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  1. Priscilla Rivera

    Priscilla Rivera47 seconds ago

    I would be VERY INTERESTED In seeing a real time video

  2. Himanshi Lalit

    Himanshi Lalit2 minutes ago

    Hold on....she did her brow's on camera....

  3. Eda Ö

    Eda Ö3 minutes ago

    I like 6 minutes more than 60 minutes lol

  4. Litzi Villarruel

    Litzi Villarruel4 minutes ago

    you’re so cute girl i loved this video 💕

  5. MissErikaWoods

    MissErikaWoods6 minutes ago

    Anyone know what kind of beauty sponge that is? Looks so squishy! 😍

  6. Nalani Snoeks

    Nalani Snoeks7 minutes ago

    I actually really like the 6 minute side. If anything (not trying to kill your vibe), I preferred it, as it was more subtle and fresh. It was a lovely, natural contrast to the super done-up glam looks that she usually does. Of course, the 60 minute side absolutely slayed too, though : )

  7. Goon Squad

    Goon Squad9 minutes ago

    God your so disgusting body shame yourself please

  8. Jemjem Cifra

    Jemjem Cifra10 minutes ago

    Subscribe to my channel guys and dont forget to hit the bell button so that i can notify you to my next video.... pls view the video and like and pls subscribe....

  9. brittany m.g.

    brittany m.g.14 minutes ago

    The 6 minute routine is me every morning "im killin it im killin it ive got 40 seconds!" *gulps coffee* *almost late to work*

  10. Jacob S

    Jacob S18 minutes ago

    I give myself between 10 minutes and a good 45 for an everyday look

  11. Roland Dawson

    Roland Dawson20 minutes ago


  12. _juju marley

    _juju marley28 minutes ago

    Real time oh yess please girl. No cut at all. I would love to watch it.

  13. Bella_ 17

    Bella_ 1728 minutes ago

    No I couldn’t done it, it’s impossible I usually take 3hrs and 30 min from shower 🚿 makeup,dress and do my hair and I’m always in a HAASTEN to Church every Sunday, I don’t lie that’s my true life 👍🏻👋🏻🙋🏻🇲🇽🇺🇸🚿💄👗💁🏻‍♀️ I loved the full side of your makeup 👌🏻

  14. S D

    S D30 minutes ago

    Your 6 minute makeup looks like my 60 minute makeup

  15. Lisa Vasquez

    Lisa Vasquez31 minute ago

    You talk through the vidoes more then you do the makeup vidoes that's why it takes so long

  16. Ithmiths

    Ithmiths33 minutes ago

    Oh helllllll no

  17. Rebeka Abraham

    Rebeka Abraham33 minutes ago

    Advise for makeup in 6 minutes maybe don’t do a lash? 🤷🏾‍♀️ hahah still love you tho 💛

  18. XoArlene

    XoArlene34 minutes ago

    I love the concept and I love you, the digital rescue was pointless. She said she needs advice on how to feel confident when wearing makeup and you guys were like heres more make up bye.


    RIXXIEN RIZEN36 minutes ago

    Without makeup you look like Rocky Dennis🤢

  20. Horace Johnson

    Horace Johnson40 minutes ago

    Oh yeah.... Her right side was definitely more cute! Makeup is do "dahm" powerful. I still remember the blonde I seen years ago who was below average looking...kind of "fugly".... Maaaannnnn...... That blonde popped up on me one day with the full-kilt makeup on and my "sac" tried to go empty at first sight. She was beyond fine! How the hell do you go from "fugly" to beyond fine....?

  21. Kansas Sasquatch

    Kansas Sasquatch40 minutes ago


  22. Pleurat Afrim

    Pleurat Afrim41 minute ago

    I love the video...whatsoever people say,Nikkie tries to give us her wisdom and talent about makeup...the Dutch people are so tallented,it's so amazing to see this content everyday...a lot if love from Macedonia...💝😍😊😘😇😌🎊🥂🍸💞...

  23. Liv

    Liv41 minute ago

    In six minutes all I could do is mascara and brows

  24. Chocolademunt

    Chocolademunt41 minute ago

    Haastige spoed is zelden goed! Ly Nikkie😍

  25. Kalina Simeonova

    Kalina Simeonova41 minute ago

    Now SimplyNailLogical can see how you're doing your eyebrows

  26. jenaye marie

    jenaye marie43 minutes ago

    Love this !

