PREVIEW CLIP: BTS performs 'Boy With Luv' live on 'GMA'


  1. Vannesa Hernandez

    Vannesa Hernandez4 hours ago

    Do you like BTS songs

  2. Arlin De Jesus

    Arlin De JesusDay ago

    A girl in my school from the chess club had a trip in school,so she didn't go since she didn't want to go. She went to Manhattan instead and then this GMA producer asked her if she's an A.R.M.Y. She said yes and she got free tickets to this free concert. She is one lucky girl. She said she was in the front row and Jimin looked at her while she was recording. I think she also said Jimin told her not to cry....but she's HELLA lucky. The line was really long also. My teacher told me cuz she saw the news

  3. Mem Ayraa

    Mem Ayraa3 days ago

    jk ur voice always perfect😍😍😍😍

  4. Jack Lee

    Jack Lee3 days ago

    toxic masculinity

  5. Shehanaz Chajjo

    Shehanaz Chajjo4 days ago

    Guys all okk with the Comments but... the dislikers😈😈😈😬😬 yaa why???? may i know the reason..

  6. S YG

    S YG5 days ago

    Jimin's voice is so attractive ♥ Especially intro part of Jimin

  7. kênh phim ngọc rồng tv hay

    kênh phim ngọc rồng tv hay5 days ago

    Dep trai qua jin ,jungkook oi

  8. Ilyday6

    Ilyday66 days ago


  9. Kimberly Solomon

    Kimberly Solomon6 days ago

    Jungkook so cool


    ARMY LÓPEZ6 days ago

    you one you twe ???💓💓💓💓

  11. ben hardy rhapsody

    ben hardy rhapsody7 days ago

    I'm a new fan. Can someone tell me what the crowd sings at the beginning? Thanks ❤

  12. vante xp

    vante xp7 days ago


  13. joselouis

    joselouis7 days ago

    These guys blow more than a hooker on pay day. GTFOH with this bullshit. Have heard better sounds sitting on the toilet

  14. Maria Garcia Castillo

    Maria Garcia Castillo7 days ago

    I love jin💖💖💖💖💖💖😍😍😍😍😍👍👍👍👇

  15. Barbie Sierra

    Barbie Sierra7 days ago

    I love these 7 young men. They are talented, humble and genuine people.

  16. manny' S

    manny' S7 days ago

    saranghae oppa Kim Tae Hyung i purple u 💜💜💜💜😍😍😍💜💜😍😍😍

  17. Joshua Dela Fuente

    Joshua Dela Fuente7 days ago

    Hawaiin bread aye

  18. Zawlwin Moe

    Zawlwin Moe7 days ago

    EVery Heard of Andrew Yang?

  19. Oo الحمدلله

    Oo الحمدلله7 days ago

    BTS love forever

  20. 심상운

    심상운8 days ago

    Help me 아미 Bts맴버 6명이 재학중인 글로벌사이버대학교 총장 이승헌님이 김어준 뉴스공장 초파리과학자 김우재 가짜뉴스 공격을 받았습니다 널리퍼트려주세요 감사합니다

  21. 지민바라기

    지민바라기6 days ago

    무슨말씀이세요? 방탄이 재학중인학교 총장님이 김어준 방송에서 공격받고있다는말씀이세요?

  22. Арина •

    Арина •8 days ago

    У Джина розовый микрофон 😂

  23. 서호연

    서호연8 days ago

    진짜 오마이갓이다. 여기 두타가 아니고 센트럴파크다... 미친다진짜 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㄱㅋㅋㅋㄱㅋ 주모오오오

  24. BTS♥

    BTS♥8 days ago

    My sweetheart Jimin&RM♥

  25. Jeon Cyrine

    Jeon Cyrine8 days ago

    Omg I'm so proud of you guys 💜💜

  26. SanGod

    SanGod8 days ago

    Фу, кто этих пидорасов вообще слушает?

  27. ACE Stace

    ACE Stace8 days ago

    Jins pink mic 🎤 💕💕💕💕

  28. Dilini Perera

    Dilini Perera8 days ago


  29. Ale Niochet :3

    Ale Niochet :38 days ago

    Soy yo la única que no los ve como que animados ?? :,v

  30. Dec Mar

    Dec Mar8 days ago

    Does anybody feel that maybe the army listens and buy a lot of BTS...rather than people in general liking them? I'm just saying because I never hear them anywhere..except when I go online. The Beatles had a record..and they were everywhere....but bts broke the record....but I see them hardly anywhere.


