Jake Paul & RiceGum Promote Gambling To Kids


  1. Philly Mack

    Philly Mack2 hours ago

    This was one of the last certified Assblasts. RIP to the 'h3h3productions' & 'Ethan and Hila' channels

  2. Historical Otaku

    Historical Otaku9 hours ago

    Just how many idiots fell for his scam tho

  3. Elijah Tompkins

    Elijah TompkinsDay ago

    It’s like cs go skins

  4. Caleb Hu

    Caleb HuDay ago

    i was disappointed when there was no link in the description

  5. Labrax Orientalis

    Labrax Orientalis2 days ago

    What's the name of that synth back there?

  6. Zen56

    Zen562 days ago

    Icicle - Site Balance

  7. bruv zession

    bruv zession3 days ago

    “What are we feelin?” Probably the cocaine high

  8. Bad Word

    Bad Word3 days ago

    Man’s got an icicle site balance stuck up his ass

  9. Simo Koistinen

    Simo Koistinen3 days ago

    3:23 Loop this and you have the most excellent car alarm.

  10. GamersSpace09

    GamersSpace094 days ago

    Site balance means the websites currency

  11. caitlin agbemabiese

    caitlin agbemabiese4 days ago

    So yeah the site doesn't work anymore, so crazy that these youtuber get away with everything.. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  12. Borderline Addict

    Borderline Addict4 days ago

    yes jake i win cocaine

  13. Whatever Animations

    Whatever Animations6 days ago

    Ironically shity editing is funny _YES_

  14. WolfM80

    WolfM806 days ago

    His center top lip is stuck, mofo is playing with” CRACK-Caine “ it’s coke you get from a dirty 530 area code cuz ya think it’s the Shiznit- I would know since I used to be his plug for it, look at his top center lip the way he’s Yazzin! Between his 👃 and top lip hahaha!!!

  15. Grace Alexandra

    Grace Alexandra7 days ago

    Jake Paul is most def coked out in this video lol

  16. Da Mustache

    Da Mustache7 days ago

    I won some nice 500 dollars shoes. I just need to spend 700 to go get them in 17 different countries.

  17. 2015 Vauxhall Movano

    2015 Vauxhall Movano8 days ago

    hamza mowlid

  18. Aerial Mama

    Aerial Mama9 days ago

    Why are jakes eye holes so dark? Did he snort some site balance icicles?

  19. Aerial Mama

    Aerial Mama5 days ago

    Vignesh Karthikeyan bahaha, I was being an ignoramus intentionally.. Lol, but I’m talking about his Raccoon eyes, I’m 39 and my eyes aren’t that dark unless I’m sick with the flu.. jakes got the adderall eyeholes, lol!

  20. Vignesh Karthikeyan

    Vignesh Karthikeyan6 days ago

    Do you mean pupils so dilated. I love this comment more than what it was supposed to be lol

  21. Aerial Mama

    Aerial Mama9 days ago

    Ethan buys hila an icicle site balance for Christmas

  22. JimboHimself

    JimboHimself9 days ago

    This kinda sounds like a conspiracy theory; but what if someone who wanted to get them off the platform by working on their greed, set them up by getting them to promote this?

  23. Vimal Sheoran

    Vimal Sheoran11 days ago

    Hey, chinese products are not fake,...they are reverse engineered.

  24. Pinkier

    Pinkier11 days ago

    Where's the link in desc?? I want to donate my SPLEEEEEN

  25. Chad Rush

    Chad Rush11 days ago

    You only know what silicon is because it says that on the lube you use to put dildos up your ass

  26. M0cnas

    M0cnas11 days ago

    If you ever done cocaine,you know when someone else is on it

  27. Optical Fishy

    Optical Fishy11 days ago

    I'm 10 and I know what silicone is and a 25 20 year old doesn't know

  28. Mark Gomez

    Mark Gomez12 days ago

    he needs to make fun of other people to get views

  29. Isaac Bareno

    Isaac Bareno12 days ago

    When Ricegum screams he sounds like Barry B Benson yelling

  30. Opro Ahmad

    Opro Ahmad13 days ago

    Where is the link to sale my spleen

  31. flapjackxl

    flapjackxl14 days ago

    Who is Jake Paul again?

  32. Thinking Shrine

    Thinking Shrine14 days ago

    I didn't buy any box and still i got refreshing cancer...


    YUNG DRACO16 days ago

    He's twackin bro. You can tell with how he's talking he's on that meth

  34. James Danko

    James Danko16 days ago

    When is jakey gonna come on the podcast?

