Black Mirror: Season 5 | Official Trailer | Netflix


  1. panggop jio

    panggop jio2 hours ago

    I think this is the best series trailer I've ever seen! That tune just works perfectly

  2. Efrain Saldana

    Efrain Saldana3 hours ago

    What is this song? It works SO perfectly! I can’t wait.

  3. Captain p0p

    Captain p0p6 hours ago

    Caught you reading my comment! Now click and subscribe!!!!!

  4. playably

    playably6 hours ago

    I think this will be the best surprise of 2019 because Game of Thrones Season 8 and Avengers Endgame were big letdowns in my opinion.

  5. 〉〉Benetton〈〈

    〉〉Benetton〈〈7 hours ago

    Only THREE episodes?!

  6. c amore

    c amore7 hours ago

    Wow, good actors in this!

  7. Leo Wong

    Leo Wong8 hours ago


  8. Drewwy

    Drewwy8 hours ago

    Is that Father from Far Cry 5 wtf

  9. Nico Marquez15

    Nico Marquez159 hours ago

    Say whatever you want. Topher Grace looks cooler with a beard and with long hair.

  10. Munir Muhammad

    Munir Muhammad9 hours ago

    i really felt the trailer song!..LONELY FEELINGS

  11. Julien Daigle

    Julien Daigle9 hours ago

    we dont deserve you netflix

  12. Cherry Bomb

    Cherry Bomb9 hours ago

    Oh, I love Avengers, Falcon is the best... Wait? Hannah Montana is a new avenger? And have mortal combat??...

  13. Aaron Jackobs

    Aaron Jackobs10 hours ago

    3 episodes?! That’s it?? I better be blown away by those 3 episodes

  14. Bxlletless

    Bxlletless11 hours ago


  15. 佐邱鸣

    佐邱鸣14 hours ago


  16. V A

    V A17 hours ago

    name of song????

  17. Hargun Singh

    Hargun Singh18 hours ago

    How do u copy the link of this??

  18. kommi nilsen

    kommi nilsen17 hours ago

    Do you see that arrow? Click on it then just click copy link

  19. Zachary Swaffield

    Zachary Swaffield19 hours ago

    What’s the song near the beginning

  20. Garnet K

    Garnet K21 hour ago

    Damn... I’m so hyped!! This looks dope already! I can’t wait to have more existential paranoia!!

  21. tatt oo sticker

    tatt oo sticker21 hour ago

    I love black mirror beyond comprehension. But for some reason I’m worried about this season. Am I alone? Serious question no trolling, that shits a waste of time.

  22. Nick Cox

    Nick Cox22 hours ago

    I think this is the best series trailer I've ever seen! That tune just works perfectly

  23. Driele Vicente

    Driele VicenteDay ago



    GRQ JOYEUXDay ago

    OMG Miley :D looking forward to see her

  25. 10,000 subs without any videos

    10,000 subs without any videosDay ago

    I'm glad they're dropping a new season of Hannah Montana for us. But it doesn't really give nostalgia 🤔

  26. Jade O.

    Jade O.Day ago

    Moriarty what the fuck are you doing alive

  27. danepag

    danepagDay ago


  28. maisie mclees

    maisie mcleesDay ago

    f**k yesssssss!!!!!!!

  29. Emily S

    Emily SDay ago

    Omg it’s the hot priest

  30. Amy

    AmyDay ago


  31. Djordje Cupic

    Djordje CupicDay ago

    Everything that Netflix touches turns to shit. Black Mirror is ruined. The perfect TV Show... I wonder who suggested these "brilliant" crossovers and ideas... 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  32. cyberianrave

    cyberianraveDay ago

    Miley cyrus lmao

  33. Danny Matten

    Danny MattenDay ago

    Music too loud

  34. The Stars Called, They Want Their Dust Back

    The Stars Called, They Want Their Dust BackDay ago

    It’s gonna be weird seeing all these stars in a show about how the cult of the celebrity and technology and self obsession is destroying us

  35. XxTheRagingGamerxX

    XxTheRagingGamerxXDay ago

    Don't care much for your A list actors @Netflix but the stories better be good.

