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  1. Hani's Pawn

    Hani's PawnHour ago

    And here i thought i escaped the newmans lol

  2. Boigotswag

    Boigotswag2 hours ago

    If you 6ft+ and you can’t dunk you just not athletic. I wanna see some people under 6ft booming that’s real bounce

  3. Cristy Historillo

    Cristy Historillo2 hours ago

    Julian Newman I see him

  4. Quimpo

    Quimpo2 hours ago

    Number 23 looks like Bronny all grown up 😂😂

  5. habibi habibi

    habibi habibi3 hours ago

    Yeah he got that conqueror haki

  6. Drippyboi 2

    Drippyboi 24 hours ago


  7. Max Corder

    Max Corder6 hours ago


  8. CallMeElmo

    CallMeElmo11 hours ago

    I didn’t see Tristan a lot this game and how can u compare Tristan if didn’t half the time

  9. Pockets Swole

    Pockets Swole12 hours ago

    D1... Highschool? What

  10. 4kt Music

    4kt Music13 hours ago

    Diangelo russle type game

  11. Slimey Riq

    Slimey Riq14 hours ago

    “Jimma has entered the chat”

  12. Red Acura

    Red Acura14 hours ago

    Bloom back on the map 👀 Hooped in that gym dozens of times

  13. Brendan Cronin

    Brendan Cronin15 hours ago

    Did they model Thanos character after the Big Diesel?

  14. flipflopsneeded

    flipflopsneeded19 hours ago

    Refs won the game for your team.

  15. Stephen B

    Stephen B19 hours ago

    The number 2 is pretty good as well, Anyone know his name?

  16. Semaj Brown

    Semaj Brown20 hours ago

    I just transferred from bloom for my senior year cause I moved to cali. Seeing this gym again and all my friends like Dante and Donovan brings back memories

  17. owensco54

    owensco5420 hours ago

    Freak athlete? Half the dudes in D1 have way more bounce then him ...

  18. Mr Sadboy

    Mr Sadboy20 hours ago

    What is he tall 11:08

  19. Saucydog14 14

    Saucydog14 1420 hours ago

    He goated

  20. bnicedagreat

    bnicedagreatDay ago

    Did they stack their team and play against weaker competition on purpose?

  21. Sid Ferrell

    Sid FerrellDay ago

    dont try jimma like that

  22. Teeto Finesse

    Teeto FinesseDay ago

    My boy christian


    RAY'S REALMDay ago


  24. Bob Jones

    Bob JonesDay ago

    Built like Kevon Looney

  25. Ghost Meezy

    Ghost MeezyDay ago

    Who is dat ? He tuff

  26. Will Rembert

    Will RembertDay ago

    This man had 54 pts

  27. lilmilt28

    lilmilt28Day ago


  28. Lewis Vuitton Von

    Lewis Vuitton VonDay ago

    Most definitely Jimma!! His bounce different🤧

  29. Detgol Chuol

    Detgol ChuolDay ago


  30. Certain OnB

    Certain OnBDay ago

    Niggas forget who jimma is 😂🤦‍♂️🖕this nigga not even boomin like that

  31. Bless Kamuena

    Bless KamuenaDay ago


  32. Jack G Epic Gamer Moments

    Jack G Epic Gamer MomentsDay ago

    whites vs blacks the ultimate showdown

  33. alansmith888

    alansmith888Day ago


  34. Day12My

    Day12MyDay ago

    He should have went to Duke...He would fit in better there...

  35. alansmith888

    alansmith888Day ago


  36. Marcus Davis

    Marcus Davis2 days ago


  37. Antuan Jones

    Antuan Jones2 days ago

    When coaches come to see certain players they let them know what they want to see on the court. DJ was doing what they asked. Tyler played better because all he wanted to do was score. He wasn't given an agenda. Bottom line...Welcome to the #brotherhood DJ.

  38. Ameen Hammad

    Ameen Hammad2 days ago

    What high school he attending?

  39. corey yo

    corey yo2 days ago

    Duke nation 😤

  40. CokeLandFilms EGO MEDIA

    CokeLandFilms EGO MEDIA2 days ago

    🤣😂😭😭😂🤣dude green as hell

  41. nolan14patterson

    nolan14patterson2 days ago


  42. Roi Wasabi

    Roi Wasabi2 days ago

    He cant defend me really

  43. Xavier Mcfield

    Xavier Mcfield2 days ago

    What high school he goin too???

  44. Blood In My Eye

    Blood In My Eye3 days ago

    KD, KG (Kevin Garnett), or a Fab 5-Jalen Rose???...🤔🤔🤔. Kid's got a versatile skill set.

  45. FluSeason

    FluSeason3 days ago

    Is Tyler Herro a walking bucket???

  46. Brendan Cronin

    Brendan Cronin3 days ago

    Now Imagine what it’s like to guard Russel Westbrook or Kawhi Leonard

  47. Avery Wingard Jr.

    Avery Wingard Jr.3 days ago

    I always liked his game and thought he was a great player,now I kno why he from my city.He's gonna be really good jus gotta keep workin at it.

  48. Markens Castelly

    Markens Castelly3 days ago

    Nigga look like a like skin Chris Paul a lil

  49. _ Fresh_Geek_

    _ Fresh_Geek_3 days ago

    No one talking about number 0, he is a monster.

  50. Reid H.

    Reid H.3 days ago

    #2 can ball too!

  51. Cicero Hobbs

    Cicero Hobbs3 days ago

    black people got so much style

  52. Christopher Barnes

    Christopher Barnes3 days ago

    ESL needs better coaching. They not tough nor do they follow through on defense. They running hard just to stop and give an open 3pnt shot. Smh

  53. Captain AiirBorne86

    Captain AiirBorne863 days ago

    Jordan Stevens looks like a prime Brandon Roy out there.

