25 John Wick Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

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Just when you thought Keanu Reeves couldn’t have a bigger trilogy than The Matrix -- in comes the little action franchise that could -- John Wick. The world assassins is full of deep mythology, great twists, and plenty of epic action moments. Now we’re going to cash in some gold coins to pull back the curtains and reveal some surprising facts about all three movies in the franchise! While John Wick movies are filled with fight after fight, they all typically lead up to an epic showdown. To help top the epic mirror fight scene in John Wick 2, the production put together a massive glass wall set inside the Continental for John Wick Chapter 3. Besides his parished wife, John Wick pretty much seems like a loner. Sure, he has a few allies throughout the trilogy, but there’s no mention of extended family. One question we have to ask -- is he released to Tommy Wick? John Wick doesn’t just kill HUNDREDS of people in the course of three movies -- he does it in style. Rivaling James Bond any day, John Wick has a suit that is both fashionable and practical. The suit jacket and pants are made with a bulletproof material.
So let’s dive into every John Wick movie to reveal some surprising fun facts about the actors, sets, and small plot details! See some clues about Chapter 4 as well! And a quick warning -- there will be MAJOR spoilers for John Wick Chapter 3 -- starting with the very first entry! Enjoy!
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  1. Kamote Que

    Kamote Que2 days ago

    John Wick's director and fighting choreographer are weak. 😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Morgana Azul

    Morgana Azul5 days ago

    I love you keanu (john) ..... God's do exist

  3. mariliva mattiolo

    mariliva mattiolo5 days ago

    4 milion dollars for a glass room and Oxfam asks me the money to save Africa kids from famine? I guess they should upgrade their list of donors..

  4. Ellen Rombouts

    Ellen Rombouts6 days ago

    I think its wonderful it makes you think. Love dogs and need to see more bikes. Good luck. Take it further.

  5. moke balls

    moke balls6 days ago

    i’m from Beirut. EPIC gamer moment.

  6. Joshua Walker

    Joshua Walker11 days ago

    Mark Walhberg movie was Shooter not lone survivor

  7. Justin Corbett

    Justin Corbett12 days ago

    The guns lots of guns is also in the first movie I'm pretty sure

  8. Roy N

    Roy N13 days ago

    John Wicks name is not his actual name, its Jardani Jovonovich.

  9. Marcus Sullivan

    Marcus Sullivan13 days ago

    Book scene... pen is mightier than the sword

  10. billyconnelly74

    billyconnelly7414 days ago

    Bro I swear the only thing that makes me really sad is animals deaths.AND I SWEAR TO GOD WHEN THE DOGS GOT SHOT IN THESE MOVIES I SHOT MYSELF AND DIED!!!

  11. Dan Crafton

    Dan Crafton15 days ago

    Screen Rant is about 93% accurate on average, no matter the topic...

  12. Gliese 581c

    Gliese 581c15 days ago

    I hate the comments on USwork. The same people doing the same stale joke over and over again. Get fucked

  13. Draconic Duelist

    Draconic Duelist15 days ago

    5:20 "Especially after one of them is fatally shot" Did you not watch the movie? The dog was hit in the body armor and proceeded to get up and bite the guy in the balls. No dogs were killed in Parabellum.

  14. Robert Johnson

    Robert Johnson16 days ago

    Damn! I will have to come back and watch this AFTER I see the last two movies. Thank you for the spoiler alert though!


    DARIUS STEWART16 days ago

    john the man wick

  16. Robert P

    Robert P16 days ago

    Nothing in this video blew my mind.

  17. gotfreid

    gotfreid17 days ago

    was berry's dog fatally shot? i swear it got back up because it wore a bullet proof vest.

  18. scumbagbenis hjmmm

    scumbagbenis hjmmm17 days ago

    i really wanna see uma thurman in a john wick sequel

  19. Cadoc

    Cadoc17 days ago

    So I’m planning on watching John wick 3, but there is just one thing I wanna know before watching, is the dog okay?

