Zac Efron and Lily Collins Take a Friendship Test | Glamour


  1. Carpe Diem

    Carpe Diem10 hours ago

    He is definitely in live with her

  2. Simply Red

    Simply RedDay ago

    One Thing I Don't Have,Anti-Aging Power.

  3. Matt Cowan

    Matt CowanDay ago

    Zac's two tone datejust is a subtle killer. He has to be okay because he has good taste in watches. Phil Collins would be awesome to have a father in law. They should get hitched.

  4. Aroosha Bakhat

    Aroosha BakhatDay ago

    They both should get Married

  5. Alicia Nikóla

    Alicia Nikóla2 days ago

    Vanessa who?

  6. George Bethanis

    George Bethanis2 days ago

    Lily Collins' massive brows is like her trademark. Don't know if I like it, I think it is a bit over the top.

  7. TheWongjogja

    TheWongjogja2 days ago

    This couple is so cute.

  8. The world king

    The world king3 days ago

    Who the fook is Zac Afron?

  9. CharlotEYUT

    CharlotEYUT3 days ago

    They are a beautiful couple ...”of friends” ... This made me soooo happy!!

  10. knetknet123

    knetknet1234 days ago

    Omg why aren't they a couple this is killing meeee

  11. Sienna Hewett

    Sienna Hewett4 days ago

    Why did they look like robots in the thumbnail

  12. Losela 1234

    Losela 12344 days ago

    I’m scared of zac

  13. Sita Ratanakornpakin

    Sita Ratanakornpakin4 days ago

    Like I'm watching Love, Rosie again but in another version called Love, Lily lol JK By the way, when they are staring at each other eyes, I can feel the love around them >< #ISHIP

  14. We are not you tubers anymore

    We are not you tubers anymore4 days ago

    They are such good friends, I am so jealous .

  15. Gigi’s World

    Gigi’s World5 days ago

    Okay imma go ahead and ship this one

  16. Hinogami

    Hinogami6 days ago

    This is making me so uncomfortable because I know a girl for over 7 years and she look exactly like Lily we're friends but we know that we like each other, I mean how stupid this sounds right xD

  17. Andre Marais

    Andre Marais6 days ago

    They are super superficial.

  18. lightasthesun

    lightasthesun6 days ago

    Update: They're still not dating

  19. Mohan Baa

    Mohan Baa6 days ago

    Www is so beautiful girl

  20. Phú Quý Trần

    Phú Quý Trần6 days ago

    They both have beautiful eyes, wtf?

  21. What are you looking at

    What are you looking at6 days ago

    This is so weird

  22. Mel Smacks

    Mel Smacks6 days ago

    Ted looks cute here

  23. Jenessa Ann Rose

    Jenessa Ann Rose6 days ago

    HHaha was is having a hard time staring at her the whole time and keeps looking away. He’s shy!!! 😭

  24. Glue Zoom

    Glue Zoom7 days ago

    That's not a friendship test, it's a relationship test :D

  25. It’s Shithead

    It’s Shithead7 days ago

    2:20 When he winked ma heart skipped

  26. Moisés Briones

    Moisés Briones7 days ago

    Just imagine how beautiful their kids would be

  27. Monica Valencia

    Monica Valencia8 days ago


  28. John Elijah Roa

    John Elijah Roa8 days ago


  29. Pia Andersen

    Pia Andersen8 days ago

    When you try to write the movie title in the description but you can’t even get it right... google is your friend, it’s not that hard...

  30. Silverback 21

    Silverback 218 days ago

    Both Zac and Lily are so loveable

  31. sora shizuka

    sora shizuka8 days ago

    Ellos, lo juro!!! Saldrán alguna vez a una cita xp y serán novios. Dios que nervios me siento fuera de lugar cuando los veo. La tensión es aplastante (ternura abrumadora). Me iré del video esto es demasiado obvio!!

  32. azercalicia

    azercalicia8 days ago

    Counting the hugs they give each other.

  33. Mauro Ariel Alegre

    Mauro Ariel Alegre8 days ago

    I'll do her, then we become friends...

  34. aurel1710

    aurel17109 days ago

    they look nice together they should be a couple

  35. Phuong Bui

    Phuong Bui9 days ago

    Friendship? Really? They make me think of the “friendship” between Shawn and Camila

  36. Kayann Anderson

    Kayann Anderson10 days ago

    Guys she looked at his lips at 3:38 PS. If you don't understand why this is important is because when you look on someone's lip it means you want to kiss them SOMETIMES it doesn't mean that but hey I want them together

  37. tocsky_10

    tocsky_1011 days ago

    Something smells like.............lov-

  38. R_Sinist _ic

    R_Sinist _ic11 days ago

    Defo chemistry there

  39. The Strongest Weapon In The Universe

    The Strongest Weapon In The Universe12 days ago

    Nicholas Hoult has to be the luckiest guy

  40. Isadora Martinez

    Isadora Martinez12 days ago

    That hair Zac looking like Megan Rapinoe!! go Zac go Megan! yeww

  41. GloomySkiez -

    GloomySkiez -9 days ago

    This was funny 👍🏾

  42. Marc Anthony

    Marc Anthony12 days ago

    They'd make a cute couple.

