How 5'6" Julian Newman TRAINS TO DUNK!! Increasing Vertical Workout!

Julian Newman has been working out with NBA Draft prospects and is now working out to increase his vertical and start dunking. He has been working with strength and conditioning specialist @thesportzgeek to make him a better athlete going into his senior year.
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  1. Manu 06

    Manu 06Day ago

    He’ 5’6? He looks like 5’4 or 5’5

  2. Manuelle Angelo Dela Cruz

    Manuelle Angelo Dela CruzDay ago

    This is actually sad

  3. Daniel Leal

    Daniel Leal2 days ago

    0:13 Julián elbows are like locked in they don’t extend all the way and he shot looks the same way and his lays ups

  4. o Shadow

    o Shadow4 days ago

    He could still get taller and bigger he is only 18

  5. Stalin’s Dog

    Stalin’s Dog2 days ago

    o Shadow ok some people grow at 21 like around half an inch it depends how late boomer you are but the dude Julian is grown

  6. o Shadow

    o Shadow2 days ago

    Stalin’s Dog no at 21

  7. Stalin’s Dog

    Stalin’s Dog2 days ago

    o Shadow he’s only 18?!? You stop growing at 18 dude already have set of facial hair this dude is grown physically

  8. Savannah Vasquez

    Savannah Vasquez5 days ago

    I thought he was smaller than 5’6

  9. Joshua Greene

    Joshua Greene6 days ago

    I've got little faith in him ever being able to dunk but if he wants to he needs to be doing plyometrics.

  10. Jeremiah Ross

    Jeremiah Ross6 days ago

    2:50 wtf 😂😂😂

  11. Stewart Taylor

    Stewart Taylor6 days ago

    The problem isn’t even that he’s 5’’s the fact he isn’t gifted athletically either.

  12. iss duniyan kq sabse ghatiya aadmi

    iss duniyan kq sabse ghatiya aadmi7 days ago

    How long the basket ball basket would be plzz..

  13. Sun Garden

    Sun Garden8 days ago

    I remember my classmate during our 2nd year in high school.. he was 156 cm then but can already touch the rim without training... Sadly, he didn't try to improve himself ... Now he's 165 cm and can still touch the rim but the same level as before..

  14. Edward Leo

    Edward Leo9 days ago

    If julian makes it i have no excuses

  15. CJ Boyle

    CJ Boyle9 days ago

    Lol 😂 this unathletic midget will never dunk lol 😂 who you kidding

  16. culero perros

    culero perros9 days ago

    i see black dude banding they legs back gives them the extra elevation ima try it hhajaha

  17. Obeseman Obeseman

    Obeseman Obeseman9 days ago

    Damn all I need is a barbell and squats to build up my vertical

  18. Lalhlupuii Hnamte

    Lalhlupuii Hnamte10 days ago

    He will never make it. Too short and not explosive enuff

  19. 34EDPP53

    34EDPP5311 days ago

    He not gonna be dunking during game he is gonna miss or get blocked

  20. •King Money Matters XXIII•

    •King Money Matters XXIII•11 days ago

    Theres no way he can dunk .look at his legs.

  21. Cleo Wilson

    Cleo Wilson12 days ago

    Good train man

  22. dmhibb

    dmhibb12 days ago

    He’s putting in good work. But can’t workout being 5’5. If he’s lucky he’ll grow to be 5’8. Good enough to play overseas. But not THE NBA.

  23. Jr Oro

    Jr Oro12 days ago

    Even he work hard he's still a midget😂😂😂 even me and my self can beat this kid and whoop he's assssssss😂😂😂

  24. Stalin’s Dog

    Stalin’s Dog2 days ago

    Jr Oro so true why the fuck this midget get into basketball and expecting to make nba? Wtf

  25. King !!

    King !!13 days ago

    His arms short too

  26. zaytovenerick

    zaytovenerick13 days ago

    I just wanna see him dunk feel like it’ll take his game to next level

  27. Come Back Later

    Come Back Later13 days ago

    That photoshopped thumbnail

  28. DudeBeCrazy Playlist

    DudeBeCrazy Playlist13 days ago

    he should just work his shooting and dribbling. It's useless to have a high vertical jump when he competes with 6footers. steph curry's game is the one to adapt not zach lavine's.

