JCSAT-14 Technical Webcast

This is the technical webcast and will only include shots of the pad, rocket and our countdown net audio.
SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket will deliver JCSAT-14, a commercial communications satellite for SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation, to a Geostationary Transfer Orbit (GTO). SKY Perfect JSAT is a leading satellite operator in the Asia-Pacific region and provides high-quality satellite communications to its customers using its fleet of 15 satellites. Following stage separation, the first stage of Falcon 9 will attempt an experimental landing on the “Of Course I Still Love You” droneship. Given this mission’s GTO destination, the first-stage will be subject to extreme velocities and re-entry heating, making a successful landing unlikely.


  1. Trump The president

    Trump The president3 years ago


  2. Tim Crank

    Tim Crank3 years ago

    Every time I see it I jump up and dance in the middle of my living room. You guys rock!

  3. AnotherAccountToManage

    AnotherAccountToManage3 years ago

    do they still show views from on the first stage?

  4. ProTom Blast

    ProTom Blast3 years ago

    Is this the same rocket as of last time?

  5. Jay Flippen

    Jay Flippen3 years ago

    I am still impressed by this new kind of sorcery.

  6. twistymcslide2

    twistymcslide23 years ago

    im 160 miles south , and was able to se it with the naked eye for 8 minutes after the launch . I went inside and looked at the tracker . showed it was about 1/4 of the way to Africa...... just amazing . . .

  7. Richard Embry

    Richard Embry3 years ago

    Strobes on the landing legs

  8. Thomas Pakh

    Thomas Pakh3 years ago

    What's that spewing out of the engine at 54:00?

  9. Cameron Byers

    Cameron Byers3 years ago

    +Thomas Pakh Looks like a liquid oxygen dump valve or something. Or it could just be a pressure release.

  10. 2DarkMachine2

    2DarkMachine23 years ago

    Look at the wind, 31:45

  11. Grumpy

    Grumpy3 years ago

    Just for giggles I watched the 0-100kmph = 10 sec. 1/4mile = 16sec. :)

  12. We Live In A SciFi Experiment

    We Live In A SciFi Experiment3 years ago

    more fake bullshit for the sheeple

  13. tony sales

    tony sales3 years ago

    is it to early to say another routine landing - great job space x - inspiring

  14. Michael Adams

    Michael Adams3 years ago

    It looks like 0 to 60 in 7 seconds

  15. NatureHacker

    NatureHacker3 years ago

    Wow lowest budget landing fakery yet (~29:00). Didn't even try to make it convincing!

  16. Appable

    Appable3 years ago

    @NatureHacker You're a moron. I don't use that lightly, but I can't come up with any other explanation for someone who thinks that I am Elon Musk and I'm spending my time on youtube comments. That's just idiotic.

  17. NatureHacker

    NatureHacker3 years ago

    Right well if you ever do want a way out, early retirement would make sense to everyone. Billionaires can retire early. Use your intelligence for making something real instead of making up explanations that you have become so good at.

  18. Appable

    Appable3 years ago

    @NatureHacker No I'm just a moderately obsessed fan (e.g. I completely skipped two nights of sleep because I was watching the Falcon 9 first stage (F9-0023-S1) at Port Canaveral). And I'm not even that much of a fan compared to some, I know someone who bought an old SpaceX mission patch for $900. There's some places and forums where quite a few people know almost everything public about the Falcon 9: I don't though I do know a decent amount. So of course when they revealed the great ASDS name JTRI I wanted my name to be a Culture series ship name. Unfortunately they haven't chosen my name yet, but maybe when they have a fleet of ASDSs one of them will be Ambient Morality!

  19. NatureHacker

    NatureHacker3 years ago

    Your a smart guy and I believe you can find your way out.

  20. GSMSfromFV

    GSMSfromFV3 years ago

    +Ambient Morality __ He doesn't want to be convinced. Eyewitness accounts don't matter to NatureHacker. He just wants to be a permanent troll.

  21. Freddo Flintstono

    Freddo Flintstono3 years ago

    Come one, admit it, you painted that target afterwards :). Joking aside, that was *superb*. Congratulations!

  22. Clarence Dennison

    Clarence Dennison3 years ago

    on my way back to college now I want to work at SpaceX sooooo bad.