  20. Joshua Smith

    Joshua Smith17 days ago

    The dog wasn't fatally shot. Tho it was shot but was never fatal. The bullet never hit the dogs skin because of the armor.

  21. Jack Sparrro

    Jack Sparrro18 days ago

    another john wick fact - john wick 2 and john wick 3 suck more than anything that has ever sucked before.

  22. Marcusson

    Marcusson18 days ago

    I really missed somelitier in Wick 3

  23. roshawn1111

    roshawn111118 days ago

    a glock sleek? LMFAO hell no

  24. CMDR Boom

    CMDR Boom19 days ago

    The best unexpected OMG moment for JW3? Halle Berry's character. My jaw was on the floor for her whole sequence. I *could not* believe the amount of training she would of had to commit to for a total transformation of what we expect from her normal performances. WOW! Edit: While the fight scenes would inevitably get more grand as the series progresses (the need to keep upping the bar, etc), in 3 I thought they were a tad too clean, where the choreography was a little too apparent to the audience. Hardcore fights, even between professionals, are always messy, even when skilled opponents duel each other. Personal gripe but still LOVE the series to bits.

  25. Jesper Lassesen

    Jesper Lassesen19 days ago

    In the realm of action movies, "John Wick" is an epic addition... I do hope to see more than "just" a trilogy...

  26. 染谷恵美子

    染谷恵美子19 days ago

    JOHN WICK 2020

  27. carlo consulta

    carlo consulta20 days ago

    just finished watching john wick chapter 3 before going back to this link to watch this again lol

  28. CeCe The Grimmie

    CeCe The Grimmie20 days ago

    Actually the child he had with Syme was a little girl named Ava Archer. Jennifer passed away a year later, it’s a real tragic story :( But Im glad Reeves is doing great and used his grief to connect to his character.

  29. stinge68

    stinge6820 days ago

    Favorite John Wick Chapter 3 line: The belt too!

  30. rochelle Crump-mcnulty

    rochelle Crump-mcnulty20 days ago

    I love the character of John Wick

  31. Crow Zero

    Crow Zero20 days ago

    What I don't get it is why are there no cops or feds present. Why all the bystanders don't give a flying fawk about what's going on around them. Why John Wick travel to other country so fast

  32. a filthy lizard person

    a filthy lizard person21 day ago

    Here's a John Wick fact that blow your mind the person who played John Wick is 50 Keanu Reeves

  33. gaspo69

    gaspo6921 day ago

    "Be seeing you" is from the original Prisoner BBC series with Patrick McGoohan. Nuff said

  34. Rob Moore

    Rob Moore21 day ago

    9:45 I believe the proper term is WWE Superstar or since Stone Cold Steve Austin has been inducted in the Hall of Fame, WWE Legend

  35. Tim Podhorn

    Tim Podhorn21 day ago

    Shoot the cats just like rats...

  36. Susan Armstrong

    Susan Armstrong22 days ago

    Keanu lost a daughter not a son, her name was Ava

  37. TucsonHat

    TucsonHat22 days ago

    My Uncle and about 2 other guys built that glass tower in number 3. Along with a few other major scenes in the movie the pics were pretty cool

  38. xFALL3Nx93

    xFALL3Nx9322 days ago


  39. Bob Ralston

    Bob Ralston22 days ago

    Keanu and Austin? Dude that would be "Wick-ed"... had to...

  40. Colin L.

    Colin L.22 days ago

    John wick trilogy? ha Matrix Trilogy? HA

  41. j p

    j p22 days ago

    blow your mind? Very poor choice of words, knowing what John Wick is really good at, lol

  42. jeff knox

    jeff knox22 days ago

    I hated Halle Barry's disgusting, dishonorable character- perfect example of how females think they understand the dynamic of violence or honor.