  43. Taylor Baca

    Taylor Baca12 days ago

    It’s so uncomfortable that they aren’t married and have two kids

  44. Emran

    Emran13 days ago

    I can hear wedding bells 🔔 🔔 🔔

  45. Cortana0417

    Cortana041713 days ago


  46. Bob lee strang

    Bob lee strang13 days ago

    Ya que cojan

  47. Riringo VII

    Riringo VII13 days ago

    they dated before, isn't?

  48. Dina Mokh

    Dina Mokh13 days ago

    *lots a hugs*

  49. davidjcrblue

    davidjcrblue15 days ago

    It seems like one of them is not ready to commit...

  50. Maya Johnson

    Maya Johnson15 days ago

    i ship

  51. sasha rigby

    sasha rigby16 days ago

    I need one between Matthew daddario and Harry shum Jr

  52. Ray Desario

    Ray Desario16 days ago

    notice how zac didn't have to read what he wrote to give lily compliments

  53. Theo and Mommy

    Theo and Mommy10 days ago

    Ray Desario omg dude yeah I NOTICED THAT TOO! It’s so so real. Nothing is fake and nothing is scripted. Zac is inlove with Lily.

  54. Noobie Gamer

    Noobie Gamer16 days ago

    wish i could get a "real" friend like them :(

  55. Noobie Gamer

    Noobie Gamer16 days ago

    who else wants camilla and shawn to take this test?!

  56. Zoya Dabir

    Zoya Dabir16 days ago

    My heartttt!!💖💖😍 4:59 to 6:30

  57. Dat Dang

    Dat Dang16 days ago

    they're the cutest thing ever

  58. Lili 11.5

    Lili 11.516 days ago

    I feel like glamor gets the people they ship on the friendship tests

  59. Ping Wang

    Ping Wang18 days ago

    They standing so close and not dating

  60. Ping Wang

    Ping Wang18 days ago

    The music I really wish they are dating

  61. Ping Wang

    Ping Wang18 days ago

    I wish they were dating

  62. Alo SV

    Alo SV18 days ago

    I have a feeling Zac is into her more than she is into him😭 but i still ship them

  63. Chris Miller

    Chris Miller18 days ago

    she does not look like 30 yo. lol

  64. Yailyn Cordero

    Yailyn Cordero19 days ago

    I want them to get married. My heart is full

  65. Rosalie Escribano

    Rosalie Escribano19 days ago


  66. Krihs

    Krihs19 days ago

    6:26 he tries to hold hands with her for a second but gets rejected smh

  67. Lee sin

    Lee sin19 days ago

    maaaan they are cute as heckk !!!! holy

  68. Oshada Vidyananda

    Oshada Vidyananda20 days ago

    I’ve watched this like a thousand times now. Get married already!!!

  69. Lily. Silver

    Lily. Silver20 days ago

    Looks like a wedding album cd


    JULIA LESLIE22 days ago

    Lol anyone still obsessed w this

  71. icecream 162

    icecream 16222 days ago

    Wow i cant believe that they arent dating

  72. İrem Çeçan

    İrem Çeçan22 days ago

    Men's eyes get darker when they desire something or someone,I think that explains it.

  73. Ugly Yellow Laos Rats No Blinky

    Ugly Yellow Laos Rats No Blinky22 days ago

    He is still that lovely, passionate serial killer. She is beautiful like the ocean

  74. Can I get 100 subs for no Reason

    Can I get 100 subs for no Reason22 days ago

    I just want to point out they used to date. They're exes.

  75. Merry Panda

    Merry Panda23 days ago

    She is SO BEAUTIFUL how?

  76. aremi hmar

    aremi hmar24 days ago

    this vedio give me vibes like.... wedding vibes?

  77. Brickhead

    Brickhead24 days ago


  78. Kav

    Kav25 days ago


  79. Jay

    Jay25 days ago

    She looks like elena in TVD for some reason to me. Is it just me?

  80. Maxi Lee

    Maxi Lee25 days ago

    The Notebook 2?

  81. Karen Amaro

    Karen Amaro26 days ago

    I still can't believe she's already 30 yo...

  82. Haley Hassmann

    Haley Hassmann26 days ago

    can someone make these two date! they are perfect for each other!! 💖✨