  54. shawnsta07

    shawnsta074 days ago

    Dlo type pace to his game.

  55. 7 7

    7 74 days ago

    Yeah like as a ball player who has played against like all levels, those jumps are serious. High School, D3, D2, D1, Semi-Pro, Pro, NBA(A, B and C) NBA All Star(A, B and C). Which I'm pretty sure we would all debate about as far as who is NBA A or B, etc. but y'all know what I mean. Respect the Game. There is a different skill set on each level. This cat is clearly Semi-Pro to Pro. Everytime people say such and such is trash in the NBA, I be like yo such and such will give you 50 in any summer league!!! Respect the Game!!!

  56. Ganiyu Are

    Ganiyu Are4 days ago

    #24 name is Askia Booker, you’re welcome 😭

  57. F.R.E Chris

    F.R.E Chris4 days ago

    Where is that hesi ? And 24 hard

  58. Charles Whitlock

    Charles Whitlock4 days ago

    The 7 foot tall kid who shoots 3s

  59. Dill Pickle

    Dill Pickle4 days ago

    That boy balling 4 pierre

  60. Jabari

    Jabari4 days ago

    They trash

  61. Jack Pitts

    Jack Pitts4 days ago

    What HS he going to?

  62. AnthonyTheGod

    AnthonyTheGod4 days ago

    Make this like button blue if you are good at basketball 🎅🏿

  63. JaxTheDemon

    JaxTheDemon4 days ago

    He really tuff like dat I cannot lie

  64. JaxTheDemon

    JaxTheDemon4 days ago


  65. Happy KiDDO

    Happy KiDDO4 days ago


  66. Happy KiDDO

    Happy KiDDO4 days ago

    that 3-point line is tech. mid-range, so it’s a must for them to knock em down consistently

  67. Treylan Gonsoulin

    Treylan Gonsoulin4 days ago

    I swear this is the best camera man on the planet.

  68. Jazz Critic

    Jazz Critic4 days ago

    Dj looks happier that Dennis is their

  69. Jazz Critic

    Jazz Critic4 days ago

    It would be funny if dj and scotties kid were teamates in the future

  70. Nicky Page

    Nicky Page4 days ago

    @16:10 buddy got his shit snached😂😂😂

  71. SC Guy

    SC Guy4 days ago

    Nice video but after watching Michael Jordan greatest plays. Ehhh

  72. Jaylen Bellamy

    Jaylen Bellamy4 days ago

    Him in Charlie plus ayo where killers I swear to GOD.

  73. Jaylen Bellamy

    Jaylen Bellamy4 days ago


  74. Xavier 903

    Xavier 9035 days ago

    refs was cheating

  75. Elliot Carlyle

    Elliot Carlyle5 days ago

    why does the camra man zoom into lebron the whole video

  76. eadekolu

    eadekolu5 days ago

    Feel sorry for the kid at the end tho

  77. Zach A

    Zach A5 days ago

    11:31 I don’t think people appreciate how clean that shit is

  78. Lyndon Tree

    Lyndon Tree5 days ago

    The team in white shirts had a midget black (#2) lol...

  79. Scott Amon

    Scott Amon5 days ago

    LOL, why did he push his own teammate?

  80. Alex Gonzalez

    Alex Gonzalez5 days ago

    the step back at 2:13 made me like the video

  81. Will Gao

    Will Gao5 days ago

    1:30 🚨😳

  82. B Braithwaite

    B Braithwaite5 days ago

    Good game

  83. B Braithwaite

    B Braithwaite5 days ago

    ..Goofy missed the dunk lol

  84. R

    R5 days ago

    Duke really came to watch these bums ? 😂

  85. Stanley Brunson

    Stanley Brunson6 days ago

    Now Maxey and Fletcher gonna be teammates BBN

  86. Ganiyu Are

    Ganiyu Are6 days ago

    This just makes me wanna get in the gym even more 🤯

  87. Josiah Brown

    Josiah Brown6 days ago

    He had a handshake for everybody on the bench 😭

  88. Roderick Sullivan

    Roderick Sullivan6 days ago

    He not that impressive!

  89. M&J Rare car collection

    M&J Rare car collection6 days ago

    #22 look like a boogie wit a hoodie😂😭

  90. Jerodd Hamilton

    Jerodd Hamilton6 days ago

    If he flawless now just wait a few more years when he fully developes.

  91. Doc Gibbs Da Don

    Doc Gibbs Da Don6 days ago

    We know now. Ooh that rhyme.

  92. ChrishyChrish

    ChrishyChrish6 days ago

    This kids good.. you know you’re good when you get triple teamed

  93. Movie Vet

    Movie Vet7 days ago

    Shaq needs to lose some weight

  94. A_ Boomin

    A_ Boomin7 days ago

    That’s the high school squad? If so they tuff💯

  95. Bob Anderson

    Bob Anderson7 days ago

    I hope DJ Steward and Adam Miller team up at Illinois and Ayo Dosunmu stay

  96. merrill andrews

    merrill andrews7 days ago

    Tyler is going to end up at Duke or Texas too watch. He has a motor..

  97. oluwa daramola

    oluwa daramola7 days ago

    Tyler exposed DJ 😂

  98. Squanch Wanch

    Squanch Wanch7 days ago

    Imagine trying to coach kids who miss wide open shots cause they wanted to dunk..

  99. -FndI- AustiN

    -FndI- AustiN8 days ago

    What 2k game speed is this lil nigga on.


    DETROIT TEA8 days ago

    Still playing AAU