How People Pray | Cut


  1. Asmita Khanom

    Asmita Khanom27 minutes ago

    Allah always has 3 replies to our prayers: 1. Yes 2. Yes, but not now 3. I have a better plan for you There's never a no.

  2. Rodel Wade

    Rodel Wade54 minutes ago

    I was really touched... this was kind of beautiful!!!... quietest comments section i've looked into in ages... you all area awesome!!

  3. Willanna Moraes

    Willanna MoraesHour ago

    I am a roman catholic.

  4. Stxtch

    Stxtch6 hours ago

    I don't believe in god

  5. sephirotic87

    sephirotic8710 hours ago

    Ow, how cute, glorified mass delusion.

  6. MouOu

    MouOu13 hours ago

    "Allah Akbar" was so funny

  7. magig thingy

    magig thingy14 hours ago

    I'm gonna fucking 😭😂😭😂😂😭😭😂

  8. magig thingy

    magig thingy14 hours ago

    I'm gonna piss 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Tiara of Love

    Tiara of Love19 hours ago

    This was so beautiful and relaxing

  10. molly kate

    molly kate19 hours ago

    the jewish girl is so cute lol 6:41

  11. Tanner Pratt

    Tanner Pratt20 hours ago

    nobody: cut: commenters: aS aN aTHeiSt

  12. Michelle Muskeyn

    Michelle Muskeyn21 hour ago

    1:45 twice or THRICE a day?!?😳...😂

  13. Kokou Djikounou

    Kokou Djikounou21 hour ago

    That room though 👎👎👎👎😷😷😷

  14. Milanomia

    Milanomia22 hours ago

    When the Indian mom said my father expired i lost it

  15. IronCrafter20

    IronCrafter2023 hours ago

    Do theas people think god is real????

  16. Phoebe Sanders

    Phoebe SandersDay ago

    I'm an atheist/agnostic. I loved this video.

  17. Cadence Rust

    Cadence RustDay ago

    This is so so sooo interesting to watch, especially being someone of faith. I’m a Christian and I pray a lot like the older woman who was talking in tongues, maybe not as intense, but still kind of in that way. I pray to God like he’s my best friend and I lean on him like he’s my best friend. Not everyone believes in the same thing, but it’s still so beautiful to see the diversity in what people believe in.

  18. Mars Ultor

    Mars UltorDay ago

    “Why do you pray?” “Maybe... Jesus wants to hear about the day” PUREST YES EVER

  19. duckymaxiduck xox

    duckymaxiduck xoxDay ago

    Mum: *praying* Daughter: mUm iM HuNgREy

  20. WhiteLion

    WhiteLionDay ago

    As a Christian, the Muslim prayer kinda reminds be of terror.

  21. Regan Treece

    Regan Treece21 hour ago



    BIGBADMANPIG 12Day ago

    Blood hound- pray to the allfather

  23. Tiger Lin

    Tiger LinDay ago

    why did the caption said that they are speaking a foreign language

  24. Lana’s Vlogs

    Lana’s VlogsDay ago

    that middle eastern man mah boiiii (I’m Lebanese)

  25. Kevin Garcia

    Kevin GarciaDay ago

    Tounges is basically you shaking you tongue and mumbling

  26. Kevin Garcia

    Kevin GarciaDay ago

    The feeling people get is called asmr

  27. Kevin Garcia

    Kevin GarciaDay ago

    The way I pray is by going to a buffet and hoping I don’t die of obesity

  28. Dallon Weekes

    Dallon WeekesDay ago

    2:32 me trying to make a noise on flute in 5th grade

  29. Moorooa A

    Moorooa ADay ago

    I'm a Muslim but wow this was beautiful. My eyes are wet. I love learning about other cultures and religions and this video really shows that we are all equal human beings.