    FRUIT PANDA8 days ago

    *I can't think of anything to comment cause people commented everything I wanted to say* Go army!!!

  32. MJ

    MJ9 days ago

    BTS is 💖💖💖

  33. whistling jennie

    whistling jennie9 days ago


  34. Maísa Candido

    Maísa Candido9 days ago


  35. kim sadg

    kim sadg9 days ago

    King's 👑BTS 👑💜💜💜💜💜💜💜👌💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  36. edward jimenez

    edward jimenez9 days ago

    all of them are the same person?

  37. BlackJaguar

    BlackJaguar9 days ago

    My daughter loves BTS!!! I’m 36 years old and I love them too ☺️ #Jimin 🤗

  38. 주한미군

    주한미군9 days ago

    21st beatles.

  39. Alice Bregliano

    Alice Bregliano9 days ago

    Voglio andarciiiiii😭😭

  40. Allyseria

    Allyseria9 days ago


  41. 고부기

    고부기9 days ago

    Aya aya ~~~~

  42. Raquel Oliveira

    Raquel Oliveira9 days ago


  43. BTS♥

    BTS♥9 days ago

    My favorite voice is Jimin&Jk Their voice is stable and sweet.

  44. สุมาลี มีทรัพย์

    สุมาลี มีทรัพย์9 days ago


  45. عاشقة BTS جيمين

    عاشقة BTS جيمين9 days ago

    Ilove jimin love you jimin so much

  46. JiminiexJams •

    JiminiexJams •9 days ago

    *only thing that I’m living for is Jin’s lil pink mic*

  47. tae tae

    tae tae9 days ago

    태형아 난 니가 너무좋다 ㅎㅎ

  48. Jb Cool

    Jb Cool9 days ago

    kill it kings🔥🔥

  49. Jb Cool

    Jb Cool9 days ago

    kill it kings🔥🔥

  50. l Astra

    l Astra9 days ago

    한국인 손

  51. Minh Phương Nguyễn

    Minh Phương Nguyễn9 days ago

    Wowww, speechless with the fanchant! Guys you're so awesomeee

  52. Kamal Baslum

    Kamal Baslum9 days ago

    the Handsome V with his deep sexy voice purple him so much

  53. Apple Bee

    Apple Bee9 days ago

    Kamal Baslum 💜💜💜💜

  54. Karie Ksor

    Karie Ksor9 days ago

    Omg.. I love bts💖💖👍

  55. 나문힆

    나문힆9 days ago


  56. Moriah Sisco

    Moriah Sisco9 days ago

    i pray that I’ll meet them someday.

  57. 김경훈

    김경훈9 days ago

    볼수록 중독되누 옴마마마마

  58. Joel Palafox

    Joel Palafox9 days ago


  59. linh vy

    linh vy9 days ago

    ARMY Việt Nam đâu rồi điểm danh🤚

  60. linh vy

    linh vy9 days ago

    I LOVE YOU BTS 😘😍😘

  61. BTS Army forever

    BTS Army forever9 days ago

    I can't take my eyes from V😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥

  62. Baby Taetae

    Baby Taetae9 days ago

    BTS Army forever he’s shining in the stage

  63. Victor mâle

    Victor mâle9 days ago

    Почему вы все пишите здесь на английском? Вы же корейцы мать вашу. Будьте корейцами.