  23. Clarence Dennison

    Clarence Dennison3 years ago

    Yeah that's crazy

  24. Appable

    Appable3 years ago

    +Clarence Dennison Because he's one of those who thinks these landings are faked. It's ridiculous and makes no sense if you think about it.

  25. Clarence Dennison

    Clarence Dennison3 years ago

    +NatureHacker I was upgrading my AS in electrical Science to a BS Electrical engineering. why is animation needed?

  26. Unknown

    Unknown3 years ago

    Very very good job, SpaceX! can somebody tell me what the "engine chill" stage is? also, is there any particular reason SpaceX doesn't install 1 or 2 parachutes onto the returning rocket, to make the landing that much smoother with the use of less fuel? Is it just not possible, or other reasons?

  27. Appable

    Appable3 years ago

    +Unknown Right, and it's particularly important for the Falcon 9 because they subcool liquid oxygen below boiling point by quite a bit

  28. Unknown

    Unknown3 years ago

    @Wojtek Sykurski I googled it (as i could have originally :D ) and this is what i found: "Chilldown is needed for engines using cryogenic propellants -- liquid oxygen as the oxidizer most commonly, sometimes in conjunction with liquid hydrogen as the fuel. Pumping large amounts of very cold fluids into an engine resting at ambient temperature causes a variety of problems, so the plumbing and pumps need to be brought down to a working temperature before the engine starts. Chilldown is performed by allowing relatively small amounts of the cryogenic propellants through the system until it reaches a safely low temperature." So i'm guessing, because they use liquids below 200- °C the sudden contact with the metals would cause sudden expansion which would be pretty bad.

  29. Wojtek Sykurski

    Wojtek Sykurski3 years ago

    Hmm, about chilling engines before launch - I suspect that they want to avoid spontaneous/explosive burning after ignition. But I'm not sure about this. And about the parachutes - seem that SpaceX did considered it and also they performed some tests. But they decide to use only engines. Maybe they concurrents would take different approach to this.

  30. Unknown

    Unknown3 years ago

    @Wojtek Sykurski ah, i see. No, the engine chill is the very first thing on the line on the bottom of the screen, way before launch. that's what i was wondering about. also, i dont know much about rockets and space crafts, aside from what i've learned from kerbal sapce program, but if 2 or 3 parachutes, symmetrically embedded in the wall of the first stage deploy after the entry burn when the body slows down, wouldn't it assist with the landing while saving fuel?

  31. Wojtek Sykurski

    Wojtek Sykurski3 years ago

    +Unknown As far as I know - they tested parachutes some time ago, and withdraw from this. There are some rumors that ULA (SpaceX concurrents) are planing to use parachutes to rescue the engines (only engines, not whole I-st stage) of they planned Vulcan rocket. About the engine chill - if You mean the engine still working after stage touchdown, they are burning down rests of the fuel. They do that for security reasons - SpaceX crew goes to the deck and welds legs to the floor.

  32. Олександр Максюта

    Олександр Максюта3 years ago

    Thanks for this. It is next stage for all people in Earth

  33. theZeek

    theZeek3 years ago

    Where was the readiness poll at T-13 minutes?

  34. BlackTalon53

    BlackTalon533 years ago

    25m above the deck the gigantic first stage was still falling at close to 180km/h. The 5g burn slowed it down to zero in one second.

  35. mlc449

    mlc4493 years ago

    Another job well done SpaceX. Keep up the good work.

  36. Weltschmerz von Gavagai

    Weltschmerz von Gavagai3 years ago


  37. Fennecbutt

    Fennecbutt3 years ago

    Thank you for the "technical" versions! I'm sure a lot of us really appreciate being able to have a one on one with the experience. Most of the people watching probably do not require the "presenter" interface like people watching a news program do. We're here for spaaaaaaaaace!

  38. NatureHacker

    NatureHacker3 years ago

    Sorry no space here. Just big model rockets and landing fakery.

  39. Kerr

    Kerr3 years ago

    29:25 "Landing legs deployed... I think we loss......... THIS IS RECOVERY: THE FALCON HAS LANDED [Laughing in the background]"

  40. The Gentlemoon

    The Gentlemoon3 years ago

    +NatureHacker Can you fuck off mate? You're on like, every Spacex video. Stop spreading your bullshit here and go circlejerk with the other dumb asses.

