Solving a $10,000 Puzzle Box - Level 10 (One of a kind)


  1. Chris Ramsay

    Chris Ramsay18 days ago

    Beyond excited to be able to share this with the community! Such a great Puzzle!! Hope you guys enjoy the video!!

  2. Sharene Tokuda

    Sharene Tokuda2 days ago


  3. Turbo-Enhanced Dragon

    Turbo-Enhanced Dragon3 days ago

    Image if the was a puzzle box that you were trapped inside of and you had to solve it to escape. *This message is brought to you by Rusty Lake*

  4. coltrain Dontworryboutit

    coltrain Dontworryboutit4 days ago

    Chris Ramsay this was stupid. It’s just boxes. 10k wooden boxes. Waste of time.

  5. Janise Pena

    Janise Pena4 days ago

    Chris Ramsay in literally internaly clapping for you!!!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  6. voi puk

    voi puk5 days ago

    do prxssurized comment

  7. Aaron Fronsee

    Aaron Fronsee2 hours ago

    That was pretty sweet!

  8. Matthew Gailey

    Matthew Gailey2 hours ago

    Comment for you to make your money back! Great video!

  9. Amiya Wit Da Timbs

    Amiya Wit Da Timbs3 hours ago

    “ that happened” how it always begins

  10. Lisa Cavallera

    Lisa Cavallera4 hours ago

    Careful!!! Do you really want to summon PINHEAD?!?

  11. Anubis

    Anubis7 hours ago

    Me: Hides wedding ring in $10,000 box for girlfriend to find Girlfriend: Finds lollipop candy ring Me: In serious financial trouble

  12. Nate Gomes

    Nate Gomes7 hours ago

    Who made it again?

  13. Mr Screamer

    Mr Screamer7 hours ago

    This guy could have put a man on Mars, but instead he decided to build a wooden box.

  14. Daniel D

    Daniel D9 hours ago

    That is such a nice crafted box. And being a one of a kind pieice, u only person beside man to make it to solve it

  15. soartothesky

    soartothesky10 hours ago

    Imagine a box like this but that slices your fingers like a horror movie. Lol. LOL You put your hand in it playing with pretty magnets and boxes and pretty wood make it elegant and drug proof so drug dogs can't smell anything inside so you could hide drugs and BLAM the power of neodymium the authors engineering and razor sharp metal takes your beautiful finger tip the fuck off. lol. Not just one finger. TWO fingers on another location for making a mistake. So you got a puzzle professional with both hands missing a finger on each hand ready to go to the hospital to see if they could put them back together. Lol. Clean off. LOL. LOL.

  16. soartothesky

    soartothesky10 hours ago

    So the owner could make a necklace with finger tips and nails on it. First Knuckle bone power. Or put them in his formaldehyde jar for posterity. Lol. Dont touch my shit on it. Hiding consequently diamond watches on difficult spots and the most pure most pure drugs or even more expensive luxury like diamonds or rocks or aquamarines on its inner boxes.

  17. Ev Lloyd

    Ev Lloyd14 hours ago

    That is damn beautiful!

  18. c j

    c j14 hours ago

    Nice Navajo ring, I have almost that exact same ring, mine’s the Kingman model. They also have the Thunderbird model which is similar

  19. mmmh hi

    mmmh hi14 hours ago

    OK you can solve it, but how do you build it back

  20. MetalPunk98

    MetalPunk9815 hours ago

    Would prob take me a life time figure out that puzzle

  21. Fat Guy Little Shirt

    Fat Guy Little Shirt15 hours ago

    That is really cool :) I'd be putting all kinds of little things in there

  22. ankhi3

    ankhi315 hours ago

    Is this what ICP was all about?

  23. Alex Frt

    Alex Frt15 hours ago

    Haha, good luck making this back! XD Edit: He actually did it without any problem

  24. Ronnie Nelson

    Ronnie Nelson16 hours ago

    The real challenge is putting everything back where it goes

  25. B R

    B R17 hours ago

    The real trick is putting back together.

  26. Static 3ric

    Static 3ric18 hours ago

    He made around 40 grand on this video

  27. DemonsxFall

    DemonsxFall20 hours ago

    Make an asmr vid plz

  28. FireDragon

    FireDragon20 hours ago

    You can hide all of your secrets in one of these... if you had the money to do so lmao

  29. Casey Roenneburg

    Casey Roenneburg20 hours ago

    And just when I thought my magnet and my dad's woodworking creations were cool (they are but DAAANG! Just look at it!).

