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Join hosts Hank Green, Kallie Moore, and Blake de Pastino as they take you on a journey through the history of life on Earth. From the dawn of life in the Archaean Eon through the Mesozoic Era - the so-called “Age of Dinosaurs” -- right up to the end of the most recent Ice Age.
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When Hobbits Were Real
When Bats Took Flight
When We Tamed Fire

When We Tamed Fire

7 months ago

When We First Made Tools
When Humans Were Prey
Eons Livestream Q&A
When Whales Walked
  1. Commanding Judge, Dredd

    Commanding Judge, Dredd2 minutes ago

    Gene Kelly goes back in time to perform "Singing in the Rain" again, and again and again and again and again.....

  2. David Richardson

    David Richardson8 minutes ago

    Ummm. I see you scientist aren't that smart after all. Idk if you know this but the body runs on glucose. Every single cell. And the brain uses the most of that glucose. We evolved eating sugar and it's clear. If we evolved eating meat we could be omnivores by now. You're talking 1 to 2 million years of evolution and all you're talking about is meat for energy. Lol if that was all they ate they would have never survived all this time.

  3. Justin Ceneviva

    Justin Ceneviva12 minutes ago

    When we started cooking food, we traded gut for brains.

  4. Jacob Olson

    Jacob Olson14 minutes ago

    I loved learning about these extinct animals

  5. Circle 25

    Circle 2524 minutes ago

    come to england now. raning non stop since the beginning

  6. Bob LowblawLawBlog

    Bob LowblawLawBlog28 minutes ago

    How do you think humans will evolve to become in the future?

  7. Richard Evans

    Richard Evans29 minutes ago

    The first photo looked like a plaster cast of John Holmes !

  8. Dan Juric

    Dan Juric42 minutes ago

    Poor early reptiles.

  9. Michael Aguirre

    Michael Aguirre46 minutes ago

    No we killed the hell out of it

  10. elias dvtra

    elias dvtra54 minutes ago

    because some humans were killed by animals it doesn't mean we weren't hunters

  11. Casey Bourbon

    Casey BourbonHour ago

    This is great mainstream media PBS...Now I can eliminate one explanation of how cats were "domesticated."

  12. Music Power

    Music PowerHour ago

    Just imagine sharing territory with this beast. Its dark and cold down there and this killing machine is lurking.

  13. Brian D

    Brian DHour ago

    Yeah... um... I'm going to have to watch this SEVERAL times!

  14. King Tua

    King TuaHour ago

    Can we domesticate crocodiles

  15. T. Ferttita is a Commie bootlicker

    T. Ferttita is a Commie bootlickerHour ago

    He didnt mention homo naledi, homo florensis, and possibly even homo erectus were alive at the same time as well.

  16. Andrew Connolly

    Andrew ConnollyHour ago

    They couldnt afford the price of shoes.

  17. Nickolas H

    Nickolas HHour ago

    Who else here is from Cyprus? We the kitty island of Europe. 😊🐱🐈

  18. e.c. havard

    e.c. havardHour ago

    Mutations have never, and I do mean NEVER worked out to be a benefit for the poor creature that develops it. All mutations have been in any living thing a degradation and not an augmentation for the mutant.

  19. HiWetcam

    HiWetcamHour ago

    See the disgusting bent spine ‘ideal’ German Shepherd pic at time 5:00?

  20. GodComplexion

    GodComplexionHour ago

    I'm gonna go out on what I consider to be a common sense limb here and say that, just like now, even way back then, we were both the hunters and the prey.

  21. denis njoroge

    denis njorogeHour ago

    That is my country Kenya, I live about 116km away from the place. Thanks for educating us

  22. A-MEI-zing

    A-MEI-zingHour ago

    Oh yeah that time

  23. anon ymous

    anon ymous2 hours ago

    Please explain how my 2nd husband evolved.