  27. Winny

    Winny43 minutes ago

    6mins makeup, eyebrow...done

  28. CJ Henderson

    CJ Henderson43 minutes ago

    you'd save heaps of time by getting your eyebrows microbladed

  29. Rosy Stha

    Rosy Stha45 minutes ago

    I almost had an anxiety attack watching the 6 mins challenge! 😂😂😂

  30. spartacus01715040905

    spartacus0171504090545 minutes ago

    I apply BB cream and cc cream together instead of primer foundation and concealer

  31. zedrick zedwick

    zedrick zedwick48 minutes ago

    people stop subscribing to someone who makes vids about vanity. like grab a life.

  32. abby kaminari

    abby kaminari48 minutes ago

    I normally take 10 minutes to do my makeup. Though, I don’t use foundation (i use concealer instead) and i just dont use other things because it makes me break out very, very badly. all i can say is, keep your routine to a minimum, and try using neutral colors so if you mess up, it’s not as noticeable as a bright pink blush or a neon orange.

  33. Jennifer fine with it

    Jennifer fine with it51 minute ago

    Meestal ben ik zo ontzettend laat mn bed uit gestapt dat ik maar 10 min tijd heb om mij haar en make up te doen. Op dat moment is het gwn . Je doet het noodzakelijke. Bij mij is dat. Mascare ik heb namelijk veel te kleine wimpers . Concealer onder mijn ogen. Ligloss en een beetje wenkbrauwgel. Want ik heb hele volle wenkbrauwen dus hoef niks te tekenen. Mijn haar gaat meestal helemaal zelf in stijl als ik het borstel.

  34. Georgi

    Georgi55 minutes ago

    I just love this bitch

  35. Meine Welt

    Meine Welt56 minutes ago

    Spricht hir jemand deutsch?

  36. g lerego

    g leregoHour ago

    Please do the real time make up video

  37. Ангелина Цогоева

    Ангелина ЦогоеваHour ago

    Love you

  38. Sierra Renz

    Sierra RenzHour ago

    Yes please do a real time make up tutorial!! I would LIVE for it!! <3

  39. Jayme Lee

    Jayme LeeHour ago

    Nikki thank you so much for every video. I love every make up look that you do. So you know you have inspired me in my make up routine Much love.

  40. Daisies And Roses

    Daisies And RosesHour ago

    Yes I would love a real time tutorial 🙌🏻

  41. Taylor 🤪

    Taylor 🤪Hour ago

    My six minute look/almost everyday look: -foundation (big maybe on concealer) -sheer light glittery shadow/highlighter on my eyelid -mascara -lipgloss 60 minute look: -foundation -concealer -3 to 4 eyeshadow look -winged eyeliner if it fits with the look -mascara and lashes -lipstick (or gloss depending on what I feel like) -highlighter -brows

  42. Orlando Leonard

    Orlando LeonardHour ago

    Sorry but just because you put a couple rhinestones on doesn’t make it a “Euphoria look” I don’t recall there ever being a played out cut crease in any look from euphoria.

  43. Faiza Zarin

    Faiza ZarinHour ago

    I do my makeup in 5 mins :3

  44. Taylor 🤪

    Taylor 🤪Hour ago

    Maybe helpful tip: instead of trying to dry the lash glue faster, do other things. While your waiting for it to go tacky, apply some foundation or concealer. Heck, apply a shear shimmer shadow to make those eyes pop. Ya see what I mean?

  45. Skylar Dee

    Skylar DeeHour ago

    I prefer your 6min side. Sorry.. sorry 😁 You're sooooo pretty! 😍😍😍

  46. Jessica Hickey

    Jessica HickeyHour ago

    Lmao i would’ve not done a lash on the six minute side aha takes too long. But wow nice job

  47. Amanda Humphreys

    Amanda HumphreysHour ago

    Nikki’s 6 minutes is my 60 minutes 😅

  48. Pushpanjali Nayak

    Pushpanjali NayakHour ago

    Abby did best

  49. Ainsley Bomak

    Ainsley BomakHour ago

    I wish she did some eyeshadow on the left side....

