Turning old jewelry into pure gold bars


  1. NileRed

    NileRedMonth ago

    Note: There have been some comments about the gold being stolen, but just to clear, I have verified that it wasn't.

  2. Josh Mandel

    Josh Mandel2 days ago

    Alxasaurus j

  3. Know All

    Know All3 days ago

    Who cares stolen or not. If you lost it then it's your own fault for not paying attention to it. Don't mind the comments just do your magic. 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Eagle1

    Eagle13 days ago

    @awepi. I'm just curious, why do you give a shit?

  5. Mos Kito

    Mos Kito4 days ago

    hahahhahhaa GOOD ONE ... who else wants you to turn a ROLEX for a couple of thousand US into a tiny piece of gold for 40 bucks?

  6. LordAxe

    LordAxe6 days ago

    @James Van Daele Shut the fuck up dude - we don't need Sherlock Holmes here. FFS.

  7. Diogo Almeida

    Diogo Almeida18 minutes ago

    I wonder if the time and money spent on all the chemicals and proper processing of these chemicals are worth what is extracted. Maybe a video?

  8. Samoa Monroe

    Samoa Monroe22 minutes ago

    Wow I guessed 5 grams for the scrap atuff

  9. rafer Jefferson iii

    rafer Jefferson iii32 minutes ago

    Makes inferior tungsten laced gold and thinks he’ll get a round of applause on USwork? Take your alloy, fail!

  10. Karli -.-

    Karli -.-Hour ago

    bitch you really poked holes and tried to bend enough to cover my rent 😤

  11. Yulianto NDC2

    Yulianto NDC22 hours ago

    good video... same with me..I have video how yo get gold from forest(borneo kalimantan). I have video how to manually gold processing.. I need more subscribe..please help me find my channel

  12. Otto von Bismarck

    Otto von Bismarck2 hours ago

    Hey, uh, I could definitely use some gold, too. And I really don't care if it's stolen.

  13. Craig Hossack

    Craig Hossack3 hours ago

    That scrap was the bracelet from the watch.

  14. CopperHeroin

    CopperHeroin5 hours ago

    Can you make me some mda?

  15. Parimal Udapurkar

    Parimal Udapurkar6 hours ago

    I genuinely said to myself I'll watch 5 minutes of it... Then watched a 30 minute video.

  16. Yusuf Jasat

    Yusuf Jasat6 hours ago

    Do you have a normal Seks life?

  17. Ryan Boscoe

    Ryan Boscoe6 hours ago

    Most expensive urine ever...

  18. Tilen the boy

    Tilen the boy7 hours ago

    0:42 weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  19. Viic86

    Viic867 hours ago

    Anyone else wondering why is the inside of the hole at 25:35 distinctly silver?

  20. Michael Silkwood

    Michael Silkwood9 hours ago

    Buckets and buckets of acid. Send me gold and I’ll smile.

  21. Ryan Hicks

    Ryan Hicks12 hours ago

    man with $4,000 worth of gold smashes said gold

  22. Zlitzyboi

    Zlitzyboi13 hours ago

    all this chemistry is hurting my brain I came here for gold not school :< Edit: I still liked it tho :D

  23. G S

    G S13 hours ago

    I hope that you are getting paid for all those resources you used to extract that gold

  24. Cona 6789

    Cona 678914 hours ago

    Jesus this is a lengthy process

  25. Dan Murillo

    Dan Murillo14 hours ago

    I wonder how early in life this guy was thinking about chemistry.

  26. Erik Tarasyuk

    Erik Tarasyuk14 hours ago

    You sound like the son of the Shane company that talks in the commercial

  27. VaughnLive Misc

    VaughnLive Misc15 hours ago


  28. Playzgaming

    Playzgaming17 hours ago

    I want to do dis

  29. graffix3001

    graffix300123 hours ago

    Not sure how I always end up to videos like this. They are very interesting to watch. Nice job.

  30. Robbie Goldman

    Robbie Goldman23 hours ago

    I wish i could take all those ex LTRs and melt them into one gigantic gold brick, that way they could finally do something useful.

  31. Clumzy_ PotatoYT

    Clumzy_ PotatoYT23 hours ago

    i watched this whole thing and hardly understood any of it, but it was so interesting to me. good job!

  32. Frank Hovis

    Frank HovisDay ago

    Your natation sounds like a school essay by a 12 year old.

  33. Audra Elrod

    Audra ElrodDay ago

    Do you still purify other peoples gold jewelry?

  34. qwerty9118

    qwerty9118Day ago

    *asks for gold at the end of the video*

  35. Pokoyo

    PokoyoDay ago

    What is the cost of all material that you've used to gain this gold ?

  36. justin spletzer

    justin spletzerDay ago

    Cool video dude!

  37. Samuel

    SamuelDay ago

    Really enjoyable to watch even if it’s 30mins long

  38. Ibn Muhammad

    Ibn MuhammadDay ago

    Of course it was not your fault that you lost 2 grams of gold 😂

  39. Ninialiindaaa08

    Ninialiindaaa08Day ago

    Why am I watching this. 😂

  40. A P S

    A P SDay ago


  41. Gadgetboy

    GadgetboyDay ago

    I wish you'd crystallized the chloroauric acid. It makes very pretty crystals. Chloroplatinic acid, too.

  42. Gadgetboy

    GadgetboyDay ago

    0:41 *tinktinktink* ohno.... *jumpcut*

  43. Ryan Sanders

    Ryan SandersDay ago

    Lol just copped a Rolex

  44. Mad Lib

    Mad LibDay ago

    Sucks you had to destroy all that copper tho

  45. Mad Lib

    Mad LibDay ago

    25:30 Me: bich you losin gold crumbs!

  46. Notification Squad

    Notification SquadDay ago

    Serious question. Who’s better, Cody’s Lab? Or NileRed?

  47. kctyphoon

    kctyphoonDay ago

    Hey - can you melt down this $2000 watch and make me LESS money? Thanks..

  48. Marc Victor

    Marc VictorDay ago


  49. William Wang

    William WangDay ago

    Great video, even though you showed sodium metabisulfite in the chemical equation when you used potassium metabisulfite.

  50. Lyla Christopherson

    Lyla ChristophersonDay ago

    I understand why people like it so much. It "tinkles" with high pitched ringing tones. It feels smooth and Buttery in the hand, and the weight is HEFTY.

  51. Crxy

    CrxyDay ago

    “*watch gets put to side*”

  52. buzzclick500

    buzzclick500Day ago


  53. Remote Gaming

    Remote GamingDay ago

    He pure just wanted to keep the Rolex buy a new band sell it or keep it hahahahaha

  54. Furion691

    Furion691Day ago

    Very interesting its cool to see this stuff not to many people do this but i am now saving every piece of jewelry i have. Great video

  55. Jam Sponge

    Jam SpongeDay ago

    Witchcraft I tells ya.