Zac Efron and Lily Collins Take a Friendship Test | Glamour


  1. Mikhaela Louisse Garcia

    Mikhaela Louisse Garcia11 minutes ago

    Wtf the background music is for weddings haha

  2. adminme

    adminmeHour ago

    Come onnn!! Just date already

  3. Melissa C

    Melissa C2 hours ago

    Me the whole time 😁😃😀😄😊😉🥰😘

  4. Whitney Rhodes

    Whitney Rhodes2 hours ago

    I wanted her to play Belle in Beauty and the Beast and I haven’t gotten over it! 😩😍

  5. Fatima Benammar

    Fatima Benammar2 hours ago

    They were so cuteeee ❤🙈💗 i see their hand to hand ..💐dating with each others ❤💗love in the airrr 😍😍😍😍😍😍plzzzzzzzz dateee andd marriedddd

  6. Юлия Стерликова

    Юлия Стерликова3 hours ago

    Плиз, переведите

  7. Jessica Silsby

    Jessica Silsby3 hours ago

    I really loved her and Sam Claflin together after Love,Rosie; their chemistry was palpable, but since he is taken, I’ll accept this ship as the next best thing.

  8. Olivia Wieczorek

    Olivia Wieczorek3 hours ago

    This video told me I was single in so many different ways

  9. Milli Milli

    Milli Milli3 hours ago

    this feels like an amazing romance movie but it’s even better because it is real life

  10. Lia Griese

    Lia Griese4 hours ago

    my heart stopped when he mentioned Taylor 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮

  11. Blair Wong

    Blair Wong4 hours ago

    I thought they had been together before, right?

  12. The Truth

    The Truth4 hours ago

    Her beauty is so blinding that he can’t keep his eyes open 😍

  13. milkygoddess

    milkygoddess4 hours ago

    i never wanted him with anyone else other than vanessa but lily changed my mind

  14. Nicole Harrison

    Nicole Harrison5 hours ago

    I think zac looks older than he is, am I the only one?

  15. 아미아

    아미아5 hours ago

    honestly i feel as if zac is completely screwed cause he loves (likes maybe idk??) her like CRAZY but she sees him as a friend and im sad now.

  16. N. B.

    N. B.6 hours ago

    Anybody over 40 think Zac looks like a younger Bruce Willis, Moonlighting era?

  17. Alegria

    Alegria6 hours ago

    I'm here fangirling over two people I never staned in my whole life

  18. Alegria

    Alegria6 hours ago

    I need someone to analyze their body language and confirm our comments

  19. Classical Times

    Classical Times6 hours ago

    Friendship test, more like a WEDDING REHEARSAL.

  20. Tinki

    Tinki6 hours ago

    I don't know but I hate that everyone is like seeing something else than friends in them Just let them be friends, what's the matter? And if they aren't, if they are dating, it's okay too? And if they aren't dating in public just let them

  21. Melissa Bellais

    Melissa Bellais7 hours ago

    Glamour you could have just sent them to a desserted island...

  22. Hien Nguyen

    Hien Nguyen7 hours ago

    Ok can they just start dating already?

  23. Lion Willows

    Lion Willows7 hours ago

    Why does the thumbnail make them both look like creepy dolls wtf

  24. Dallgi

    Dallgi7 hours ago

    *Glamour: let’s get our OTP on here*

  25. a person

    a person7 hours ago

    i knew since 0:01 with that music that this video would be heart-touching 😢

  26. Jadel Dungog

    Jadel Dungog8 hours ago

    The cookie comment was the cue guuuuys!

  27. Kaysha Richardson

    Kaysha Richardson8 hours ago

    I ship them I hope they get together get married and have beautiful children it’s amazing 😫🥰

  28. Kim Sai

    Kim Sai8 hours ago

    I like how he hugged Lily coz he's so thankful of what she said. :)

  29. Kim Sai

    Kim Sai8 hours ago


  30. Maryam Najwa

    Maryam Najwa8 hours ago

    Ew what is this

  31. Mia Burke

    Mia Burke9 hours ago

    why am i crying please just get married already

  32. Shardul Rawat

    Shardul Rawat9 hours ago

    If yall fall for this romantic music trickery LMFAO get tricked noob

  33. NG

    NG9 hours ago

    lily collins is REALLY PRETTY

  34. Susie G

    Susie G10 hours ago

    Zac and Lily are the personification of "no matter what, always someone better comes". Zily can smash Zanessa easily. Period. Pd. And I was a huge shipper of zanessa until this.

