MLB Position Players PITCHING And Getting Strikeoutsᴴᴰ

MLB Position Players PITCHING And Getting Strikeoutsᴴᴰ
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  1. LittleDarkDoom 13

    LittleDarkDoom 13Month ago

    Epitome Chris Davis into Starting pitchers because he’s better with pitcher than a hitter

  2. The 3 Prankskateers

    The 3 PrankskateersMonth ago

    9:05 I was at that game and was probably the loudest there cheering for Charlie

  3. Bootsy Lacayo

    Bootsy LacayoMonth ago

    I took one thing away from this video and that is that Chris Davis should definitely try his hand in pitching I mean how bad could it be it’s not like he’s a good hitter the poor guy couldn’t hit a tank so at this point changing positions wouldn’t be so bad

  4. James Epstein

    James EpsteinMonth ago

    I went to a yankee game a few years back. We where sitting between first base and right field. I remember watching Ichiro warming up between innings. He would throw the ball so hard and on a rope. The catcher wouldn’t have to move his glove. I told my dad he should pitch one day. When he did end up pitching that was great.

  5. T Bot

    T BotMonth ago

    I went to cards cubs this season and saw Ben zobrist pitch

  6. Mason Newland

    Mason NewlandMonth ago

    Position players seem to pitch better than actual pitchers 🤔

  7. Hi Humans

    Hi HumansMonth ago

    A lot were pop ups and ground balls

  8. William Baumgartner

    William BaumgartnerMonth ago

    I was at the game where Rizzo pitched. No one cared that we were down by 6 anymore, we all knew we were witnessing something that would never happen again. Awesome moment

  9. Ramel Childs

    Ramel ChildsMonth ago

    A 58 mph pitch...give him a ticket for driving too slow 😂

  10. Ethan Zolecki

    Ethan ZoleckiMonth ago

    1:19 he strings and misses

  11. Trainer Blue the Champion

    Trainer Blue the ChampionMonth ago

    1:25 Legit kind of a nasty pitch, Murphy had some nice drop-off movement.

  12. Jokers Deadly Gaming

    Jokers Deadly GamingMonth ago

    Where was Mike Ford

  13. Ha- to

    Ha- toMonth ago

    where is Ohtani?

  14. Nathan Whinery

    Nathan WhineryMonth ago

    Darwin Barney was pretty nice

  15. Tyler Aven

    Tyler AvenMonth ago

    0:01 Chris Davis really likes strikeout. Regardless who’s doing them

  16. SocratesRR

    SocratesRRMonth ago

    Idea for next video: MLB position players pitching and getting lit up.

  17. Jace

    JaceMonth ago

    Chris Davis would strike himself out lol

  18. Benjamin Kroll

    Benjamin KrollMonth ago

    Chris Davis is better at pitching than playing playing in the field

  19. Bailey Smith

    Bailey SmithMonth ago

    to think the Orioles have some of the best position player pitchers - Chris Davis - Stevie Wilkerson - Jesus Sucre - Hanser Alberto

  20. Luke T

    Luke TMonth ago

    This shows that pitchers have the easiest job on the field. Any random position player could be put at pitcher and do decent but if you put a pitcher at short it's horrendous.

  21. Luke T

    Luke TMonth ago

    @GreenFroppy 212, yes, of course pitchers have to do that too but it's not as rigorous as position players. Therefore, they have the easiest job on the field. And thanks, I appreciate the recognition that my comment has more likes than yours.

  22. GreenFroppy 212

    GreenFroppy 212Month ago

    @Luke T You do realize with pitching you have to put time in learning pitches and mechanics? Pitchers also do have diets and work out. Nice liking your own comment all the time

  23. Luke T

    Luke TMonth ago

    @GreenFroppy 212, so you saying that Bartolo Colon has a harder job than Mike Trout? Position players have to train 2x more, they have to eat a veey strict diet, and play 5x more. A pitcher throws every 5 days while a normal player plays all 5 of those days.

  24. SnoYo Troll

    SnoYo TrollMonth ago

    This was a weird video. Only because Fuzzy hasn’t hearted any comments yet

  25. Stonebreakers

    StonebreakersMonth ago

    Clutch content Fuzzy: )

  26. HTX The Wild

    HTX The WildMonth ago

    Chris Davis for Cy Young?

  27. Samuel Koehler

    Samuel KoehlerMonth ago

    was chris davis a better pitcher in 2019 than he was a hitter


    EPIC SPORTSMonth ago

    Honestly not

  29. Xavier Buey

    Xavier BueyMonth ago

    @Esmeralda Salazar He already made a video of that

  30. Esmeralda Salazar

    Esmeralda SalazarMonth ago

    Do pitchers hitting homers

  31. Bailey Smith

    Bailey SmithMonth ago

    Samuel Koehler, not really. he allowed a homerun but that is it

  32. PenHit

    PenHitMonth ago

    Chris Davis lowkey a better pitcher than hitter

  33. René Camarena

    René CamarenaMonth ago

    Chris Davis better closer than Mariano Rivera

  34. John Sebastian

    John SebastianMonth ago

    do father-son team build

  35. Biggy Cheesecake

    Biggy CheesecakeMonth ago

    Chris Davis should be a pitcher. It would be an upgrade for the Orioles.

