How 5'6" Julian Newman TRAINS TO DUNK!! Increasing Vertical Workout!

Julian Newman has been working out with NBA Draft prospects and is now working out to increase his vertical and start dunking. He has been working with strength and conditioning specialist @thesportzgeek to make him a better athlete going into his senior year.
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  1. KingJerry2323

    KingJerry232313 hours ago

    He ain’t gonna dunk , he needs to grow at least 2 to 3 more inches

  2. Calib Official

    Calib OfficialDay ago

    He never gonna dunk

  3. Nkosi Rooms

    Nkosi Rooms2 days ago

    He is going to preschool next year right.His body can't take those NBA fouls spud Webb and ante Robinson were heavy little guys.

  4. One team One dream

    One team One dream2 days ago


  5. Leonardo di parma

    Leonardo di parma3 days ago

    Got fooled by the thumbnail lmao

  6. Leonardo di parma

    Leonardo di parma3 days ago

    Moral of the story , guatemalans can't dunk 😢😭😭

  7. 06-22 2011

    06-22 20113 days ago

    Tang ina m ka,,, feeling magaling ka hambog maglaro,, hanggang liga ka lng jan kahit import wla kkuha sau J.Newman😂😂😂 hoping somebody will understand my comment just for fun only,,, i know ur a good VB .player

  8. Johncarlo Pongos

    Johncarlo Pongos3 days ago

    Fuck you dwarf little newman

  9. Jahaan Green

    Jahaan Green4 days ago

    I’m sorry but this isn’t good I’m 5,9 with shoes on and can grab the rim and I’m 13 and he’s almost an 18 year old man

  10. chito glen Deslate

    chito glen Deslate8 days ago

    Short legs

  11. Clyde Cromey

    Clyde Cromey8 days ago

    Dunk what? A donut?

  12. Luis Felipe

    Luis Felipe9 days ago

    What his name? 00:41 jump

  13. Dearrell Higgins

    Dearrell Higgins10 days ago

    From my view he’s working backwards, the conditioning should have came first.

  14. Mark antonio

    Mark antonio13 days ago

    Komang kasi amputa

  15. Jarvis Kolen

    Jarvis Kolen16 days ago

    Good to see Julian focused on improving his athleticism. This young man is a winner.

  16. IcyboyGaming

    IcyboyGaming16 days ago

    To be honest his like 5'5 barefoot. He needs like 42 inches or more vert to dunk. I dont think his going to achieve it.

  17. Angel Sanchez

    Angel Sanchez17 days ago

    Damn I feel bad that he's doing all this work for nothing smh I want to see him in atleast a college game so he knows it's more than fast dribbling and throwing up shots from deep lol

  18. GATOR Ent. /Production BUFF Records

    GATOR Ent. /Production BUFF Records17 days ago

    Blame it on yo short azz dad



    Its been 4months now? Any improvements in his vertical jump?

  20. Ree Bok

    Ree Bok21 day ago

    His real height is 5'3-5'4 where the fuck the 5'7 come from.

  21. Sam The Mediocre 2k Player

    Sam The Mediocre 2k Player22 days ago

    You know that in the thumbnail that like a 7.5 foot hoop

  22. The notorius

    The notorius23 days ago

    Wag m pilitin bka madugo

  23. Prestigiator

    Prestigiator25 days ago

    Yea he has zero bounce

  24. Timeless Vick

    Timeless Vick28 days ago

    Get those bunnies forget these haters💯

  25. Rhenz Drtaz

    Rhenz Drtaz29 days ago

    To small never go to NBA

  26. john ocampo

    john ocampoMonth ago

    mayabang kang kupal ka ahahahahaha

  27. Luis Fernandez

    Luis FernandezMonth ago

    he's just 5'5

  28. Héctor Carry

    Héctor CarryMonth ago

    he can't touch the rim xD

  29. GhostA-_-22 FGC

    GhostA-_-22 FGCMonth ago

    thanks for the workout

  30. Jomiel dave Delos angeles

    Jomiel dave Delos angelesMonth ago

    I think this man is a future member of "Where is he now?"

  31. KRA TOS

    KRA TOSMonth ago

    im 5’3” and i can touch the rim when i jump but i cant dunk

  32. dardevil2010

    dardevil2010Month ago

    My brother was a sports buff and I presented him this vertical jump method “Jumοnοz Azb” (G0OGLE it) to improve his vertical jump. He loves it and has found superb results following this programme. He is not somebody who likes reading, so it gives me great delight to see him carrying this book around - dog-eared from being read over and over. .

  33. Exhausted_YT

    Exhausted_YTMonth ago

    He Probably Touching Rim Now 🥳

  34. Shaoyu Peng

    Shaoyu PengMonth ago

    i'm 5'10 and i can't tap the board. how could i excel my jumping ability?