  30. Fawzi E

    Fawzi EDay ago

    Dumb fucks

  31. Fawzi E

    Fawzi EDay ago

    And I love my life ❤️

  32. Fawzi E

    Fawzi EDay ago

    Being Muslim is the best

  33. DevinFilms

    DevinFilmsDay ago

    1:49 “mom, I’m hungry” 😂me

  34. Youssef

    YoussefDay ago

    yo... no disrespect, but OHMYGOD that girl at 1:48 SENT ME LMAOO. she's a whole ass mood.

  35. Fancyslimshady

    FancyslimshadyDay ago

    2:46 that deadmau5 helmet is WICKED!!!

  36. Lakshmi Hedham

    Lakshmi Hedham2 days ago

    ... Its like their is a special language for each religion almost

  37. Charisse King

    Charisse King2 days ago

    This is what it means to be human. Everyone wants to feel loved, wanted, heard....just to acknowledge their existence and that they matter. And guess what, you do matter! 🙂

  38. MrDutch01

    MrDutch012 days ago

    Goosebumps when I heard Baruch Ata Adonai... Beautiful.

  39. Selena Violet

    Selena Violet2 days ago

    I pray with the carpet like that first person

  40. ___Kay__ _

    ___Kay__ _2 days ago

    I'm an atheist raised Christian, i respect the people who are Christian and any other religion, you be you but the people who feel the need to shove it in my face *my family* aren't necessary, i have alot of religious friends and i respect them fully, and i respect everyone who has a religion, as much as i respect you, i dont want to be apart of that part of your life, i respect you, you respect me. idk why i felt like commenting this but enjoy

  41. Lars Wubben

    Lars Wubben2 days ago

    love the Hotwheels in the back of the short-haired girls room

  42. Cole Palmer

    Cole Palmer2 days ago


  43. Iamthegodyouseek Iamthegodyouseek

    Iamthegodyouseek Iamthegodyouseek2 days ago

    fuck all gods and those who believe in them.

  44. Mary Festa

    Mary Festa2 days ago

    This video was so beautiful. It shows what prayer really is- not just a recited memorized poem. It is truly a lifting up of our minds and hearts to God. Payer assures us that there is truly Someone protecting us and guiding us, weather we are thanking Him, or adoring Him, or asking Him a favor. God will always give us an answer, weather that answer is what we want or not. He has a plan, and knowing that, even though we cannot see it, we can be assured that it is what is best for us. I thank God for the grace of being a Catholic, and having the happiness of knowing from the earliest age what prayer means. Even though that can lapse from time to time, and sometimes I just am reciting something, He still listens. I owe to God a great debt- I owe everything to Him. I am grateful to all of you here in the comment section for being so positive. Truly, even though I don't agree with every Religion, I am so happy to be in such a beautiful diverse world with all of you. May God Bless everyone!

  45. Serkan Erden

    Serkan Erden2 days ago

    it doesnt matter you are gay bi trans catholic budist muslim an other religions! we are ALL same.

  46. Big Facts

    Big Facts2 days ago


  47. Charley Alicorn

    Charley Alicorn2 days ago


  48. Jim Jones

    Jim Jones3 days ago

    Best part of this video was the girl with the wall of hot wheels

  49. hba.61

    hba.613 days ago

    so peaceful

  50. Cote sadboydamian

    Cote sadboydamian3 days ago

    Here’s how to really do it: Dont

  51. 〜Takashi〜

    〜Takashi〜3 days ago

    "Don’t care what you believe in but don’t hate somebody cause they believe something different"

  52. Angell

    Angell3 days ago

    Don’t care what you believe in but don’t hate somebody cause they believe something different

  53. Mary Festa

    Mary Festa2 days ago

    Agreed. Even though you don't have to agree- don't hate!

  54. Ricky Anderson

    Ricky Anderson3 days ago

    they're hallucinating

  55. خليل كعباش

    خليل كعباش3 days ago

    الاسلام هو دين الحق حقك في الاخرة فليهدي الله كل ضال آثم سياتي يومن وتندمون يومن لا يمكن فيه التوبة ويكون الاوان قد فات علي اللذين لم يتبعو دين الاسلام وهم علي علم به