Baywatch Abs with Alexandra Daddario | Gym Time w/ Zac Efron

My Baywatch co-star Alexandra Daddario joins me today for a killer core workout. We couldn't help but to reminisce about our carb-less days preparing for Baywatch while we did a combo of untraditional core movements. I may or may have not lost to her in a sit up competition... Stay tuned to see who gets punished!
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Baywatch Abs with Alexandra Daddario | Gym Time w/ Zac Efron

Zac Efron


  1. Shubhrojit Choudhury

    Shubhrojit Choudhury59 minutes ago

    Every other work out video roughly 1M views, this one already 8M views as of 11/19/19. Mad love for both :)

  2. Austin D

    Austin D2 hours ago

    You should do a workout with The Rock

  3. a one legged donkey

    a one legged donkeyDay ago

    baywatch moment

  4. karayo k

    karayo kDay ago

    Nice tits

  5. Andres Muñoz

    Andres MuñozDay ago

    We want THE ROCK!!

  6. Luiza de MELLO

    Luiza de MELLODay ago

    Is she his girlfriend?

  7. Fathur Mauliano

    Fathur MaulianoDay ago

    I think Zac letting Alex win 😅

  8. DAVID A

    DAVID ADay ago

    Werent they dating during Baywatch..

  9. 김윤호

    김윤호Day ago

    She has great boobs btw

  10. Mina Karam

    Mina KaramDay ago


  11. Outlaw Immortal

    Outlaw Immortal3 days ago

    Please do one with zendaya

  12. Ruth Chinzah

    Ruth Chinzah3 days ago

    Wow Zac your hair makes you look a lot older 😅😅😅. But im a fan not a hater, but still it's hilarious 😂😂😂😂

  13. Justin Mcmanus

    Justin Mcmanus3 days ago

    I'd let her throw a medicine ball at my face... 😑

  14. patlat gelsin

    patlat gelsin4 days ago

    I recommend you watch my videos are not bad

  15. no te wua a decir xd

    no te wua a decir xd4 days ago





  17. Mark A

    Mark A5 days ago

    Definitely smashed 👊🏽

  18. Alizee Nirvana

    Alizee Nirvana5 days ago

    I Love Zac

  19. Seila Hy

    Seila Hy5 days ago

    Guy this is not sexy Do not watch

  20. justayanadim

    justayanadim6 days ago


  21. Paterno Baldemor Jr

    Paterno Baldemor Jr6 days ago


  22. Raul Lopez

    Raul Lopez6 days ago

    Dwayne Johnson!!

  23. Ivanna Manzur

    Ivanna Manzur6 days ago

    I WANT A GYM PARTNER to do that hahah

  24. Wolf - PUBG Mobile

    Wolf - PUBG Mobile7 days ago

    Look Like Leah Gotti

  25. Amin Khalil

    Amin Khalil7 days ago


  26. Milly Vinilly

    Milly Vinilly9 days ago

    Was I the only one that saw nina at the beginning of the video?

  27. Emma Cordova

    Emma Cordova9 days ago

    Aww hes so in love with her 🥰

  28. Anthony Skidmark

    Anthony Skidmark9 days ago

    Make a baby?

  29. Wolfie dembouz

    Wolfie dembouz10 days ago

    Best couple ever💓🔥😅

  30. anecell jael

    anecell jael10 days ago

    2:23 😳

  31. Russel Santomin

    Russel Santomin12 days ago

    Nightwing and Zatanna

  32. DesertOne

    DesertOne12 days ago

    hentaiiiii i watch hentai too ❤❤😂😂😂

  33. Miguel Gonzales

    Miguel Gonzales12 days ago

    Soy el 1,000,001 :3

  34. The Titan Gaming

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    Subscribe to my channel and share

  35. Z.i.r.s T.m

    Z.i.r.s T.m14 days ago

    When you see male perfection and female perfection in the same room self esteem -5000000

  36. Sarah MacDuff

    Sarah MacDuff15 days ago

    Her lips were blue!!!

  37. Rico Sebastiani

    Rico Sebastiani15 days ago

    Next up: Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens karaoke night

  38. Allison Schmuker

    Allison Schmuker15 days ago

    What’s your number zac

  39. Melissa Dreshaj

    Melissa Dreshaj15 days ago

    Do one with Kendall Jenner, that would be so fun, or Dwayne Johnson, that would be epic!!

  40. Roshat

    Roshat13 days ago

    Or Kratos.

  41. mustafa esoofally

    mustafa esoofally15 days ago

    Can anyone find me the details of that knee brace he is wearing?

  42. TheMegaregister

    TheMegaregister8 days ago

    @mustafa esoofally oh got it, sorry bro

  43. mustafa esoofally

    mustafa esoofally8 days ago

    @TheMegaregister i know that i wanted to know the details of the brace as in make and model

  44. TheMegaregister

    TheMegaregister8 days ago

    He was injured at the time, torn acl.

  45. Mustafa Hayati

    Mustafa Hayati15 days ago

    how long each session takes?

  46. Iman shah

    Iman shah15 days ago

    2:24 - 2:35 the way they flirt it’s so cheeky man😂

  47. John Michalel B. Echanique

    John Michalel B. Echanique16 days ago


  48. Barry McCockiner

    Barry McCockiner16 days ago

    Uh ,🤔 I am lame-o Zac Efron that won't get in a cryo-sauna with Alexandra Daddario ? I would get in a damn mud pit , or in a milk bath with her without blinking she is so damn delicious lol .😏😌🤤😬😳🤑🙃😵😰🤓😈🤖👿😻

  49. LOOGIC Cooties

    LOOGIC Cooties16 days ago

    Boii Alex why'd u leave the son of a God, whahapen to PERCY

  50. amaan ahmad

    amaan ahmad16 days ago

    So they dating or something ?

  51. Aka Neymar

    Aka Neymar16 days ago

    They got the sexiest looking eye colour

  52. Antonio

    Antonio16 days ago

    must be awkward knowing Zac has probably scene her nude scene in True Detective

  53. TR INI TY

    TR INI TY15 days ago

    "saw" RIP english😢

  54. .m.

    .m.17 days ago

    do one with tom cruise

  55. Psych Theory

    Psych Theory18 days ago

    Gotta have James Willems from Funhaus on this show ASAP, he got this channel half it's subscribers lol

  56. Ramon Homjak

    Ramon Homjak18 days ago

    is it possible to meet her and not wanna dste her??

  57. german Mihajlov

    german Mihajlov18 days ago

    They tried so hard to remove every single shot where you could see her ass. They should be ashamed.

  58. Luis Facundo

    Luis Facundo18 days ago

    Her lips turned purple.

  59. Eternal7

    Eternal719 days ago

    7:55 Song name pleeease?

  60. J.J Jameson

    J.J Jameson19 days ago

    James was right, just unsubbed

  61. Nathan Lewis

    Nathan Lewis16 days ago

    @vysakh haritharsion Funhaus is a gaming channel and one of the main dudes is really into fitness and he made a joke about how after seeing this video he wouldn't blame anyone if they unsubscribed from Funhaus and just watched Zac Efron's videos.

  62. vysakh haritharsion

    vysakh haritharsion16 days ago

    @Psych Theory i mean right about what?

  63. Psych Theory

    Psych Theory16 days ago

    @vysakh haritharsion there is a video on Funhaus that mentions this vid

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    vysakh haritharsion17 days ago

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    Casual Potato19 days ago

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