  41. NatureHacker

    NatureHacker3 years ago

    Even the animators had a laugh with how blatant the fakery was.

  42. lic2kil007

    lic2kil0073 years ago

    Way to go teams keep up the great work.

  43. SylverG

    SylverG3 years ago

    20:50 T-10s 20:59 liftoff 23:51 2nd stage startup 29:26 stage 1 landing 53:02 satellite deploy Cheers to all the SpaceX people for making all this possible.

  44. TrebleC4Me

    TrebleC4Me3 years ago

    Roger that space rangers 👍

  45. J Schlock

    J Schlock3 years ago

    I miss the folks talking about the progress and what is happening...

  46. Brian Hoehn

    Brian Hoehn3 years ago

    +Powerline Advice there was a hosted webcast too

  47. Craig

    Craig3 years ago

    Can you add Delta-V calculations into your webcast? Your super-nerdy friends out here would love that Info! Or perhaps Velocity in meters per second!

  48. leokimvideo

    leokimvideo3 years ago

    Elton Musk for President That is after TRUMP

  49. W0LF_

    W0LF_3 years ago

    not every other day u see a rocket land perfectly on a ship in the middle of a ocean GOOD JOB SPACE X

  50. Jonah Beale

    Jonah Beale3 years ago

    30:00 Are those lights on the landing legs or reflections from the barge? If those are navigation lights that's hilarious.

  51. Gaurav GK

    Gaurav GK3 years ago

    They are nav lights! As if the engine plume wasn't bright enough...

  52. BlackTalon53

    BlackTalon533 years ago

    +Jonah Beale I read on reddit/spacex that the FAA did indeed require them to put navigation lights on it!

  53. Chris B

    Chris B3 years ago

    +Jonah Beale I'm pretty sure it's just a reflection, because in the second viewpoint the other two legs have none.

  54. Dmitry

    Dmitry3 years ago

    What is there on the right at 29:51?

  55. Broke Astronomer

    Broke Astronomer3 years ago

    Ok now lets do a second stage landing...

  56. Benny Chan

    Benny Chan3 years ago

    +Chris “RedBehrend” Behrends Dont know how a second stage would survive re-entry thou

  57. Chris B

    Chris B3 years ago

    +Broke Astronomer They said they have it on the "things to try list" but probably won't attempt it until the f9 and fh are both in stable rotation.

  58. Gary Truesdale

    Gary Truesdale3 years ago

    Just another 10 story rocket gently touching down on a bulls-eye in the middle of the ocean.

  59. LunnarisLP

    LunnarisLP2 years ago

    You do know, that the moon doesn't really care about daytime.. Now maybe if you had a solar eclipse you might get problems with waves or sth..

  60. Michael Julian

    Michael Julian3 years ago

    +Gary Truesdale Actually, the first stage is more like 15 stories. :)

  61. 0.5blacc

    0.5blacc3 years ago

    @Jude Lau​ well I couldn't see shit until the close-up lol. Per your sea/moon statement "one bad sway can cause a bad day"

  62. Jude Lau

    Jude Lau3 years ago

    @Kombo Breaker daylight and night time has nothing to do with the landing. unless, of course the moon intefere with the sea waves and cause the barge to sway more.

  63. 0.5blacc

    0.5blacc3 years ago

    And I believe in darker conditions. The other landings had sunlight correct?

  64. Robert A

    Robert A3 years ago

    Always pipe in the cheering engineers at SpaceX headquarters. Their exuberance is an inspiration!

  65. Dave Chapman

    Dave Chapman3 years ago

    +NatureHacker Your stupidity is the only laughable thing here, GTFO because you're not convincing anyone with any intelligence of your deluded NWO beliefs, you Flat Earth Fuck!

  66. NatureHacker

    NatureHacker3 years ago

    we got a little chuckle because the fakery this time was laughable

  67. Noxmiles

    Noxmiles3 years ago

    stage 1 landing at 29:00

  68. 0hthree

    0hthree3 years ago

    Was all this done in one hour??? That is bad ass.

