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  1. vaibhav kumar

    vaibhav kumarMinute ago


  2. Itz Meh

    Itz Meh5 minutes ago

    When I watch this on netflix I cried a hundred times its sad

  3. Ashoka MM

    Ashoka MM7 minutes ago

    Mj king of pop

  4. Aman Patel

    Aman Patel9 minutes ago

    What the hell

  5. Abby Crawford

    Abby Crawford14 minutes ago

    Wow this just looks like a different story. I wonder if the gunslinger does to Jake what he does in the book? Seems way to PG

  6. my cup of TAE

    my cup of TAE19 minutes ago

    I came here after seeing Breakthrough

  7. butler3251

    butler325120 minutes ago

    Damn, Sony cockblocked Disney so hard this time xD

  8. all about govt job

    all about govt job20 minutes ago

    finally gangadhar becomes shaktimaan

  9. JuZuou Desu

    JuZuou Desu22 minutes ago

    1:31 the man who cheated Pacman

  10. Gravity gaming

    Gravity gaming34 minutes ago

    1:32 **GUNSHOT**


    KADAK TIME35 minutes ago

    its far from home

  12. albinus alvares

    albinus alvares36 minutes ago

    Spiderman has become a toy for sony

  13. Antony D'Andrea

    Antony D'Andrea38 minutes ago

    For me the giveaway was when beck said this earth was 616, which is wrong

  14. JediDavid1703

    JediDavid170338 minutes ago

    Nick Fury + Star Wars reference = Plot Hole

  15. Gaurav Oppo

    Gaurav Oppo38 minutes ago

    Best movie🙏

  16. Louie Smithen

    Louie Smithen41 minute ago

    "Tom holland also known as spiderman"... Hhe.. hehehe. Heheheheheheheh......

  17. Flaming Ravie

    Flaming Ravie42 minutes ago

    I like the first one, though. Like if you do too.

  18. Deepak Agarwal

    Deepak Agarwal49 minutes ago

    I thought this is a new movie 😶

  19. Ashley Wilson

    Ashley Wilson52 minutes ago

    Man the first one was funny but I ready for part 2. They need to turn this into an epic film series.

  20. Alesh D

    Alesh D55 minutes ago

    sony pls stop not again//

  21. Tanzeel Bin Saud

    Tanzeel Bin SaudHour ago

    In this shot no extended cuts are there seen I have seen this in theater

  22. Venom

    VenomHour ago


  23. eliui wad

    eliui wadHour ago

    WTF i thought that was a new movie by Sony

  24. Joseph Eichel

    Joseph EichelHour ago


  25. Rafferty Keegan-Sharief

    Rafferty Keegan-ShariefHour ago

    0:38 PRINCESS JASMINE!!!!!! 💖💖💖💜💜💜

  26. Flane XD

    Flane XDHour ago

    Brenner : **beats donkey kong** Gameboy : *am i a joke to you?*

  27. Psalm Mushitala

    Psalm MushitalaHour ago

    This is cool y'all

  28. Axel Fiktor Bojoh Asbi

    Axel Fiktor Bojoh AsbiHour ago

    So nobody's gonna talk about how he just said earth dimension-616? (main dimension)

  29. Star Beard

    Star BeardHour ago

    I am happy that spider-man left MCU.

  30. Anand Gupta

    Anand GuptaHour ago

    I watched this movie in Blu-ray yesterday. And the best thing is yesterday was not october 1st. 😂

  31. Kshitij Bali

    Kshitij BaliHour ago

    Did Sony just try to sell an old movie as a new one?

  32. Jeremy Barnes

    Jeremy BarnesHour ago

    3:52 Foreshadowing

  33. Ravi Kishor

    Ravi KishorHour ago

    This scene already in movie

  34. Kazi Tanha

    Kazi TanhaHour ago

    wait i saw this in the is this extended???

  35. McAllister Pulswaithe

    McAllister PulswaitheHour ago

    I just started watching this and there’s a falling star at 6:27. Upper right. Pretty cool. I think they just caught this by accident.

  36. Neil Franklin

    Neil FranklinHour ago

    proof that these actors are totally unable to speak without a script ..........

