1. Camryn Russell

    Camryn RussellDay ago

    This video is so fucking funny

  2. Queen B

    Queen BDay ago

    Wow i didnt know you were doing the 100 layers challenge with mascara queen!

  3. Charlotte Griffith

    Charlotte Griffith2 days ago

    My fave part was when he bitch slapped the mascara..

  4. Lydia Li

    Lydia Li2 days ago

    LOL Jeffery !!!!! Why?!?!?!??

  5. Brianna Campas

    Brianna Campas3 days ago

    Ok this mascara sucks but I would’ve twisted my lashes w the tweezers!

  6. Ale 01

    Ale 014 days ago

    why would they say to twist your lashes like a thread that sounds so stupid. the translation must be wrong or something cus that's dumb

  7. aria jordan

    aria jordan4 days ago

    He is so f#%$ing HILARIOUS😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄 I love him so much

  8. laura langham

    laura langham5 days ago

    sorry about the loss of your dog - thank you for doing this video in the name of science !

  9. Helga Olivia

    Helga Olivia5 days ago

    It actually looks good and dramatic from afar

  10. Helga Olivia

    Helga Olivia5 days ago

    Lovin the lippie so much

  11. Elizabeth S.

    Elizabeth S.6 days ago

    11:55 lmao me leaving school on the last day

  12. christina rodriguez

    christina rodriguez6 days ago

    My fav part is wen he slap the the shit out the box "not jeffree star approved" 🤣🤣😭

  13. Qiannan Li

    Qiannan Li7 days ago

    I laterially laughed through the whole video

  14. K K

    K K7 days ago

    I have the same mascara. Just apply mascara, than fibers,than mascara and so on. It builds up nicely. Just don't do the tweezer and rolling thing 😏

  15. Abbi Jagger

    Abbi Jagger8 days ago

    "i feel like im in the hostle 2 when they really tortured that bitch".

  16. Abbi Jagger

    Abbi Jagger8 days ago

    "if i dont have eyelashes by the end of this, im sueing"

  17. Shelley Okeeweehow

    Shelley Okeeweehow8 days ago

    I'm laughing 😂 with you 👍

  18. Sarah Grant

    Sarah Grant8 days ago

    You should do 100 layers of mascara

  19. Amber Mendoza

    Amber Mendoza9 days ago

    Hi!!! 🥰 I was trying to search a review over Magnetic Lashes by Jeffree! Didn’t see one. Should be the next review!! Love the honesty❤️

  20. Alyce O’Neill

    Alyce O’Neill10 days ago

    So this is like the Japanese Younique?? Wtf! Lol

  21. V V Thunder

    V V Thunder10 days ago

    Lmao the end " *oh my gooood* 😨"

  22. Elyza Coonradt

    Elyza Coonradt10 days ago

    I have this, it’s not bad but it’s have to many steps so I don’t really use this :/ but overall a good product but for its price not so much

  23. Siera Long

    Siera Long10 days ago

    "LIESSSSSSS" -Jeffree star 😂😂😂😂

  24. Mel baby

    Mel baby10 days ago

    And omg that is a joke! 😂😂 all the back and forth crazy instructions😂😂😂😂😂

  25. Mel baby

    Mel baby10 days ago

    I wouldn't even be doin the twisting lol..

  26. Jacob Borys

    Jacob Borys11 days ago

    You're so over exaggerant lol

  27. Ronaz Haji

    Ronaz Haji11 days ago

    I love the way you ended the video🤣💙💛💚💟❤💌❣ xoxo love you Jeffree so much ❤❤❤💌💌❣❣❣

  28. Boop Bop

    Boop Bop12 days ago

    Casually watching jeffery star while dying my hair

  29. Lahna Flore

    Lahna Flore12 days ago

    I love when Jeffree is truly himself and not getting into drama. He is sooooo funny!!!

  30. Annika Andersson

    Annika Andersson12 days ago

    10:53 YEET

  31. LL Lemon

    LL Lemon13 days ago

    All those younique reps be watching this like “that looks so gooood!!”

  32. P KE

    P KE14 days ago

    Oh hell no I have done the walk of shame and my mascara has looked better than that shit

  33. Afiah Nasuha

    Afiah Nasuha14 days ago

    bitch, i got no time for doing all those weird steps.

  34. Tiffany

    Tiffany15 days ago

    How in the f@@r u

  35. Carlo Gutierrez

    Carlo Gutierrez15 days ago

    M laughing😄

  36. Evie Bug

    Evie Bug16 days ago

    If I may make an addition: Younique has this same mascara formula, but waaaay different application (mascara, fiber brush, mascara, done). The ladies who nailed it NAILED IT.

