Music Festival Charges Whites Double, Hero Dr. Mike, & USWNT Equal Pay Debate (Its Complicated)

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“Equal Pay” Chants Break Out at Women’s World Cup Final:
Detroit Festival Prices Based on Race:
Dr. Mike Saves Man on Plane:
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Produced by: Amanda Morones, Brian Espinoza
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Sami Sherwyn
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  1. Philip DeFranco

    Philip DeFranco4 months ago

    Hey! Hope you had a greaT WEEKEND...OH NO I HIT THE CAPSLOCK...there we go I fixed it. Afrofest 00:06 - Dr Mike 3:43 - TIA 4:44 - World Cup 6:31

  2. Coatzecouatl

    Coatzecouatl4 months ago

    Racism is racism. The intent, reason or justification for it does not actually change what it is.

  3. Not my name

    Not my name4 months ago

    I would like to see the men team against the women team.

  4. Scott Bub

    Scott Bub4 months ago

    If they want equal pay and think they perform better then the men’s team then they should play against the men’s USA team and see how they do.

  5. Public Enemy

    Public Enemy4 months ago

    On the uswnt it’s not the same because Brazil Germany have great players it’s like comparing oranges to twinkies but I agree they should be paid equally because the women don’t roll on the ground like there being murdered

  6. Public Enemy

    Public Enemy4 months ago

    So in America we’re going to fight racism with racism. BrIlLiaNt

  7. EcnalKcin

    EcnalKcinMonth ago

    3:35 "youth subjected to racist comments on our Instagram page" you mean like your straight up racist pricing policy? Discrimination based on skin color is racism, it doesn't matter what skin color that person is. The biggest problem I see with racism today are these sort of "its for a good cause" sort of arguments that somehow racism is okay because it is pro minority. I am white, I grew up on food stamps and government assistance programs. My family did not have money. Hell, my grandmother was born in, and spent her childhood in an overcrowded log cabin. She wore dresses made from repurposed flour bags until she graduated highschool. Being white isn't a free pass in life, for those of us that grew up poor and disadvantaged, these kind of policies that claim to be intended to help the poor and disadvantaged, but only if we are the right skin color, are a slap in the face. If you truly want to help a group of people, skin color is not a metric to go by. If you really want to help people you look at their circumstances, their opportunities, and their potential, and tailor your help for that specific individual. Skin color should not even be a factor, if it is for you, than you are by definition, a racist.

  8. martialme84

    martialme843 months ago

    Sjws are obviously cancer, but pay the damn women´s soccer team more than the men´s team ffs. They bring in more cash so more of that cash is rightfully theirs.

  9. Cedric Walker

    Cedric Walker3 months ago

    They changed tbe ticket price because it is illegal in every state to discriminate (charge higher price arbitrarily) by ethnicity/race. Way to add that minor detail, Phil. Your journalistic standards never fail.

  10. Redvines69

    Redvines693 months ago

    How about we have the women's team play against the men's team and the winner gets all the money? Oh wait that would be too equal of a way to settle it....

  11. Redvines69

    Redvines693 months ago

    Why the everloving fuck would I want to go to a concert in Detroit even at regular prices?

  12. patrick Katalenas

    patrick Katalenas3 months ago

    racism is real in the states and its against whites and asians.

  13. Hannah Parry

    Hannah Parry3 months ago

    Only my second video of yours! I love the way you cover a wide array of facts regardless of what kinds of emotions are tied up with them.

  14. Romiezey562

    Romiezey5623 months ago

    This only happens in America because the mens team is that bad Mexico for example the number for men Obliderate women's Futbol team lol.....its halarious that USA is going through this haha

  15. JustPassingThrough

    JustPassingThrough3 months ago

    Yeah I'm all for making a big deal about the unequal pay between the women's soccer team and the men's. Firstly, the fact that there was unequal pay of such an immense proportion not but a few years ago is ridiculous to begin with. Secondly, I know that if I were working as hard as my equal, and still getting paid proportionally less by roughly 10% just because of my sex, I'd still be pretty pissed. So to me, this is a no brainer. It needs to be fixed ASAP.

  16. JustPassingThrough

    JustPassingThrough3 months ago

    I understand where the festival was coming from. It was a good place... I think. However, the execution was absolutely deplorable. Much like a number of 4th wave feminist/LGBTQ/equality movements for that matter... Anyway, Phil was absolutely spot on with that alternative idea of focusing more on the local community than SPECIFICALLY skin color. It would have made much more sense. Doesn't seem like they learned their lesson either based off of their rationale for backing down...

