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The Rio Duology

The Rio Duology

7 months ago

Top 10 Cartoon Clowns
  1. Drew Hogan

    Drew HoganHour ago

    Jay baruchel as hiccup Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime Frank Welker as literally anyone

  2. Aidan Smith

    Aidan SmithHour ago

    Imagine Band Geeks not being someone's number one

  3. Johnny Pempek

    Johnny PempekHour ago

    25:58 Was "floss" as the imagery and "flaws" used in the sentence a pun?

  4. Johnny Pempek

    Johnny PempekHour ago

    I've also been "that guy who is scared of roller coasters" almost every time I go to Six Flags Great America.

  5. Kung Fu Kong

    Kung Fu KongHour ago

    In my opinion the first one was the best then second little worse but still really good and the third was ok but a good ending to the franchise.

  6. hamsandwich 25

    hamsandwich 25Hour ago

    Everyone here saying this movie was your childhood. Y'all must still be children cause this movie only came out 10 years ago. In theaters nonetheless. DVD we're talking prolly 7-8 years ago you were watching this. Everyone's in such a rush to turn things nostalgic. Slow down, enjoy the time you have now, got damn.

  7. Lord Zizumias

    Lord ZizumiasHour ago

    The only scene I remember from this movie was when a couple of Pterodactyls that worshiped storms ripped apart a cute squirrel right in front of our eyes.

  8. The Auxiliary

    The Auxiliary2 hours ago

    I heard that Professor Layton OST in there. Was it The Veil of Night? :')

  9. Riley Cook Davis

    Riley Cook Davis2 hours ago

    She came back in season 4

  10. leonardo curiel

    leonardo curiel2 hours ago

    i always loved that film when i was smoll

  11. hamsandwich 25

    hamsandwich 252 hours ago

    6:46 my girlfriend with those 2 guys she told me not to worry about

  12. Lavender Avenue

    Lavender Avenue2 hours ago

    I agree, this movie is pretty average. It’s just one of those movies that you forget (for me anyways, I’m not much of a “movie person” myself. Im just here cus I forgot about this movie.). I’m honestly surprised as to have why many people even like this movie lol. (It’s your opinion of course, if you like the movie, good for you).

  13. Karl The Snarl

    Karl The Snarl3 hours ago

    Is that the guy that Pewdiepie helped get popular, nice to see he’s doing good for himself!

  14. x CEGold

    x CEGold4 hours ago

    Easily one of my Top 5 favorite Disney Cartoons. Ranks right up there with Kim Possible.

  15. Lives At home247

    Lives At home2474 hours ago

    Does anyone think that the 6th film would be the endgame of the franchise or no?

  16. Shadow Spector

    Shadow Spector4 hours ago

    So what happens if a 6 movie comes out that redeems the franchise?

  17. Shadow Spector

    Shadow Spector5 hours ago

    You say Kai wasn't intimidating but I grew extremely tense when I heard his chains swinging near the climax.

  18. Unnatural

    Unnatural5 hours ago

    25:55 "Would really have to go out of my way to find *floss* with this episode" goddammit

  19. loop zoop

    loop zoop5 hours ago

    Why do the weirdest shows come from the place I live.....

  20. Caleb Donald

    Caleb Donald6 hours ago

    How to train your dragon: am I a joke to you?

  21. a jojo fan on the internet

    a jojo fan on the internet6 hours ago

    *kakyoin did you R E R O this E G G*

  22. The law84

    The law846 hours ago

    I think one of the best things about the trilogy is the fact they treat the audience with respect they could've easily dumbed it down bc it's a kid's movie but they still didn't pander to the fact that kids won't pay attention to plot and development and cinematography

  23. Pedro Boh

    Pedro Boh6 hours ago

    Nice use of Space Station Silicon Valley music in the end.

  24. Jacob Tea

    Jacob Tea6 hours ago

    I would put Not What He Seems and A Tale of Two Stans as a tie for the top spot.

  25. Dr Numbnuts

    Dr Numbnuts6 hours ago

    Intense nostalgia for me

  26. OOF ur memes

    OOF ur memes7 hours ago

    I remember watching this as a kid and enjoying it. I never really like the sequels, it was enjoyable movie. Would I watch it again? No, I liked it but was a great movie? No

  27. Joe Elliott

    Joe Elliott7 hours ago

    Pixar: ahh toy story the most prefect trilogy Dreamworks Animations: hold my bear

  28. London Gordon

    London Gordon7 hours ago

    So no one is going to talk about that amazing transition at 20:14?

  29. Juan José Marín Londoño

    Juan José Marín Londoño7 hours ago

    In the latin american dub it was the "dragón occidental" or western dragon, and you know, I prefer that title

  30. asriel

    asriel7 hours ago

    i am eating raising canes who wants some

  31. Spyder Rain

    Spyder Rain7 hours ago

    The two main goons are Spike and.. .... Whitey...

  32. amberthesuperfox

    amberthesuperfox8 hours ago

    I liked this movie it was ok Madagascar was MUCH better

  33. Tybis

    Tybis8 hours ago

    I'd eat out Buck's ass not gonna lie.