  30. Rey Rodriguez

    Rey Rodriguez20 hours ago

    Awesome video and amazing work by the designers of the box

  31. Patricia Dockery

    Patricia Dockery21 hour ago


  32. Patricia Dockery

    Patricia Dockery21 hour ago

    12 minutes in and I am VERY intrigued...there is obviously much more to this cool 💜

  33. Ares Langer

    Ares Langer22 hours ago

    You paid 10,000$?? That seems like a bit much

  34. joelabo

    joelaboDay ago

    Half way to paying for this at 6 million views.

  35. michelle ann gibbs

    michelle ann gibbsDay ago

    Now put it back together again....

  36. Stizzer123

    Stizzer123Day ago

    Outro song?

  37. Shy Girl

    Shy GirlDay ago

    Imagine how hard it would be to build this puzzle

  38. diabolo5390

    diabolo5390Day ago

    > "All completely handmade" > shows picture of a CNC machine xD

  39. diabolo5390

    diabolo5390Day ago

    Still like it tho ^^

  40. brackisaurus NEON

    brackisaurus NEONDay ago

    Your initials on top look really cool.

  41. Adran Ojeda

    Adran OjedaDay ago


  42. Q Armstrong

    Q ArmstrongDay ago

    Are you by any chance releted to gordan ramsey

  43. Hill. H

    Hill. HDay ago

    Just A random comment to thiken ut pockets

  44. Wolf_Demon _

    Wolf_Demon _Day ago

    Thats awesome

  45. Brady Fritz

    Brady FritzDay ago

    Hey Chris up question for you, Are you related by any chance to chef Ramsey???

  46. Oliver Bisgaard

    Oliver BisgaardDay ago

    I really like it

  47. Pyromancy

    PyromancyDay ago

    please do not put a contact mic on a solid table

  48. Lucas Doody

    Lucas DoodyDay ago

    The world's manliest jewelry box Or hide your drugs in there I know who you are 😉.

  49. Joy Joy LaRosa

    Joy Joy LaRosaDay ago

    Ok but what do u with it after you’re done?

  50. Kush Rao

    Kush RaoDay ago

    Oh yeah, I do pronounce cornbread like cornbread

  51. helmet4me11

    helmet4me11Day ago

    box look's amazing BUT for 10k, you should have got him to make you an entertainment center, not just a 1'x2' box that spins. gratz on having 10k to throw away on a 20 min puzzle

  52. sjcboarder13

    sjcboarder13Day ago

    Great video! Also, there's a ziptie on your shoe

  53. Deep Ocean

    Deep OceanDay ago


  54. mike pelletier

    mike pelletierDay ago

    Creigs stuff is like, the furniture in the game the room by Fireproof Games, so friggen cool!!!!

  55. Roman Phoenix

    Roman PhoenixDay ago

    That's a lot of air in small boxes for ten freaking thousand bucks.

  56. Harry Kauf

    Harry KaufDay ago

    what´s the other thing in the drawer at the end, theres not just the coins and a deck of cards

  57. Dylan Davis

    Dylan Davis2 days ago

    That's curly maple; not a burl.

  58. Kool Kid Kalliko

    Kool Kid Kalliko2 days ago

    Commenting to help the cost.

  59. Judds loves Infinite list

    Judds loves Infinite list2 days ago

    That is my teachers name thibodeax

  60. IAM GORT

    IAM GORT2 days ago

    Your money of course, but I'd rather give 10k to Cancer research/the homeless/Parkinson's research....etc.etc..that's the type of spending that would get me 'Beyond excited'...still, you're your own man/your money and's your decision to do these things. No one else but you.

  61. Khalid Habeel

    Khalid Habeel2 days ago

    You’ve been poisoned 🤢! The antidote is in this box! Opens last box after 3 🤮 horrible hours. See’s important instructions 📝 . Instructions: Go to the Emergency Room.🤬

  62. ayedhatyaygo

    ayedhatyaygo2 days ago

    #offwhitepresto on feet!! #eatmysole saw it!

  63. Carlos Miguel

    Carlos Miguel2 days ago

    Thnks men for this video ! i have a lot of fun watching all your videos (Y)

  64. BionicBear

    BionicBear2 days ago

    The real puzzle is putting everything back together correctly!

  65. Queen Essence

    Queen Essence2 days ago

    Lol when you said “what’s this” a Gucci ad came up and said “The new Gucci look”

  66. Brandon Bean

    Brandon Bean2 days ago


  67. AF

    AF2 days ago

    охренеть вещичка.

  68. donbotherme

    donbotherme2 days ago

    So it's one big safety deposit box

  69. Dayne Ong

    Dayne Ong2 days ago


  70. Justin Case

    Justin Case2 days ago

    Get a glass dome for it, could last centuries...

