Baywatch Abs with Alexandra Daddario | Gym Time w/ Zac Efron


  1. Trey Hankins

    Trey Hankins2 hours ago

    Zach Efron I really want to meet you

  2. Trey Hankins

    Trey Hankins2 hours ago

    Zach Efron your my hero

  3. NurtureLove88

    NurtureLove882 hours ago

    Easy way to get even more mad respect: Get Jeff Cavalier on your show.

  4. Nafah Fernandez

    Nafah Fernandez3 hours ago

    Autisms at 8:50

  5. Zainab Alawadi

    Zainab Alawadi6 hours ago

    You should do a work out with Chris Evans

  6. Semiboy YT

    Semiboy YT8 hours ago

    Do whone with Tom holland looks like my funny😂😂😂

  7. septillion2501

    septillion250110 hours ago

    My MCU Wolverine and Rogue here.

  8. Nick Butler

    Nick Butler10 hours ago

    What is your gym playlist??!

  9. AKM Artur

    AKM Artur10 hours ago

    Ох бля завтра у Александры все болеть будет

  10. Claire Schortmann

    Claire Schortmann11 hours ago

    My 6 year old daughter thinks that you are amazing and wants to invite you to come do gymnastics training with her at her gym. 🙂

  11. Wildstyle_poATo vnk

    Wildstyle_poATo vnk11 hours ago


  12. LowFrame

    LowFrame12 hours ago

    You should do one with Pewdiepie. That would be fckng amazing

  13. Leidy johana Ardila duque

    Leidy johana Ardila duque14 hours ago

    Like si viniste por el video de Carolina días

  14. Funtime with Raquel

    Funtime with Raquel15 hours ago

    I love u zac I watch every single movie ur in I subscribe to ur channel click the ball and like and share

  15. MrMystery Sheep

    MrMystery Sheep23 hours ago

    Her nipples poke out 3:38

  16. trenton has fun

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  17. artiq40

    artiq40Day ago

    Gym time with manny pls

  18. TheRiazorng

    TheRiazorngDay ago

    show you boobies again daddario

  19. KIT_ smokedbook

    KIT_ smokedbookDay ago

    Zac is flirting

  20. kumar01234

    kumar01234Day ago

    Gotta be honest I love that this episode showed what muscles were hit during each work out visually.

  21. Caroline Smith

    Caroline SmithDay ago

    anime porn... omg Zac why lmao I still luv u

  22. feartheheda :D

    feartheheda :DDay ago

    Do one with Alexandra Daddario’s brother- Matt

  23. Ann Piñones

    Ann PiñonesDay ago

    That thumbnail doesn't make any justice to Alex, just sayin'. This video makes me want to go to the gym but my lazy ass won't let me😂😂

  24. Rosalia Hutchinson

    Rosalia HutchinsonDay ago

    I have been living under a rock I just discovered zac efron has a youtube channel oh and Alexandria I luv u and your brother Mathew daddario he is awesome in shadowhunters

  25. AMG

    AMGDay ago

    Fu$k yeah I'm subscribing

  26. Ikmal Cahyo

    Ikmal CahyoDay ago

    Like you alexandra💕 From Indonesian🇮🇩🇮🇩

  27. Happy

    HappyDay ago

    The 5% bodyfat Zac

  28. Weed Kage

    Weed KageDay ago

    1 millon on the way

  29. Tyler Dunbar

    Tyler DunbarDay ago

    ok fine. I'll subscribe

  30. GroovyBOOM Stick

    GroovyBOOM StickDay ago

    He needs to do this with Dacre Montgomery

  31. Lu Ca

    Lu CaDay ago

    Is he Not longer a Actor?

  32. BilGecan DedE

    BilGecan DedEDay ago

    Reis yakışıklı adamsın da şu saçı bı degistir aq beyaz nedir

  33. SYLAS

    SYLASDay ago

    Öldüm amk skdjskebekr

  34. syalomitha priskilla

    syalomitha priskillaDay ago

    3:39 OMG she didnt use bra?!

  35. Didi 1205

    Didi 120511 hours ago

    Yeah, she use a bra but... a very thin one...😂😂😅

  36. Mahesa Hani Akbar

    Mahesa Hani AkbarDay ago

    Dude, she's Dadario. Its a normal thing for her lmao

  37. Caroline Smith

    Caroline SmithDay ago

    dude I was thinking the same thing maybe it was just a thin bra

  38. Luis Miguell

    Luis MiguellDay ago


  39. Jr Fuentes

    Jr Fuentes2 days ago

    14:18 dem legs

  40. White Rabbit

    White Rabbit2 days ago

    I saw commercial for this and thought 'wow that hair makes Zac Efron look like a USworkr or something'. Huh.

  41. elisa ortiz

    elisa ortiz2 days ago

    Interesting, anime porn... Does that means🤔........ Zac can I watch anime with you. 💁‍♀️😏

  42. VB VB

    VB VB2 days ago

    pleaseeeee date lily collins

  43. Kiran Kaur

    Kiran Kaur2 days ago

    Do a collab with Selena Gomez

  44. sunflower Galicia

    sunflower Galicia2 days ago


  45. vinuzo

    vinuzo2 days ago

    man in that challenge Alexandra's reps weren't even close to full range of motion.

  46. BENMJR -

    BENMJR -2 days ago

    Zac Efron slightly seems like a douche

  47. Avery Bui

    Avery Bui2 days ago

    I love how she flirts with him. It sounds natural af.

  48. jose gabriel

    jose gabriel3 hours ago

    i dont see it Explain it please!

  49. deadandgone70

    deadandgone702 days ago

    Alexandra in True Detective though 😏😏

  50. Avery Bui

    Avery Bui2 days ago

    She's everything!!!

  51. lifeandstuff

    lifeandstuff2 days ago

    i am your n.1 fan

  52. bos rot

    bos rot3 days ago

    How does she have hard nips while working out? 🧐

  53. Michelle Ferrence

    Michelle Ferrence3 days ago

    *what if we rewrite the stars?*

  54. Saray Diaz Rodriguez

    Saray Diaz Rodriguez3 days ago

    Alex: Je parle un peu de français Zac: oh un poquito de español! Alex: mm no :)

  55. Mara Rocha

    Mara Rocha3 days ago

    Olá Adorei o vídeo Espero pelo convite para fazermos algo do gênero :) Beijos