  36. Carlos Armenta

    Carlos ArmentaMonth ago

    Chris Davis should pitch full time

  37. Ken Seiffert

    Ken SeiffertMonth ago


  38. Shoreline Mafia Approved

    Shoreline Mafia ApprovedMonth ago

    O didn't realize you became a highlight channel

  39. Brendan Sherman

    Brendan ShermanMonth ago


  40. I Watch Youtube

    I Watch YoutubeMonth ago


  41. Tristen Molina

    Tristen MolinaMonth ago

    Forgot ben zobrist at the end of the cubs season

  42. The Brotato Team

    The Brotato TeamMonth ago

    I went to a braves game where Charlie Culberson was pitching for an inning

  43. The Brotato Team

    The Brotato TeamMonth ago

    NateGamer Wjhs Charlie Culberson is a position player and he was pitching that game so I thought it would be relevant to the video

  44. testaMINT

    testaMINTMonth ago

    Ok Nate, who asked you to comment!

  45. NateGamer Wjhs

    NateGamer WjhsMonth ago

    ok but who asked

  46. Philly Special

    Philly SpecialMonth ago

    Chris Davis should seriously become a pitcher lol

  47. Daniel Hung

    Daniel HungMonth ago

    Chris Davis is a better pitcher than he is a batter

  48. Kevin Kozlowski

    Kevin KozlowskiMonth ago

    You said strikeouts

  49. superep TV

    superep TVMonth ago

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  50. Ghost-O- Mania

    Ghost-O- ManiaMonth ago

    NOTISQUAD 😎😎😎😎😎😎🥵🥵🥵

  51. Benjamin amsterdam

    Benjamin amsterdamMonth ago

    Make a dingers off position players

  52. Buck

    BuckMonth ago

    I saw Mitch Moreland pitch against the o's

  53. Battle Royale Jesus

    Battle Royale JesusMonth ago

    It’s funny you are making vids like this now not because u like them but because non of your videos get views anymore.

  54. Battle Royale Jesus

    Battle Royale JesusMonth ago

    Samuel Alonso I’m not a youtuber

  55. Samuel Alonso

    Samuel AlonsoMonth ago

    More views than you

  56. Be On Boys

    Be On BoysMonth ago


  57. Michael Campbell

    Michael CampbellMonth ago

    you the best!! also i used ur seatgeek code

  58. Elliott T

    Elliott TMonth ago

    these are some great mlb players who used drugs, for mlb players youforget used drugs. matt lawton, juan gonzalez, ji man coi, alex sanchez, bartolo colon, Everth Cabrera, david ortiz, mo vaughn, matt williams, andy pettitte, Marlon Byrd, eric gagne, tony glaus, wally joyner. btw love ur content and keep up the amazing work. and i'm relly hope ur seeing this. :)

  59. kelly rowley

    kelly rowleyMonth ago

    Who would forget that Juan Gonzalez used drugs?

  60. Michelle Madej

    Michelle MadejMonth ago

    Wow I didn’t even throw a strike

  61. BlackCommie

    BlackCommieMonth ago

    Maybe Chris Davis should convert to pitching. He clearly can't hit anymore.

  62. funny bones

    funny bonesMonth ago

    Every says Mike Trouts the goat, but he has never struck anyone out. At least Chris Davis has some strikeouts, and a pitching win

  63. FaDe

    FaDeMonth ago

    Nyle Bautista it’s a joke

  64. Nyle Bautista

    Nyle BautistaMonth ago

    yet, he couldn’t hit in 2019

  65. Fate

    FateMonth ago

    Chris Davis is the real GOAT

  66. Beckett

    BeckettMonth ago

    @fuzzy nice vid

  67. Jeffrey Lu

    Jeffrey LuMonth ago

    0:23 Rizzo got a fly ball, not a strike out

  68. Bailey Smith

    Bailey SmithMonth ago

    Jeffrey Lu, it was Pitching as well as strikeouts

  69. Jacob Means

    Jacob MeansMonth ago

    Chris Davis reliever of the year

  70. The Engie That Cried Nope

    The Engie That Cried NopeMonth ago

    I am convinced that Chris Davis used to pitch in either travel ball, high school or college.

  71. Bailey Smith

    Bailey SmithMonth ago

    he could be a good pitcher in minor leagues but not majors

  72. owen ah

    owen ahMonth ago

    same, you can just tell he feels comfortable doing it

  73. Baseball Highlights

    Baseball HighlightsMonth ago

    The orioles are garbage but they can basically anyone in to pitch😂

  74. Chase JL

    Chase JLMonth ago

    Astros are garbage.

  75. a random youtuber

    a random youtuberMonth ago

    chris can maybepitch but cant hit

  76. xd ethan236

    xd ethan236Month ago


  77. Pickle Clan

    Pickle ClanMonth ago

    Chris goat Davis 😂

  78. Owen Benson

    Owen BensonMonth ago

    fuzzy is easily the best youtuber

  79. Julian's World

    Julian's WorldMonth ago

    Chris davis is the cy young for every year in mlb the best pitcher of all time and greatest player of all time

  80. Xavier Buey

    Xavier BueyMonth ago


  81. Tristen Molina

    Tristen MolinaMonth ago


  82. Paradox_Machine YT

    Paradox_Machine YTMonth ago

    Can u make a video about the most disappointing player from every team

  83. Eddie Benzee

    Eddie BenzeeMonth ago

    0:00 THE GOAT CHRIS DAVIS!!!!!!