5 Missed Shots That Would Have Changed NBA History Forever


  1. JxmyHighroller

    JxmyHighroller3 months ago

    Alright brothers, what was the most devastating missed shot for you as a fan?

  2. Notorious Bran

    Notorious Bran2 hours ago

    Brandon Knight blowing a wide open layup

  3. TTV_clapped Swet

    TTV_clapped Swet3 days ago

    JxmyHighroller knicks

  4. Miguel Valencia

    Miguel Valencia4 days ago

    They would've been tied 3rd most NBA championships with the bulls and the celtics and lakers well ahead of them.

  5. Logan Bennefeld

    Logan Bennefeld4 days ago

    Tim dunkens

  6. First Last

    First Last4 days ago

    Im a louisville fan so i was heartbroken First Louisville vs Virginia. 3 seconds left louisville is inbounding. Our inbounder moves under the basket even though they could’ve because virginia didn’t score. Virginia passed it to kyle guy. He made it and it knocked louisville out of the ncaa tournament.

  7. The yvng elite

    The yvng elite9 hours ago

    Knicks just sucks lmao

  8. Mad Simple

    Mad Simple10 hours ago

    You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow.

  9. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox Bleach11 hours ago

    So we gone ignore that lockdown defense bye Kevin Love?


    GOLDEN BUDDHA13 hours ago


  11. Nba Hub

    Nba Hub19 hours ago

    What if Brian Scalabrine the goat wasn't the goat

  12. Mike Bargs

    Mike BargsDay ago

    Bro stfu greatest comeback in sports history in hockey there’s been multiple 3-0 comebacks

  13. Latest Sierra Leone Music

    Latest Sierra Leone MusicDay ago

    Bro you should do a tutorial about story telling

  14. jawa2 2

    jawa2 2Day ago

    Duncan is favored player

  15. A13 A13

    A13 A132 days ago

    Should’ve put Jason Terry’s missed 3 in the last second of game 6 of the 06 finals vs Miami, Dirk and the Mavs could’ve had 2 rings

  16. kingg_rxss elite

    kingg_rxss elite2 days ago

    Anybody else just notice now that LeBron's block on Iggy was a goaltend

  17. Noah Cool5

    Noah Cool52 days ago

    what about lebron missed dunk over green

  18. Comedy By Nick

    Comedy By Nick3 days ago

    "at the time i was a huge heat fan" fuck you

  19. Demi Fire

    Demi Fire3 days ago

    Curry messed up hard in game 6

  20. dmack1988

    dmack19884 days ago

    I would’ve gave peja to shoot the 3 instead of bibby

  21. Melanie Rawr

    Melanie Rawr4 days ago

    What about the Jr Smith shot

  22. Boonkgang 1001

    Boonkgang 10014 days ago

    They should have gave Kevin love finals mvp from that defense on curry

  23. 71hrs

    71hrs5 days ago

    If curry would’ve made the final three in the 2016 nba finals, nothing would’ve changed because the cavaliers were up 93 to 89

  24. cool change

    cool change5 days ago

    the leonard free throw miss to put spurs up four points against miami but he miss allen drops the three momentum on heat then they win the championship... the duncan miss will be never happen if kawhi sinks the free throw

  25. hilsey Grewal

    hilsey Grewal5 days ago

    you forgot the fact that KD would have never joined the warriors if they were back to back championship.

  26. discobiscuits2100

    discobiscuits21006 days ago

    The Spurs one still fucking hurts today.

  27. Dj Iron Mic

    Dj Iron Mic6 days ago

    Dope video!! Really enjoy watching

  28. Andre Faelnar

    Andre Faelnar7 days ago

    The steph curry missed shot in game 6 of the 2019 nba finals would also be in this video as well

  29. CJ Max

    CJ Max8 days ago

    This is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen

  30. A12T

    A12T8 days ago

    Now it’s curry again In the finals missed the 3 and lost to the raptors.