  35. Susie G

    Susie G10 hours ago

    Ok I just freak out at 6:36 My shipper heart stopped for a moment because god, I thought he was getting closer to kiss her ❤ #Zily #Efllins

  36. Noe Montoya

    Noe Montoya10 hours ago


  37. Feeling Time

    Feeling Time11 hours ago

    Wait... Where is the kiss part?

  38. Arkia El Farout

    Arkia El Farout12 hours ago

    Lily is sooo cute

  39. Inaya Aly Khan

    Inaya Aly Khan12 hours ago


  40. P.

    P.12 hours ago


  41. jodie d

    jodie d12 hours ago

    4:55 Doesn't seem like just a friendly hug. He's literally wrapping his arms around her, locking his hands and holding her close. Lily then retreats just a little because she expects it to be a short hug but he doesn't let go so she says "yeah, you're welcome" giving a sign to end it. Zac's whole demeanor seems to scream "I love you as a person" (also romantically) and I feel like there is so much tension because they both know it.

  42. Laura Gomes

    Laura Gomes12 hours ago


  43. angie iox

    angie iox13 hours ago

    Myślałam że to Roxie Węgiel XD

  44. SupaCman

    SupaCman14 hours ago

    I hate this I couldn’t even make it through lily is too good for zac and he would only break her heart.

  45. Daniel Canngieter

    Daniel Canngieter15 hours ago

    Did they just exchange vows? ??

  46. Anis A

    Anis A16 hours ago

    Can they just.....get together already? God. I'll be so pissed if it doesn't happen y'all.

  47. sunny m

    sunny m16 hours ago

    Thats Love 😍❤

  48. Marina K

    Marina K17 hours ago

    This felt like a marriage proposal

  49. matalapaine15

    matalapaine1517 hours ago

    This is kinda hard to watch.

  50. Sherlina Aurel

    Sherlina Aurel17 hours ago

    i’ve never wanted any celebritiy to marry another so freaking bad

  51. Andy Dre

    Andy Dre18 hours ago

    This was actually scripted

  52. Buster Hyman

    Buster Hyman18 hours ago

    Well maybe if Zac quits the man whoring game he can settle down with Lily Collins possibly . I mean she knows his family is a good sign .They seem like they'd get along as a couple and they have chemistry .They were both born on the 18th of a month so that can be a good sign as well for compatability . But then again she is too good for him like most good women are lol .

  53. Can I get to 52k subs with 43 vids and 9k views xP

    Can I get to 52k subs with 43 vids and 9k views xP18 hours ago

    So... Are we invited to the wedding or not?!

  54. Basha Oluwa

    Basha Oluwa19 hours ago

    he said that all I want in You’re all he wants in life lily.

  55. yo.girl. madi

    yo.girl. madi19 hours ago

    Forget venessa hudgens. Hey Lilly Collins Efron!!❤️❤️

  56. NANA Yonce

    NANA Yonce19 hours ago

    Can they get married already?

  57. Magali Cirilo

    Magali Cirilo19 hours ago

    Its a "realize you're in love" test

  58. Faviola Hudson

    Faviola Hudson19 hours ago

    Why I’m smiling......? I’m the only one who was waiting for a big kiss 😘?

  59. Bollywood Media

    Bollywood Media19 hours ago

    omg they just need to go and get married now 👰🏻🤵🏼

  60. Brooke Nielson

    Brooke Nielson19 hours ago

    Wow this has to be something. Like wow

  61. Haylie Sweetie

    Haylie Sweetie20 hours ago

    can they date each other already?

  62. Valeria Nicole

    Valeria Nicole20 hours ago

    So, he basically just confessed his love for her.........UM HELLO

  63. D Ggg49

    D Ggg4920 hours ago

    Ew she’s a Pisces. Lily Colin’s fishes for compliments, so he gives them knowing she is going to complain for one

  64. Queen MUA

    Queen MUA20 hours ago

    The smile Lily has at 2:23 is the same smile I give to my crush when he is making me blush.