  43. GizmoTunes

    GizmoTunes19 days ago

    Wait what?

  44. Ice Neet

    Ice Neet22 days ago

    Nah john wicks name isn't even john wick, and he is an orphanage

  45. Sycho- Tech

    Sycho- Tech23 days ago

    i think we should call the "john wick Universe", "The High Table" instead of just the iniciales.

  46. Crawdaddy

    Crawdaddy23 days ago

    ummmmm... The Dog didn't die lol They have bullet proof Vests on.

  47. AudioAndroid

    AudioAndroid23 days ago

    He fell down the stairs in Bill and Ted in Knight armor.

  48. JakeAdventureHunter

    JakeAdventureHunter23 days ago

    Lone Survivor had nothing to do with them shooting Walhberg's dog. The movie you are thinking of is Shooter, and although Walhberg's dog did get killed it wasn't that simple.

  49. mike in a can

    mike in a can21 day ago

    You're not wrong, but you're wrong. Lone Survivor is about Marcus Luttrell(played by actor Wahlberg). A few years after the Lone Survivor events, Luttrell's emotional support dog was shot by a few scumbags. His dog was named Dasy, an acronym for the names of his dead teammates. The dog's name in John wick? Yes, Dasy. John Wick is virtually the spirit animal of Marcus Luttrell after he got in his truck and chased the cowards across several counties. He didn't get his hands on them, but did get them arrested, consider them lucky...The actual 911 call is here on youtube.

  50. Nicholas Davey

    Nicholas Davey23 days ago

    "jimmy the cop. In the first John Wick in chapter 2"?

  51. IDK

    IDK23 days ago


  52. Jonas Persson

    Jonas Persson24 days ago

    8:54 Who's this "Baby Yaga"?

  53. Marc Catalano

    Marc Catalano24 days ago

    JWU for short? You realize john wick series says the same thing with as many syllables and less a tongue twister......

  54. Danial Black

    Danial Black24 days ago

    You forgot to mention that Marcus Latrell’s dog’s name was Daisy just like John wicks

  55. Victory Saber

    Victory Saber24 days ago

    The woman from the table forget her title. But was I the only one scream , shot her! During the parlay.

  56. Victory Saber

    Victory Saber24 days ago

    Keanu reeves is done it right for years. I'm waiting keanu, bill n ted 3... hopefully its summer 2020 as said. I'll be there to see it at theatre. Just dont disrespect rufus, george carlin.

  57. Janasheen Haider

    Janasheen Haider24 days ago

    Imagine aunt may partners with john wick

  58. Christopher Moore

    Christopher Moore24 days ago

    I JUST noticed after watching 2 different USwork videos in as many days that both Halle Berry's fight sequences and Bri Larsen's in Captain Marvel contained the same moves (shown at 5:03) in this video).

  59. Mr. K

    Mr. K24 days ago

    Mind not blown. You should stop using that phrase.

  60. Marc Anthony

    Marc Anthony24 days ago

    Halle Barre was brutal in Wick 3. They mentioned Penelope Cruz in the role, I think she would have been better, but still not my first choice. Charlize Theron comes to mind, but likely too expensive as she is at the height of her career and is the lead role in films. Gal Gadot would have been so awesome, I mean 10/10 awesome! And like Keanu she does most of her own stunts, I think he's one of the best grounded actors in Hollywood and she is likewise, they are both not fake, real people with normal off camera lives, and both talented as actors and as physical combat (I think she has more combat training then he does). But she may have been too young, they would have had to write her in a little differently.

  61. Brandon Wheeler

    Brandon Wheeler24 days ago

    Her dog was never fatally shot, you see both of them when she leaves.

  62. butlerpep

    butlerpep24 days ago

    Sorry but Hally Berry looks unconvincing in action scenes, looks like dance moves. She also dates her character with a "ghetto aftertaste in an otherwise timeless / dateless oriented movie. Just my opinion