the first place. She says that she isn't trained in women's health, and was a former Catholic teacher. She took an "online course" and "learned through experience". My mom proceeds to tell her that the sex of the child can't really be physically seen until about 16 weeks- 12 at the earliest. The woman continues to try to compare her work to my moms, that somehow her experience and lack of education equates to my mom's demanding job. I jutted in at whenever it was appropriate since I have learned a lot about women's health through my mom's coworker's and own testimony. I just couldn't believe that I was talking with somebody that doesn't understand the dangers of performing women's health. Anyone with a relative or is in the OBGYN field- or even in a medical profession- knows that you are liable for somebody's life and that you have to learn how to phrase out diagnosis properly. I just couldn't believe that somebody this unqualified and naive has the same level of importance in a woman's life as my mother's education. Another side note: My mom works in the greater Hartford area and Western Mass. So this episode hits close to home... I also can guarantee you that every professional women's health medical office provides prenatal and parental services. I also can guarantee you that those pamphlets are plastered all over the billboard in each exam room :)😂

  31. Sarah Siebeck

    Sarah Siebeck13 days ago

    Wanda and John are like Ms Piggy and Kermit

  32. Square Up

    Square Up13 days ago

    “She stays on that table until she loves that baby” Yo.....I’ve never wanted to scream so much in my life

  33. Imrose Ahmed

    Imrose Ahmed14 days ago

    India is better in this again !!!

  34. Heddy Patrick Alves Garcia

    Heddy Patrick Alves Garcia15 days ago

    You should be very idiot to watch this paid Planned Parenthood advertising and buy this BS.

  35. sara neziri

    sara neziri17 days ago

    This man is a GENIUS!!!

  36. Coldfusionstorm Gaming

    Coldfusionstorm Gaming18 days ago

    This lady laughs at the most creepy times. She reminds me legit of a devil. " il find some of OUR data." A A A A!H

  37. Doreen Dklutz

    Doreen Dklutz18 days ago

    Wow! You’re sans précédent John Oliver!

  38. Josh Mason

    Josh Mason18 days ago

    barbara beavers should commit seppuku.... although we all know she is too much of a coward to do so

  39. MyDearKyoKun

    MyDearKyoKun19 days ago

    This makes my blood boil - and I don't even live in the US!

  40. Pan!c on

    Pan!c on19 days ago

    Lets the holy spirit just blow right in you

  41. el stupid

    el stupid19 days ago

    Holy shit, realistate is monitored more than CPCs.

  42. Peter Mitchell

    Peter Mitchell20 days ago

    I agree it’s wrong to lie and deceive but I think most people over simplify this issue. There are pregnancy clinics that do good works and I don’t feel this segment is a fair representation of the complexity of the issue. Most of the time John does a fantastic job but this video is misrepresenting because of the poor behavior of a few clinics and organizations.

  43. LeetVajda

    LeetVajda20 days ago

    It isn't emotional manipulation to inform women of the decision they are making to terminate a fetus. What is worse, an informed woman has an emotional reaction based on the condition and development of the organism within them? Or a woman is uninformed about the situation, but avoids emotional reaction?

  44. commit no oxygen

    commit no oxygen18 days ago

    It’s not “informing a women” if you’re lying. The emotional manipulation plus lies to get people to follow their agenda when they want an abortion.

  45. autumn

    autumn20 days ago

    lol how is a fetus getting into those peoples "hearts and lungs" like how does it escape the uterus? I AM CONFUSION

  46. Ashley Lytle

    Ashley Lytle21 day ago

    "WomEn ArE VesSeLs fOr MaKinG BaBieS"

  47. Natalia Savel

    Natalia Savel21 day ago

    Human overpopulation threatens life on earth. Anti-choice is anti-life

  48. Toasty Toast

    Toasty Toast21 day ago

    John Oliver is the millennial Jesus we deserve

  49. Maryam Hussain

    Maryam Hussain21 day ago

    that crazy lady with the witch laugh wasn't exactly wrong, but not exactly correct either. Male condoms when used correctly are 75-90% effective.

  50. FLOWER

    FLOWER21 day ago

    Isn't that the signs of Satan's manipulative behavior on Earth. Lying?! If I was told to have a baby when I didn't want to I would send all of my child's bills and my medical and mental health bills in life to the center that told me to have the child.Id suevif they refused. They would babysit and the child needs an education ànd music lessons. The CPC's should be all the way invested.

  51. rick blackford

    rick blackford22 days ago

    Most of my family have been anti-abortion Christian types. they are not bad people. they seem to equate abortion to the image of a toddler being shredded by a lawn mower. nothing is more horrifying really, esp if you picture it as your own child. somehow, in their mind, they cant separate that image from the act of terminating even a first trimester pregnancy. they aren't crazy enough to condemn birth control tho. who the fuck are those people?

  52. ValerieRaya

    ValerieRaya19 days ago

    That is the experience I made with most. They are indoctrinated, don't know much about the subject aside from propaganda, and don't want to think too much about it, lest they also become 'baby murderers'. Most aren't bad people. They may do bad things (like opposing safe abortion) but they only do it because they don't know better. Some are rotten to their core, though.