  37. Fahad Miya

    Fahad MiyaHour ago

    Marvel is include

  38. arnold schwarzenegger

    arnold schwarzeneggerHour ago


  39. Sara Fernández

    Sara FernándezHour ago

    Illo acabo de volver de fiesta estoy viendo esto y me va a explotar la cabeza

  40. GamingPro1003

    GamingPro1003Hour ago

    Hmm... do I buy this movie to support Tom? Or do I not buy it in order to push Sony to give Spiderman back?

  41. ARP Metro

    ARP MetroHour ago

    Spierman come back in MCU

  42. Daiane Doces Gourmet

    Daiane Doces GourmetHour ago

    Caralhoooooooooooo que filmaçoooooooo 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲 Vem Kristen minha rainha 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  43. Mateo Leoz

    Mateo LeozHour ago

    Charlie's Angel's were glamorous sexy classy not these porn star looking women

  44. Md Yusuf Ansari

    Md Yusuf AnsariHour ago

    I loved spider man movies

  45. Mateo Leoz

    Mateo LeozHour ago

    They hired the whore who slept with her boss kristen? Not watching this they are all ugly

  46. Srabon shehab 10

    Srabon shehab 10Hour ago

    We want Spider-man in Marvel Comics..who's with me?

  47. Joe Okotie

    Joe OkotieHour ago

    who's here after seeing the movie

  48. Lenny TheStandUser

    Lenny TheStandUser2 hours ago

    10 years ago When first saw this trailer I fell in love with it and I managed to watch the movie on day 1 10 years later Same thing happened I really can’t wait for Double Tap

  49. just singh

    just singh2 hours ago

    Means seriously u hv played to our feelings... 🤬🤬🤬 How could u do that to us 😣😣

  50. Κωνσταντής Ποιότης

    Κωνσταντής Ποιότης2 hours ago

    Bring him back!!

  51. Tanmay Doshi

    Tanmay Doshi2 hours ago

    Come on we want MARVEL.NOT SONY

  52. Raj Vardhan

    Raj Vardhan2 hours ago

    Ok so who else also thought it's a brand new movie from sony😑

  53. Thejas K R

    Thejas K R2 hours ago

    Tom Holland is crying inside 🤣🤣

  54. THE kartik

    THE kartik2 hours ago

    Best song of the year on my channel please view and share 🌬️😂🙂🎆👌😃🙂🎆

  55. Mr. Akj

    Mr. Akj2 hours ago

    Sorry but I didn't find any extended clip All the scenes were in the movie MAN!!!!!!

  56. michael bowring

    michael bowring2 hours ago

    People zone

  57. marc waters

    marc waters2 hours ago

    i like tom holland hes the best spiderman and top fella

  58. Sharad Kushwaha

    Sharad Kushwaha2 hours ago

    These scenes are there in the movies, so what's is it extended for.

  59. ChangeTheWorld

    ChangeTheWorld2 hours ago

    1:57-The face she makes when she finds out you watch Tekking101 🤣🤣

  60. ashif khan behena

    ashif khan behena2 hours ago

    They can make actually😍✌

  61. Shivam Sharma

    Shivam Sharma2 hours ago


  62. Laufield

    Laufield2 hours ago

    Sony pulled spider-man out of mcu. Leave Spider-Man alone! It from marvel comic

  63. goku

    goku2 hours ago

    5th on trending in india

  64. The Mighty Bolt

    The Mighty Bolt2 hours ago

    1:35 ‘Nick Fury’ says, “Mr. Beck is from Earth, just not YOURS” not OURS. No one could’ve caught that.

  65. Budda Zm

    Budda Zm2 hours ago

    Зомбиленд фарэва! Обожаю это фильм! Актерам жырный респ!