  69. Kerr

    Kerr3 years ago

    +David Martinez And most of it was just time spent waiting

  70. David Martinez

    David Martinez3 years ago

    No, in half an hour

  71. guilherme daniel

    guilherme daniel3 years ago

    26.720Km//h LOL

  72. Pintuxo

    Pintuxo3 years ago

    It's wonderful to look at the Telemetry and dream about a Dragon with people inside traveling at 525km altitude and 34000km/h (data of the moment when the satellite was deployed). Of course there were moments when the acceleration was above 10Gs, too much for a human being. Well done SpaceX.

  73. TrebleC4Me

    TrebleC4Me3 years ago

    BRILLIANT ⭐ SpaceX Of course I still Love You ...Kan anyone please explain the 'expected loss of signal @Bermuda' ¿? Scientific Technical Lexicon welcomed. 👽

  74. TrebleC4Me

    TrebleC4Me3 years ago

    +Jonah Beale thank you for weighing in on that. Interesting coordinates for the only dip out on the trip out, sans the stage 2 barge landing, up or below.... sure seems to happen alot in that particular locale when considering the vast space place of the big blue 💙 Curiouser and curiouser.

  75. Jonah Beale

    Jonah Beale3 years ago

    +TrebleC4Me It means the second stage is going to go below the horizon from the tracking station's point of view.

  76. TrebleC4Me

    TrebleC4Me3 years ago

    @33:05 approximately

  77. Eric Geier

    Eric Geier3 years ago

    welding engineering student here! please hire me

  78. Eric Geier

    Eric Geier3 years ago

    +NatureHacker lol they will need welding engineers if they want to launch the falcon heavy by 2018 lol

  79. NatureHacker

    NatureHacker3 years ago

    they only need more animators. Landing CGI this time was nonexistant.

  80. Jason Timmer

    Jason Timmer3 years ago


  81. Vladimir Leon

    Vladimir Leon3 years ago

    Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

  82. marc perkel

    marc perkel3 years ago

    For what it's worth it would be better if you started the webcast BEFORE launch. You might consider getting some staff that can put on a good webcast. I'm sure there are volunteers out there who can do it for you for free and do a better job. Congrats on the successful launch and landing.

  83. marc perkel

    marc perkel3 years ago

    +mdhuang When I was watching all I got was music and when they finally came on it was 2 minutes before the barge landing.

  84. Shawn MMiller

    Shawn MMiller3 years ago

    holy shit

  85. TheChosenSquirrel

    TheChosenSquirrel3 years ago

    Well, now we know the first time wasn't just luck ... Now we know its pure skill great job SpaceX

  86. Dave Chapman

    Dave Chapman3 years ago

    +NatureHacker Privately funded fuck-brains.

  87. TheChosenSquirrel

    TheChosenSquirrel3 years ago

    @NatureHacker What do you mean the 3% your country spends on Science . IF its anyone i would be concerned about i would be concerned about the military they make up 54% of your budget... OR maybe the Teachers the blood sucking teachers with their 6%. media.nationalpriorities.org/uploads/discretionary_spending_pie,_2015_enacted.png If NASA was part of global conspiracy to get you to pay them a government program with government money they would have had the Space race on forever . Plus your assuming that Private company's are paying Elon to put nothing in orbit yet the private industry doesn't complain. How do you think you get satellite television... Or better yet what about GPS . They are un explainable with the accelerating disc proposition flat earthers make.

  88. NatureHacker

    NatureHacker3 years ago

    The motive is billions of dollars in taxpayer money. Same motive as NASA.

  89. TheChosenSquirrel

    TheChosenSquirrel3 years ago

    @NatureHacker But then what would his motive be. Your assuming there is a conspiracy to cover up a flat earth right?

  90. NatureHacker

    NatureHacker3 years ago

    Occams razor says this landing would have cost $100 to fake and 1 million to accomplish if it were even possible which it currently isn't.

  91. Destructerator

    Destructerator3 years ago

    29:58 Was that a shot from inside the fuel tank?

  92. PortlandPhil

    PortlandPhil3 years ago

    +Destructerator That was the second stage fuel tank.

  93. Reed Spurling

    Reed Spurling3 years ago


  94. Charles Campbell

    Charles Campbell3 years ago

    You magnificent bastards. A geostationary launch and you still managed to pull it off. I love how you lost contact and assumed it exploded (I did too, looked like a bit of an explosion) and then you hear people cackling in the background.