  17. snprshot

    snprshot3 months ago

    RTX NEXT year, I challenge the Phillip Defranco, build a commander mtg deck, play us, the commander scene is growing at RTX, join us, become the nerd you've always wanted

  18. Dog God

    Dog God3 months ago

    Honestly, most of the black people I know are college educated and well-to-do, so I have no idea where this stereotype of "poor impoverished black people" comes from. Like, there are plenty of poor black people, but there are a lot of poor white and brown people, too. Kind of wish I had access to that "collective white wealth" when I only got one meal a day growing up in a meth-lab trailer park in the middle of a desert, just saying.

  19. Dont worry about it

    Dont worry about it3 months ago

    They can have equal pay when they get equal viewers

  20. Dog God

    Dog God3 months ago

    That's the point, dipshit, they had higher viewership in the US than the men's team for the past couple of years.

  21. Cuptain Capcake

    Cuptain Capcake3 months ago

    How can you charge a person more for a festival because of their race and believe the stupid excuse came up with? That’s racist. It’s disgusting and wrong period

  22. Rusty

    Rusty3 months ago

    Isn’t that illegal? Discrimination?

  23. wnterbird

    wnterbird3 months ago

    “How severe is this pay gap?” If you are saying this, you’re missing the point. ANY pay gap is unacceptable.

  24. Dog God

    Dog God3 months ago

    No. There are genuine reasons to pay people less. This sentiment is as stupid as the people who say "Women earn less because they want to!"

  25. TimikinZ

    TimikinZ3 months ago

    Racism is racism. Charging more based on the colour of someone skin is racist. Period.

  26. Vitti Rayne

    Vitti Rayne3 months ago much are the tickets for people who are Mixed? Native American? Hispanic? Japanese? >_> Just asking.

  27. Nymeria Kayvee

    Nymeria Kayvee3 months ago

    I love dr mike

  28. At Oussama

    At Oussama3 months ago

    10:20 THIS. As much as we can scream equal pay, but the World Cup is an international competition, and it's well known that the women's football teams worldwide are far less skilled than the men's counterpart, and that reflects why the Men's WC has a more diverse Round of 8/16 every edition, while the US women's team wins almost every WC. Bringing an American economical issue to the world doesn't seem like the smartest thign to do because of the dynamics.

  29. Clayton Foster

    Clayton Foster3 months ago

    I am here for Eventbrite! That's why you get all my money!

  30. MrElaaks

    MrElaaks3 months ago

    Regarding pay in entertainment (sports), it is as it is in most other places. You should get rewards relatable to the revenue you bring in and in relation to how easy you are to replace. No matter gender or race or whatever other excuses people tend to blame it on. But you have to show it of before the rewards come. So winning one world championship is impressive and should have given a bonus no doubt. But consistency is also a factor. So when you continue to deliver, reward should follow. If not, achieve somewhere else. Womens "soccer" championships are however, on a world level very new, and low rated, in comparison to the mens version. So in a broad sense, it makes sense that women "soccer" players receive a lower payout. This will however, probably change as womens "soccer" grows. But I doubt it ever will bring in the revenue that mens "soccer" does. Thus, the general level of reward will be comparably lower.

  31. Kayla Chin-Loy

    Kayla Chin-Loy3 months ago

    Lolol what if you were mixed with a black and white background? Like the fuck you gonna do charge more than black people but less than white people? Either way, still racist.

  32. Jake38nine

    Jake38nine3 months ago

    Racism and Segregation still exists today. I'm not sorry. If you're a black or ANY colored person who supports these ideals, you are worse than a slave. You are a demon who shall be sentenced to Hell for all of eternity.

  33. Savannah

    Savannah4 months ago

    Discrimination against a white person is STILL discrimination. You *can* be racist toward white people. It baffles me that there is such a double standard on this. Yes, prejudice very often happens to minorities and non-white people, but it can still happen TO white people.

  34. HoopleHeadUSA

    HoopleHeadUSA4 months ago

    Just think if your sports organization was the first in the world and history to unequivocally pay all members and genders the same. They would get soooooo much good press and support, more than any “loss” from paying those higher salaries.

  35. 4go101

    4go1013 months ago

    Yeah if you didn't want women's sports organizations to exist anymore, sure. Who exactly do you think would pay these enormously inflated salaries?

  36. Ramza

    Ramza4 months ago

    This is why feminists are retarded... the women actually get paid MORE then women in soccer but thats because compared to the mens world cup NO-ONE watches the womens league.

  37. Ramza

    Ramza3 months ago

    @Dog God and how many people watch the mens league?

  38. Dog God

    Dog God3 months ago

    No one watches the women's league, except 25 million people in North America, apparently.