  64. Olyviia Mary

    Olyviia Mary9 days ago

    They look so cool❤❤

  65. Tae Tae

    Tae Tae9 days ago

    Those cameras were disgusting😂❤️ But BTS can make everything better

  66. Lovelyy Lisa

    Lovelyy Lisa9 days ago

    BTS came from a small company, they started with nothing. Jin who was casted just because of his looks, Suga who left his family and gambled his education just to do what he really wanted to be, Namjoon who was never been supported by his parents, Jimin who thought himself as ugly and fat, Taehyung whose always been part of BTS but was never showed in any promotions- not until debut, Hoseok who seemed to always laugh but never felt as an accomplishment to his father and Jungkook who was very shy and have saved his parents at a young age by auditioning to companies. Remember the days when they were struggling? They even had to sacrifice and work hard just so they could eat? They were squeezing themselves into one small apartment and had to take responsibilities- the reason why they wrote the song ´move´ Those times when Jimin has to starve himself just because people call him fat and ugly. That one interview where Yoongi said that; it was nice that people listen to their music because Taehyung and Jungkook are good looking. And he thought that it was at least enough. Do you remember when Hoseok was supposed to be the vocalist and Taehyung the rapper, but he chose to rap instead and learn it because Taehyung wanted to be the vocalist. It was Taehyungs dream and Hoseok loves his dongsaeng that much he would sacrifice. Other fanbases were accusing them for plagiarism just because they had the smallest detail whose the same with other big Kpop groups which was actually just a coincidence. There was a time when Yoongi packed 300 gifts and Letters just to give to their 300 fans who will attend at their mini fan meetings. So why do people judge them so fastly? Did you know that Jimin came all the way to Seoul from Busan just to persuade his dreams? Did you know that Taehyung lived with his grandma for almost half of his life making him innocent from what else is out there in our world? Did you know that Jungkook set aside his embarrassment just to meet the others expectations? Yes, he is the Golden maknae, but he suffers too when he sees his hyungs having a hard time, he cries. And there was a time when Jimin caught him crying and the reason was because he missed his family. Jungkook often cries secretly so that his hyungs wouldn't worry. Did you know that Jin auditioned to make his mother proud of him and so that his mother had something to brag off to those judgmental neighbors they had. He worked hard on his vocals yet people called him talentless. Did you know Namjoon worked hard just to produce songs yet there was a time when his mother ruined his computer and broke his mike so he could focus on studying? Did you know Hoseok auditioned because he wanted his father to be proud of him? Because he felt he was a disappointment? Those rookies days where they only listened to the awardings and be amazed by their seniors. They couldn't do anything but watch those idols who received the awards. They were contented. And now they reached the top and became more successful. From 150 fans to 6mil and counting, From a small practice room to a bigger one From a cramped dorm with roommates to a big dorm where they each a room, From one daesang award to more awards and they've even won the BBMA's. BTS never expected this before their fourth year anniversary, they've come so far- so far that the only chance we have to see them is to go to their concert (NEVER) meet them along the street with 0.01% chance. But really ARMY's!! We've same this far fam, let's love them and give them our support till the end! I wanted to thank you all . I love you fam! I love you BTS! Let's stay together until the end. If you believe in what I've said. If you believe in 1!2!3! A true ARMY shall spread Also! This is not mine! I got this from another BTS video. Please spread this! And once again... I PURPLE YOU ARMY!💜 SO MUCH

  67. 타타

    타타9 days ago

    저 미국한복판에서 한국노래가 울려퍼지고 따라부르는 팬들다 미국인인거 실화? 진짜 대단하다.비틀즈와 왜 거론되는지 알겠다ㅠㅠ탄이들 넘자랑스러워ㅠ

  68. Rockie Kane

    Rockie Kane9 days ago

    What is this crap the backstreet boys in Chinese

  69. ohmytrance

    ohmytrance9 days ago

    한국인주 알앗는데😳😳😳

  70. 21다

    21다9 days ago


  71. ii ii

    ii ii9 days ago


  72. b a b y C r e a m

    b a b y C r e a m9 days ago

    (๑╹ω╹๑ ) I love this 💜💜💜💜💜💜

  73. Neha Imashi

    Neha Imashi9 days ago

    My bias v taehyun Good .Bts is the perfect ☺☺☺☺ who likes to v Follow me on Tiktok with bts

  74. Masya maula hapsari

    Masya maula hapsari9 days ago

    Omg suga so very very handsome🖤


    RAYMART RAMOS9 days ago


  76. Alex Basilio

    Alex Basilio9 days ago

    Son unos fike

  77. Jordon Legendary

    Jordon Legendary9 days ago

    Boy with luv

  78. N BB

    N BB9 days ago

    뭐야왜 나오다말아ㅏㅏㅏㅏ??? 관객 떼창 지린닼ㅋㅋㅎㅋㅎㅋ


    ARIANA GRANDE TV9 days ago

    😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡 FIFTH HARMONY

  80. fuck shit

    fuck shit9 days ago

    Wtf is this

  81. fuck shit

    fuck shit9 days ago


  82. Ngoc My Nguyen

    Ngoc My Nguyen9 days ago


  83. 아실란

    아실란9 days ago

    인기 미춋따리.