  65. michelatraf

    michelatraf21 hour ago

    why do i feel like i'm watching a video they'd play at their wedding

  66. austinado16

    austinado1621 hour ago

    Mr. Efron, most people spend an entire lifetime searching for that one soulmate who's eyes are as deep as the universe and who's genuine love penetrates at a soul level. Please consider what the universe has gifted the two of you! It will never happen again.

  67. Leahia Bush

    Leahia Bush22 hours ago

    Ship them more than Troy and Gabriella

  68. Princess Y

    Princess Y22 hours ago

    Well I'm going out of the topic.. His dyed hair colour doesn't suit him

  69. Lexi Mcdaniel

    Lexi Mcdaniel23 hours ago


  70. Lora Salimshoeva

    Lora Salimshoeva23 hours ago

    both zac and lily are so good looking like HOW



    this video has a romantic vibe!

  72. chloe mosedale

    chloe mosedaleDay ago


  73. chloe mosedale

    chloe mosedaleDay ago

    these were legit wedding vows wth

  74. chloe mosedale

    chloe mosedaleDay ago

    the way they look at each other oml

  75. Miss Tiff

    Miss TiffDay ago


  76. 1,000 subscribers without videos_Eva

    1,000 subscribers without videos_EvaDay ago

    This is how many people think Zach and Lily should get married 👇

  77. Siri Mar

    Siri MarDay ago

    This gave me that warm fuzzy feeling

  78. Saimah

    SaimahDay ago

    Can you do josephine langford and hero finnes tiffin???

  79. Saimah

    SaimahDay ago

    Can you do josephine langford and hero finnes tiffin???

  80. Rohana Basman

    Rohana BasmanDay ago

    "It's in the eyes, Chico. They never lie."

  81. MANA

    MANADay ago

    I feel like im watching 2 people get married i-

  82. Maria Eduarda Corrêa

    Maria Eduarda CorrêaDay ago

    After this video I'm in love with Lilly, so Zac do something my friend she's perfect for you

  83. Benjamin Christensen

    Benjamin ChristensenDay ago

    When he looks straight into the camera, I feel like I'm getting pregnant.

  84. Amena Saidzada

    Amena SaidzadaDay ago

    6:25 Zac trying to lock fingers had me dead

  85. Gina G Emmett

    Gina G EmmettDay ago

    I wonder if there is something there... it would be soooo cute😊

  86. Kitty Girl

    Kitty GirlDay ago

    think of the children these guys would create, oof.

  87. hashim

    hashimDay ago

    Lilly Collins is like she is already sitting on a throne in a cute way

  88. wichisworld

    wichisworldDay ago

    All my family loves you... Hahaha!

  89. jack kinnear

    jack kinnearDay ago

    can they just date. wait no, zac has to date me

  90. Gabe Petro

    Gabe PetroDay ago

    I'll marry him If she won't 😂😎

  91. Lola Hunkos

    Lola HunkosDay ago

    Just I waited for the kiss?

  92. FeñaMusic

    FeñaMusicDay ago

    So... wedding coming?


    RANDY ROGUEDay ago

    I’m confused. Are they together. Both of them R not attached right

  94. mylie kamdyn

    mylie kamdynDay ago

    if they get married my life will be complete

  95. xyhanx

    xyhanxDay ago


  96. Nargis Abdul Ali

    Nargis Abdul AliDay ago

    6:12 "...and like the best cookies like that's all I really want in life, I just want to like somebody and likes to like maybe watch movies and stuff" OKay soo he is too shy to actually confront her and say her that she is all he needs but this was tooo cutee!!😊☺️

  97. Vivian Vergunst

    Vivian VergunstDay ago

    I cried during the compliments because it made me appreciate my friends more

  98. Kailyn Cunningham

    Kailyn CunninghamDay ago

    Get married 😍😍they would have the most beautiful kids

  99. viva lavida

    viva lavidaDay ago

    Love Rosie ❤

  100. Jasmin Kh

    Jasmin KhDay ago

    I've never wanted anyone to get married as fast as these two