SES-12 Mission

SpaceX successfully launched the SES-12 satellite to a Geostationary Transfer Orbit (GTO) on Monday, June 4, 2018 from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida. Liftoff occurred at 12:45 a.m. EDT. The SES-12 satellite was deployed about 32 minutes after liftoff.
Falcon 9’s first stage for the SES-12 mission previously supported the OTV-5 mission from Launch Complex 39A in September 2017. SpaceX did not attempt to recover Falcon 9’s first stage after launch.


  1. Kristine Jimenez

    Kristine Jimenez5 months ago

    Would it be possible to get the 1st 30 seconds in a clip to show my 8th grade science students before they launch their model rockets? First year doing model rockets with my students and we're having a BLAST! ;~) Thanks to whoever can help us out with this...we want to put it as the leader for our 5 minute "launch tutorial" that we (my colleague and I) filmed this week. ~Kristine

  2. Brian Buckner

    Brian Buckner7 months ago

    At 13:16 why does that straight line come down on the right side it looks like the rocket?

  3. Peter Payne

    Peter PayneYear ago

    Congratulations SpaceX for another great launch. This was great to watch, I cannot wait to see more.

  4. Happy Face

    Happy FaceYear ago

    I love how the broadcast tells the exact and specified location LOL! It literally said Cape Canaveral, Florida, Earth..I love how it said Earth because I know in the future we might have something like Big Crater, Starland, Mars :O

  5. Joe Willis Grand Duke of LeRoy

    Joe Willis Grand Duke of LeRoyYear ago

    I'd like to be in communication with ISS and/or Mission Control. How do I do that with just my laptop?

  6. WashDENZEL

    WashDENZELYear ago

    Русские тут есть ?

  7. william Greene

    william GreeneYear ago

    Idea,, nest a Falcon 9 in between two sls side boosters. Leave the Merlins off until just before srb cutoff so you would have a fully loaded falcon 9 going super fast, and way high. You could get to mars in about two weeks, assuming such a thing could hold together and steer etc. Also assuming that when you got to mars you could slow down and not go to Jupiter. I also see several other possible issues, but hey, think big.

  8. Maaz Kalim

    Maaz KalimYear ago

    The cliché melodramatic royalty-free music in Airbus®' video presentation of their “innovative” product unit aside.. I call bluff on SES® presentation which you finally delved upon after teasing us here and there, not before 5 minutes. What?!? Did they say “...through...”? Then that's okay. Also, the “internet connectivity” claim can be believed because there are dozens of island nations in Pacific and countless islands in both of Indian Ocean and West Pacific Ocean but.. “satellite telephony”?!? 😂😂😂 Gimme a break! The satellite is for West to Southeast Asia, not Africa that civilians "may" have to be awarded with that privilege. So if your video focuses on civilians, talk only about them. Gotcha? And unlike others, I didn't watch it to cheer for SpaceX® but because I'm one of the millions direct-stakeholders in this. I'm obviously not a direct-client but the end-client of the services provisioned via that satellite which is the replacement of NSS-6, a satellite due retirement at the end of this year. It was launched 4 years before SES® even owned it. And this satellite will work with constellation of SES-8. But wait.. Wasn't it said to be deployed above the North Indian Ocean, then why the last globe-path shows it's far from its intended destination to reach within that short time? Due to increasing speed? Because acceleration totally surpasses gravity at GS-orbit? 🤔

  9. 谢俊

    谢俊Year ago

    wow~ it's fast

  10. Justin Martell

    Justin MartellYear ago

    What happened to Zuma

  11. HT N

    HT NYear ago "Air Force stands by SpaceX after failed Zuma mission Evidence is mounting that SpaceX is not at fault for the reportedly failed Zuma mission earlier this month as the U.S. Air Force has given Elon Musk’s aerospace company a vote of confidence after the mysterious mission."

  12. nugget the fat retard

    nugget the fat retardYear ago

    can someone please tell me why the hell dude perfect is on SpaceX's related channels?

  13. Rodrigo Oliveira

    Rodrigo OliveiraYear ago

    Dear Enginneers, Hello. It is possible to in orbit a 300-meter-long rotating Space Station with just the launch of a rocket. I know how to do this. I'm waiting for an invitation from you to be part of the team. A hug to everyone.

