I can’t believe Jaden is 21?!?!

The equation still astounds me... Love + Tequila = a Person. :-) Happy Bday, J-Diggy.
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  1. Nurazianie Abdullah

    Nurazianie Abdullah2 hours ago

    Can't believe he's 21 now. I mean.. 1998..im 19 yrs old. Still.. Long way to go.. He is very talented.. N creative. Love his movies.. Great actor.. N lots of great.. Great friends around him. Well.. So many people supporting his career.. I guess... Watch out for the.. Latest.. Updates. Or we may fall behind. 🍷.

  2. teekah 15

    teekah 152 hours ago

    He does not care about people and care at the same time.

  3. Илья Uolly

    Илья Uolly11 hours ago

    Ждём ,,Я легенда 2" с его сыном

  4. Dubstep Prince

    Dubstep Prince12 hours ago

    Wow what a impact in Jaden life

  5. Lighting_Fox

    Lighting_Fox14 hours ago

    Where is jadens mom

  6. Findal YT

    Findal YT17 hours ago

    Aquí está el comentario en español que buscabas.

  7. AnGeLiNa Jojoe

    AnGeLiNa Jojoe21 hour ago

    Before that: What 9+10 21

  8. Isaac Irian Cedric Obera

    Isaac Irian Cedric Obera21 hour ago

    Is it true that he's gay?

  9. Best Video

    Best VideoDay ago

    Jaden in love with him 😃😃😃



    @Will Smith i was born on April 25 2001 what a coinsindence👍🇮🇳❤️

  11. ki ki

    ki kiDay ago

    he’s actually the coolest person to exist

  12. TK Weber

    TK WeberDay ago

    I wish I had a son that I cared about so much

  13. Ausserkontrolle

    AusserkontrolleDay ago

    Will smith is such a good father

  14. Bob Shap

    Bob ShapDay ago

    I'm late ik

  15. Bob Shap

    Bob ShapDay ago

    Will it's almost my bday

  16. Shiloh Bronne

    Shiloh BronneDay ago


  17. Gaming XD

    Gaming XDDay ago

    Singa su maldita madrinaaa mamaguebooo perro por cambiar


    MK11 SCORPIONDay ago

    Will Smith is my nigga

  19. Shiloh Bronne

    Shiloh BronneDay ago

    @MK11 SCORPION okayyy


    MK11 SCORPIONDay ago

    @Shiloh Bronne I don't know but I like it

  21. Shiloh Bronne

    Shiloh BronneDay ago

    yow whuts the song at 2:00

  22. Dog blues

    Dog bluesDay ago


  23. Brotdealer bra

    Brotdealer braDay ago


  24. ツLentejitasツ

    ツLentejitasツ2 days ago


  25. seattle manga6

    seattle manga62 days ago

    I’d be fearless too if my dad was will smith who can protect his son from almost anything which makes pretty much anyone fearless lol most of us have responsibilities and can’t afford to make many mistakes in life = fear = helps to make decisions not to make many mistakes. This kid can do anything and if things go wrong there is always the great will smith to fix his problems :)

  26. cristina novac

    cristina novac2 days ago

    Willow smith where ia she?

  27. Hunaizal Hussain 2

    Hunaizal Hussain 22 days ago

    Jaden is spoiled

  28. Ulubey Yıldız Tozu

    Ulubey Yıldız Tozu2 days ago

    Şu çocuklarının haline bak aq

  29. Vikzn 5182

    Vikzn 51822 days ago

    I look up to Jaden because he isn't afraid to be himself

  30. Elijah Douett

    Elijah Douett2 days ago

    Hi jd you can tehah how to Do moon wo

  31. mizics

    mizics2 days ago

    *Will:* Jaden is fearless! *Jaden:* 4:59


    SMOKE MACHINE2 days ago


  33. CloutBacon

    CloutBacon2 days ago

    he’s 21. he’s 5ft 7in at 21 right. I’m in 8th grade and I’m 3,11.

  34. Stephanie Garza

    Stephanie Garza2 days ago

    Omg Jaden looks so old with his hair shaved

  35. Breanna Torres

    Breanna Torres2 days ago

    Jacket off jacket on

  36. SleepySherlock

    SleepySherlock2 days ago

    Why does he look 15? :O

  37. KlownKrieger

    KlownKrieger2 days ago

    wills lil princess is growing up

  38. Daring Potato

    Daring Potato2 days ago

    he still looks like 16

  39. Cô Ngốc Vlogs

    Cô Ngốc Vlogs3 days ago


  40. Andrew001

    Andrew0013 days ago

    That's hot

  41. Royal Flamo - PUBG Mobile

    Royal Flamo - PUBG Mobile3 days ago

    Oh.. Jaden Is So Cute,I Love Him & I'm Also A Big Fan Of Jaden☝️😎

  42. George Ansah

    George Ansah3 days ago

    I love krate kid

  43. Lauren

    Lauren3 days ago

    They created more than just another artist they created an amazing human being

  44. Sasha Williams

    Sasha Williams3 days ago

    The karete kid

  45. Glazielli Barbosa

    Glazielli Barbosa3 days ago

    God bless 😇 yours Family 💎 Will 😍🌈💟🙌 🇧🇷

  46. Mohammed Wasi-ullah

    Mohammed Wasi-ullah3 days ago

    Anyone want to sleep with me

  47. noneofyour business

    noneofyour business3 days ago

    I had the FATTEST crush in jaden smith in Karate Kid

  48. Oscar Thomas Cano

    Oscar Thomas Cano3 days ago

    What is the song at 2:02?

  49. Edward Holmes

    Edward Holmes3 days ago

    Now He’s jus a icon livin

  50. Ismail Ali

    Ismail Ali3 days ago

    What happened to Jayden Like this guy had a clear defined face with no damage or bumps on it . Now he has a receding hairline at 20 or 21 and the top of his head has gone wider wtf happened because you can't say I'm wrong I didn't even know if that was Jayden or not thought it was a 35 year old crackhead

  51. secret meme

    secret meme3 days ago

    Mann his face is so diffrent

  52. Mandem

    Mandem4 days ago

    nobody inspires me like Jaden

  53. Xyxen8hydra

    Xyxen8hydra4 days ago

    Jaden looks 15 And WILL looks 21!!!!

  54. Otavio Oliveira

    Otavio Oliveira4 days ago

    Quem e do brasil da like

  55. Going Merry

    Going Merry4 days ago

    This is pure love

  56. Alyssa Allmon

    Alyssa Allmon4 days ago

    I love fresh prince of bel-air

  57. Kazuto Kirigaya

    Kazuto Kirigaya4 days ago

    What the hill 3:18

  58. Manisha Suryawanshi

    Manisha Suryawanshi4 days ago

    He was so cute in pursuit of happyness

  59. Annie:period Pooh Joseph

    Annie:period Pooh Joseph4 days ago

    Happy birthday king 👑 jaden

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  61. Austin Powers

    Austin Powers5 days ago

    2:29 tell me that doesn't look 100% like louis from waling dead

  62. Jayden Nguyen

    Jayden Nguyen5 days ago

    -my name is jaden-

  63. XIkalo

    XIkalo5 days ago

    Will will smith smith will smith? Yes,will smith will smith will smith