Middle School Class President

Me doing the most in middle school.
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  1. Not a people Person

    Not a people Person3 hours ago

    “I start play fightin” *chucks kid*

  2. AFLAC King

    AFLAC King8 hours ago

    sWoozie were u at

  3. ChrisTheVr

    ChrisTheVr14 hours ago

    6.9 mil subs nice

  4. Beverly Spivery

    Beverly Spivery22 hours ago

    Swoozie I am your biggest fan

  5. SaltyBR

    SaltyBRDay ago

    Do you go to gray middle cause I had a r/a and the teacher was Thompson

  6. Akineyele Johnson

    Akineyele JohnsonDay ago

    Who lives in trinidad

  7. deadpool

    deadpool2 days ago

    what happend to uploads

  8. Gogeta Blue

    Gogeta Blue2 days ago

    Bro I know how you feel when jane asked shawn to be her boyfriend , my friend Dyshawn tryna steal my crush Jada

  9. Harel Sason

    Harel Sason2 days ago

    I am confusion too :)

  10. x hxte on me x

    x hxte on me x3 days ago

    I watch swoozie alot

  11. dk77

    dk773 days ago

    Who else saw 2+39=36

  12. Yeet God

    Yeet God4 days ago

    "I'm Very Confusion"

  13. Winter Wolf

    Winter Wolf4 days ago

    He wont upload

  14. Kai

    Kai4 days ago

    1:10 r=12

  15. ldkyler

    ldkyler5 days ago

    Wait..run an enterprise..be a hero at night...then run for mayor??? Is this the plot of Cws Arrow???

  16. Eleri Vlogs

    Eleri Vlogs5 days ago

    I’m surprised you haven’t talked about one of your female friends getting pregnant 🤰 😱

  17. Brandon Bowman

    Brandon Bowman5 days ago

    I have a friend who is 6,2 in the 6th grade

  18. Swavyy

    Swavyy6 days ago

    1:05 2+39=56

  19. Burt Jones

    Burt Jones7 days ago

    Is swoozie dead

  20. Rachid Seraphin

    Rachid Seraphin7 days ago

    Chill with that Haiti joke!!!

  21. uno does

    uno does8 days ago

    My crush is the exact same way she is with this other dude who looks like NLE Choppa and he is like 5'9 (and I am in the 6th grade)

  22. A L

    A L9 days ago

    ik im not the only one that noticed the math problems on the board...hoe do u get 2+39=56

  23. Isabella Lopez

    Isabella Lopez9 days ago

    swoozie where ya at? active who?

  24. Cito Gonzalez

    Cito Gonzalez10 days ago

    What’s going on swoozie no videos lately

  25. Nicole's Life XO

    Nicole's Life XO10 days ago

    When u gonna start posting more

  26. Sven

    Sven11 days ago

    Do you know what this is amazing I have to share the secret everyone must know OK so this is what happened FBI: open up! Me:OK you know what there’s no secret I got a run I can’t tell you anymore

  27. Jackson Memo a

    Jackson Memo a11 days ago

    Your mic fucking sucks

  28. TysonMarden Tv

    TysonMarden Tv11 days ago

    I could only imagine picking up my kindergardener or 1st trader and seeing a 13 year old play fighting with them 😂

  29. Jay DrippinTV

    Jay DrippinTV11 days ago

    hey swoozie check out my music

  30. Trenton Tucker

    Trenton Tucker12 days ago

    Hey swoozie

  31. Swifty on insulin

    Swifty on insulin12 days ago

    3 months

  32. Taryn Ross

    Taryn Ross12 days ago

    Gotta love that KK (for those who don't know, it's Animal Crossing) version of Old Town Road

  33. AJAH786

    AJAH78612 days ago

    Is it just me or why is the heads in the animations so big 😂😂😂

  34. Jeremiah Shannon

    Jeremiah Shannon12 days ago

    I started dying 😂 when the power ranger clip came up

  35. Xavier Moore

    Xavier Moore12 days ago

    I never notice it said 2+39 =56 on the board 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  36. Joseph Stalin

    Joseph Stalin12 days ago

    Shoutout from Haiti live in La

  37. Monty Mop 13 bloody mops

    Monty Mop 13 bloody mops13 days ago

    He’s not batman. He’s Oliver Queen

  38. ethan juliean

    ethan juliean13 days ago

    He really be gone

  39. Alistair Kaname

    Alistair Kaname13 days ago

    I forgot this guy exist

  40. Miles Daniels

    Miles Daniels13 days ago

    Where u at tho swooie 2 months later

  41. MultiIssabel

    MultiIssabel14 days ago

    At 5:03 that's meh same country :^

  42. fireZ Cz

    fireZ Cz14 days ago

    0:20 when could power rangers flip like that

  43. Abigail Barlow

    Abigail Barlow14 days ago

    umm 6 foot in 6th grade i wish i was that short i was 5''2 in 4th grade

  44. Zynthyx

    Zynthyx14 days ago

    *Looks at kindergarteners.* *I should go fight these kids*

  45. shadowWolf 16

    shadowWolf 1614 days ago

    Aye swoozie did you capture vista wayyyy

  46. Hakim Glaz

    Hakim Glaz15 days ago

    Adande man I feel like you're not going to post anymore

  47. abhinab das

    abhinab das15 days ago

    😡 you were a bully

  48. George Mack

    George Mack17 days ago


  49. Alvaro Vargas

    Alvaro Vargas17 days ago

    Was anyone else bothered by the math equation on the board?

  50. Space Shuttle

    Space Shuttle17 days ago

    Power ranger battles

  51. James Marshall

    James Marshall17 days ago


  52. Jay Playz

    Jay Playz17 days ago

    Omg my name is Jeremy

  53. 永Mystic

    永Mystic18 days ago

    WTH happen to swoozie. Did he die

  54. LemonSqueeze XD

    LemonSqueeze XD18 days ago

    Outro Fire my dude

  55. Luis Garcia

    Luis Garcia19 days ago

    I felt dis so much If I was Swoozie I would have had cold feet 🥶

  56. Lil Nova 98

    Lil Nova 9819 days ago

    All trinidad boys love to be doing that 😂😂 i love doing that

  57. Garrinique Sherwood

    Garrinique Sherwood19 days ago


  58. H 12899

    H 1289919 days ago

    2:25 that fade thoo

  59. Senpai

    Senpai20 days ago

    sWooZie be like Kamayhamy he bout to go sayin

  60. Nora A

    Nora A20 days ago

    13 equal grade 7 or 8 not 6 lmao 😂