49ers vs. Saints Crazy Final Drive | NFL Week 14

49ers vs. Saints Crazy Final Drive | NFL Week 14
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  1. TheVideoGameManiac

    TheVideoGameManiac10 hours ago

    I still come back to watch this.

  2. Toxic

    Toxic4 days ago

    Amazing how this play and the goal line tackle against the Seahawks decided the whole NFC playoff picture

  3. theinjuneer

    theinjuneer5 days ago

    Saints #43 went straight for facemask like a little bitch!! And got dragged 20 yards by a real man

  4. Damian M

    Damian M6 days ago

    1:26 jimmy was scared Fosho Fosho

  5. Switch_YT

    Switch_YT9 days ago

    This is my favorite George Kittlw play because this shows how strong he is and how much it takes to bring one man down

  6. Shiny Dragon

    Shiny Dragon12 days ago

    Your friends vs your dad when playing football

  7. brandon242

    brandon24219 days ago

    why are the saints fans cheering for the 49ers? also yeah Kittle is a BEAST but there has been players like him that haven't lasted very long..here is to hoping that he does because players like him make the game exciting and today when the game is not that great we need that.

  8. Shruggz Da Str8-Faced Clown

    Shruggz Da Str8-Faced Clown19 days ago

    That was 94 combined points in one non-overtime game!!

  9. FBI Stat Major

    FBI Stat Major20 days ago

    That George kittle play might be my favorite fourth down play ever

  10. geminiwilliams037

    geminiwilliams03720 days ago

    Boy no one wins quite like we do honestly! It's like a Hollywood script almost every high powered game this year!! I've aged by five years with this game & the Seahawks game last week!! "Ain't Nothing Finer Than 🐝ing a 49er" #thereal49erfaithful

  11. Martin S

    Martin S22 days ago

    Little punk Saint jumped on his neck too

  12. WarWolf 1

    WarWolf 124 days ago

    The guy that grabbed kittles face mask (Marcus Williams) is the same guy that missed stefon Diggs last year in the "Minnesota Miracle"

  13. Cjsax8787 Williams

    Cjsax8787 Williams24 days ago

    Who's here after the Seahawks game!!!

  14. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne24 days ago

    Hats off to these Niners boys. They play some tough games this season. All these tight games is making me age fast. I didn’t have any grey hair during the summer until now.

  15. Dill Pickle

    Dill Pickle29 days ago

    This guy Marcus Williams has no clue how to tackle

  16. Justin Howard

    Justin HowardMonth ago

    I like how everyone is now getting cocky it’s funny 😂

  17. Yadonious 500

    Yadonious 500Month ago

    2:07 when she says no head

  18. JayFalconsfan404

    JayFalconsfan404Month ago

    Falcons fan going back seeing this and glad we beat the 49ers this week y'all couldn't even defend your dome against the 49ers.

  19. Matt Z

    Matt ZMonth ago

    Kittle is my new favorite player. That guy fights for every single yard, every time. But he also does it clean, with a smile, and is always having fun. No matter who your team is, Kittle deserves your respect.

  20. Steve Baildon

    Steve BaildonMonth ago

    As a niners fan big shoutout to all saints fans hopefully see you in the nfc championship

  21. Steve Baildon

    Steve BaildonMonth ago

    Game of the year

  22. Jose Escobar

    Jose EscobarMonth ago

    Kittle’s game winning play was like playing on fire in a Midways NFL Blitz game 🔥🏈

  23. Felix Medina

    Felix MedinaMonth ago

    Still Pretending!

  24. James Williams

    James WilliamsMonth ago

    Are we going to ignore the fact that joe Staley almost killed his own damn GM lmfao

  25. ToppCat

    ToppCatMonth ago

    Did the NFL fine Willian for the face mask? That would cost him 10,527.00 ?

  26. cannabis chris

    cannabis chrisMonth ago

    My dad legit said right before the snap " with the way this games been going , kittles gonna catch it on 4th down and bring them into field goal range " .... sure enough lol

  27. Michael Tamares

    Michael TamaresMonth ago

    seems like the defense coordinator was giving bonuses if they injure an opposing player.....again...#22 should be fined.. kittle goin to the ground, yet he jumps on his back. Could've turned his knee. Is this how they teach tackling in pop warner football?

