1. Zuridah Noor

    Zuridah Noor13 hours ago

    Please review focallure

  2. Renee Flores

    Renee Flores15 hours ago

    Please share what is a good mascara all the ones I've tried seem to have fall out or migrating as I like to call it

  3. Skylar Adele

    Skylar AdeleDay ago

    😂 "a tarantula face fucked me," 😂😂🙌🙌😭😭😂😂 I can't.

  4. Kiki Newton

    Kiki NewtonDay ago

    I never thought Jeffery would ever give himself those God awful spider leg lashes

  5. Becka Rose

    Becka RoseDay ago

    That shit is crazy like I don't think I'd even try it after reading all the damn instructions lol. Sucks that now in other videos this product seems to have turned you off from using fiber mascara all together cause I have fiber lash mascara from Hard Candy called 1,000 Lashes or something like that which has little fibers in it that you use use like any other mascara and it looks beautiful and extremely volumizing and lengthening. Also have one from L.A. Colors that works well. Idk why somebody thought it was a good idea to separate the two products and make it so complicated and messy.

  6. Bull231mj

    Bull231mjDay ago

    I like your makeup today it is very settle and nice

  7. XxItsLilyxX123 MSP

    XxItsLilyxX123 MSP2 days ago

    "It looks like a tarantula face fucked me" -Jeffree Star 2018

  8. Christy Karlovich

    Christy Karlovich2 days ago

    This product works wonderfully. You're just a failure at applying the product properly.

  9. Aki H.

    Aki H.2 days ago

    Ummmmm no

  10. Heidi Martindale

    Heidi Martindale2 days ago

    So is it JS approved???

  11. MiZ GaTa ArtS

    MiZ GaTa ArtS3 days ago

    Yes these fiber mascaras are no no no they feel like u burn and allergy reactions happening lol THEY BURN THEY BURN 😖😣😫😩😑 never liked them 😂😂😂 awesome video

  12. fathima azeeza

    fathima azeeza3 days ago

    When Ex comes back saying sorry *me:* 10:48

  13. Kelly Luong

    Kelly Luong3 days ago

    love you jeffree LOL your reactions are priceless

  14. Janai Mes

    Janai Mes3 days ago

    I have never seen a mascara this complicated 🙄 ridiculous. I have never heard of a mascara that requires you to do twisting. So complicated!

  15. Hi my name's davy

    Hi my name's davy3 days ago

    The vague most ladies thing is just the most unscientific thing I’ve ever heard most out of 2 is still 1 honey

  16. Brenda Hipp

    Brenda Hipp4 days ago

    lol You are behaver then me. Working person would not even have time to do this. ss about fiber in your eyes, Not Jeffrey Star approve throws boxes. Run to take off lol. Hope your eyes didn't get infected/ Send lots of love your way. xoxo hugsssssss

  17. Lisamarie Blumberg

    Lisamarie Blumberg5 days ago

    Guuuurl!!! Ain’t nobody got time for that!!!!😡

  18. Luis J Barraza

    Luis J Barraza5 days ago

    “It looks like a tarantula face fucked me”🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. HaidenLovesYou

    HaidenLovesYou5 days ago

    I laughed so hard

  20. Lisa Rangihuna

    Lisa Rangihuna10 days ago

    I tried a crappy mascara similar to this shit I had black flakes in my actually eye and all over the whites of my goggles ummmm yeah never ever bought fibre mascara again I looked like a troll doll grandma with glued up lashes.....

  21. Amaya Carrillo

    Amaya Carrillo11 days ago

    So many steps to applying this particular mascara because they knew this was a FAIL

  22. Farida Aminy

    Farida Aminy11 days ago

    Jeffree you are so FUNNY!! I love this video.

  23. Amanda Edwards

    Amanda Edwards11 days ago

    U should try Youniques crappy mascara 🤣🤣🤣

  24. Robin Denman

    Robin Denman12 days ago

    If you would allow me to send you our 4D (One step mascara) and give me your honest opinion. I would be so grateful 😊

  25. Emily

    Emily14 days ago

    Because falsies are so hard? In the end proper extentions are always cheaper, look better, and done right less damaging - you know this Jeffree!

  26. Aimee Unboxed

    Aimee Unboxed14 days ago

    It takes just as long to apply this mascara as it does a whole face of makeup

  27. Vivian Passmore

    Vivian Passmore16 days ago

    You have the most beautiful gestures and facial expressions!

