Solving a $10,000 Puzzle Box - Level 10 (One of a kind)


  1. Chris Ramsay

    Chris Ramsay3 months ago

    Beyond excited to be able to share this with the community! Such a great Puzzle!! Hope you guys enjoy the video!!

  2. Jimmy Morgan

    Jimmy Morgan3 days ago

    An Amazing Puzzle! So cool! I know you didn't set a timer, but do you have an estimate of how long it took you to get to the prize and then how long to put it back together? Just wondering.

  3. Vortex_divided

    Vortex_divided3 days ago

    No offense but dude in less you have a good security system you gonna get robbed

  4. AllyKatt

    AllyKatt5 days ago

    I'm not sure if my first comment actually got added to here. But if you look from 18:33 to 18:36 inside the open compartment on the bottom right of the box. There is a small circle for the magnet along the inside edge that looks like it opens another door.

  5. AllyKatt

    AllyKatt5 days ago

    I don't know if you saw but at 18:36 if you look inside the open compartment on the bottom corner. Along the left side of it there is a small circle that looks like the magnet will fit and slide open another door. I hope I explained that well.

  6. John Hodges

    John Hodges11 hours ago

    Amazing workmanship. Every line crisp and clean. All the details! The brass Logo is flawless. And the prize at the end! Those coins are perfect as well. Just Wow. Great job. I bet it was a jot solving. Thanks for sharing. Oh, and thanks for the smooth solve at the end to see it all at once.

  7. cjtubeify

    cjtubeify12 hours ago

    That was dope

  8. Emerson Picking

    Emerson Picking20 hours ago

    Dude this is epic!!

  9. mdemel

    mdemel22 hours ago

    Wish he made a video showing how he made the box.

  10. sailingalongtogether19

    sailingalongtogether1922 hours ago

    thats where yyou hide your drugs

  11. FymTJ

    FymTJDay ago

    I LOVE EVERY ONE OF THESE COMMENTS!! This Whole Video + Comments Is Just Pure Relief Of Anything Troublesome 💯♥️

  12. TaKeoTora

    TaKeoToraDay ago

    Archangels was the very first deck I've got when I started doing cardtricks a few years ago, very cheap but very good and stylish for a beginner

  13. Peen And Balls

    Peen And BallsDay ago

    Chris: “everything is handmade” **shows picture of a machine putting a plaque design on the dead center of the top of the puzzle**

  14. Maliyah M

    Maliyah MDay ago

    The box is beautiful.

  15. stephen trujillo

    stephen trujilloDay ago

    its crazy when you've the holy spirit just how much satanic symbolism I can see here. we're in the end days folks. except yeshua as your lord and savior before it's to late.

  16. Zane Tillotson

    Zane TillotsonDay ago

    Good stuff

  17. Miles Morales

    Miles MoralesDay ago

    Am I the only one who thinks maybe there was more to solve?

  18. Odysseus Borindok

    Odysseus BorindokDay ago

    Ah ha! The perfect place to hide your trophies from murdering people!

  19. Hot Boxing

    Hot Boxing2 days ago

    $10,000 for a deck of cards and 2 coins. sick

  20. Gustavo Melendez

    Gustavo Melendez2 days ago

    I love the puzzle!!!! Awesome logo to! no offence but looks like a snake on a wheelchair.

  21. Laurence Lafferty

    Laurence Lafferty2 days ago

    I looked at the length of this video and almost passed it by. BOY AM I GLAD I CLICKED! I have smiled almost all the way through this video...good play man!

  22. Jody Fallin

    Jody Fallin2 days ago

    Put a pound in there, watch the feds try to find my dope

  23. Brian Givens

    Brian Givens2 days ago

    Gets the box, opens it with sledge hammer!

  24. OmenOhk

    OmenOhk2 days ago

    Me: Hey dad can I have $20 for the movies tonight? Dad: of course you can! Check in that box over there

  25. thebetazone

    thebetazone2 days ago

    how long did it take to put back together?

  26. Quick Quiz

    Quick Quiz2 days ago

    Ten minutes in and looks like he's never going to get this box back together without instructions. Lol/

  27. Cpt. Eagle USA USA

    Cpt. Eagle USA USA3 days ago

    Really wish he would work on his audio, I would subscribe and watch more but I hate audio voice volumes that fluctuates much. He spent $10k on a box, spend $100 on a good mic system

  28. That one girl gamer

    That one girl gamer3 days ago

    Damn it... I want one.

  29. Zerrick Barlow

    Zerrick Barlow3 days ago

    That was so cool. Gotta love a good puzzle.

  30. Le Duc Anh

    Le Duc Anh3 days ago

    This is some fancy ass craft

  31. Markus P.

    Markus P.3 days ago

    What hooks and chains coming out of it? I'm disappointed.

  32. Luii A

    Luii A3 days ago

    Crazy box

  33. The True Caster

    The True Caster3 days ago

    That would be a great place to stash important items you don't want stolen.

  34. Janis Garcia

    Janis Garcia3 days ago

    How is it 10,000

  35. Arik Schechter

    Arik Schechter3 days ago

    Love how is like... *click* WhAt DiD tHaT dO

  36. Sherry Wu

    Sherry Wu3 days ago

    me trying to open up to people

  37. Nathaniel Wagner

    Nathaniel Wagner3 days ago

    the real question is why do you have a red zip tie on your shoe?