  24. Joseph

    Joseph2 hours ago

    I think the closest ALL LIFE ever got to failing was the great oxygenation event. The great dying was when COMPLEX LIFE got closest to failing.

  25. Edit Name

    Edit Name2 hours ago

    I think life is like a game that some outside entity is watching, like Rat Race. They’ve put different species on different “planets” & they’re all sitting around watching the entertainment and trying to see which species will have the intelligence to figure out what’s going on. But I’m not sure what happens after that... ha

  26. Edit Name

    Edit Name2 hours ago

    Wait so some of our earliest ancestors lived on this planet in dense rainforests where it rained nonstop and out of the bushes might come a big ole t-rex?!??? 😰😰😰

  27. steezzy boi

    steezzy boi2 hours ago

    Big pit bull

  28. R L

    R L2 hours ago

    We’re do we apply to get the name change to units?

  29. Harry Lime

    Harry Lime2 hours ago

    Cats are still kill for thrill animals. That has never been bread out of them. They kill to kill, not just to eat.. Australia has a real problem with feral cats.. harmless animals in Australia that have lived there for thousands of years like the koala bear and the sloth are being wiped out by feral cats. it is not known how many species of indigenous animals that have lived in Australia for thousands of years have already been wiped out by the cat ...

  30. 1000 subs with No videos challenge

    1000 subs with No videos challenge2 hours ago

    Britain = that time it rained for 10 hours straight cubed

  31. I am Goober

    I am Goober2 hours ago

    those losers are still having sex, i thought that trend would be over by now. Unlike you plebs, i duplicate

  32. Cormac Connolly

    Cormac Connolly3 hours ago

    The weather channel would be making big money after a while because it just kept hapenning

  33. A3NzIi

    A3NzIi3 hours ago

    Religion want to know your location

  34. Rebirth Resurrection

    Rebirth Resurrection3 hours ago

    Communal animal

  35. theARcritter

    theARcritter3 hours ago

    I, as well, feel tremendous pressure to disappear

  36. Sgr A*

    Sgr A*3 hours ago

    Hahaha sex...is that even a thing?

  37. Mateo A.

    Mateo A.3 hours ago

    Sooo.. Just saw a video from 2017 where apparently what seems to be a prehistoric sea scorpion kills a shark... Now I'm scared.

  38. Greg Pearcey

    Greg Pearcey3 hours ago

    Historic extinction events were frequently preceded by the incursion of homo sapiens and their ancestors.

  39. Echidna Dee

    Echidna Dee3 hours ago

    Someone at eon is playing ark! They keep doing vidis on dinos in the game, and what are the odds? Oh no...all those bones, history, art lost to war, you dont really think about that as losses alongside life but really its almost as tragic isn't it.

  40. Debbie Smith

    Debbie Smith3 hours ago

    My question is: how do they know???????

  41. benevolent

    benevolent3 hours ago

    4:45 nip slip

  42. Armando Alvarez

    Armando Alvarez4 hours ago

    I'm getting my car maintenanced, so I'm waiting in the lobby learning about this wet intermezzo

  43. Miguel Benitez

    Miguel Benitez4 hours ago

    Animals: Just chilling Lethal Lake: "I'm gonna do what's called a pro gamer move"

  44. xenomorph özkan n

    xenomorph özkan n4 hours ago

    I live in cyprus and ı have 5 cats

  45. Wassoll Das

    Wassoll Das4 hours ago

    Is a cat actually "domesticated"? I mean, usualy we use "domesticated" on lifeforms, that have, from one point onwards, an evolution that is controlled by humans instead of nature and by this clearly differ to the non-domesticated variant by DNA. Humans domesticated wheat/corn and fruits and vegetables, horses and sheep and goats and dogs. But cats? If cats are domesticated, then the genepool of house cats would need to be different from the genepool of wild cats. Their genepool would need to be optimized for a life alongside humans. (Like dogs genepool is. Human took a wolf and cleansed the genepool from everything he doesnt like and then he picked very rare genetical traits that he liked and made them so common that every single dog has them. THATS what is called "Domesticated". Thats totaly different from "tame". "Tame" is = the animal has LEANED to exist alongside humans. "Domesticated" means, the animals DNA was altered to perfectly exist alongside humans. Thats why one usualy warns from "tame" wild animals. BEcause their DNA is still wild, they can suddenly turn back to wild behavior. Domesticated animals should have that behavior removed from their genepool. At least mostly.