  39. Emily Baggins

    Emily Baggins4 months ago

    I'm a simple person. I see Dr. Mike, I click... Also I watch the show regularly so-

  40. Faith

    Faith4 months ago

    IT IS ILLEGAL to discriminate on someone based on race. Those tickets discriminated based on race.

  41. Tails Clock

    Tails Clock4 months ago

    Common Sense: "Bring proof of address that you are a local and you get in half price." Racism: "Whities are charged double." I don't buy that this was a whoopsie. You need to be a special level of stupid to come up with such a bad idea, and for everyone around you to give you the thumbs up. They KNEW this was a racist move. Though since some of the performers were not aware of this idea, maybe it wasn't something that had support from all the staff. It's still impressive someone with the authority to do this was allowed to do it though. I am not going to drop my suspicions that this was done with racist intent until I hear an apology. Them changing it did not sound even remotely like an apology, and in fact was blamed on racists. They canceled their racist price system due to white supremicists. They fucked up again. God damn it. "White supremecists credited with ending racist rules" is not what we need right now. When will people learn that racism begets racism. Doing this to white people will always hurt black people. Doing this to black people will always hurt white people. Stop making the opposing team look good! Afrofuture needs to be canceled.

  42. Kevin Porter

    Kevin Porter4 months ago

    Of course the women should make more than the men not less. The women's team have scored more goals in a single game then the men have scored total in their last World Cup total goals. The women win, then men leave us disappointed.

  43. Snow Fox Games

    Snow Fox Games4 months ago

    It is racist people think cause there white its not racist that's not how it works

  44. Kishore S

    Kishore S4 months ago

    Lol women get paid cause no one wants to watch women football

  45. Kistilan

    Kistilan4 months ago

    Just when you thought Fire Festival was the #1 Festival Failure, DeeeeTroit CiTeh steps up to the plate and swings like a Tiger with Cecil on third, Trammel on second and down by 1 at the bottom of the 9th 'n two outs on the board. But don't worry AFF, you've got the LoLions to help you out in the Fall -- might get rickrolled by the CiTeh again in Festive Failures and give you the deuce spot. And there's always Florida Man to help you out, should He get get Organized enough. Oh, and Storm'n Area 51. Maybe we'll charge more for Illegal Aliens to join the Storm and profile by country of origin.

  46. Tina Carson

    Tina Carson4 months ago

    The US women’s team lost the a group of 14 year old boys. How can they ask for more money. Lol. 🙄. I’ve never watch women’s soccer and never will. Women’s soccer doesn’t have a following like men’s. It comes down to how much money they can bring in not if they’re winning games.

  47. Tina Carson

    Tina Carson4 months ago

    Why don’t you call it what it is Phil? They were black racist! I’m so tired of hypocrites, which those in charge of the concert are. Don’t even come at me with “blacks can’t be racist” bull shit.

  48. Twyzan

    Twyzan4 months ago

    Goddamn it Phil, I watch these shows in the dark at night, I don't need a huge picture of an insect up in my face to scare me half to death.

  49. saki ki

    saki ki4 months ago

    This is racist and stupid. Seams like everyone thinks black people are poor. My country has also some "Illuminated" people like this. They think there should be and easy way in to college for black people and gipsies 🤦 Instead of giving the opportunity available for poor but hardworking kids ( of any color or background). If this isn't discriminating based on your "race" I don't know what it is. And here you can't buy your way into college, it takes only your grades into account but they want a special system appart from other's so that black people and gipsies would be able to get into college even if they have worse grades than any other poor kid.

  50. cviar95

    cviar954 months ago

    There’s a pay gap due to viewership and sponsorship. Simple as that. Women’s soccer in general draws less viewership. As the ladies continue to win, they’ll draw more viewership in the US and get paid more. Women’s international soccer is less competitive

  51. ilmārs ābele

    ilmārs ābele4 months ago

    so many people in the US can't comprehend the meaning of th term 'racism'

  52. Megan

    Megan4 months ago

    Dr. Mike looks like a hero because obviously he looks like he is a man that needs to make him look more attractive. Ticks great conversation starter;) so how about them Texan ticks they're so vegan judgy they make you allergic to meat.

  53. D Mal

    D Mal4 months ago

    Instead of saying hey pay us like the men although we dont draw the men's revenue, you should examine how to draw (without shaming) people to your sport. Maybe change some rules, play the men I'm exhibition games, advertise more, maybe a video game if you dont already have one,

  54. D Mal

    D Mal4 months ago

    People who support equal pay do not understand free market capitalism. Even where the gender is the same you see the difference. For example, a college football team that is not in one big five conference's can go undefeated and not make as much money as a team in the big five who performs poorly. This is because there is a bigger draw. Again free market capitalism.