  37. Ghazal Yaqoub

    Ghazal Yaqoub16 days ago

    That was so funny

  38. Hanapaw Rin-Chan

    Hanapaw Rin-Chan16 days ago

    I am seriously living for that thumbnail👏

  39. geraldinerowe2012

    geraldinerowe201217 days ago

    The tweezers part made me physically hurt...from anxiety

  40. teen.kur. belle

    teen.kur. belle17 days ago

    No one: Absolutely no one: Not a single soul: Not even an ant: Jeffree in almost every one of his videos: "If something happens I'm suing." 😂😂❤️I love Jeffree so much damn🔥🔥🔥🔥

  41. Alyssa Lopez

    Alyssa Lopez19 days ago

    I just noticed that Jeffries nails background and his mirror color match

  42. Sheila Peyton

    Sheila Peyton19 days ago


  43. Pucci Puu

    Pucci Puu19 days ago

    🕷 🕷 👃🏼 👄 It looks like a tarantula face fcked me

  44. V V Thunder

    V V Thunder10 days ago


  45. NerdyNerdP

    NerdyNerdP20 days ago

    $15 for mascara isnt much?? I buy mine once every 5 months for a dollar 🤣

  46. seekinghealth

    seekinghealth21 day ago

    Twist like a thread is just cracking me up thank you!

  47. taejin gguk

    taejin gguk22 days ago

    jeffree: my lashes look a mess! also jeffree: *still continues to put the mascara on*

  48. Alissa Eames

    Alissa Eames22 days ago

    I'm like holding my breath afraid for Jeffrees lashes

  49. Holly 1469

    Holly 146913 days ago


  50. Memelew lovesmarkiplier

    Memelew lovesmarkiplier22 days ago

    Wait mascara isn't supposed to do this man I need to get some good mascara I just use Ulta's

  51. Memelew lovesmarkiplier

    Memelew lovesmarkiplier22 days ago

    Ahhhh I'm sad now I asked for your thirsty pallet for my bday and my mom said no because of it being made by a man so 1i had a argument with her about judging some by the gender it was made by 2 I was grounded for 2 weeks cuz I was trying to parent my mom 3 now I'm sad cuz she won't read your reviews I ask for it from my aunt Martha XD

  52. V V Thunder

    V V Thunder10 days ago

    I'm sorry! I don't mean to sound rude.... But your mom is kinda cruel for that...

  53. __natalie.d__

    __natalie.d__23 days ago

    Anyone else but me think that there should be a “makeup Siri” that tells you what looks good for you based on the price range and outfit! Plus it would search for tutorials for you from USwork. JUST ME OK! WELL THIS WAS PROBABLY JUST SOME RANDOM THOUGHT SORRY!

  54. Allie Ferraro

    Allie Ferraro23 days ago

    Please @jeffrestar if you see this comment their a beauty guru named desponda and she's really good at makeup. She's a beauty star and needs to grow

  55. Morgan Sumney

    Morgan Sumney23 days ago

    Jeffree, I honestly respect you so much. You are fabulous and amazing, you keep everything real so us as viewers know what to expect. In almost every video you thank us for purching your items and selling them out. I just want to thank YOU for putting in ALOT of time, money, and other things into your brand. I love you, and will always be your fan. Thank you for making your brand and everything else. 💕

  56. Jannina Ferrara

    Jannina Ferrara23 days ago

    Younique has the same 3 D lash mascara they just don't instruct you to stick your lashes together and twist lol that's so ridiculous lol

  57. Selena beauty and vlogs Hernandez

    Selena beauty and vlogs Hernandez24 days ago

    I don’t think this product is going to turn much of a profit because most people just want to be in and out with mascara. I think that’s the way it should be unless you have the time to apply this product. I think it’s too complicated, too many steps and time consuming.

  58. wulan cahya

    wulan cahya24 days ago

    build them up to jesus 😂😂😂😂

  59. Stephanie Frammosa

    Stephanie Frammosa25 days ago

    This is too funny!!!

  60. xxxtentacion fan xxxtentacion

    xxxtentacion fan xxxtentacion25 days ago

    You are a qweenn

  61. Wesley Alves

    Wesley Alves25 days ago


  62. Denise Selinsky

    Denise Selinsky26 days ago

    Jeffree yells.... " LIES!!! LITERAL LIES!!!!" I am dying!

  63. Moomoo Army

    Moomoo Army26 days ago

    What's his natural eye colour? Is it blue or brown? They change within different videos.

  64. AzzyFu202

    AzzyFu20227 days ago


  65. Paige Dekster

    Paige Dekster27 days ago

    I used to sell YOUNIQUE cosmetics and the big gimmick was the mascara that was EXACTLY like that. Total RIP off lol

  66. lindsay davis

    lindsay davis28 days ago

    Younique makes the 4D mascara as well. It goes on just how i said you put it on. No twisting involved

  67. lindsay davis

    lindsay davis28 days ago

    Put the black one on then put on the fiber then put the black one back on

  68. SuzieQ

    SuzieQ28 days ago

    Where have you been my whole life?. I was literally laughing the whole time..All those steps. I feel like your were punked. I really enjoyed this. You made my

  69. Mehgan_ upsidedown

    Mehgan_ upsidedown29 days ago

    Dead🤣🤣🤣"Looks like a Tarantulas face fucked me." I can't 😂😂😂

  70. Nabilla Rachma

    Nabilla Rachma29 days ago

    Love his eyecolor ❤️

  71. kathy clement

    kathy clementMonth ago

    Why people praise and give life to these fake people. Follow god instead not materialic frauds

  72. Natalie Mink

    Natalie Mink10 days ago

    God isn't judgmental, so you shouldn't be either.

