Turning old jewelry into pure gold bars

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A few months ago, one of my patrons sent me a bunch of old gold jewelry for me to refine. I originally thought that it was going to just be some gold plated stuff, but it turned out to be quite a bit of gold. I was able to purify out all of the gold and then melt them down into some small 24K pure gold bars.
Procedure references:
Paint can idea: uswork.info/videos/2bTesd75Wic-video.html
indeedItdoes: uswork.info/videos/1gjJNZtrUHo-video.html
CodysLab: uswork.info (Both the main procedure and the silver recovery. I can't find the video where he recovered the silver from the chloride though.)
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  1. NileRed

    NileRed5 months ago

    Note: There have been some comments about the gold being stolen, but just to clear, I have verified that it wasn't.

  2. CoDGplays

    CoDGplaysDay ago

    @NileRed sry but nobody cares if its stolen or not. doesnt matter. have fun!

  3. theservantofblackness

    theservantofblacknessDay ago

    @James Van Daele Keep in mind you are thinking about this from the point of view of a person who has clearly been working with jewelry for a long time. Maybe YOU would easily be able to tell if it was all solid gold or not but a lot can't. Seems likely to me that the guy probably had it passed down from a relative or something like that and decided that he had no real need of it and wanted to extract the gold. Yeah, I guess you can never 100% confirm the possibility of it being stolen all you can do is speculate and try to eliminate the possiblity, but in this scenario it seems extremely unlikely. Also, why would somebody who just stole expensive jewelry be so careless? I know if I shipped stolen goods to somebody for analysis and processing into pure gold, I would be extremely worried that somebody would find out it's stolen. Again, this is all pure speculation, but when I put the pieces together this just doesn't scream "theft" to me.

  4. benjamin shiffman

    benjamin shiffman3 days ago

    Yeah it wasn’t stolen

  5. Zangetsu Dangetsu

    Zangetsu Dangetsu4 days ago

    You pierced the gold with tungsten spike.... then you molded it into bars..... DUUUHH!!!!

  6. Danilo Salles

    Danilo Salles6 days ago

    He asked the owner of the gold if was stolen... unless he has a doc proof, it means is just trusting the guy.😒

  7. No one likes Jaystation

    No one likes JaystationHour ago

    12:01 that looks like something from no mans sky

  8. Abhi I

    Abhi IHour ago

    I am Dmitry....you are my patron

  9. Black Phantom

    Black Phantom3 hours ago

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  10. Atharv Arora

    Atharv Arora9 hours ago

    Imagine the beaker of liquid gold slipping off his hand and spilling all over the floor

  11. Chicken647 Plays

    Chicken647 Plays10 hours ago

    $3797.99 USD worth of gold... daym

  12. Daniel Akutagawa

    Daniel Akutagawa12 hours ago

    "All of this was then combined to my other gold powder" Patron: *Sweating* See's powder that spilled out.

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  14. Mack Peters

    Mack Peters13 hours ago

    Gold juice yumm

  15. Sanctified2kill

    Sanctified2kill14 hours ago

    I have no idea how to do this stuff

  16. Nada

    Nada15 hours ago

    Heisenberg wants to know your location

  17. Alex Ritesman

    Alex Ritesman15 hours ago

    I can’t stop coming back to this vid! Long live chemistry!

  18. Steven O'Gilmore

    Steven O'Gilmore17 hours ago

    "An old Rolex" 😧😧😧

  19. Daily Solve

    Daily Solve17 hours ago

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  20. Dmask 225Warrior

    Dmask 225WarriorDay ago

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  23. NN N

    NN NDay ago

    so much interesting

  24. Rich Scrims

    Rich ScrimsDay ago

    75 g three maybe four thousand dollars. And this guy had more than that in his hands. I'm just going to leave thit right here

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    Now you *really* look like a random, nerdy bloke.

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  29. acoustic61

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  33. dorito dog

    dorito dogDay ago

    3:53 Men December 1st at 12:00Am

  34. Sinuous

    SinuousDay ago

    Imagine this guy just stole all this gold jewellery and just got this guy to process it for him for free... :D

  35. CoDGplays

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  36. I Stole Your Pig

    I Stole Your PigDay ago

    There’s too much sciency words in this video for my brain capacity.

  37. Christopher Miranda

    Christopher MirandaDay ago

    mid way thru you had a jar of what looked like piss. Piss that’s worth $4500

  38. Play with Junk

    Play with JunkDay ago

    don't destroy the watch. it is worth at least 1000$ in working condition.

  39. Play with Junk

    Play with JunkDay ago

    @CoDGplays It was a bad idea even to think about it... it's a Rolex! Except it's a fake one...

  40. CoDGplays

    CoDGplaysDay ago

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  41. Young Jamma

    Young JammaDay ago

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  42. Endrit Shabani

    Endrit Shabani2 days ago

    does gold turn into solid form so fast that u had to keep heating when putting it in that bar shaped plate ?

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  44. MagmaSlendy

    MagmaSlendy2 days ago

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  45. Frank

    Frank2 days ago

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  46. NO NAME

    NO NAME2 days ago

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  48. Lucien

    Lucien2 days ago

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  49. Epic Pee

    Epic Pee2 days ago

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  50. CoDGplays

    CoDGplaysDay ago

    yes but there are almost none gravity "ups and downs" on earth so almost everywhere the same

  51. Elongated Muskrat

    Elongated Muskrat2 days ago

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  52. Godfred A. O

    Godfred A. O2 days ago

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  53. ああみか

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  56. Rex Tube

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  57. Kipper Klank

    Kipper Klank2 days ago

    75G of gold = $3,517.37 as of 11-09-2019

  58. Kipper Klank

    Kipper Klank2 days ago

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  59. mark garrett

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    Ben Colpaert2 days ago

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  65. Crackling Fireworks HD

    Crackling Fireworks HD3 days ago

    Hey Nile i wondered If something Like that ist possible with silber and i have lots of old German Marks lying around .These are made of silver and i could send you some

  66. Reecebakervlogs ss

    Reecebakervlogs ss3 days ago

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  67. Byron

    Byron3 days ago

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  68. KurJan&Urbano

    KurJan&Urbano3 days ago

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