  36. Jihadi Jeff

    Jihadi JeffDay ago

    Everyone's talking about the main cast But nobody is showing support for my boy Topher Grace

  37. Anonymous Commenter

    Anonymous CommenterDay ago

    hell yeah

  38. SweenyTodd98

    SweenyTodd98Day ago

    Everyone's talking about Moriarty, Falcon, and Hannah Montana but I seem to be the only noticing Eric Forman at 1:11

  39. Andrus V.

    Andrus V.Day ago

    the participation of celebrities makes the series lose seriousness and intensity, is better unknown actors.

  40. Thegooob95

    Thegooob952 days ago

    I love black mirror beyond comprehension. But for some reason I’m worried about this season. Am I alone? Serious question no trolling, that shits a waste of time.

  41. Andy Ritchie

    Andy Ritchie2 days ago

    What's the song!?!

  42. D Moneyy

    D Moneyy2 days ago

    its sad that directors of these new movies and shows, have to fuck everything up just to make women feel empowered ...

  43. Xx_nachoprime69_xX

    Xx_nachoprime69_xXDay ago

    How is this at all relevant to the trailer?

  44. tbs311

    tbs3112 days ago

    out of all the talented actors out there they choose that human herpe for the s5 premiere okay

  45. Jeff Boski

    Jeff Boski2 days ago


  46. Alex H

    Alex H2 days ago

    Black Mirror is this generation's version of Orwell's 1984

  47. Savage Schnitzle

    Savage Schnitzle2 days ago

    0:54 is that Pom klementiff

  48. eitan or-shahar

    eitan or-shahar2 days ago

    Only 3 episodes?

  49. lunathemoon

    lunathemoon2 days ago

    The girl sitting alone at lunch with her phone only hit me hard...

  50. foleyisnumer1147

    foleyisnumer11472 days ago

    You all looked into a black mirror to see this.

  51. Ahmed Eissa

    Ahmed Eissa2 days ago


  52. Kevin K

    Kevin K2 days ago

    Best Serie ever 🔥

  53. Natasha Watson

    Natasha Watson2 days ago

    im SO excited!!

  54. 187nellybelly

    187nellybelly2 days ago

    Original Black Mirror on Channel 4 UK was the best. The yankified wank with too many pop celebs is cheesy bs.

  55. Massimo Amato

    Massimo Amato2 days ago

    I can’t wait to see what they cooked up

  56. Adith K

    Adith K2 days ago

    Avengers endgame-biggest crossover of the year Netflix -Releases black mirror

  57. Paranoid Dog

    Paranoid Dog3 days ago

    Click cli cli tack tack tak tak, Evrywheree i look in this CommneNT Section there Are comments !!!

  58. Ece Şimşek

    Ece Şimşek3 days ago

    everybody is like: *im so excited moriarty and falcon are here!* and im like: *OMGG ERIC THE DUMBASS FORMAN IS HERE!!*


    DOCTORWHO ISGR83 days ago

    Wow Moriaty is in it!

  60. Olivia Roggio

    Olivia Roggio3 days ago

    What song is this???

  61. Channel Everything

    Channel Everything3 days ago

    Name of the song?

  62. Wild Leghorn

    Wild Leghorn3 days ago

    Most idiotic show ever!!!

  63. Thallyson Acevedo

    Thallyson Acevedo3 days ago

    Eric Forman ayyy

  64. bruh bruh

    bruh bruh3 days ago

    Never knew black mirror was in the MCU!!

  65. Get out

    Get out3 days ago

    Remember that technology vine, where the guy shouts 'technology!' at the people? This justifies it.

  66. kent leonhart

    kent leonhart3 days ago

    Finally! A sequel to Hanna Montana.

  67. alfred AB

    alfred AB3 days ago

    Game of thrones end and I'm not gonna watch hbo again Hbo:hold my beer Oops wrong channel

  68. Krzys Jarzab

    Krzys Jarzab3 days ago

    I am so thrilled!

  69. Uchiha Itachi

    Uchiha Itachi3 days ago

    Bitch it's about time

  70. Rebecca McCulloch

    Rebecca McCulloch3 days ago

    I actually got chills watching this.

  71. Do Do

    Do Do3 days ago

    I don't think there is enough sex scenes

  72. FieldOVision

    FieldOVision3 days ago

    New season is only 3 episodes? Are the other seasons that short ?

  73. Xx_nachoprime69_xX

    Xx_nachoprime69_xXDay ago

    The first season is

  74. Bhutt Boi Faart

    Bhutt Boi Faart3 days ago

    I hope at least one of these episodes ends real depressing. They said they wanted to be more optimistic this season.