  71. Jam

    Jam2 days ago

    I would love to put my make-up stash in those boxes...

  72. Heinz Lammerding

    Heinz Lammerding2 days ago

    10,000 $ for those 2 coins and a deck of cards !

  73. Warden Salvacion

    Warden Salvacion2 days ago

    That was very awsome puzzle... Can i have the cards😅😅😁

  74. Rachel Roska

    Rachel Roska2 days ago

    not interested.

  75. Adam Yosef

    Adam Yosef2 days ago

    That was in my amazon

  76. J Aguirre

    J Aguirre2 days ago

    so cool dude

  77. Nygmobblepot

    Nygmobblepot2 days ago

    I need one of these so my sister will stop stealing my effin money. xD

  78. Crystal Angel

    Crystal Angel2 days ago

    So cool!!

  79. fernando ospina

    fernando ospina2 days ago

    That was incredible!

  80. Aneesh Cherukuri

    Aneesh Cherukuri2 days ago

    good job brother

  81. Alex Barron Barbosa

    Alex Barron Barbosa2 days ago

    Super neat! But 10k for a puzzle? That ful taxed yo ass..hope u make it back and sum brotha!

  82. SMASHER1011

    SMASHER10113 days ago

    its so satisfying its like asmr

  83. Jiniok Club

    Jiniok Club3 days ago

    This would be great to hide stuff

  84. Asphire

    Asphire3 days ago

    Me sat here thinking what id hide in each box

  85. voteZDLR

    voteZDLR3 days ago

    The ultimate stash box

  86. ibrahim yil

    ibrahim yil3 days ago

    Idiot thats shit

  87. Jdjsjsk Ksksksk

    Jdjsjsk Ksksksk3 days ago

    Everyone's gangsta till pinhead gets summoned

  88. FADE Venomn

    FADE Venomn3 days ago

    I love your vids keep it up I’ve been here since 500k

  89. Denae Mitchell

    Denae Mitchell3 days ago

    I look away for a second, and you remove 3 boxes wth

  90. Sarah C.

    Sarah C.3 days ago


  91. Ian McCall

    Ian McCall3 days ago

    youtube algorithm puzzle puzzle cool fun must watch

  92. Turbo-Enhanced Dragon

    Turbo-Enhanced Dragon3 days ago

    The puzzle cabinets make me think of something from the Rusty Lake/Cube Escape games.

  93. Justin TV

    Justin TV3 days ago

    Yoooooooooooo i have this Puzzle too it Costs Not 10000 ist Costs 1000

  94. geistsnatch332

    geistsnatch3323 days ago

    So you could uhhhhh. Totally like.. Keep your weed in there

  95. AzzUrrI1560 *

    AzzUrrI1560 *3 days ago

    Wow fucking incredible. Good on you for spending the cash to make something beautiful instead of getting something cheap. Hope this video pays for it.

  96. zanna adams

    zanna adams3 days ago

    Me seeing this video come up: pssh what a fucking waste of money this is stupid Me after watching the video: still a fucking waste of money that could be used for better things... But fuck did my brain ever love the hell out of watching you solve this

  97. TJ Kjederquist

    TJ Kjederquist3 days ago

    So jw did this vid help with the cost of it?

  98. GeneralMerten

    GeneralMerten3 days ago

    Ikea could make that for 500 bucks

  99. photosbychristensen

    photosbychristensen3 days ago

    How many hour to build this amazing box .It not a puuzzle but a srt peace

  100. Leo Renegade

    Leo Renegade3 days ago

    That was wonderful, I need something from that beautiful mind.

  101. Leo Renegade

    Leo Renegade3 days ago

    No no, I'm blown away too man, your money well spent

  102. Ívar Gunnarsson

    Ívar Gunnarsson3 days ago

    Goddamnit! Just started watching the first 5 mins of this but need to get to bed. This is just too intriguing. Really cherishing putting aside the time tomorrow to finish watching!

  103. Bk Productions

    Bk Productions3 days ago

    lol anyone notice the random cable tie on his shoe 5:22 made me chuckle

  104. Nonya Bees wax

    Nonya Bees wax3 days ago

    A wonderfully made puzzle box

  105. Eric Hartl

    Eric Hartl4 days ago


  106. Sam Squanch

    Sam Squanch4 days ago

    Imagine if u dropped the stick figure coin in a slot and it fired an arrow at you

  107. Sam Squanch

    Sam Squanch4 days ago

    Did you have to watch the video backwards to get it back together?