Weekend Update: Pete Davidson on Living with His Mom - SNL


  1. Steve Anthony

    Steve AnthonyHour ago

    That guy is so funny just because he looks so damn Goofy. What Ariana Grande ever saw is in him blows my mind unless he won her over with his humor because she's a fox and he definitely was batting way out of his league

  2. JuiceMyRandomness

    JuiceMyRandomness2 hours ago

    He is so gawjusly cute ❤️

  3. Maria Ali

    Maria Ali16 hours ago

    The end .. when Colin turns to Michael I just picture him saying “ this Nigga done brought his mom” ... it’s also 3:00Am and I’m on weekend update marathon

  4. Gothiczartan

    Gothiczartan18 hours ago

    Better have a SNL special The Best of Pete Davidson.

  5. Jeff B

    Jeff BDay ago

    Why is Pete dressed like a single mom

  6. Matthew Stevens

    Matthew StevensDay ago

    Pete's mother looks like my friend Rose

  7. Grace Nicholas

    Grace Nicholas2 days ago

    “Hi, Collin, happy mothas day.”

  8. Drift King

    Drift King3 days ago

    so no one gonna mention my homie michael at the end

  9. Ray H

    Ray H5 days ago

    What race is Pete

  10. SIRAH

    SIRAH5 days ago

    I wanna suck his penis :)

  11. Galini Nousou

    Galini Nousou4 days ago


  12. bob blow

    bob blow5 days ago

    god pete is ugly

  13. Galini Nousou

    Galini Nousou4 days ago


  14. LuL E

    LuL E5 days ago

    0:18 I guess you could say he isn't handling the break up well.

  15. Dave Goodwin

    Dave Goodwin5 days ago

    Amy Davidson is kinda hot!

  16. Dave Goodwin

    Dave Goodwin4 days ago

    +Galini Nousou I was being as respectful as possible while still saying how attractive she is. It's obvious how much Pete Davidson loves her and he's got her back...he tells her some encouraging words after the skit.

  17. Galini Nousou

    Galini Nousou4 days ago


  18. Craig Corson

    Craig Corson6 days ago

    Love you, Pete! And your Mom seems like a sweetie, too.

  19. Lou Reed

    Lou Reed6 days ago

    Aww this is too cute for the internet We don't deserve it

  20. Therese Besch

    Therese Besch7 days ago

    OMG I laughed out loud so hard! Unusual. SO FUNNY

  21. Amit Zinman

    Amit Zinman7 days ago

    Pete Davidson should do Pete Buttigieg. #hadtospellcheckwithgoogle

  22. Sarah F

    Sarah F7 days ago

    “You’d settle for a ninja turtle I just need a dad”😂😂😂

  23. Beauties Want It BIG!

    Beauties Want It BIG!7 days ago

    Ariana Grande, Kate Beckinsale... I'm sure there a bunch more Hollywood hotties lining up to ride his 10" meat. They can put him in the guest house. 😃

  24. Eric Cartman

    Eric Cartman7 days ago

    This dude is not funny. Pete Davidson is wack as shit

  25. Alexis Rivera

    Alexis Rivera7 days ago


  26. SayWhat

    SayWhat7 days ago

    What a cutie she is.

  27. echtalion

    echtalion7 days ago

    Wow! This guy banged Arianna and Kate... just wow.

  28. Nema Billings

    Nema Billings8 days ago

    He is so sweet!❤️ Pete Davidson

  29. Nyibol Kuach

    Nyibol Kuach8 days ago

    wouldnt she just text you?

  30. Nyibol Kuach

    Nyibol Kuach8 days ago


  31. smalik0701

    smalik07018 days ago

    Hi Peter!!!!😍😍😍😂 Your ma’ soooooooo gorgeous

  32. Doodle

    Doodle8 days ago


  33. RiotontheRadio

    RiotontheRadio8 days ago

    Dont know who this dude is but he seems like a sleaze whose drug habit is showing. I miss old SNL.

  34. WackWave Studio

    WackWave Studio8 days ago

    I feel like he needs to do a show with his mom, the stuff he would say😂💀

  35. mama bear

    mama bear8 days ago

    James Spader! High five! Happy Mother's Day!