  50. Jules Noble

    Jules NobleHour ago

    I prefer the 6min side.. The other is good, too.. it's a little over the top.. But maybe for an en event it would be ok.

  51. Rose

    RoseHour ago


  52. Jame Andy

    Jame AndyHour ago

    The 6 minute side Pretty, nonHalloweenish, and your cherished one will apprehend you when you wake up together. ; you are gorgeous, tons much less is increased

  53. Bhavani Balaji

    Bhavani BalajiHour ago

    Brow gel and mascara and lip gloss are my life savers when I have to do my makeup really fast and if I have more time, tinted moisturizer or powder.

  54. johänna

    johännaHour ago

    ok but why is no one talking about how good she looks in the intro

  55. Just Love Rock

    Just Love RockHour ago

    Sennin Mode

  56. Nandini Baghel

    Nandini BaghelHour ago

    Lots of Love from india🇮🇳

  57. Niiikkoo Chan

    Niiikkoo ChanHour ago

    SO good! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  58. Jesus Salgado

    Jesus SalgadoHour ago

    The 6 minute facet Pretty, nonHalloweenish, and your cherished one will apprehend you when you wake up together. ; you are gorgeous, much less is greater

  59. Steven Rachal

    Steven RachalHour ago

    Not enough make up or surgery in the world is going to help you.

  60. Hannah is

    Hannah isHour ago

    The way she said “vanilla” at 5:02 or 5:03 had me Fucking scream in laughter

  61. Fv234pop

    Fv234popHour ago

    The 6 minute side! Pretty, non-Halloweenish, and your loved one will recognize you when you wake up together. ;) you are gorgeous, less is more!

  62. erin7693

    erin7693Hour ago

    *oh yes give me that W A R M T H*

  63. Kaye Janet

    Kaye JanetHour ago

    Or in the midwest USA we say "the hurrier you go, the behinder you get" I can do Mine in the 8-12 minute stage. My tip is to do your correcting under your foundation. That saves a lot of time for me.

  64. Georgia H

    Georgia HHour ago

    I do my eyebrows the night before

  65. sanjida karim

    sanjida karimHour ago

    3:55 hihihi so cute, much love 💖😘

  66. Lorena Colak

    Lorena ColakHour ago

    I'm always haasten things🙄

  67. Dysfunctional Videos

    Dysfunctional VideosHour ago

    i honestly don’t see why this is such a big deal... when i do makeup i use my fingers most of the time and it looks great. even eyeshadow.

  68. Sonja Williams

    Sonja WilliamsHour ago

    Lol, Once you get married and have children with Dylan, you will HAVE to do your make-up in UNDER 6 minutes.(unless you have a nanny, of course) Tee Hee, good luck sweetie xxxxxx

  69. Cindy Luv

    Cindy LuvHour ago

    This was actually a pretty poppin video. ❤️

  70. maricris ramos

    maricris ramosHour ago

    I love you nikkie!💕

  71. Olivia Wilhite

    Olivia Wilhite2 hours ago

    tip for 6 min makeup= no eyelashes hahaha

  72. Hera Anwar

    Hera Anwar2 hours ago

    Haastan Haastan Haastan Haastan

  73. Tristen Forbes

    Tristen Forbes2 hours ago

    I honestly really love the 6mins side

  74. Diana Marmol

    Diana Marmol2 hours ago

    Haha I don’t wear much makeup and that takes me more than 6 mins 😬 also I’m amazed with how you apply mascara I always get mascara on my lids 😒

  75. Sara Panera

    Sara Panera2 hours ago

    You should do a video where you do your full face in ten minutes using people’s tips on doing fast makeup

  76. KatiV

    KatiV2 hours ago

    I have a 5 minute routine and its is literally only for my mascara. I have to have my nose pressed to the mirror because I cant see without my glasses and the left eye I always poke my left eye. Then I take 2 minutes for a straight wing and I'm good

  77. Megan

    Megan2 hours ago

    It’s funny because I would have totally prioritized differently. I would have done 1. Foundation 2. Concealer 3. Little powder 4. Bronzer 5. Blush 6. Quick eye shadow 7. Mascara 8. Brows 9. Lips It wouldn’t be perfect, but you could totally do it in 6 minutes!