  46. Vernon Alexis

    Vernon Alexis4 hours ago

    Hyena ?

  47. Nottz-Gaming

    Nottz-Gaming4 hours ago

    * The great oxygenation event. *

  48. EbuHasan sabbah

    EbuHasan sabbah4 hours ago

    Human cant domesticate cats cats domesticates humans

  49. manuel ramirez

    manuel ramirez4 hours ago

    These videos are great.

  50. Alec Wilson

    Alec Wilson4 hours ago

    I have always wondered why they got so big while a elephant is the maximum a land mammal can get. It's so interesting to watch them run or walk so carefully on their pads.

  51. Tim Outman

    Tim Outman4 hours ago

    How did the avian dinosaurs survive the asteroid that killed off the non-avian dinosaurs? Please provide details of their habitat since forests were probably destroyed by the asteroid, too.

  52. Youcef Aoufi

    Youcef Aoufi4 hours ago

    when i hear the word " random " i switch off ...

  53. Wichita Disciple

    Wichita Disciple4 hours ago

    “The extreme rarity of transitional forms in the fossil record persists as the trade secret of paleontology. The evolutionary trees that adorn our text- books have data only at the tips and nodes of their branches; the rest is inference, however reasonable, not the evidence of fossils."" -Stephen Gould

  54. Bahrain

    Bahrain4 hours ago

    9500 years ago he had a boat !! How did he get to Cyprus


    ICE CREAM COW BOYZ4 hours ago


  56. Chrollo134

    Chrollo1345 hours ago

    I wish California would experience this rn

  57. Alfa _

    Alfa _5 hours ago

    Do they perform crusades to take the coral reefs?

  58. 98976h

    98976h5 hours ago

    I am sick of evolution

  59. Fred Derf

    Fred Derf5 hours ago

    Climate change? Millions of years ago when there was no people or industry? Gee, isn’t that amazing.

  60. Colton Schroeder

    Colton Schroeder5 hours ago

    Some serious Nope Ropes in this video...watch at your own peril...

  61. petergorm

    petergorm5 hours ago

    Interesting subject. But what's up with the speedy talk? What is the rush? Hard to listen to this.

  62. Fracking Saves

    Fracking Saves5 hours ago

    David Koch: a horrendous & evil billionaire whose name should not be associated with any scientific endeavor.

  63. Asmobia

    Asmobia6 hours ago

    I don't buy it.

  64. Scott Andrews

    Scott Andrews6 hours ago

    So cool, I love PBS!

  65. Hans Bjorgman

    Hans Bjorgman6 hours ago

    Maybe it's for the best that some animals go extinct.

  66. Fanso Nate

    Fanso Nate6 hours ago

    Just midgets

  67. Elizabeth Silvay

    Elizabeth Silvay6 hours ago

    Someone should divide the précambrien

  68. scotttufts

    scotttufts6 hours ago

    Think about the 18 hundreds where cats will hunt rabbits and flay them for you oh wait that was 1997 for me

  69. Photo Finish

    Photo Finish6 hours ago

    This story is just one big play on words.

  70. Kev

    Kev6 hours ago

    Weather man: yup a short sprinkle ahead

  71. Kev

    Kev6 hours ago

    I always watch this vid when it pops up in my recommended. I don’t know why 😂 I’ve seen it like 5 times already

  72. Photo Finish

    Photo Finish6 hours ago

    Dumping grounds, just like the British dumping pigeons everywhere.

  73. jamesd2128

    jamesd21286 hours ago

    You had me until 7.51 when you said Jagwires [shudder].

