This 8th grade football player showed out and played soooo good in this freshman Allstar game, that he's already getting NFL looks!
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  1. Deestroying

    Deestroying8 months ago

    Smash the LIKE if #7 is 🔥

  2. Benslayer12

    Benslayer1221 hour ago

    Deestroying i fire

  3. 100,000 Subs with out any vids

    100,000 Subs with out any vids2 days ago

    I live in Illinois

  4. Twisted Gamez Productions

    Twisted Gamez Productions16 days ago

    Bro I’d definitely support #7 going to Ohio state bet I put money on that kid

  5. I Keep Ideals

    I Keep Ideals18 days ago

    There all.🔥

  6. Alessandro Barraza

    Alessandro Barraza19 days ago

    Hey deestroying you should come down to Arizona I be watching these videos they got no action we got the number 1 best running back in the state Kevin Daniels Glendale high school come down to one of our games

  7. vF GodItachi

    vF GodItachiHour ago

    as a european i dont even know the rules or wtf is going on but everyone is so fucking hyped and i love that

  8. sad .editsbc

    sad .editsbc10 hours ago

    Ayo ima football player from edward hand i think we got a game vs then if thats penn manor

  9. Dj_So_Smooth Smith

    Dj_So_Smooth Smith14 hours ago

    I’m not trying to hate but them boys nothing compared to my brother he’s the best 9th grader in Leesburg high school number 2 Antonio may and he scores 6 touchdowns at game🔥

  10. DrugTalk 101

    DrugTalk 10115 hours ago

    Wack! BS click bait! No skill no good play junk straight promo video

  11. Caden Leath

    Caden Leath16 hours ago

    They tough on the field

  12. Landon Kauffman

    Landon Kauffman19 hours ago

    Our 8th grade team is so much bigger

  13. Jordan Justin

    Jordan Justin23 hours ago

    i live in palm bay

  14. Michael Lee

    Michael LeeDay ago

    Since when does the same team have different helmets

  15. Cyber Ninja

    Cyber NinjaDay ago

    Michael Lee it's an all star team they r players from diff teams

  16. MrBOOBRECON4879 B

    MrBOOBRECON4879 BDay ago

    You should do the Smithville Warriors they made it on ESPN and KCTV5 for a trick play in Missouri

  17. Giddy89

    Giddy892 days ago

    Why they wait till the 3rd quarter to bring out the grown man at WR 😂

  18. Tara Thomas

    Tara Thomas2 days ago

    He is your twin

  19. Tyrone Games

    Tyrone Games2 days ago

    1:56 he missed it

  20. mortal Kombat x Sub-Zero

    mortal Kombat x Sub-Zero2 days ago

    Why you get mad zero just football

  21. mortal Kombat x Sub-Zero

    mortal Kombat x Sub-Zero2 days ago

    Good turnover

  22. mortal Kombat x Sub-Zero

    mortal Kombat x Sub-Zero2 days ago

    That's what I'm talkin about

  23. Adam Delay

    Adam Delay2 days ago


  24. legendary_ durag

    legendary_ durag2 days ago


  25. p2isthename

    p2isthename3 days ago

    9:23 sipping on some Bang at halftime

  26. Blanca Ramires

    Blanca Ramires3 days ago

    Are you bad luck

  27. Dilan Crosby

    Dilan Crosby3 days ago

    Yo destroying I got you a crazy ass team you gotta come check out man come to azle texas bro you won’t regret it they always but on a show man trust me just gotta give them one chance yo texas high school football is on a wholenother level bro send me a personal text and I’ll give you details man

  28. Michelle beckwith

    Michelle beckwith4 days ago

    they need to go up aganst maryland heat maryland 4 life

  29. Andre Animals

    Andre Animals4 days ago

    And I think number 7 is FIRE!!!!!!

