Giant Cup Pong With a Skylift! | Punishment edition!!

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Hey guys! In this challenge, we stand on elevated scissor lifts and play cup pong! Every cup has a punishment and we must stay up in the lift until we win!
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  1. ZQl_ Clan

    ZQl_ ClanDay ago

    Hey joey what happened to dope or nope ??????

  2. Lil B1shie

    Lil B1shie2 days ago

    Team bob-fred last sh0t was TH3 B35T!

  3. Dhika08YT

    Dhika08YT3 days ago

    this is how much i have watched this | V

  4. Kyle Rice

    Kyle Rice3 days ago

    Dude decent

  5. Heath Bellamy

    Heath Bellamy3 days ago

    I love how the brothers have weak immune system on their t shirts and they were talking about bladder

  6. Madison Jardine

    Madison Jardine5 days ago

    Just so you know, you can get water poisoned or liquid poisoned. Please be careful

  7. Duayne Delaney

    Duayne Delaney5 days ago

    Nothing but cup

  8. MariaJose ontiveros

    MariaJose ontiveros5 days ago

    I have seen the video in left 👍🤩

  9. JayJay Gamings

    JayJay Gamings6 days ago

    12:30, epic gamer move

  10. Christian Gonzalez

    Christian Gonzalez6 days ago

    What about Richybulds

  11. Jefferson Ramos

    Jefferson Ramos6 days ago

    Pause and go to 8:13 doesn’t Brian’s nose look broken?

  12. Dakota Goodson

    Dakota Goodson7 days ago

    I did see it

  13. SARAH D

    SARAH D7 days ago


  14. Leilany Delgado-Carrillo

    Leilany Delgado-Carrillo8 days ago

    I have seen it oh ya Bryan you are the dest with your family I love all of your videos

  15. Scrappy Leask

    Scrappy Leask9 days ago

    when joey got scared when he was singing it was fake he clearly looks at the camera

  16. Mandie Wesbecker

    Mandie Wesbecker10 days ago

    I think Joey get used to that is how tall he is

  17. Celine Castro

    Celine Castro11 days ago

    Sad brian takes that shot that cup like pls🥑

  18. Dylan Curran

    Dylan Curran11 days ago

    you have to drink the hot sauce bobby

  19. Adrian Cruz

    Adrian Cruz12 days ago

    Did anyone here Whitney say "A shot of hot sot!"

  20. Da turtle man yeet

    Da turtle man yeet14 days ago

    That final shot was awsome

  21. Thomas Starling Collector

    Thomas Starling Collector15 days ago

    5:12. Bryan. 2 MILLION SCOVILLE UNITS?!?!?!? ME. Chris from dangie bros had to have 6 million.GET OVER IT BRYAN

  22. Ice Demon

    Ice Demon15 days ago

    When Bobby throws the ball and thought he miss by he got it BOBBY:Yasssssssss

  23. I heart anime12345

    I heart anime1234516 days ago


  24. I heart anime12345

    I heart anime1234516 days ago

    10:10 I thought u were pg

  25. Goku ss9999

    Goku ss999916 days ago

    “This is a video that USwork recommends and KNOWS you haven’t seen yet.” The video: *is literally the video I saw before this one*

  26. Cooper Burns

    Cooper Burns16 days ago

    I have seen the video

  27. Luna Moon

    Luna Moon17 days ago

    “I’m so AmaZInG” English #1

  28. Tyler fox826 Ross

    Tyler fox826 Ross17 days ago

    Jfred your carrying this team so amazing me what you suck

  29. Sans Ogle

    Sans Ogle17 days ago



    Thin Blue Line SUPPORT THE THIN BLUE LINE17 days ago


  31. Maddie Msp

    Maddie Msp18 days ago

    I saw the one on the left lol jou

  32. Alexander Holmes

    Alexander Holmes19 days ago


  33. Tyler fox826 Ross

    Tyler fox826 Ross19 days ago

    Bryans brother.Bobby this is for you. Jfred. He always said that but he misses it

  34. Kennedy Dubitz

    Kennedy Dubitz19 days ago

    I love Byrans and Marvins relationship!!! Best bros! Favorite part 12:28 - 12:34

  35. Daniel Diaz

    Daniel Diaz20 days ago

    They spelled cannon wrong

  36. amy adams

    amy adams20 days ago

    Seen it

  37. Yara B

    Yara B20 days ago

    0:34 lol

  38. Patrick Reyes

    Patrick Reyes21 day ago

    10:03 bobby:I GOTTA PEEEEE!!! kevin:you have your shirt me:uhh what now

  39. 《ShadøwNightcøreAmvs》

    《ShadøwNightcøreAmvs》21 day ago

    9:30 be like dude perfect trick shot Edit: same with 12:29 wow amazing

  40. Ashton Wesserling

    Ashton Wesserling22 days ago

    Jfred: GO AWAY

  41. Andrea Behl

    Andrea Behl22 days ago

    I have

  42. Cobey Higuley

    Cobey Higuley22 days ago

    My name is cobey

  43. Joshua Quintana :D

    Joshua Quintana :D22 days ago


  44. Haden’s Channel

    Haden’s Channel23 days ago

    I’ve seen the vid Bobby

  45. Edgar

    Edgar23 days ago

    Some moments of this video could be in Dude Perfect

  46. Lynae Stigsell

    Lynae Stigsell23 days ago

    11:34 one for the history books kids!!!!

  47. Lynae Stigsell

    Lynae Stigsell23 days ago

    11:10 Im throwing up!!!!

  48. Nicholas Carbonara

    Nicholas Carbonara24 days ago

    J - Fred said he ended the game so Bryan and Marvin won

  49. TheGreedy RobloxChino

    TheGreedy RobloxChino25 days ago

    Trickshot for the day: 6:25 9:29 12:30

  50. Diego Cardenas

    Diego Cardenas25 days ago

    I’ve seen it

  51. y series

    y series26 days ago


  52. Hope Johnston

    Hope Johnston26 days ago

    oof bobby oof

  53. Hope Johnston

    Hope Johnston26 days ago

    i have seen that video XD

  54. Parlanchín _PR

    Parlanchín _PR27 days ago

    Whitney said: hot sot?????

  55. S2 Apparel

    S2 Apparel27 days ago

    Bobby. Keep chugging Kevin. My blaster can not hold all of this orange juice Behind the scenes. You can not pee in till the end of the video

  56. S2 Apparel

    S2 Apparel27 days ago

    I hate you🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  57. Vince Flores

    Vince Flores27 days ago

    0:33 Ain't nobody fresh like me I'm just so fresh so--- aAAaAAAAa!

  58. Minion You

    Minion You27 days ago


  59. DPerk

    DPerk27 days ago

    8:40 Bryan swore

  60. Xx_OverlyHappy Guy_xX

    Xx_OverlyHappy Guy_xX28 days ago

    7:10 looks like someone spelt cannon wrong.

  61. Angie N

    Angie N28 days ago

    *I’ve seen it boobie*