  31. Matt MacDonald

    Matt MacDonald10 days ago

    minute long intro

  32. Arielx DexteRz

    Arielx DexteRz11 days ago

    Thx so much for these vids

  33. Just Your Everyday Pig

    Just Your Everyday Pig11 days ago

    I mean technically if you change the outcome of any shot its changing NBA history

  34. Just Your Everyday Pig

    Just Your Everyday Pig10 days ago

    epiz ation thank you kind sir

  35. epiz ation

    epiz ation10 days ago

    I like your name

  36. ScRaPz_246

    ScRaPz_24611 days ago

    0:58 his head tho

  37. king2 gio

    king2 gio13 days ago

    But after that steph shot cavs made free throws and a layup

  38. Joshua Frick

    Joshua Frick13 days ago

    Pains me to say this, as a Mavs fan, but after the Mavs incredible comeback from 15 points down in the 4th qtr of game 2 of the 2011 Finals, D Wade had a near halfcourt heave as time expired that hit front iron, hit the backboard, hit front iron again and came off. That shot goes in & it’s soul-crushing for the Mavs after that incredible comeback. Mavs go down 0-2 & I don’t think they recover. Edit: was a bit off. D Wade's shot hit back iron and bounced off. Maybe I remember it being a bit closer than it was just because that shot was online & way too damn close for comfort.

  39. Romar Padilla

    Romar Padilla14 days ago

    UPDATE: What if Stephen Curry hits that 3 on Game 6 of 2019 NBA FINALS? Yeah, sounds silly coz even if he hits it he was left with no KD and Klay but yea, who knows?

  40. Zachary Woodward

    Zachary Woodward14 days ago

    Name of music that's being played in video?

  41. allydea

    allydea14 days ago

    Wow, Curry has missed quite a few clutch shots.

  42. Nunya Bizwacks

    Nunya Bizwacks15 days ago

    Ahhh game 6 of the WCF that yr....one of the most rigged(and obviously) of all time, as well as the series as a whole. The Kings most def should have been in the finals and should have prolly been champs that year. They had to let kobe, shaq, and co. 3peat tho. Games like that one that make u lose all faith in pro sports being somewhat legit.

  43. Daniel Luong

    Daniel Luong16 days ago

    The Larry Bird Shot in the finals. "what if the ball didn't bounce back"

  44. D B

    D B16 days ago

    Bro what is the beat he uses

  45. Cain Shin

    Cain Shin17 days ago

    Should have included Swaggy P's infamous 3..

  46. Ticamo77

    Ticamo7717 days ago

    Was that Knicks/Rockets game footage from the day that OJ went on his chase in the Bronco? I remember it taking up a lot of the 1994 Playoffs.

  47. Rafael Maldonado

    Rafael Maldonado18 days ago

    Come cry go spurs go thanks for reminding me tho liked because it's a great video... we came back 2014 tho

  48. Travis Tomblin

    Travis Tomblin18 days ago

    Dude.... thank you so much for these videos ...... brought back so many memories.... you are the man.

  49. cj fetterson

    cj fetterson18 days ago

    Kevin the pure lockdown Love

  50. Chase DeLaney

    Chase DeLaney18 days ago

    Kawhi Leonard's Game 6 missed free throw should be on here instead of Duncan's missed hook shot. If Kawhi made that free throw, it would have put them up by 4 with 10, maybe 20 seconds left, but he missed it, which led to Ray Allen's clutch 3 that led to the Heat winning Game 6, then, in turn, winning Game 7.

  51. NBAgamingboy

    NBAgamingboy19 days ago

    Who's here since Kyle Lowry missed a clutch championship three-pointer in Game 5 and Stephen Curry missed a game-winning 3 to try and force a Game 7 in Game 6

  52. Jason Taylor

    Jason Taylor20 days ago

    The Red Sox comeback vs the Yankees was there best comeback in North American sports history.

  53. Cov Fefe

    Cov Fefe20 days ago

    Newly add Curry's missed 3 in game 6 against toronto

  54. MONSTROUS by Tommy Walker

    MONSTROUS by Tommy Walker21 day ago

    Wow, 11 points in the 4th quarter alone? That pace would have made him just 6 points shy of Wilt Chamberlain's 1961-62 season average of 50.4 per game.

  55. General Ramos

    General Ramos21 day ago

    Kings vs Lakers was fixed

  56. Don

    Don21 day ago

    The refs stole Game 6 from the Kings. I think the NBA had already predetermined that they wanted a Game 7 and they called the game that way to give it the best chance of happening. They called 20 fouls alone on Sacramento in the 4th quarter while swallowing their whistles when Bibby got hacked or mugged every time he drove to the basket. I do not care what anyone says. The refs were given their marching orders by the NBA and they followed them. The Kings got robbed of that game and potentially a NBA title.

  57. Masud Saeedi

    Masud Saeedi21 day ago

    This is the most unsatisfying video I have ever watched. Anyone else agree?