  38. Boarding Time

    Boarding Time3 days ago

    Look nice


    WHAT EVER3 days ago

    Perfect hiding spot for weed

  40. TTV BTW

    TTV BTW3 days ago

    I got that same deck of cards today what a coincidence

  41. mharilson

    mharilson3 days ago


  42. Adejumoke Adekunle

    Adejumoke Adekunle4 days ago

    commenting so you can get your money back

  43. Zach Donahue

    Zach Donahue4 days ago

    You could put your weed in there

  44. Zach Donahue

    Zach Donahue4 days ago

    Add that to our box pile lol

  45. Logan Quintanar

    Logan Quintanar4 days ago

    All my money will go in there

  46. Miasla Wutt

    Miasla Wutt4 days ago

    I am not amaze with the box but I'm amazed how you put back the pieces of box after you solve the puzzle 😂

  47. Jay Booker

    Jay Booker4 days ago

    10,000 for a wooden box and 2 coins crazy

  48. Bella Chann

    Bella Chann4 days ago

    Friend- hey wanna smoke sum weed? Me-yeah sure lemme get it real quick

  49. Adam Smith

    Adam Smith4 days ago

    That is so fantastic man

  50. Joseph Kim

    Joseph Kim4 days ago

    Damn thats crazy he solved the hardest puzzle ive ever seen in 20minutes😯 He the real mvp wtf🙏💯

  51. Allstate Areyouingoodhand

    Allstate Areyouingoodhand4 days ago

    ok USwork recommended you win this time

  52. Sophal Len

    Sophal Len4 days ago

    Craig:hey this puzzles not gonna be hard ok? Chris:okay Craig:nah actually its challenge Chris:WHAT????? BOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

  53. Mr.Guy kelland

    Mr.Guy kelland5 days ago

    So did he make his money back

  54. Patriickenos

    Patriickenos5 days ago

    I kinda wish there was no music or at least music without drums so I can hear all the little parts of the puzzle

  55. Baldur Pálmason

    Baldur Pálmason5 days ago

    Did you make more than 10k?

  56. Tristan Adkison

    Tristan Adkison5 days ago

    Hope you had fun putting that back together

  57. Killed_By_The_Architect -

    Killed_By_The_Architect -5 days ago

    You spent ten grand on some wood boxes.

  58. sean mackay

    sean mackay5 days ago

    Makes a good place to hide your weed.

  59. Gavyn Karage

    Gavyn Karage5 days ago

    I saw a few cracks in there ain’t worth 10k lol

  60. Skyla Luthringer

    Skyla Luthringer5 days ago

    Perfect for holding little valuables. 😂😂

  61. Shannon McLarey

    Shannon McLarey5 days ago

    It’s the game The Room brought to life-wicked cool!!

  62. Laurence Lafferty

    Laurence Lafferty2 days ago

    I just lost the game...

  63. Preet Jass

    Preet Jass5 days ago

    I guess you need one more cam angle to shoot video.....

  64. James Arzate

    James Arzate5 days ago

    that is some beautiful woodwork

  65. Ryder Gall

    Ryder Gall5 days ago

    And you can stash your weed in there.

  66. FatBoy Gvng

    FatBoy Gvng5 days ago

    +10,000 on a puzzle you'll play with once let your kids play with it

  67. F H

    F H6 days ago

    He obviously *hit the blunt* after the cut scene at 12:30 LMAO

  68. DaRkCyaNade

    DaRkCyaNade6 days ago

    Its like my first rubix cube, Never solved....

  69. SilenceSlayer224

    SilenceSlayer2246 days ago

    You're not done yet. There's a reason there is two coins. Hope you've seen it by now.

  70. nlmaster98

    nlmaster986 days ago

    You know those 20 clowns who come out of one tiny car? Well, this is their luggage.

  71. Kailey Williams

    Kailey Williams6 days ago

    Are you related to gordon ramsy

  72. Jean Riget Helming

    Jean Riget Helming6 days ago

    Hey Cris. I'm a educated furniture maker, and that piece is really professional craftsmanship. I'm proud of this man's work. I have done a lot of wood work and that simply one of a kind art piece. Bless you Cris. Love from Jean Riget ❤️ Denmark

  73. Daniel Alterman

    Daniel Alterman6 days ago

    This is like the epic version of the Ancient Puzzle Box. You think that's where Craig got his inspiration from?

  74. Dale Cox

    Dale Cox6 days ago

    For someone who can afford $10000 box, you'd have thought he get a better rug, hideous

  75. Celeste w.

    Celeste w.6 days ago

    Buy this box solve it put a shit ton of weed in it give to friend as a present 😂

  76. J. 4NASH

    J. 4NASH6 days ago

    10grand no thanks lol


    LRG2FUNNY6 days ago

    10 thou on a toy, that is crazy

  78. Hoop T. Coupe

    Hoop T. Coupe6 days ago

    Good job with advertisment timeing... "What is that....." Commerical!!! "Oh.. You guys see that..." Its a commercial!!!! Good placement :D

  79. A Is For Oil

    A Is For Oil7 days ago


  80. Love 4 Music

    Love 4 Music7 days ago

    Looked under/ cheated: skipped steps and next on this video i did

  81. Love 4 Music

    Love 4 Music7 days ago

    Only way to build it is backwards.

  82. Love 4 Music

    Love 4 Music7 days ago

    U make over a million a year u ok

  83. Love 4 Music

    Love 4 Music7 days ago

    Vid made u what? 60k? U ok!

  84. kresewideman

    kresewideman7 days ago

    u can put your money or chains and more in thare

  85. social3ngin33rin

    social3ngin33rin7 days ago

    very beautiful