  66. Subha Gain

    Subha Gain2 hours ago

    Very disappointed after watching this. I thought it would be a new movie by Marvel. 😠

  67. Sarcasm: -100

    Sarcasm: -1002 hours ago

    Why is nobody hating on this trailer, Night monkey is a terrible rip-off version of Spiderman. Sony should be ashamed of themselves for copying Spiderman

  68. Prabir Kumar Das

    Prabir Kumar Das2 hours ago


  69. Kaitie Del Rey

    Kaitie Del Rey2 hours ago

    Never another Winona Ryder sorry Sony

  70. JustPatrick

    JustPatrick2 hours ago

    i'm really disappointed cause some of the scenes in this trailer were not in the movie smh

  71. Kritiko

    Kritiko2 hours ago

    Sony: "nOw On DiGiTaL" Also Sony: "Nah fam Australia doesn't get it, we don't care about y'all you don't exist lmao"

  72. RazorRaptorq Roblox & More

    RazorRaptorq Roblox & More2 hours ago

    Next should be... Spider-Man : In the Studioverse Like how he goes around the internet to go back to Sony dumb idea i know🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ but ye :P

  73. Arjun Smarty

    Arjun Smarty3 hours ago

    Well, plz some clarifi me plzz... Is this marvel movie or sony movie?... What about story continues of marvel or completely new beginning?..😩😩

  74. Benny R

    Benny R3 hours ago

    Naomi Scott is hands down the most beautiful one there. How is she so pretty

  75. Kin Man

    Kin Man3 hours ago

    3:41 The reaction about Captain Marvel.... Skrull😂😂😂

  76. YT CallMeFear

    YT CallMeFear3 hours ago


  77. Will Smith

    Will Smith3 hours ago

    So which part was the extended part ???

  78. Sean Jones

    Sean Jones3 hours ago

    Thanks. I don't get to the movies at all. I like watching MARVEL alone or with true MARVEL fans. Nevertheless, i wish people stop giving Sony a bad rap. They help kick off the MARVEL movies. And, they bought the rights to Spiderman when MARVEL was doing bad. Disney ought to be showing gratitude. And, be thankful they listened to fans. But, i think Disney needs understand the history of MARVEL has been around longer than than the amount of time they owned MARVEL. This thanksgiving and Christmas, be thankful. BMORE MIKE J

  79. Dvezo

    Dvezo3 hours ago

    I thought this was venom

  80. Parina Samson

    Parina Samson3 hours ago

    Seriously are you kidding me 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  81. Darwin Salas

    Darwin Salas3 hours ago

    So nick fury knows about star wars and so does peter but does he recognizes nick fury and mace windu??🤔🤔

  82. jp Singh

    jp Singh3 hours ago

    Ee salla hai ki koi dassu 🤬

  83. Luke Rollins

    Luke Rollins3 hours ago

    Even Dead I’m The Hero

  84. Laurence Delos Santos

    Laurence Delos Santos3 hours ago


  85. Speedcell

    Speedcell3 hours ago


  86. I Sid

    I Sid3 hours ago

    Does anyone know anyone in the movie before the creating of it? If you do please like .

  87. Swapnil Chavan

    Swapnil Chavan3 hours ago

    The whole trip was cringe

  88. Darshan Gowda

    Darshan Gowda3 hours ago

    Spiderman homeless

  89. Kayco

    Kayco3 hours ago

    ArE wE iN fLoRiDa? I love how Dwayne is trying to do a Broklyn accent🤣🤣

  90. Aldo Raine

    Aldo Raine3 hours ago

    There’s a reason I still remember this trailer today


    DOMINIC SAVIERR3 hours ago


  92. QWERT YZ

    QWERT YZ3 hours ago

    Watch my short clips on this movir

  93. Raounak Mishrra

    Raounak Mishrra3 hours ago

    When i look at society today Hero never makes any difference now, villain does.

  94. Mr Kambeng 101

    Mr Kambeng 1013 hours ago

    even bosley is a woman... feminist everywhere.🤦

  95. Rejuvenating Rhythms

    Rejuvenating Rhythms3 hours ago

    Bet mysterio is jealous. He wanted to kill Spider-Man, but Sony did it before he could.

  96. Chak 797

    Chak 7973 hours ago

    2:11 okay marvel we get how you love to include subtle details

  97. GC Corbin

    GC Corbin3 hours ago

    Movie is pretty rad

  98. Téa Krzykowski

    Téa Krzykowski3 hours ago

    "Initiating, what now?" 😅


    ABHISHEK GOUR3 hours ago

    Why spider is always near the trains😀😂


    AKASH NATH3 hours ago

    Watch this trailer in hindi in my channal ',, click on the thumbnail to watch