  29. Harry CHEUNG

    Harry CHEUNG13 days ago


  30. Christopher Villegas

    Christopher Villegas14 days ago

    I’m 13 5’6 and can dunk come on Julian you can do it💯

  31. ข่าวป้านี

    ข่าวป้านี14 days ago

    he can dunk... right now if play on the moon respect his work hard , keep doing someday will become your day

  32. I.T. OFW TV

    I.T. OFW TV14 days ago

    Day dreaming 😂😂

  33. emersoneee2008

    emersoneee200816 days ago

    His not built to be a basketball player ..besides his height issue .. he is very squaty with short arm and legs.

  34. James Valt

    James Valt17 days ago

    All of a sudden every body is a geneticist

  35. Honey Alegado

    Honey Alegado21 day ago

    Ghe gon’ be the 2020 nate robinson😂👌🏽

  36. jupitercrash777

    jupitercrash77722 days ago

    What are the chances Julian listens to rap music and has an IQ under 100?

  37. jthirteen

    jthirteen22 days ago

    i cant wait for him to dunk at that height

  38. jesusnana97

    jesusnana9724 days ago

    Poor guy... Should've picked soccer as a sport.

  39. Brian Corleone

    Brian Corleone27 days ago

    He stiff as a board what's with this weirdo

  40. Chive Reacciones

    Chive ReaccionesMonth ago

    He looks 5 ‘ 3



    Sorry but he never is going to dunk

  42. wilson wakpi

    wilson wakpiMonth ago

    Dude my cousin is 5 feet 5 and he can dunk easily. Julian Newman is 5 feet 7 so it should be a little bit easier.

  43. XerXes

    XerXes13 days ago

    wilson wakpi Julian is actually 5’5 5’7 is just to boost his offers

  44. Me Nature

    Me NatureMonth ago

    No matter how you train no matter what you do tall players can easily block you coz ur short

  45. Kobe Bryant

    Kobe BryantMonth ago

    He’s 5’5 stop capping

  46. Chen Kk

    Chen KkMonth ago

    Go get a job

  47. Eric CORNUTE

    Eric CORNUTEMonth ago


  48. Eric CORNUTE

    Eric CORNUTEMonth ago

    This cant be real lol bruh you never getting into today's NBA.. Cut the crap.., i love the dedication but this is PATHETIC !! C'mon blood GTFOH..

  49. Ray Dingo

    Ray DingoMonth ago

    He needs to follow in his dad fouseytube and make his own channel using fake pranks and shit lol he is not going no where

  50. shaggy69

    shaggy69Month ago

    Fuck newman

  51. Young Rascal

    Young RascalMonth ago

    All he has to do is keep jumping every day

  52. Jordan Henson

    Jordan HensonMonth ago

    I'm 5'4 161lbs and I can almost bring the ball to the rim I'll get there I don't work out or nun but yee

  53. Make Away

    Make AwayMonth ago

    No amount of training is going to stop him from being short and mexican. Better switch to soccer.

  54. haidir wasli

    haidir wasliMonth ago

    maybe after 2 years he can dunk but he need to face 6' feet player who easily slap the ball

  55. Allen Mortel

    Allen MortelMonth ago

    Use Titan gel on your feet

  56. Younger !!

    Younger !!Month ago

    he is 5.3 with shoes

  57. MrDasilva8383

    MrDasilva8383Month ago

    He needs to marry a tall woman

  58. hu hu

    hu huMonth ago

    5'6 pffft. At most 5'3

  59. Twisted Willy

    Twisted WillyMonth ago

    He will never dunk let’s face it😂😂

  60. A M

    A MMonth ago

    What a joke!

  61. Cosmin Alexandru

    Cosmin AlexandruMonth ago

    He ain t 5'6 lol

  62. Adaugo & Chelsea

    Adaugo & ChelseaMonth ago

    I think he trained to hard when he was younger and this may have caused him to stunt his growth even if it was by just 2 inches those 2 inches could have helped him

  63. Habdulah Sall

    Habdulah SallMonth ago

    Imagine he grew 10 inches in one month

  64. Enrique Vargas

    Enrique VargasMonth ago

    Maan im 5’9 and i can touch rim perfectly, amd i dont play as much basketball as julian newman does 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  65. MrCaptainStfu

    MrCaptainStfuMonth ago

    its not rocket science, get in there and do some the conditioning coach bc hes making him do warmups for the entire workout lol?