  28. joe faddoul

    joe faddoulMonth ago

    Always happy to see the Saints lose. Go Vikings SKOL

  29. Sinister Six

    Sinister SixMonth ago

    I will always remember this moment, I can still feel the chills in my body when I watched this

  30. Zach Wachs

    Zach WachsMonth ago

    Marcus Williams should be embarrassed.

  31. kastacio

    kastacioMonth ago

    Three kids trying to take down Dad

  32. D S

    D SMonth ago

    The 1st 2 point conversion attempt fucked us. We should've kicked the extra point then we probably would have won it in OT.

  33. Darrell Saunders

    Darrell SaundersMonth ago

    The Saints need to let go of Marcus Williams .. He just be fucking yall up smh

  34. Noli Me Tangere

    Noli Me TangereMonth ago

    I remember when the Saints and Falcons where in the NFC West decades ago and the 9ers always had games just like this vs the Saints , Rams, and Falcons when Joe Montana and Steve Young played against Jim Everett, Chris Miller, and Bobby Hebert. Scores would be in the 30s or more. Jerry Rice's TDs came mostly against these former NFC West teams.

  35. Dwayne Harris

    Dwayne HarrisMonth ago

    Marcus Williams is as dumb as a bag of rocks. Just stupid. Push the man out of bounds you fing idiot

  36. Frank Carranza

    Frank CarranzaMonth ago

    That's how superbowl games should look like.

  37. gr8gazoo777

    gr8gazoo777Month ago

    That was some great defense in that game lol

  38. Wes Kentner

    Wes KentnerMonth ago

    Man the saints d always screws it up

  39. Egan Sadler

    Egan SadlerMonth ago

    with all due respect saints fans are the worst fans I’ve come across I’m sorry just the encounters I’ve had leads to believe you guys have no class

  40. theinjuneer

    theinjuneerMonth ago

    That's fucked up how he went straight for the facemask n not go for the body and try bring him down.

  41. Rajeev Sharma

    Rajeev SharmaMonth ago

    49ers lore grows...

  42. Stev3

    Stev3Month ago

    Kittle would have gained another 20 if it wasn't for the facemask

  43. Ali WayTV

    Ali WayTVMonth ago

    GK 💪🏾🔥

  44. Ana R.

    Ana R.Month ago

    Shit George kittle is a beast wow great tight end

  45. Joe Burinskas

    Joe BurinskasMonth ago

    Saints are still one of the dirtiest teams around

  46. Grant Doss

    Grant DossMonth ago

    Can we talk about that no call on pass interference, fuck this game

  47. John Blackburn

    John BlackburnMonth ago

    Kaepernick who...?

  48. rog5272

    rog5272Month ago

    Kittle... you the man He had to facemask, to hang on to you Cuz he was roadside kill, on your way to endzone.

  49. AhhNick

    AhhNickMonth ago

    Beast mode.

  50. Scott

    ScottMonth ago

    The Saints always find ways to.lose.

  51. Drew Goddamn Brees

    Drew Goddamn BreesMonth ago

    I wont lie that shit was beastly. I was like NO!!!!

  52. solice8844

    solice8844Month ago

    Game of the Century.

  53. solice8844

    solice8844Month ago

    The Kittle play will go down in NFL history replays forever.

  54. Walter Calderón

    Walter CalderónMonth ago

    solice8844 Sho will and thank Marcus Williams for grabbing that mask 😎💯 #Niners

  55. gmarco98248

    gmarco98248Month ago


  56. Bearded Dawg

    Bearded DawgMonth ago

    Suck the Faints

  57. heartbreakj 13

    heartbreakj 13Month ago

    0:27 WTF is that jumping headlock shit!! Somebody has been watching too much WWE

  58. Martin S

    Martin SMonth ago

    #22 a punk bitch

  59. msanchez1210

    msanchez1210Month ago

    Turned beast mode ON

  60. Yer Xiong

    Yer XiongMonth ago

    Where’s the full game highlights?

  61. John g.

    John g.Month ago

    Williams should've been ejected suspended a game and fined.