  36. yuthefL erlim

    yuthefL erlim8 days ago

    Pete reaping that trans flag again

  37. bad guy butera

    bad guy butera8 days ago

    Honestly, i love pete sm hes adorable and funny lmao 🖤😂

  38. Angela Alvarez

    Angela Alvarez8 days ago

    Over rated guy

  39. Hey Now

    Hey Now8 days ago

    Biggest douche of all time. Pete davidson

  40. jay jirum

    jay jirum9 days ago

    His moved in with kate beckinsale?

  41. Brian G

    Brian G9 days ago

    Gee, I wonder why the crazy Kate Beckinsale even decided to get the hell away from this dude.

  42. iskander Vigoa

    iskander Vigoa9 days ago


  43. QoY

    QoY9 days ago

    You’d settle for a ninja turtle I just need a dad xDDDD

  44. Rick Allen

    Rick Allen9 days ago

    This guy is the ultimate loser. BTW, he's not funny either.

  45. Darius Magondu

    Darius Magondu9 days ago

    *Ariana Grande breaks up with Pete Davidson* Pete Davidson: “I’m living with my mom 😃👍🏼”

  46. Natanael Romero

    Natanael Romero9 days ago

    Nah I still don't get this boring ass comedy. It's just like The office. Stupidity without being funny. Idk, as much as I try to like it I don't. Just my opinion.

  47. Michael Rau

    Michael Rau9 days ago

    U rock pete!

  48. Cass E

    Cass E9 days ago

    I love Pete Davidson!💕💖🤩🔆😂😊🤣🥰

  49. Ashton Young

    Ashton Young9 days ago

    Fucking gold every moment gold

  50. Nazir Roberts

    Nazir Roberts9 days ago

    She’s the Nurse at my old highschool

  51. full gussa main

    full gussa main9 days ago

    MAD TV was way better

  52. Abby Martin

    Abby Martin9 days ago

    I saw this on actual tv

  53. Robin Withrow

    Robin Withrow10 days ago

    Wish my son lived with me! He has in the past and he's the best roommate ever!!!!

  54. Jon Dunmore

    Jon Dunmore10 days ago

    I see Pete Davidson has washed the color of bad career move out of his hair.

  55. Jon Dunmore

    Jon Dunmore9 days ago

    +Cris Karraa -- which was obviously a "Bad career move." I mean, did you see this tard in THE DIRT? I thought it was a joke at first. Then I realized it WAS. On US.

  56. Cris Karraa

    Cris Karraa9 days ago

    Jon Dunmore it was for a movie role

  57. Grace Sanders

    Grace Sanders10 days ago

    Pete looks pretty heckin' rad

  58. Kovačević Dobrina

    Kovačević Dobrina10 days ago

    Pete is a drug addicted attention seeker

  59. Swapmeetsearcher

    Swapmeetsearcher10 days ago

    Fuck you Pete. What an unattractive name. Pete.

  60. deirdre

    deirdre10 days ago

    You guys have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this

  61. BL Ranch

    BL Ranch10 days ago


  62. Josh

    Josh10 days ago

    Why couldn’t Pete Davidson have been with his dad on 9/11 🤦🏻‍♂️

  63. Brandon Jones

    Brandon Jones10 days ago

    This guy still has never said anything funny.

  64. Bigheadtf

    Bigheadtf10 days ago

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  65. Alexis Burrows

    Alexis Burrows10 days ago

    Don't mention Ariana or he'll start crying again you guys

  66. melissini 77

    melissini 7710 days ago

    Pete looks handsome thoo

  67. Sammy Fontaine

    Sammy Fontaine10 days ago

    I'm not gay but Pete is one handsome dude😍. (Disclaimer there is nothing wrong with being gay if you are so don't @ me) 👍

  68. Maliceah

    Maliceah10 days ago

    That was sweet!