  84. Soobin's a QTxT

    Soobin's a QTxT9 days ago

    You’re only an ARMY if you love all the members 💜Kim Seok-jin💜 💜Park Jimin💜 💜Kim Tae-hyung💜 💜Jeon Jungkook💜 💜Jung Hoseok💜 💜Kim Namjoon 💜 💜Min Yoongi💜 💜BTS💜

  85. Ngoc My Nguyen

    Ngoc My Nguyen9 days ago

    Hello bts

  86. Tawan

    Tawan9 days ago

    There was water on the floor, so I was worried that I might get hurt during the performance, because the bts are slippery and I can't dance properly, it's ridiculous for Bts to wipe the water himself on the floor....Bts best !!!

  87. sweet dove

    sweet dove9 days ago

    they look like bunch of gays....?!

  88. Lucero Mondragon

    Lucero Mondragon9 days ago

    Love u bts wish I was there

  89. rabbit styles

    rabbit styles9 days ago

    yoongi 💜💜💜

  90. xKDxx

    xKDxx9 days ago

    I'm not really into BTS whatsoever but this looks kinda fun

  91. Washi A.R.M.Y

    Washi A.R.M.Y9 days ago

    The korean cameras operator are better....But i really like it

  92. BTS- Pride of Korea HATERS- immature content ERROR

    BTS- Pride of Korea HATERS- immature content ERROR9 days ago

    Armys fanchant giving me chillz😱 BTS×Army slay!!!!

  93. Bella Song

    Bella Song9 days ago

    I can't take my eyes off Jimin's soft, unique voice and beautiful dance lines. Jimin's smile drives me crazy.

  94. Jiminijina Park

    Jiminijina Park9 days ago

    When I first saw the stage, I thought it was Korean. Wow, BTS' stage is amazing and touching. Jimin looks so happy. Thank you. I always support Jimin.

  95. JKP

    JKP9 days ago

    All I here are girls screaming and gibberish

  96. Betz Castro

    Betz Castro9 days ago

    You must be deaf 😂 get out of here

  97. cherry kim

    cherry kim10 days ago

    카메라를 왜 저렇게 옆에서 찍는거임 ㅠㅠ 뷔 노래할때 정면좀 찍어주지... 퐈이어도 그렇고 ㅠㅠ 포인트를 잡아야지~

  98. Ashley Kim

    Ashley Kim10 days ago

    I can't take my eyes off Jimin's soft voice and dance. Jimin forever~ I proud of BTS!!!!!

  99. ShAdoW_Fatez

    ShAdoW_Fatez10 days ago

    Why TF bts popular when most of their fanbase don't even understand Korean and notice how most of their fans are obese

  100. fuck shit

    fuck shit9 days ago awesome hell

  101. ShAdoW_Fatez

    ShAdoW_Fatez9 days ago

    +Betz Castro by having to learn Korean first?

  102. ShAdoW_Fatez

    ShAdoW_Fatez9 days ago

    +Betz Castro produce their own music buddy they're owned by sony

  103. Betz Castro

    Betz Castro9 days ago

    BTS goes beyond just a "band" or "boy group" they sing, dance, rap, produce their own music, are musicians, and share a positive message they are also humble. All the success is well deserved.

  104. Betz Castro

    Betz Castro9 days ago

    They share a message of self love, and that we should love ourselves and each other. BTS have continued to teach us about life; tackling issues such as mental health, politics, social awareness, and even about love. They are great role models and an inspiration to so many people all over the world.

  105. mr kimm

    mr kimm10 days ago

    진짜 이게 최선입니까 ....ㅡㅡ 카메라 진짜!!!

  106. DxxgxSxdz

    DxxgxSxdz10 days ago


  107. Sujey Perez

    Sujey Perez10 days ago


  108. sss j

    sss j10 days ago

    BTS so hot. Esp, JIMIN 😘 My eyes on him all the time.

  109. Beth Mc TV

    Beth Mc TV10 days ago

    Well, you can certainly tell Bighit was not in charge of the cameras. Lol. So glad they got to perform in Central Park. Just saw them in Chicago and miss them already.

  110. kim namjoon

    kim namjoon10 days ago

    guys stream BOY WITH LUV we're so close to 300 million views!!

  111. Kirby WarpStar Dream

    Kirby WarpStar Dream10 days ago

    I love BTS and their strong connection with ARMY