Cody Bellinger, Mike Trout win NL + AL MVP to round out MLB awards season

Cody Bellinger and Mike Trout took him MVP of their leagues to finish up MLB awards! Check out clips of all the best.
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  1. Anderson Comfort

    Anderson Comfort14 days ago

    It’s almost like Yordan and bellinger knew what pitch was coming

  2. Paul Vasquez

    Paul Vasquez19 days ago

    Alex should've won

  3. Maria del C. Rivera Ramirez

    Maria del C. Rivera Ramirez19 days ago

    If you analyze the first 9 years of Trout there is only one conclusion: Mike Trout is the son of Albert Pujols.

  4. Tyler Justin

    Tyler Justin21 day ago

    Mike Trout And Cody Bellinger. Congratulations, everyone.

  5. Jeremy Solis

    Jeremy Solis22 days ago

    I'm glad I live 45 minutes away from angel stadium and can see mike trout play whenever. People need to realize what we are seeing in Mike Trout. Hes a bigger, stronger, faster willy Mays, joe DiMaggio. If he can stay healthy and dodge serious health problems he will go down as the greatest ever. I believe he will end up with 6-7 mvp's. 650+ homeruns, 400+ steals, 300+ career batting average. Career ops of above 1000. His offense wont ever leave him even if he gets less mobile. He can go opo for average and power, he can hit low pitches for average or power. His offensive skills wont fall off much if you ask me.

  6. Sub t o pew die pie 21

    Sub t o pew die pie 2122 days ago


  7. Joe Sho

    Joe Sho22 days ago

    I tell you what I am really shocked that Trout won Sarcasm, obviously

  8. Hume in TV

    Hume in TV22 days ago

    I feel like Gerrit Cole should of won cy young

  9. Randall Denison

    Randall Denison22 days ago

    Mike Trout's legend continues to grow. Been watching baseball since 1970. He is the best I've ever seen.

  10. Robert Hurley Jr

    Robert Hurley Jr22 days ago

    Mike Trout 0 world series 0-3 career post season record.

  11. Filipe El

    Filipe El17 days ago

    So what?

  12. Giancarlo Cruz Michael Stanton

    Giancarlo Cruz Michael Stanton22 days ago

    This world belongs to Mike Trout. We only live in it!

  13. bravocorn

    bravocorn23 days ago

    Trout(LAA)>>>>>>Cheater(HOU) Trout is Justice

  14. The Goat

    The Goat23 days ago

    Why did Gerrit Cole not win cy young

  15. Randall Denison

    Randall Denison22 days ago

    Because Verlander won it.

  16. You Want Cheese On That Burger?

    You Want Cheese On That Burger?23 days ago

    I love when the awards get announced because 90 percent of the fans always disagree

  17. Aj Ramirez

    Aj Ramirez23 days ago

    Can't believe Aaron Boone was robbed Manager of the year.

  18. Hemeregildo Ruperez

    Hemeregildo Ruperez23 days ago

    Trout can become the GOAT just gonna say that

  19. John McGurty

    John McGurty23 days ago

    Yo if the Mets had 2 winners, then they should have been in the playoffs like the Astros

  20. John McGurty

    John McGurty23 days ago

    Lesson: never mess with the big stars

  21. hiram aponte

    hiram aponte23 days ago

    DJ LeMahieu should have won😡

  22. hiram aponte

    hiram aponte18 days ago

    @Randall Denison sure

  23. Randall Denison

    Randall Denison21 day ago

    @hiram aponte No Trout had twice as many home runs.

  24. hiram aponte

    hiram aponte21 day ago

    @Randall Denison and dj had Better states then him

  25. Randall Denison

    Randall Denison21 day ago

    @hiram aponte D J was good this year. I can definitely see someone making a point for him to be MVP.

  26. hiram aponte

    hiram aponte21 day ago

    @Randall Denison I think he was better than mike trout

  27. S laRock

    S laRock23 days ago

    LeMahieu for AL MVP. Boone for MOY. #YankeeBias

  28. Carson Lucey

    Carson Lucey24 days ago

    As good as Trout is and I think that he does deserve it, I just wish other guys could have a chance because he won sit so much.

  29. Wicket The Ewok

    Wicket The Ewok24 days ago

    Trout shouldn’t of been MVP

  30. Ralphie Prospero

    Ralphie Prospero24 days ago

    2:34 that is not this season bird played last year he was hurt this year

  31. Reyes Martinez

    Reyes Martinez24 days ago

    Congrats too Rendon the real MVP winner.