  78. Juliana Alves

    Juliana Alves2 hours ago

    we have a saying in brazil that's pretty similar it's "a pressa é a inimiga da perfeição" which means "the rush is the enemy of perfection"

  79. Charlotte Mcilvena

    Charlotte Mcilvena2 hours ago

    Essendon is my aussie footy team! go bommers! like if you an aussie who goes for essendon!

  80. Courtney Thompson

    Courtney Thompson2 hours ago

    Lol I always do makeup in less than 10 minutes soooooooooo

  81. Krystal Olguin

    Krystal Olguin2 hours ago

    Nikki u did a pretty damn good job on the 6 min side!! 👏

  82. Charlotte Camburn

    Charlotte Camburn2 hours ago

    I loved the 60 minute side and I was surprised how the 6 minute side came out! Have you ever filmed a 10 minute makeup look? I wonder how the 6 minute side would have looked if you had 4 more minutes. 😍😜

  83. Miriam M

    Miriam M2 hours ago

    I don't think I've ever taken 90 min to put on the makeup I love the simplicity of the six min make up. But, if I were going somewhere special that 60 minute side was gorgeous. Love you!

  84. Sarah R

    Sarah R2 hours ago

    I honestly like the 6minute version more than the 60min. It looks like you have lash extensions and fresh skin which is my favorite look😍

  85. It’s Shamai.

    It’s Shamai.2 hours ago


  86. Hazel Perez

    Hazel Perez2 hours ago

    Stop the side comments and time will be just fine

  87. Simón Castillo

    Simón Castillo2 hours ago

    I want the live makeup video!

  88. Izzah Shafri

    Izzah Shafri2 hours ago

    I get ready and do my makeup in like 5 min 😂 student life .. well eventho Im late I gotta have some makeup on.. my simple makeup is - primer, cushion foundation skip concealer we ain't got no time for that 😂 - setting powder, then blusher and use one colour only for the eyeshadow, mascara(optional) I don't really use mascara - lastly lips, and setting spray donee

  89. Charlotte Mcilvena

    Charlotte Mcilvena2 hours ago

    I also lost 6 family members to cancer, so I get the pain and the need to help xxx

  90. Holy Feces

    Holy Feces2 hours ago

    Everything Nikkie says & do is literally me getting ready for school every morning X3. I even make the same face when my finale alarm goes off & I'm forced to stop.

  91. Jessi 3005

    Jessi 30052 hours ago

    Da fak I take 5 minutes to do my makeup..

  92. Marina Bozdog

    Marina Bozdog2 hours ago

    It'd be interesting to see a full live make up tutorial no edits!

  93. GlamorousKiema

    GlamorousKiema2 hours ago

    Comment a ❤️ so I can subscribe to new channels!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️🔥❤️❤️🔥🔥❤️🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️🔥❤️🔥🔥❤️❤️🔥❤️🔥🔥

  94. Samantha Neal

    Samantha Neal2 hours ago

    real time i vote yes

  95. Heather Kasey

    Heather Kasey2 hours ago

    You should do a full face challenge using only the brush provided in a makeup palette lol like the one from Urban Decay eye shadows. Lol

  96. Hazel Perez

    Hazel Perez2 hours ago

    Video starts at 2:40

  97. Heather Kasey

    Heather Kasey2 hours ago

    I have all Scott’s brushes and love them so much that I cleanse out all my other brushes. Now I only have his brushes and USworkr, Meejmuse’s brushes.

  98. Charlotte Mcilvena

    Charlotte Mcilvena2 hours ago

    NIKKI: do you like the dermacol or the Juvia’s Place better? about to buy foundation and need to know from you!!!! BTW: I need full coverage for my stage work in ballet, and my coach is super strict about coverage!!!!

  99. Pikachu lover26

    Pikachu lover262 hours ago

    Really glad she took the constructive criticism and is changing it up!

  100. Ele Marie

    Ele Marie2 hours ago

    I always thought Nikkie did her makeup in 30 minutes.