  14. justicilya

    justicilyaYear ago

    good music

  15. príncipe da TESLA

    príncipe da TESLAYear ago


  16. Kimberly Sikorski

    Kimberly SikorskiYear ago


  17. Shill Seeker

    Shill SeekerYear ago

    Script definitely sounds more technical now; reminds me of the good old NASA days! But a six minute second stage burn followed by another minute burn after that? Dang that M-Vac D must have a really large fuel tank onboard. Something did fall off the rocket on fire just after launch and just after that you can see small flames (not flowing through the nozzles at a high velocity) on the first stage. Might want to check all seals for leaks next time. The added blur and color filters when the M-Vac D ignite help to hide those pesky space bubbles. Still visible during the satellite deploy and fairing separation. By the way, the planet did not look authentic at all. It was probably the least believable aspect of this launch aside from the aforementioned pesky space bubbles. Good luck deceiving us next time dear friend. Anyone want to go swimming?

  18. Space Pixel

    Space PixelYear ago

    Poor host, he looked so exhausted, but AMAZING LAUNCH ANYWAY!

  19. Eric Walker

    Eric WalkerYear ago

    While the announcer is cute, maybe have someone without a lisp do the announcing next time. It's super distracting, or as the announcer would say, "it'th thuper distracthing"

  20. Sebastian Hvitstein

    Sebastian HvitsteinYear ago

    So people with lisps can't have jobs?

  21. tesla guy

    tesla guyYear ago

    I would honestly prefer if the field of view on the second-stage engine cameras wasn't as large. The field of view before the Block 5 was perfect.

  22. Kelly BT

    Kelly BTYear ago

    I wonder how spaceX makes it's money. Probably sponsors?

  23. Alex Siemers

    Alex SiemersYear ago

    The people who built the satellites pay SpaceX to use their rocket to get it into orbit.

  24. 1234Malik1234

    1234Malik1234Year ago

    Why dont they show landing?

  25. Cooper Wolfe

    Cooper WolfeYear ago

    Imagine being on something that goes 0-801km/h in 47 seconds. I don’t know if it’s even possible to withstand acceleration like that, but the vision is good.

  26. Alex Siemers

    Alex SiemersYear ago

    That's less than 1.5g acceleration on average.

  27. billy toob

    billy toobYear ago

    I love "flight proven," excellent term.

  28. Steffen W.

    Steffen W.Year ago

    Why doesn't spacex recover their stages anymore?

  29. azaryd

    azarydYear ago

    How come we don't have a base on the moon? Establishing an American base on our closest celestial object makes sense to me.

  30. Chris Cros

    Chris CrosYear ago

    Were is my tesla motorcycle, Elon?



    was ein bullshit,,fakery!!!!

  32. XDust

    XDustYear ago

    Are you thinking about the program of Falcon Heavys or Falcon 9 to the Moon? It can be real if you launch, um, I can say 2 Falcon Heavys with landing module and another fuel tank and one Falcon 9 with passengers and stock it all in orbit and then launch all this on Moon. Who knows, maybe it's really can be real! (Sorry for not very good English, i'm Ukrainian). "If you want, you can anything". You're a humans, and not just humans, you are "SPACE PEOPLES", you can everything if you wants it!!!

  33. XDust

    XDustYear ago

    SPACEX IN THE WORLD! =D YOU'RE THE BEST, GUYS! --------------- Кто русский тут? (Хотя я украинец =D)

  34. SUNGEAR59

    SUNGEAR59Year ago

    I think what i like about Mr Musk is He really gets a buzz out of all this ) I just watch Mars a new netflix movie which he plays a bit in it being himself , from a no one to a guy building rockets to mars You have to admire that .

  35. Cosmic Nebula

    Cosmic NebulaYear ago

    Hopefully a successor to the Falcon 9 is made sometime in the future

  36. K. PacificNW

    K. PacificNWYear ago

    Right before launch, you can hear the cricket chirping. And then also intermittent sort of gun shot type sounds t hat echoed. What causes that noise? Thanks!

  37. Selma Pilanali

    Selma PilanaliYear ago

    You are best elon

  38. wolf grube

    wolf grubeYear ago

    warum hört man den Überschallknall nicht?

  39. A K

    A KYear ago

    missed the live event :(

  40. Daisai Gaming

    Daisai GamingYear ago

    "SpaceX did not attempt to recover Falcon 9’s first stage after launch." to bad, that is the fun part of watching these launches.

  41. Axel Eduardo

    Axel EduardoYear ago

    marabilloso :U

  42. Paulus Suopanki

    Paulus SuopankiYear ago

    This doesnt look real to me..Not flattard dont get me wrong but something weird we see here

  43. John Haines

    John HainesYear ago

    SpaceX is the best 12:59 lift off of the falcon nine this is the coolest one yet!!!

  44. gusthebroken2

    gusthebroken2Year ago

    Wierd audio before the launch ...Enhanced ,,,, Nice lift off though..and all nominal. Good for staged performance .