  28. Maghi Demirjian

    Maghi Demirjian16 days ago

    Shit ton of work for basic lashes lol pass

  29. Kylieanneh

    Kylieanneh16 days ago

    10:45 😂

  30. Shiyue Zhang

    Shiyue Zhang16 days ago

    I am laughing so hard on the final look LOOOOL, I DONT EVEN USE MAKE UPS !

  31. Brittany Preble

    Brittany Preble18 days ago

    Is that supposed to be easier than false lashes? Cause it’s not.

  32. Carmen-Andreea Lozba

    Carmen-Andreea Lozba18 days ago

    Instead he's doing what he's doing, I like this guy so much for his self esteem and well being and what kind of person he is and for how he is.

  33. Dolce Hair Extensions Melbourne

    Dolce Hair Extensions Melbourne18 days ago

    Not for me to much work

  34. nicola shaw

    nicola shaw19 days ago

    You shouldn’t have to practice threading a needle to apply mascara!! WTF!!!

  35. Shawty Pepelina

    Shawty Pepelina20 days ago

    I’m dying right now 😜😂😂

  36. Darshana yonzone

    Darshana yonzone21 day ago

    Haha you are so funny 🤣

  37. Kids Lee

    Kids Lee21 day ago

    This is in Chinese i know what it says wow

  38. GM

    GM24 days ago

    This was quite dramatic for some furry eyes

  39. Ash sparks

    Ash sparks24 days ago

    LOLL this mascara has more steps than my daily makeup does. CAN’T RELATE!!!!!

  40. daintydame xo

    daintydame xo25 days ago

    I just died laughing. It looks like a tarantula face fckd me. 😭😭😭😭

  41. Gripco1

    Gripco125 days ago

    A meteor could hit the earth tomorrow! Who has the time in life to waist to have their lashes look this bad!

  42. Gripco1

    Gripco125 days ago

    I believe the problem is in the translation to our language. As well as it being a total piece of shit

  43. Gripco1

    Gripco125 days ago

    Google Tammy Fay Baker crying, and you’ll see what kind of crap this looks like!

  44. Nicole Wolfinger

    Nicole Wolfinger25 days ago


  45. Sharon

    Sharon25 days ago

    What kind of brush was that, the one you used to brush the fallout off from under your eyes?

  46. Crista Carraway

    Crista Carraway26 days ago

    You do your make up perfectly in every video jeffree ...i love it !!!

  47. Jackie Lance

    Jackie Lance26 days ago

    Those instructions sound scary

  48. David Stanton

    David Stanton26 days ago

    I cant help it...I love your videos!

  49. Wallynette Lopez

    Wallynette Lopez27 days ago

    Run for your eyes!!! Jesus what's that????? 😤😤😤😤😤

  50. Britney Bustamantes

    Britney Bustamantes27 days ago

    I think they meant to twist the wands like thread. Not your actual lashes 😂

  51. Amber Brown

    Amber Brown28 days ago

    Why though? Why would anyone wanna clump their eyelashes together? Is that a good look?

  52. Jaya K

    Jaya K29 days ago

    This is the BEST comment section EVER!😂🤣😂

  53. amanda amanda

    amanda amandaMonth ago

    It looks like I just dragged a rug through my eyes 😂 Looks like that evil lady’s eyelashes from the emperors new groove

  54. Alex321 Gacha

    Alex321 GachaMonth ago

    i prayed for you girl

  55. Melissa Kate Bruno

    Melissa Kate BrunoMonth ago

    Is this a sick joke gag product? Lol secret Santa gift ! Regift that shit !

  56. Fairy Far

    Fairy FarMonth ago

    i recently started watching your videos honestly your r so real and speak fair and truth..good work

  57. Pebbles Adams

    Pebbles AdamsMonth ago

    Jeffrey. Is the worstest mascara I ever seen in my life and I was paranoid with you and laughing at the same time but you made my day I I laughed 😂😂

  58. Pebbles Adams

    Pebbles AdamsMonth ago

    Yep that was the worstest mascara

  59. Sarah Mahla

    Sarah MahlaMonth ago

    It’s funny to my that younique has 3D fiber lash mascara that is literally the exact same thing without the twisting and clumping step 😂 theirs atleast does look good once applied but they have a warning on the product not to get fibers into your eyes... there’s no way to not get that shit in your eyes!

  60. Luna Malefica

    Luna MaleficaMonth ago

    My ex once bought me this kind of mascara. Probably an early warning he was an ass.

  61. Jamie Jones

    Jamie JonesMonth ago


  62. Labrador Lane

    Labrador LaneMonth ago

    That looks like the old 90s Massacara that was Clumpy & you had to find& use a Thin Comb to separate your lashes! Lol