  35. me me meme

    me me meme17 days ago

    how has jake's cameraman not killed himself yet

  36. Nordin Abdullah

    Nordin Abdullah18 days ago

    6:33 makes me laugh

  37. Tanner Holmes

    Tanner Holmes18 days ago

    USwork doesn't care about content or the recommendation algorithm, and they damn sure dont care about the viewers for even allowing jake to do this. They only see view counts and popular youtubers, get a piece of that ad revenue and they're also owned by google so they use your search history to push even more products down your throat. Data phishing systems are disgusting.

  38. Mister Moon

    Mister Moon19 days ago

    He can be the next joker or president.

  39. Mister Moon

    Mister Moon19 days ago

    Jake Paul's face and voice triggers me like my aunts obnoxious caps lock voice.

  40. LBJ GOAT

    LBJ GOAT20 days ago


  41. Mike Alstat

    Mike Alstat20 days ago

    I'm getting low on coffee let's wrap this up lmao

  42. Yeet Boi Thanos

    Yeet Boi Thanos21 day ago

    I can hear H3h3Productions dog

  43. Bob Dylan's conscience

    Bob Dylan's conscience21 day ago

    Seriously this whole video is GOLD

  44. Bob Dylan's conscience

    Bob Dylan's conscience21 day ago

    Ethan your so fucking hilarious

  45. Baldr

    Baldr22 days ago

    yes jake i win macbook air

  46. Doom Guy

    Doom Guy22 days ago

    90% Jake Paul and ricegum videos are basically them saying "Look at rich I am" and of course stupid people have to think "DIS CHANNEL IS WORTHY OF MY SUBSCRIPTION DURRRR". There are so many better channels out there and idiots sub to these two. Really? What is the appeal Jake Paul and ricegum. They are just boring spoilt rich kids. What's so entertaining? Like Pewdiepie isn't bad at all. I understand why his got over 100 mil subs but I dont get the appeal in Jake Paul and ricegum and never will.

  47. Stefan Thompson

    Stefan Thompson22 days ago

    I know most of your videos are intended to be lighthearted, but as the father of a 13 yr old, this disgusted me knowing that the Paul tards target kids with their videos. I just learned of their existence recently, but I had no idea they were scamming young children. They are beneath contempt.

  48. Alexander

    Alexander22 days ago

    The fuck's wrong with his haircut.

  49. B Gut

    B Gut22 days ago

    Where’s the link to donate my spleen again? I heard I could get an icicle site balance if I did

  50. Ethan Hohman

    Ethan Hohman23 days ago

    I’m kind of dying internally watching Jake Paul have a stroke in this video

  51. Daniel Gutierrez

    Daniel Gutierrez23 days ago

    Sorry, The wonky sinuses were indeed funny

  52. •Y U R Ï•

    •Y U R Ï•23 days ago

    Why did he sound cute saying christmas 4:47

  53. dre doctor

    dre doctor24 days ago

    coffe addiction lel

  54. greasy boi

    greasy boi24 days ago

    Who is making these subtitles😂

  55. darkpig

    darkpig24 days ago

    yes jake I win icicle site balance

  56. Cat M

    Cat M25 days ago

    Funny ass roast 4:22 *fake karate chops the air x10* “is this all it takes to make content?”

  57. Yassine Saïdi

    Yassine Saïdi25 days ago

    Yes I win macbook

  58. Michael Mcdowell

    Michael Mcdowell26 days ago

    Rice gums, atleast do some more meth before u do these cause Jake Paul knows what he's doing

  59. Michael Mcdowell

    Michael Mcdowell26 days ago

    Wonder what box comes with shit ur a multimillion dollar car that can be delivered

  60. corey yamaguchi

    corey yamaguchi26 days ago

    You were right Ethan, I bought a box two yea s ago and I still haven't gotten my icicle site balance, I had to buy one and walgreens

  61. Iverson Puga

    Iverson Puga26 days ago

    Rice gum is Asian so ofc he’s gonna try to convince some ya dumbasses to hop on da website and probably drop money aswell🤦🏽‍♂️🤣😪

  62. Uncle Joe Stalin

    Uncle Joe Stalin27 days ago

    I checked IMDB and sure enough, Jake & Logan have a page. But it was empty! I couldn't miss this opportunity so I wrote about the "plot" and did a (not very favourable) review revealing their immature & despicable behaviour as they gamed the system. 1 star since 0 stars isn't an option. Just FYI.