  35. Maciek Malec

    Maciek MalecMonth ago

    Im 5"6, im 14 and i can touch the rim, didnt hit a growth spurt yet, no hope for julian in the nba, D1 at best

  36. Yisus De Nazaret

    Yisus De NazaretMonth ago

    Que le paso al barto xd

  37. Hai Tran

    Hai TranMonth ago

    5'6=? Cm

  38. Derron Smith

    Derron SmithMonth ago

    I'm 5'4 n can touch rim

  39. Ween Fain

    Ween FainMonth ago

    He will never be able to dunk though lol he’s like 5’3 regardless of them saying 5’6 constantly. He can’t even touch the rim y’all lol I’m a female 5’7 and could slap the backboard in 6th grade. Never pretended I’d be able to dunk bc it just wasn’t possible, even havin more hops than most people and Julian doesn’t even have that on his side.. He needs to streetball and switch to MMA.

  40. Robert Shelton

    Robert SheltonMonth ago

    Respect cause he don’t give up fr

  41. Reboundaholic

    ReboundaholicMonth ago

    😂😂😂 bol bol introduction so dry

  42. Bayu Aphe

    Bayu ApheMonth ago


  43. Hurley_Von Scott

    Hurley_Von ScottMonth ago

    I’ve seen 5’6” country boys who can grab the rim with two hands with ease.

  44. pearl louise

    pearl louiseMonth ago

    Julian ain’t never going to DUNK... he don’t have those Wakanda Genes!🤣... he has heart but wrong genes.

  45. PenguinMascot

    PenguinMascotMonth ago

    louise louise omfg I brought up Jeremy lin as an EXAMPLE to show genes dont matter

  46. pearl louise

    pearl louiseMonth ago

    @PenguinMascot... then why did you bring up Lin and His father? Don’t Snow Flake on me and say I am a “Hater”🤣... his fans are so scraping around to give him inches! He’s this tall! NO he’s that tall!! I wish the best for Julian he sure has the heart as a competitor unfortunately just not the height... let’s see what happens, time will tell.

  47. PenguinMascot

    PenguinMascotMonth ago

    @pearl louise well number 1 I never said he was Jeremy and number 2 I'm saying he can still grow by some chance you just praying on his downfall and number 3 I'm pretty damn sure if someone 5'5 can dunk if he is 5'6 and is working on his vertical he can to you just hating

  48. pearl louise

    pearl louiseMonth ago

    @PenguinMascot Julian Ain’t Jeremy... Dunking Ain’t Gonna happen and neither Growth!! There are Wakanda players 5’5” that can gracefully DUNK... Julian needs Wakanda Genes!!☺️

  49. PenguinMascot

    PenguinMascotMonth ago

    Jeremy lins dad is like 5'6 but lin himself is like 6'3 genes mean nothing especially since he 16 and he's the same height as his dad who is a grown man

  50. E&K

    E&KMonth ago

    I’m 5'6 and can touch rim 😭 also just turned 15 tho

  51. Neo Friday

    Neo FridayMonth ago

    Doesnt matter if he csn dunk he's always going to be a liability to his team cux he always plays hero ball.

  52. Kun Gaming

    Kun Gaming2 months ago

    Cherifer kupal

  53. Mark Sanmiguel

    Mark Sanmiguel2 months ago

    Trash player

  54. YoSwad

    YoSwad2 months ago

    This mans really working out in the sand with socks on😂😂

  55. Father

    Father2 months ago

    Lol I was popping the rim in 7th grade.

  56. Daniel Quiroz

    Daniel Quiroz2 months ago

    Hes not 5'6..

  57. Motivational Braingasm Podcast

    Motivational Braingasm Podcast2 months ago

    Lite 💪

  58. eastern2western

    eastern2western2 months ago

    In.order for a player to dunk, the hand must be big enough to control the ball. Kid is dreaming with his small hands. When it comes to b ball, height plays a huge factor.

  59. Dawson Keigley

    Dawson Keigley2 months ago

    Imagine if he was like 5’10 he could probably dunk

  60. Brian Barajas

    Brian Barajas2 months ago

    Ive known someone in highschool who was around his height and he still had amazing hops. He wOuld be so near to touching the rim, while i can barely grab the lower portion of the net. And im like exactly 6ft. It’s just about the training with the right routine and doing it right.

  61. jay100% gutta_gutta

    jay100% gutta_gutta2 months ago

    This foo gunna dunk it one day watch.....n he gunna play in the NBA ...#prodigy

  62. Sam Green

    Sam Green2 months ago

    Live life little man bball will always be there for you

  63. Sam Green

    Sam Green2 months ago

    he's too small to be trying to dunk with no weight on him he will get pushed around like a rag doll trying to jump over 6-11 guys he needs to work on his floater and off the dribble shooting getting to the free-throw line we'll take him there

  64. Lerroy King

    Lerroy King2 months ago

    Socks in the sand ? Wtf hahaha

  65. Juan Munoz

    Juan Munoz2 months ago

    Look up dorf on you tube