  30. Andre Animals

    Andre Animals4 days ago

    I think both of the team's player with heart. But any ways I was voting for the blue team. So LET'S GO WE GOT THIS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. AlliedFoxYt

    AlliedFoxYt4 days ago

    My friend anders is better then everyone on that team and he is a 7th grader but he plays on eighth grade

  32. D34DLYNI3HTM4RE {heyitszephbro}

    D34DLYNI3HTM4RE {heyitszephbro}5 days ago

    15:34 he does

  33. Harry 7805

    Harry 78055 days ago

    Anybody else gonna talk about the girl throwing up gang signs in the stands?

  34. Samuel Alexandee

    Samuel Alexandee6 days ago

    I thought he put on a helmet but that was just sum body else

  35. Charleslee1978

    Charleslee19786 days ago

    When he said “dumdumdumdumdumdumdumdumdumdum” I really felt that.

  36. Evade Daron

    Evade Daron6 days ago

    What team is he voting for

  37. Ion Slunkzy_ YT

    Ion Slunkzy_ YT6 days ago

    No cap he loook like u

  38. dreyoboi Steph Curry

    dreyoboi Steph Curry6 days ago



    FAZE COMPLEX7 days ago

    He dddddddddddddddddddddddduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmninnnnnnbnnnnnnnbbbnnnnbbnnbnbhddddd

  40. QsA ILLuZioNz

    QsA ILLuZioNz7 days ago

    3:11 what is that song


    THE PALMER FAMILY8 days ago

    I just got click bated

  42. Brayden Harless

    Brayden Harless8 days ago

    Dat boy dose look like you

  43. Tim Nell

    Tim Nell8 days ago

    If it was instantly, why is the video 23 minutes long?

  44. Dakota Morgan

    Dakota Morgan8 days ago

    Because he said

  45. Mahmoud Abdalla

    Mahmoud Abdalla8 days ago

    He’s already a prospect and I got suspended for 3 game in my 8th grade year 😤

  46. Ender And c do the most

    Ender And c do the most8 days ago

    Faster than him

  47. Ian Dow

    Ian Dow8 days ago

    The field goal did not look in

  48. BlaZe Ky

    BlaZe Ky9 days ago

    He to number 6 into a meme

  49. giovanni gutierrez

    giovanni gutierrez9 days ago

    We won 22-0


    KING PINCE10 days ago

    You can tell the red team kicker don’t be making them like that cuz they got way too hype like that ain’t never happen before

  51. soccerskin sweat

    soccerskin sweat10 days ago

    14:00 this dudes voice is so high I mean mine is high but this dude

  52. ToastOnSticks

    ToastOnSticks11 days ago

    That kid look like you and sound like you

  53. Jabari Emers

    Jabari Emers11 days ago

    15:18 funniest shit ever

  54. Alexander Productions

    Alexander Productions11 days ago

    The kid said comment and sub so i did

  55. Cynthia Caalexander

    Cynthia Caalexander11 days ago

    Come to middle school bluestone high school please Wednesday last game

  56. jay xp Desir

    jay xp Desir11 days ago

    Put 7 as running back and safety ohio State

  57. Caden Hogue

    Caden Hogue11 days ago

    7th grade

  58. Caden Hogue

    Caden Hogue11 days ago

    Can you come to my game

  59. Karma _Gene

    Karma _Gene11 days ago

    I thought 14 was u trying to fool us

  60. Lacy Bainum

    Lacy Bainum11 days ago

    Is number 7 on North side taken 😂

  61. Xxjuixyboy Xx

    Xxjuixyboy Xx12 days ago

    Ay he hit that xxxtentacion type beat


    JAHEIM MOYD13 days ago

    i never play'd football ever because we just couldnt find a game but if i ever do play football come to my game

  63. Auzzy J

    Auzzy J14 days ago

    I though dat wa u bra

  64. Max Vaughn

    Max Vaughn14 days ago

    Bruh he said “my man just won ten dollars “ 🤣

  65. CG_ Rodolfo14

    CG_ Rodolfo1414 days ago

    Haha look at the little kid at 13:14

  66. Make Soccer Great Again

    Make Soccer Great Again14 days ago

    Guys, he didn’t even make the field goal.