  74. Dario Spirit

    Dario Spirit6 hours ago

    When we gamed fire? Because the possibility that extraterrestrials passed it on is not an option? Really?

  75. frep you

    frep you6 hours ago

    are you sure the cats did not domesticate humans ^_-

  76. elise veldt

    elise veldt6 hours ago

    image they were psychoactive

  77. Hunter Irby

    Hunter Irby7 hours ago

    4:50 global warming huh ?

  78. James Rogers

    James Rogers7 hours ago

    Now I KNOW you gonna tell me about them Bear Dogs...

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    Shadow Realm7 hours ago

    Cars rule the word

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    ari ramsi7 hours ago

    blame it on the cats ? really

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    Dang Talon7 hours ago

    Alex and Steve

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    Dope Sandwich7 hours ago

    I'm doing nnn peacefully. YT recommendation: Hmmmm

  83. Jay

    Jay7 hours ago

    2:07 dicklike fingerbones

  84. Burning Ambition

    Burning Ambition7 hours ago

    You think big foot could be found In a similar habitat?

  85. KA J

    KA J7 hours ago

    Yo I'm related to, Goku, girls.. feel free to hmu

  86. Steve Magruder

    Steve Magruder7 hours ago

    Could you speak faster, please?

  87. Szujhinzu

    Szujhinzu7 hours ago

    7:53 didn't know that late Jurassic "birds" were already capable of such beautiful singing lol

  88. Lukas Aurelius

    Lukas Aurelius7 hours ago

    The Spanish didn't just bring one or two stallions. They had over a hundred knights to support, and they knew they were colonists needing to breed more, so they also brought brood mares. A ship would carry 6 or 8, or even more horses, and they had lots of ships. Plus, this didn't happen only once. Read the history of Cortez' venture into Florida and across the south of North America. They reported losing dozens of horses, escaping and stolen. Columbus set up a home base for exploration on the island of Hispaniola, and in the next wave, they were definitely breeding horses there. Since it was already obvious that there were none here, they knew that horses would be a military advantage.

  89. sudipto mukherji

    sudipto mukherji8 hours ago

    Is it just me wondering is it really the narrator who speaks non-stop too like that 2 million year long rainfall??

  90. Thexchumxbucket

    Thexchumxbucket8 hours ago

    We’re still real

  91. TheRoyalGallade [TRG]

    TheRoyalGallade [TRG]8 hours ago

    I think planes were the largest things to take flight?

  92. A J

    A J8 hours ago

    Please drop this host and find a man instead. I just can't take science seriously when presented by a female.

  93. Meisseli

    Meisseli8 hours ago

    What's the concept of a supposedly human induced climate change, for I never understood the idea..? The climate changes on it's own like shown here. One volcano erupts and releases more greenhouse gases than the entire humanity to this day. It's out of our control and trying to "slow it" and focusing on air temperature is pointless.

  94. Hadouken Hadouken

    Hadouken Hadouken8 hours ago

    How indigenous Indians became extinct in North America. - Truth

  95. Creature Artist

    Creature Artist8 hours ago

    Gamma Rays from the Sun ⛅ ☺️

  96. meliodas nanatsu no taizai

    meliodas nanatsu no taizai8 hours ago

    did this creature really exist

  97. Abstract Russian

    Abstract Russian8 hours ago

    Are you ready kids? Aye-aye captain. I can't hear you... Aye-aye captain! Ohhhhhh! Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

  98. Edy Coyote

    Edy Coyote8 hours ago

    All fossils were put here by Satan to test people's faith. They weren't real animals

  99. Marlton Johnson

    Marlton Johnson8 hours ago

    Having thalassophobia this probably isn't the best video for me to watch. Edit: and megalophobia

  100. xXxSkyViperxXx

    xXxSkyViperxXx8 hours ago

    maybe we should grow these scale trees to produce more oxygen then suck the co2 out to space