  55. D Mal

    D Mal4 months ago

    So, let me get this straight for years minorities have been fighting for justice just to turn around and do it themselves? Why not have am earlier release date to buy tix if you live in that area? Problem solved.

  56. D Mal

    D Mal4 months ago

    The females are not better than males. They are better at beating the females than the males beating the males. . To do a one to one, the males would have to play the females or vice versa. Also, the males drew more money. It's called capitalism.

  57. Lu The Gamecat

    Lu The Gamecat4 months ago

    So basically they are saying that people of color are poor

  58. Eleftherion

    Eleftherion4 months ago

    This is so disappointing and damaging to POC who are doing actual good for the community instead of attempting to revive a harsh part of Hammurabi's Code. If you don't want out-of-towners snatching up tickets, then sell the tickets at select locations within the city of Detroit and NOT online? Perhaps in predominately African-American areas if you don't want a bunch of wippl there? You could have done SO MUCH better, AfroFuture. Instead, you're perpetuating racism by charging more money to people who you think deserve to be punished for something they didn't even necessarily do.

  59. Underbelli Studios

    Underbelli Studios4 months ago

    All i can think everytime i see American news is...... What le fuck America.

  60. Live & Amplified

    Live & Amplified4 months ago

    What kind of weird cryptic shit was that? If you're still around next year?

  61. RatStew

    RatStew4 months ago

    America.. fix yaself already, pretty please from a European.(cause you screwing everyone worldwide)

  62. A Fucking Weeb

    A Fucking Weeb4 months ago

    At the DIA (Detroit Institute of Arts) anyone living in Wayne County can show the ticket stand their Driver's License and walk in for free. AfroFuture fest could've done the exact same thing (or just charge residents the cheaper fare) if they want to make sure community members show up and aren't shafted by scalpers. I have a hard time believing the organizers of this event, if they're from the Detroit area, were unaware of this option, leading me to believe this is another case of disproportionate affirmative action. Also, would they charge Arab residents, who make up a significant minority population in Detroit, or Asians or Hispanics the cheaper fare? Since they talked about how they're performing in a historically black neighborhood, I wonder if even the term "People of Color" is exclusive to just African Americans.

  63. ComedicTantrum

    ComedicTantrum4 months ago

    Equal pay... you can’t comprare men’s futbol to women’s futbol completely different league.

  64. Lane Simmo

    Lane Simmo4 months ago

    Let people, of any race, who are on the social pay what they can afford. And every one else can pay the £20. That makes it fairer and allows anyone of any skin colour attend if they want to. It should be about social inequity not race.

  65. Walter Black

    Walter Black4 months ago

    Ah, the age of wage gap myth needs to be perpetuated by angry lesbians who play football... Looking at the actual numbers though:

  66. houseofaction

    houseofaction4 months ago

    there results were superior, there performance wasn't. the men have to deal with competing with other men who are far stronger than the women and therefore the men had to deal with a harder competition

  67. Cj Young

    Cj Young4 months ago

    this is racist though lol

  68. Jordan

    Jordan4 months ago

    Women’s fifa World Cup 2019 had a record breaking 7.6 million viewers The male World Cup had 3.5 billion viewers. I rest my case

  69. EcnalKcin

    EcnalKcinMonth ago

    If only it was that simple. Ideally both women and men would be on similar pay systems and would be paid based on total revenue generated. Not just views, or revenue from a single event but all revenue, including licensing deals. Of course some players will always make more than others due to a skill gap, but it would give a fair basis for pay. However it would then fluctuate over time. lets say the women's team does badly next year and the men's wins the world cup, does that then make it okay to pay men more? I think so, but it will always be reactive based on how much was made, not how much is being made, because current numbers can be disrupted, while past numbers are fixed. All that said, if the women's team is bringing in more total revenue, they should be making more total money, and they probably will, unless the US wants to lose them to another country that is willing to pay more.

  70. Flash93933

    Flash939333 months ago

    @Dog God I'm saying dude just pulled random numbers out of his ass

  71. Dog God

    Dog God3 months ago

    Actually, the opposite is true. The women's World Cup drew a 22% higher viewership in the United States than the men's World Cup. The only "case" you have is a mental one.

  72. Flash93933

    Flash939333 months ago

    Where did you get 3.5 figure from?

  73. AC Chery

    AC Chery4 months ago

    Soo deluded

  74. Paulo Goncalves

    Paulo Goncalves4 months ago

    Women will not earn the same as men because they dont generate as much money. This is capitalism :) ronaldo generates millions upon millions of dollars. Morgan does not. Sorry. Look at tennis per example they earn more than man.

  75. Casper Frost

    Casper Frost4 months ago

    I don’t know why but the sentence ‘random tick fact’ made me giggle