  45. Bryan Gill

    Bryan GillYear ago

    Happy Birthday Falcon -9.

  46. Fraxom fire

    Fraxom fireYear ago

    I had a dream, space x your next rocket will be named the Viking. And it's gunna sound really cool when it takes off too.

  47. Willy De lo Santos

    Willy De lo SantosYear ago

    Aquí en dominican republic los seguimos.

  48. awesomegamer 36l90

    awesomegamer 36l90Year ago

    What happend to the first stage?

  49. Wojtek Sykurski

    Wojtek SykurskiYear ago

    Splashed to the Ocean. It was (now obsolete) "Block 4" version of Falcon 9 rocekt capable of only 2 reflights . Right now SX is switching to "Block V" version (10 reflights).

  50. stgnsw

    stgnswYear ago

    Stanley Kubrick would of been proud of this one

  51. Niklas Grimm

    Niklas GrimmYear ago

    Wich version of the falcon 9 is this?

  52. Wojtek Sykurski

    Wojtek SykurskiYear ago

    Block 4 (capable of only 2 reflights). First flight of this core was the X-37B mission (2017 Sep. 7):

  53. Yelectric

    YelectricYear ago

    Saw it 2 miles out :Do

  54. Roger Garrett

    Roger GarrettYear ago

    I'm wondering if SpaceX has given any thought to in-air capture which had been done way back in the 50s in recovering photo film canisters from spy satellites. If they can get the second stage back (or fairings) to where they're floating down on parachutes they could possibly be captured by aircraft using trailing "sky hooks" and then hoisted into the cargo bay of the plane. That should be much easier than trying to dynamically position a recovery boat.

  55. Wojtek Sykurski

    Wojtek SykurskiYear ago

    There is already a discousion about it on SX reddit page. Seems that SX is trying to do everythin possible to make recovery as cheap as they can. Using Helicopters (and another ship to carry them) may cost to mach.

  56. Daniel Zajic

    Daniel ZajicYear ago

    Yes!! Another perfect launch.

  57. Björn Nyblad

    Björn NybladYear ago

    Since the double booster landing a standard lauch without landing is kind of lame. But thanks anyway.

  58. Wojtek Sykurski

    Wojtek SykurskiYear ago

    First stage was the Block 4 version of Falcon 9. It was capable of only 2 re flights (details about Ist stg. : SX is now switching to Block V cores (10 reflights).

  59. X D

    X DYear ago

    I really think that the humans go to Mars still in 2030 Congratulations from Brazil! 🇧🇷

  60. Cooper Wolfe

    Cooper WolfeYear ago

    Escanor Boladão you speak as if you are not one of us. Did you give to much away?

  61. Ahmet Talha

    Ahmet TalhaYear ago


  62. Onio Saiyan

    Onio SaiyanYear ago

    The host is a great presentator. Voice is clear, and he sounds like he understands everything. People may not notice this stuff, but I do lol. Great work! (I missed the launch because I was busy with summer class, but hey, what can you do.)

  63. Juan

    JuanYear ago

    How many more hundreds of millions of dollars will it take to make the flat brainers realize they are dumb? Will they seriously think all these upcoming missions are still part of the malevolent objective of deceiving the masses?😂 I don't think there's a single person willing to spend so much just to keep a lie alive.

  64. eggowaffledoode

    eggowaffledoodeYear ago

    We must take for granted the size of that thing on screen it looks tiny but next to a person it’s massive also I was wondering if it’s geostationary why would you launch it the other way

  65. Iwijn Voeten

    Iwijn VoetenYear ago


  66. Md Sameull Soykot

    Md Sameull SoykotYear ago

    any contact mail of you? @spacex

  67. Md Sameull Soykot

    Md Sameull SoykotYear ago

    Wojtek Sykurski I have reported some security issue on their site. But no response. I have reported in these mail.

  68. Wojtek Sykurski

    Wojtek SykurskiYear ago


  69. Md Sameull Soykot

    Md Sameull SoykotYear ago

    Wojtek Sykurski any mail address?

  70. Wojtek Sykurski

    Wojtek SykurskiYear ago ;)

  71. Leonardo Bertoni

    Leonardo BertoniYear ago

    Instead of making 1st stage landings, try a shuttle that collects junk in space! If you can't, ask to NASA!

  72. Wojtek Sykurski

    Wojtek SykurskiYear ago

    SX is working on BFR rocket (both stages fully reusable). Second stage should be capable of refueling and operating in space for several months. So it would be beater choice for "garbage collector" ;)

  73. 山田太郎

    山田太郎Year ago

    Where has the 1st stage gone??

  74. Andy

    AndyYear ago

    I came for the alligator