  73. Chelcy Tennier

    Chelcy TennierMonth ago

    Omg I loooove you!

  74. Lily Chancey

    Lily ChanceyMonth ago

    Makeup starts at 5:20

  75. Tinaka Marie

    Tinaka MarieMonth ago

    Thank you! You just saved me from making a big mistake 😁

  76. Zarina Mellinkoff

    Zarina MellinkoffMonth ago

    This product triggers me lol 😂

  77. Golden Aura

    Golden AuraMonth ago


  78. The Void

    The VoidMonth ago

    7:19 I thought that was my cat hissing

  79. Nikki .Z

    Nikki .ZMonth ago

    He looks so cute trying this mascara out for real..ahhaa

  80. Luna

    LunaMonth ago

    The mascara is rlly good you are just to dumb to use it.

  81. Natalie Mink

    Natalie Mink10 days ago

    The mascara sucks.

  82. Yorkie mom

    Yorkie momMonth ago

    Stripes on my ass so he call his pussy Tigger ..I'm doing great thank you for asking 😍🍒🍆

  83. Alina Craciun

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  84. Kuki K

    Kuki KMonth ago

    Make up hates you! Crack head

  85. shufyomouf1984

    shufyomouf1984Month ago

    oh my goodness i havent laughed this hard in years thank you Jeffree youre a blessing

  86. Amber Outlaw

    Amber OutlawMonth ago

    I will forever be laughing at this product!! 🕷 rotfl 😂

  87. Amber Outlaw

    Amber OutlawMonth ago

    I’m dying laughing 🤣!!!! Twist the lashes! Wtf?!! Lmfao

  88. India Vivetuvida

    India VivetuvidaMonth ago

    Wow I've heard of this mascara, thanks for the video. Definitely not purchasing it if its not Jeffery Starrr approved

  89. Karen Ann Volpe

    Karen Ann VolpeMonth ago

    Jeffree I can’t 🤣 you r great! I L❤️ve u🤣🤣

  90. Patshhi4

    Patshhi4Month ago

    Help! Hi Jeffree. I am allergic to mascara. The doctor said I built up an intolerance to it over the years. I have tried dozens of mascaras. They all end up itching like you are feeling right now. I don’t want to tattoo because it won’t last, and that might make my eyes itchy all the time. Is there anything you can recommend I try? Pat

  91. Ann Johnson

    Ann JohnsonMonth ago

    Me too 😥

  92. Patshhi4

    Patshhi4Month ago

    “It looks like a tarantula just face fcked me”. Jeffree, you have the greatest imagination !

  93. Single mom travels

    Single mom travelsMonth ago

    Bhahaha “it looks like i just drug a rug through my eyes” 😂

  94. Emily2618

    Emily2618Month ago

    Younique has to be the worst "fiber" mascara offender. All their makeup is!

  95. Spill The tea sis!

    Spill The tea sis!Month ago

    You already know it’s going to be a good video when Jeffrey says “hi, how the f*ck are ya”

  96. mahnoor rokhri

    mahnoor rokhriMonth ago

    You’re too funny ! Love ya !

  97. Jen Joy

    Jen JoyMonth ago

    No7 mascara from walgreens did the same shit to me! Omg it was super hard to wash off

  98. Angela Black

    Angela BlackMonth ago

    Jeffree love you , you say what you think . I love it. That product is a hot mess who the bell wants to do all this. Then you have to scrub this crap off. Thank you .

  99. Karley Shahan

    Karley ShahanMonth ago

    Jeffrey I love u sm u are amazing

  100. 6ad vi6es

    6ad vi6esMonth ago

    I k ow im late but i thought you had to drag the lash brush through the fibers while they're on your lashes to make them look longer....cuz the fiber builds onto the lashes :/

  101. Kelly Mac

    Kelly MacMonth ago

    Is this younique??

  102. Lalisa Manoban

    Lalisa ManobanMonth ago

    He made this video on my bday

  103. v

    vMonth ago

    Why do I watch this wierdo?

  104. The Black 9

    The Black 9Month ago

    Like the Cherry blossom eyes

  105. Drew M

    Drew MMonth ago

    Wait, what? A $1000 foundation? What brand?!

  106. JenniferDusty Hallett

    JenniferDusty HallettMonth ago

    *Looks like I drug a rug through my eyes* 😂😂😂😂