  75. Arnold Ardianto

    Arnold Ardianto3 days ago

    I wonder what the voice that repeats throughout this trailer is saying?

  76. Prof. Actual Factual

    Prof. Actual Factual3 days ago

    Don’t be like GoT, make more episodes

  77. Dougs World

    Dougs World3 days ago

    Black Mirror has like 3 - 4 AMAZING episodes .... and then the rest is just garbage.

  78. Tyler Kramer

    Tyler Kramer3 days ago

    3 fucking episodes are we serious???

  79. xxxnaruxxx24

    xxxnaruxxx243 days ago

    Only 3 episodes. Cmon

  80. strwbrybabyg245

    strwbrybabyg2453 days ago

    stop using these a list actors who are taking all the budget!! we don’t watch for them!! smh we want longer seasons!!

  81. strwbrybabyg245

    strwbrybabyg2453 days ago

    only three episodes?? with all the budget you guys now have?? smh these seasons are getting shorter and shorter by the minute what a joke :(

  82. Ad FLoRiN

    Ad FLoRiN4 days ago

    only 3?

  83. Ege Serbes

    Ege Serbes4 days ago

    1:11 Isn't that the guy who played venom in spider man 3 ? People don't seem to remember him

  84. Meryem Çelik

    Meryem Çelik4 days ago

    Why 3 episode.. You trouble to me

  85. Thomas Groff

    Thomas Groff4 days ago

    Can’t tell if this is gonna be a great or complete shit

  86. wick29

    wick294 days ago

    Just three??????

  87. Johan R

    Johan R4 days ago

    3 NEW stories. USS Callister 2 and San Junipero 2 isnt new stories. Nice trolling Netflix. :p

  88. Dena Marie

    Dena Marie4 days ago

    Yay so excited! but boo only 3 new ones? Still can't wait! Never expected to see Miley Cyrus on Black Mirror but i'm kind of diggin' it!

  89. Johan R

    Johan R4 days ago

    3 NEW stories. USS Callister 2 and San Junipero 2 isnt new stories ;) Netflix is trolling us.

  90. chellbie

    chellbie4 days ago

    This looks frigging amazing!!!!!

  91. leonela

    leonela4 days ago

    is miley cyrus the only reason why im going to watch black mirror? the answer is yes

  92. leonela

    leonela4 days ago

    i cant wait for miley's episode

  93. Rainbow 82

    Rainbow 824 days ago

    Anyone know what is the name of that song in trailer??

  94. Gleeky Always

    Gleeky Always4 days ago

    Only 3 episodes? I smell ending.

  95. ester8a

    ester8a4 days ago

    I just hope they don't fuck up this season just because they had bigger actors in mind.

  96. Jesse Lee

    Jesse Lee4 days ago

    1:13 I couldn’t agree more. Technology is great but we’re so consumed it does a lot of harm to our society

  97. KlutchByKluttz

    KlutchByKluttz4 days ago

    Hopefully it’s better than season 4

  98. Dark Charizard

    Dark Charizard4 days ago

    Ironically, I think that fighting game at the end has me the most hype.

  99. Juice Goose

    Juice Goose4 days ago


  100. A Mullan

    A Mullan4 days ago

    Personally I like Black Mirror without all the very well-known actors; it feels more genuine and more real.

  101. A Mullan

    A Mullan4 days ago

    +Isabella Morris I live in Britain, aha. I only knew a select few and they were only ever mildly famous in my eyes!

  102. Isabella Morris

    Isabella Morris4 days ago

    A lot of the actors in the earlier seasons are very well-known in Britain :)

  103. romeo santoc/o100 RD

    romeo santoc/o100 RD4 days ago

    Y Klk con el idioma

  104. Xavior Imagine

    Xavior Imagine4 days ago

    such a great song choice

  105. MELE MEL

    MELE MEL4 days ago

    Bm is by far my favorite show, but I'm not sure how I feel about all these famous stars in the new season.

  106. dark joker

    dark joker4 days ago

    make one like san junipero

  107. Renegade Hej

    Renegade Hej4 days ago

    dark joker Hang the DJ was like San Junipero. I think they only make those types of episode when there’s an really dark episode on the season like Shut Up and Dance and Crocodile which may mean there aren’t any really disturbing episodes on this new season