  53. W and S

    W and S22 days ago

    Millenials and younger both men and women are way to promiscuous. THAT'S way it'd such a HUGE deal. Keep it in your pants and don't spread your legs just because "it feels good". Everyone knows it feels good. Control your crotches. It's NOT THAT HARD. How this got so accepted is ridiculous. ( Being pregnant with no visible means of support) We are sick of this shit.

  54. ValerieRaya

    ValerieRaya19 days ago

    Nope. Millennials have fewer abortions than baby boomers. The numbers of abortion have been over 300 per 1000 live births from 1976 to 1996 when the oldest millennial was 15 if anything. Ever since they have been steadily declining and are now under 200. Why? Because millennials and Gen Z are more sex-positive and have the internet to educate us when the school's sex-ed fails us.

  55. W and S

    W and S21 day ago

    @Murky I am so sorry to hear what you have been through. My friend Ed who was an alter boy was raped by a priest. We were in our 30's when he finally told me. He never mentioned religion to me either. (on Long Island). I am friends with a Nun (Dominican Sisters) and I know that they too have problems with Priests; The Nuns are treated like underlings and they are not happy at all about it. Plus they of course know what goes on. God Bless

  56. Murky

    Murky21 day ago

    @W and S I was born and raised Roman Catholic. I mean my faith definitely waivered when I was sexually assaulted at age 11, and by the time I was molested at age 14 I was a full atheist. My later studies of the KJV at a later age trying to reclaim my faith turned nowhere when I checked earlier translations only to find that KJV is a political mistranslation (I care a lot about history and historical accuracy). Your sexual education should have included what sex is (mine did) and to be aware of STDs and what they are and what they do (mine sadly did not). More comprehensive sexual education would explain such a thing, so that parents are no longer required to explain sex, and it can more consistently inform a wide variety of people. Sex is largely fine. Even with my traumatic history, I stand by this sentiment. As long as it is done consensually between parties that understand the risks, there is no reason to arbitrarily restrict others exercising a basic human instinct. Also uh, sure. In a vacuum, shame isn't emotionally abusive. I feel shame for things I know to be wrong. However, when shame is used as a tool to control (e.g. slut-shaming), it is emotionally abusive.

  57. W and S

    W and S21 day ago

    @Murky Well I guess that's gone with the wind ,also. In the 6th or 7th grade my mother and I had to watch a movie at school that explained about the sperm and the egg. (before menstruation). When we got home, in the car, the big question came; But how does it happen?" My mother had to explain hOW (intercourse). Thought it was the most disgusting thing I ever heard. It was impressed upon us that this is after marriage. My girlfriend and I looked it up in the bible (King James.) and there it was. Before Marriage it is "fornication". I know this is all bull shit to you, but I am a democrat raised Catholic, RC and so far there has been none of that illegitimate BS in my family. And emotional abuse is different from shame.

  58. Murky

    Murky21 day ago

    So how about extensive, comprehensive Sexual Education that informs kids about the severe commitment of pregnancy. Have Medical professionals explain the medical costs of pregnancies and maybe even social workers explain the social costs, and to rightfully advise against such an extreme decision such as wanting to have kids, until you're in a safe and stable position. Education is what will fix that, not emotional abuse about pre-marital sex.

  59. Ichijo Festival

    Ichijo Festival22 days ago

    Not nearly enough fish facts.

  60. Monika

    Monika23 days ago

    I vomitted in my mouth a little from listening the statement from the very first video he shown. And it didn't get better later. Shameful. How is this shit even legal? (yes, I know he answers that question and despite that, it's still a valid fucking question)

  61. Nicole B

    Nicole B23 days ago

    This is disgusting. Plain and simple.

  62. Jack Brennan

    Jack Brennan23 days ago

    So you aren't for pro choice, you're just just pro-abortion

  63. ValerieRaya

    ValerieRaya19 days ago

    Pro-choice includes pro-abortion, yes. Pro-choice means pro-abortion, pro-parenting, and pro-adoption.

  64. Stephen2462

    Stephen246222 days ago

    @Jack Brennan Okay then. At what point does JO indicate that he's the latter?

  65. Jack Brennan

    Jack Brennan22 days ago

    @Stephen2462 One is advocating for women to be able to choose between an abortion or taking the pregnancy to term and the other advocates that an abortion is always the best solution for an unwanted pregnancy

  66. Stephen2462

    Stephen246222 days ago

    Do you even understand the difference between the two?

  67. Richard Goldfine

    Richard Goldfine24 days ago

    Most of these centers are funded by the Roman Catholic Church.

  68. chris fuentes

    chris fuentes24 days ago

    fine! these coercive tactics should only be legal if the people coercing the "moms" are ready to assist with (or completely pay) their coming bills.

  69. MiiaBournewold

    MiiaBournewold24 days ago

    I think cpc should be banned ,they lie and they guilt trip and false advertise