“Which teammate’s locker smells the worst?” I Indians' Francisco Lindor on Questions & Autographs

On this episode of Questions & Autographs, Cleveland Indians shortstop Francisco Lindor fields hard-hitting questions about his teammates, personal life, and his dental hygiene from his toughest interviewers yet… a bunch of kids.
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  1. skylimitkt

    skylimitktDay ago

    Looking at the dodgers new short stop in 2020

  2. Wyatt Hanoian

    Wyatt Hanoian22 days ago

    whats your auto worth? Francisco- i hope $20 bucks. I was laughing so much. He is my favorite player.

  3. kayz splash

    kayz splash25 days ago

    I am one of the kids on their

  4. Tony Man

    Tony Man27 days ago


  5. yup yup

    yup yup27 days ago

    We need lindor in L.A!!

  6. SportsHighlightCollection

    SportsHighlightCollection29 days ago

    It hasn’t even been half a month and I miss baseball.

  7. Dominic Anthony

    Dominic Anthony29 days ago

    I wish my Red Sox could sign this guy.

  8. violet fiona

    violet fiona29 days ago

    the kid asking about the crickets or worms had me DYING lol

  9. violet fiona

    violet fiona11 days ago

    awww! ❤️

  10. kayz splash

    kayz splash21 day ago

    That was me and I'm happy I made u laugh

  11. DarkStar97

    DarkStar9729 days ago


  12. DarkStar97

    DarkStar9729 days ago

    Lindor gets a cavity... I wAnT tO bE a DeNtIsT

  13. Brayden Wayne

    Brayden WayneMonth ago

    That was a very cool video Francisco Lindoor is my favorite player

  14. Dynasty Collector

    Dynasty CollectorMonth ago

    My friend your autograph is worth more than twenty bucks 😂

  15. hothand 132

    hothand 132Month ago

    as a twins fan please dont leave cleveland

  16. Julianne Concepción

    Julianne ConcepciónMonth ago

    I want a autograph like that 🥺🥺

  17. Harold Alvarez

    Harold AlvarezMonth ago

    Dope af

  18. SlapMyBass3825

    SlapMyBass3825Month ago

    This was actually very entertaining. I really hope they dont trade Lindor, it has been a while since the Indians had a franchise player. I think Thome might have been the last one.

  19. Jeffrey Otte-Rash

    Jeffrey Otte-RashMonth ago

    I'm a Cubs fan, but God do I live the Indians. So down to earth guys. Easily 2nd favorite team

  20. James Olson

    James OlsonMonth ago


  21. I Has 10k subs with no videos

    I Has 10k subs with no videosMonth ago

    I hope he comes to New York for the Yankees

  22. Fionn

    FionnMonth ago

    Hate the Indians, love Frankie.

  23. B skrilz

    B skrilzMonth ago

    I am proud to be a Indians⚾️ fan

  24. El Chancho

    El ChanchoMonth ago

    It’s going to be sad seeing him leave Cleveland...

  25. Moses Martinez

    Moses MartinezMonth ago


  26. M Rodriguez

    M RodriguezMonth ago

    Es flojo

  27. Paul Mcguire

    Paul McguireMonth ago

    They ask good questions...

  28. dark wave

    dark waveMonth ago

    Este es el comentario que buscas en español?

  29. VSM Bros

    VSM BrosMonth ago

    Lindor is truly amazing! He is nicknamed mr smile for a reason!

  30. Kyhree Armstead

    Kyhree Armstead23 days ago

    Because when he eats he Nevers breaks his smile. Quite horrifying when you see it done in person.

  31. QuevoTV

    QuevoTVMonth ago

    MLB always features great content, whether its the regular season,spring training, the postseason or videos like these!🖒

  32. Orlando Nicolina

    Orlando NicolinaMonth ago

    Lindor and Didi Gregorius are the most friendly and charismatic MLB players. Thumbs up

  33. James Macchi

    James MacchiMonth ago

    Also trout and mookie are too

  34. Caden Kolesar

    Caden KolesarMonth ago

    Stay in Cleveland!

  35. Don Ayers

    Don AyersMonth ago

    F. L. Is a good role model !

  36. S.Perry

    S.PerryMonth ago

    Lindor coming to the bronx.

  37. Eddie Mathews

    Eddie Mathews22 days ago

    @Greg Giavasis He can't go through the same plays that's called Staying

  38. Greg Giavasis

    Greg GiavasisMonth ago

    S.Perry **cleveland

  39. Damean Mendez

    Damean MendezMonth ago

    S.Perry *LA

  40. Russian girl Strip

    Russian girl StripMonth ago

    fine, but look at my clip, it’s completely different and interesting

  41. Diva Decorating

    Diva DecoratingMonth ago

    This was so cute. I luv Lindor. Hope he never leaves. Waiting for next season. Tfs

  42. Jonathan Requena

    Jonathan RequenaMonth ago

    Alright whose ready for next season

  43. binh_an

    binh_anMonth ago

    😂😂😂kids don’t ask, just give them deodorants😂😂😂

  44. Baseball and Hockey Videos and Info

    Baseball and Hockey Videos and InfoMonth ago

    That awkward silence on the crickets and worms question that kid regretted asking right then and there😂😂😂😂😂

  45. travelilua

    traveliluaMonth ago

    Hahahaha that one is a troll. 🤣

  46. AlexGamer YT 34

    AlexGamer YT 34Month ago

    Very good lindor it's big player viva Francisco Lindor gran beisbolista.

  47. Jay Ramon

    Jay RamonMonth ago


  48. MLB

    MLBMonth ago

    If you could ask Francisco one question what would it be??

  49. Sonic sync

    Sonic sync29 days ago

    Did you ever regret picking baseball as a career and why

  50. Joe Gutierrez

    Joe Gutierrez29 days ago

    Can you stay in Cleveland por favor Lindor. Yankees or Dodgers do not need you but Cleveland needs you.

  51. LazerKid Gaming

    LazerKid GamingMonth ago

    Are you my dad

  52. Jason Williams

    Jason WilliamsMonth ago

    Can you stay with the Indians

  53. Eric Helzer

    Eric HelzerMonth ago

    Can you get me a job.