  69. Alexandra Hunter

    Alexandra Hunter10 days ago


  70. Morgan Adele

    Morgan Adele10 days ago

    I love Pete lol

  71. Miko Philo

    Miko Philo10 days ago

    "you'd settle for a ninja turtle, i just need a dad"

  72. Junior Vafai

    Junior Vafai10 days ago

    i wonder who plays this Pete Davidson character he's probably one of the better recurring characters they have on weekend update

  73. mustabshirah hanif

    mustabshirah hanif10 days ago

    Why did Ariana dump HIM?!?! He is so damn perfect 😍😍

  74. Amy Jacobs

    Amy Jacobs10 days ago

    Awwww that’s so nice

  75. Hypnagogia

    Hypnagogia10 days ago

    Oh God that Staten Island accent lmao.

  76. ike TURNUP

    ike TURNUP10 days ago

    Pete isn't funny and looks dead. He gives me Nick Nolte vibes.

  77. Juan Perez

    Juan Perez10 days ago

    That was sweet!

  78. Dylan Davis

    Dylan Davis10 days ago

    Who ever writes these gradually loses there comedy they use to be good smh what happend

  79. felicity morales

    felicity morales10 days ago

    No tears left to cry... That's what she said.

  80. LJKara

    LJKara10 days ago

    His mom is the cutest!

  81. Agent Smidt

    Agent Smidt10 days ago


  82. Kallejah Rollins

    Kallejah Rollins10 days ago

    Am I the only one who wants to crack this guys back and fix his posture lol

  83. Return_Of_The_Mack

    Return_Of_The_Mack10 days ago

    Pete is just a naturally funny dude.

  84. Alex Cicala

    Alex Cicala10 days ago


  85. Tia Mua

    Tia Mua10 days ago

    He is hilarious

  86. Glam Barbie

    Glam Barbie10 days ago

    Any small or big USworkrs want to support each other?💜🌸

  87. Ally Dua

    Ally Dua10 days ago

    okay but where can i get that pete bomber jacket from tho ?

  88. Eric Cartman

    Eric Cartman10 days ago

    #50 on trending street

  89. Mrs Recendez

    Mrs Recendez11 days ago


  90. dino saurus

    dino saurus11 days ago

    pete davidson is like an older, stoner percy jackson

  91. Shraddha Rahul

    Shraddha Rahul9 days ago

    that 👏 is👏 so 👏 true

  92. Nick Gray

    Nick Gray11 days ago

    Anyone else confused about how in the thumbnail, Pete’s jacket says “Nike” but in the video it says “Pete” instead?

  93. Stephanie Renee

    Stephanie Renee11 days ago

    He is so ugly!

  94. Alexandria Schulteis

    Alexandria Schulteis11 days ago

    Pete Davidson is so cute

  95. Victor PONCE

    Victor PONCE11 days ago

    That guy isnt at all funny. Why is he on SNL?

  96. daydreamer

    daydreamer11 days ago

    I get that most Americans can't pay rent so they live with their families, but Pete is fucking rich. He can easily buy his own house, heck; a mansion. but he chooses to live with his mother. 🧐

  97. Roque Toloza Jr

    Roque Toloza Jr11 days ago

    pete keep your hands where we can see them

  98. Virgilio Acevedo

    Virgilio Acevedo11 days ago

    This is comedy? He is a complete fool.

  99. Jake Diaz

    Jake Diaz11 days ago


  100. Catherine S

    Catherine S11 days ago

    I love how much Pete looks like his mom, it's sort of cute.

  101. Eric Cartman

    Eric Cartman11 days ago

    #38 on trending street

  102. Alen K

    Alen K11 days ago

    My mom lives with me but I don't make her pay rent 😂😅

  103. IamKorry That’sme

    IamKorry That’sme11 days ago

    ❤️ya Pete! Funny as heck! Happy Mother’s Day to your beautiful mother and Nana 💐

  104. wade wilson

    wade wilson11 days ago

    That's different from what snl usually does

  105. Stephanie Baker

    Stephanie Baker11 days ago

    i thought his mom was a myth

  106. Jess Mason

    Jess Mason11 days ago

    lol “I put her on tv!” 😂

  107. Andi amo

    Andi amo11 days ago

    SNL is to comedy what CNN is to news but CNN never made their employees get Hillary tattoos, like SNL did. fucking losers

  108. Janee Bushrod

    Janee Bushrod11 days ago

    pete is my guy till i die my phone number is 540...216...