  32. Randall Denison

    Randall Denison22 days ago

    Nah not even close.

  33. Reyes Martinez

    Reyes Martinez24 days ago

    Everybody know Rendon deserve d too be MVP he had the most comments on the voting then you know that where not fake votings. MLB is a fraud organisation. Congrats too Rendon the real winner.

  34. Randall Denison

    Randall Denison22 days ago

    Its a fraud unless your guy wins it. Then its all legit. How immature.

  35. Pablo Sanchez

    Pablo Sanchez24 days ago

    Trout is a beast!!

  36. Bigboy Slurpy

    Bigboy Slurpy24 days ago

    I respect Mike Trout and he is one of the greatest to ever play but AL MVP should've been DJ LaMahieu deserved MVP how was he fourth in voting.

  37. Oliver McCall

    Oliver McCall11 days ago

    Because Trout was better

  38. Joe Sonnen

    Joe Sonnen24 days ago

    I feel that Mike Trout should not have won mvp and that Alex Bregman should have because Mike Trout didn't help his team out and help win games. Baseball is not an iduvidual sport so in my opinion Alex Bregman was the more valuable player to his team.

  39. James Age

    James Age24 days ago

    I agree. If you're going to be MVP on an irrelevant team, your stats better be leaps & bounds above everybody else's.

  40. Andrew Bova

    Andrew Bova24 days ago

    With all the cheating allegations against the Astros, what about the Chicago Cubs in 2016? Sold their souls to the devil, used cameras in the ivy and centerfield areas to get signs, and Joe Maddon revealed this all and it will be public knowledge very soon! Congratulations on the MVP winners, you deserve it!!

  41. JN336

    JN33624 days ago

    Yelich got robbed

  42. Randall Denison

    Randall Denison22 days ago

    He was gr8 this year.

  43. Coinraker

    Coinraker24 days ago

    Congrats Cody Bellinger....and way to totally disappear in the post season. lol

  44. Dave Carey

    Dave Carey24 days ago

    I would hope that any MVP could help their team at least be competitive - Mike Trout does not. Him winning multiple MVPs is a joke.

  45. Randall Denison

    Randall Denison22 days ago

    Your logic is a joke. Best player of this generation n you say something this silly. The man bats 305 with 39 home runs n 90 rbi EVERY year. Shame Angels don't get him any help.

  46. Jim

    Jim24 days ago

    It;s sad that stats take precedent over the player that was a major part of a team going to the playoffs. If this is the criteria then the 1998 NL MVP should be taken from Sammy Sosa (who helped his team to the playoffs) and given to Mark Mcquire who batted 70 HRs that year.

  47. mapleleaf897

    mapleleaf89724 days ago

    Anthony Rendon deserves this but the critics made cody look good

  48. mapleleaf897

    mapleleaf89718 days ago

    Im not saying cody wasn't great,I'm just saying Anthony deserved this more than cody,but congrats to him

  49. Randall Denison

    Randall Denison22 days ago

    Nah Cody was gr8.

  50. SleepingDragon

    SleepingDragon24 days ago

    Nope, regular season performance, postseason doesn't count. I would take either Yelich or Bellinger over Rendon.

  51. Aiden Droutzur

    Aiden Droutzur24 days ago

    Just looking at yelich ss numbers competing with bellingers after he got hurt I think yelich wins it if he doesn’t get hurt

  52. Jack Son

    Jack Son24 days ago

    To people saying Cole was robbed by Verlander, here are key stats: Verlander: 21 Wins, 2.58 ERA, 2 CG, 1 SHO, 7.8 WAR, 223.0 IP, 0.803 WHIP, 300 K Cole: 20 Wins, 2.50 ERA, 0 CG, 0 SHO, 6.9 WAR, 212.1 IP, 0.895 WHIP, 326 K Verlander deserved it, he had better overall numbers.

  53. Gaddi Moreno

    Gaddi Moreno24 days ago

    Have to consider Belli is just starting his career. Yelich compare to Cody has a lot more years and experience. Bellinger will just keep getting better. Hope he stays consistent like Mike Trout.

  54. MrGaming Potato

    MrGaming Potato24 days ago

    How did alonso not get one vote for MVP

  55. Jacob Flowers

    Jacob Flowers24 days ago

    Biased Mets fan alert

  56. 허걱

    허걱24 days ago

    Trout’s road to an unanimous HOF

  57. sour airhead

    sour airhead24 days ago

    Only played 134 games and team finished below .500. Trout is good but did not deserve it this year.