  95. Charles Campbell

    Charles Campbell3 years ago

    +NatureHacker You don't see how it's possible so it must be fake. That's all I'm hearing

  96. NatureHacker

    NatureHacker3 years ago

    they laugh because this tome was low budget fakery. Didn't even need animation!

  97. Charles Campbell

    Charles Campbell3 years ago

    @Túlio Miranda Technically, but you knew what I meant

  98. Túlio Miranda

    Túlio Miranda3 years ago

    well, to be precise, it WAS an explosion, just an incredibly controlled one that landed that massive thing gently 😁

  99. 加藤隼太

    加藤隼太3 years ago


  100. Filip TM

    Filip TM3 years ago

    you can hear the crowd in the backgrond cheering at 30:00. made my day.

  101. Charles Campbell

    Charles Campbell3 years ago

    +Filip Š I just like the quick cackle you hear when somebody realizes it actually landed

  102. Random Realistic Tone

    Random Realistic Tone3 years ago

    To who ever came up with the name of the drone barge ! You are awesome!

  103. General FUD

    General FUD3 years ago


  104. Jonah Beale

    Jonah Beale3 years ago

    nice maymay

  105. Alvaro Luis Tarazona

    Alvaro Luis Tarazona3 years ago

    It's just a thing of beauty to see that first stage land on a drop ship on the ocean. Amazing work #SpaceX

  106. NatureHacker

    NatureHacker3 years ago

    What did you really see? I just saw bright light and cutscenes.

  107. Gustavo Zeni

    Gustavo Zeni3 years ago


  108. Gustavo Zeni

    Gustavo Zeni3 years ago

    +daiana vieira a terra não é plana :)

  109. primo do #contenteTV malakoi

    primo do #contenteTV malakoi3 years ago

    +Gustavo - Clash of Clans ._.

  110. Gustavo Zeni

    Gustavo Zeni3 years ago


  111. Joshverd

    Joshverd3 years ago

    I wonder is surrounding neighborhoods heard this

  112. Charles Campbell

    Charles Campbell3 years ago

    @Asd Fgh So far enough no one will hear the landing

  113. Asd Fgh

    Asd Fgh3 years ago

    100mi off shore

  114. Charles Campbell

    Charles Campbell3 years ago

    +Joshverd They launch quite a ways away from heavily populated areas and the barge is in the middle of the ocean. Maybe near the launch site people hear a distant rumble, but they aren't really that close to anyone.

  115. Strix NumBezZeDz

    Strix NumBezZeDz3 years ago

    is this the 2nd mission for this rocket????? WOW

  116. japzone

    japzone3 years ago

    No, this isn't the previous one. They're still inspecting it. Gotta get all the information and work on perfecting the refurbishing method. Though from what I've heard, this launch angle was more difficult for a landing, but they still nailed it.

  117. glenwoofit

    glenwoofit3 years ago

    Amazing Job! Well Done SpaceX

  118. thelordymir

    thelordymir3 years ago

    What was experimental about the landing?

  119. Chris B

    Chris B3 years ago

    +thelordymir The reason it was experimental was because it's not perfected and the payload went to high geo orbit where the rocket is coming down twice as fast. So they figured it wouldn't be able to slow itself down enough or run out of fuel doing it and probably bounce / explode lol If you watch the hosted one you hear everyone go awe at first because they thought it exploded.

  120. PortlandPhil

    PortlandPhil3 years ago

    +thelordymir The same thing that made the powered flight at Kitty Hawk an "experimental flight". Today when we get fly in a airplane we take it for granted that the plane will take off, fly and then land, safely. When that doesn't happen it's news. In the years after the Wright brothers built their airplane it was news that a plane could take off, fly, and land. We are in the early, early, stages of these landings and so watching the rocket land is still news, still unusual. The day that we stop thinking about if the rocket will land at the end of it's flight, is when they stop being experimental.

  121. japzone

    japzone3 years ago

    Just because they nailed it doesn't mean they're satisfied to label it "perfected". They're still technically experimenting with it.

  122. Hardrive33

    Hardrive333 years ago

    Congrats on landing !!!