Jake Paul & RiceGum Promote Gambling To Kids


  1. 1blakklab1

    1blakklab1Hour ago

    My little brother almost fell for this...glad he bought other stuff smh

  2. Jason

    Jason3 hours ago

    Got to be honest....if a company offered me mega money to sell crap to kids id probably do it....id like to think if i was worth jakes money i wouldnt though

  3. Ping Pong

    Ping Pong4 hours ago

    I think Jake mispelled Cocaine. 🤔

  4. Lukas Juel Michelsen

    Lukas Juel Michelsen5 hours ago

    this was the sign. a h3h3 video. with more initial views then a paul brothers vid. the sign that the cursed giants. that dreadful blight brought upon us from vine. shall fall some day.

  5. Tallest Giraffe

    Tallest Giraffe9 hours ago


  6. Cool beans

    Cool beansDay ago

    Am I the only one who would legit buy that Nutella hoodie

  7. Dan

    DanDay ago

    He is so high

  8. KrispyFootWear.mp4

    KrispyFootWear.mp4Day ago

    yes jake I win mac Airbook air

  9. GodzillaFan298 1

    GodzillaFan298 12 days ago

    He has literally devolved into a 4 year old

  10. deleted

    deleted2 days ago

    Yea ole boy on that booger sugar

  11. killercivic2001

    killercivic20012 days ago

    wow p.s. wow (but a different kind) to you :)

  12. Vue

    Vue2 days ago

    still waiting on my items, haha

  13. DL 5

    DL 53 days ago

    CSGO gambling in real life

  14. Bushdid7/11

    Bushdid7/113 days ago

    I dont understand how he won the items at his house and had them sent to his house, but came in yelling the items are finally here in a hotel room?

  15. spaghetti sauce man

    spaghetti sauce man3 days ago

    imagine getting a fake half life game in that valve box

  16. F H L L O R T

    F H L L O R T3 days ago

    anyone noticed that he barked and then was shocked for a little bit my theory he a raped dog

  17. HG 80

    HG 804 days ago

    Jake paul is the new tobuscus

  18. KDonkey4lyf

    KDonkey4lyf4 days ago

    the intro jumpshot killed me man 😂😂😂😂

  19. Shara Adams

    Shara Adams4 days ago

    What’s he on??? Lol

  20. Diana M

    Diana M4 days ago

    He looks like hes on meth. I'd be surprised if he wasn't from sweet home.

  21. jonathan roberts

    jonathan roberts4 days ago

    So true .

  22. Taco Lubricator

    Taco Lubricator4 days ago

    Sounds like TMartin is back

  23. LowHPComics

    LowHPComics4 days ago

    Okay, so when is someone in America gonna actually kill these two? Like there are several mass shootings of various kinds, including kids, people of ethnicity, people of gender, sex, or innocents in general, but no one goes for the two absolute wastes of the Earth?

  24. Finlay Hamm

    Finlay Hamm4 days ago

    i just FINESSED a website

  25. CGBG

    CGBG5 days ago

    Did anybody catch the code they gave Jake Paul to use to get the results he got

  26. Riley Kitson

    Riley Kitson5 days ago

    *Try’s to get a Mac book on a Mac book*

  27. gamerguy

    gamerguy5 days ago

    He didn't drink coffee this morning he drank race fuel.

  28. Oberst Hans Müller von das s.s

    Oberst Hans Müller von das s.s5 days ago

    jake knows what silicone is because his imaginary girlfriend is made of it.

  29. DilVoorhees

    DilVoorhees5 days ago

    i don't think it was coffee it was cocain

  30. FDPSEiN

    FDPSEiN6 days ago

    4:40 So close to itching his nose full of coke, but remembers hes on camera

  31. levi McKay

    levi McKay6 days ago

    Jake Paul's hair looks like scrambled eggs

  32. Cristofer Posas

    Cristofer Posas6 days ago

    8:11 . he shows where he actually has the influencer control panel and it's set to apple watch 95% probability

  33. Curly G

    Curly G5 days ago

    good catch

  34. Mathy Don

    Mathy Don6 days ago

    Hey, you gotta learn about gambling somewhere

  35. 23skymaster

    23skymaster6 days ago

    Bro... it actually looks like this guy is on hard drugs in this video... scary.

  36. Zex Sin

    Zex Sin6 days ago

    I won a hooker mom 😊

  37. Giacomo Nicolini

    Giacomo Nicolini7 days ago

    this dude is definitely on adderall , worst role model for kids

  38. Heheh E

    Heheh E7 days ago

    I won an ICYCLE for only $40,000. Thanks for sharing the game with me Jake.

  39. rob Gik

    rob Gik7 days ago

    Guys I won site balance yayy guys


    SMAKS EM SILLIFIED7 days ago

    As someone who lives in Florida (flooded with cocaine here) he's definitely skeed up. Geekin hard af, can't stop moving yapping. Lol

  41. Greenville 17

    Greenville 177 days ago

    I was really sad to see there’s no link for me to donate my spleen

  42. Gregorio Dontes

    Gregorio Dontes7 days ago

    So, He’s On adderalls rn, it’s pretty crazy.

  43. Gregorio Dontes

    Gregorio Dontes7 days ago

    So, He’s On adderalls rn, it’s pretty crazy.

  44. Gregorio Dontes

    Gregorio Dontes7 days ago

    Jake, why are you in love with coco?

  45. B M

    B M7 days ago

    ethan the ads are killing me

  46. Russell Mania

    Russell Mania7 days ago

    Its worse then the casino because the house never loses

  47. Cero Ultra

    Cero Ultra8 days ago

    I'd bet 150$ that the source of Jake's desperation for money is that he owes a cartel a lot for cocaine

  48. corey yamaguchi

    corey yamaguchi8 days ago

    Y'all be tripping about your icicle site balances, but I'm only into the real shit: *TRICYCLE* site balance

  49. Christopher Miller

    Christopher Miller8 days ago

    I gambled my spleen and won air pods fuck yes

  50. Community Manager Jesus Christ

    Community Manager Jesus Christ8 days ago

    Jake Paul reminds me of Brucie Kibbutz from GTA IV, who was always called "Steroid Junky" by the protagonist.

  51. matiasvlevi

    matiasvlevi8 days ago

    house always wins