  34. TornadoMatty01

    TornadoMatty018 hours ago

    funny thing that I never watched the second movie, just the first and third which I thought it was the second

  35. KLH

    KLH9 hours ago

    You just reminded me that I watched Valiant way too much as a kid tho XD

  36. ratradical 25

    ratradical 259 hours ago

    1:01 soooooooo basically wonder over yonder

  37. Esther Yogman

    Esther Yogman9 hours ago

    LMAO 3:15

  38. Evan Walker

    Evan Walker9 hours ago


  39. bAtMaN

    bAtMaN10 hours ago

    Damn i forgot it exist

  40. Mr Burrito

    Mr Burrito10 hours ago

    I wasn't a fan of the 3rd one, i only watched it once tho a couple of years ago so i could be wrong, but i LOVE Kung Fu Panda 1 and 2.

  41. PhoenixFire504

    PhoenixFire50410 hours ago

    Mr. Ping is just perfect.

  42. XxBlossom-1003579xX

    XxBlossom-1003579xX10 hours ago

    I actually enjoyed the Christmas special.

  43. Gnome Queen

    Gnome Queen10 hours ago

    I saw this in theatres

  44. Animation Space

    Animation Space11 hours ago

    *d I N a S o Y y*

  45. L W

    L W11 hours ago

    Heck..even seeing Season 2 scenes makes me cry, that's how good s2 is

  46. Vitamineq

    Vitamineq11 hours ago

    thumbnail is literally better than TTG

  47. Zack Rader

    Zack Rader12 hours ago


  48. some guy

    some guy12 hours ago

    I thought there was only one film now the fuck did they make so much.

  49. steve

    steve12 hours ago

    I still look forward to each day I spend with you

  50. Jim Churchyard

    Jim Churchyard12 hours ago

    Po using the Wuxi Finger Hold is not deus ex machina. It is set up at the start of the film.

  51. Battlefront 2 Mods

    Battlefront 2 Mods12 hours ago

    I'm surprised the explorers weren't British, colonizing primitive aboriginals is right up their alley.

  52. Herohammer Studios

    Herohammer Studios12 hours ago

    I watched the danish dub, so the entire part where you're just gushing about the voice actors feels incredibly pointless

  53. That One Fuckwit

    That One Fuckwit12 hours ago

    You'd have better luck in a game of Russain roulette then DreamWorks in the box office

  54. dream hunter

    dream hunter13 hours ago

    I like the croods. I don't have anything against it.

  55. Shock Vox

    Shock Vox13 hours ago

    Didn’t expect fucking Akuma music

  56. Justin Cruz

    Justin Cruz14 hours ago

    Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! You’re telling me BRYAN $&@%#$& CRANSTON was in one of these movies?

  57. Stalin The God

    Stalin The God14 hours ago


  58. Ritvij Tiwari

    Ritvij Tiwari14 hours ago

    9:36 #Which movie is this? #CoCo?

  59. Jet Jenkins

    Jet Jenkins15 hours ago

    I did not expect Gouki's theme from 3rd Strike there.

  60. Theron Brown

    Theron Brown16 hours ago

    Ice age 6: nuclear war Ice age 7: space race Ice age 8: time travel Ice age 9: star war Ice age 10: what the hell is happening Ice age 11: entropy Ice age 12: population reaches 1,000,000,000 Ice age 13: the end. Ice age 14: never mind.

  61. Viola Nettling

    Viola Nettling16 hours ago

    I wonder if the movies would have the same awesomeness if the characters are humans, not animals.

  62. John Reddick

    John Reddick16 hours ago

    I actually thought that Jake's slang was SUPPOSED to be lame and cringey. I thought he was supposed to be a dorky kid desperately trying to be cool by being "street" and failing miserably.

  63. Cyrus Hall

    Cyrus Hall16 hours ago

    I definitely first read this as "did sokka have aids?"

  64. Kakmonstret 725

    Kakmonstret 72516 hours ago

    you should talk about that show "Packages from Planet X" and the one with four kids who gets superpowers from magical space balls

  65. TraditionalAviator

    TraditionalAviator16 hours ago

    The only thing I didn't like was the build up between Po and Tigress only to shoe in Mei-Mei. Po and Tigress had a fantastic dynamic and I feel he helped her soften up a bit and be more at ease whenever he was around.

  66. Killer Kirby

    Killer Kirby16 hours ago

    well dont forget the awsome tv sow

  67. tanmay yadav

    tanmay yadav17 hours ago

    Jack for kungfu panda is what williams for the jene

  68. Marispider (Ze Medic)

    Marispider (Ze Medic)17 hours ago

    I remember enjoying The Croods. I don't remember a ton about the movie though... So take that as you will. I 100% agree with the visuals and designs being stunning though

  69. ItsASquid

    ItsASquid17 hours ago

    So a collection of opinions from a furry: - I don't understand fursuits either. It's easy to generalise but we aren't all as stereotypical as people think. - I can honestly understand why kids may enjoy the first film in this series. It has some stand out moments, particularly the songs made in howl. - The guy mentioning alpha mentality is correct 100% - This film has done genuinely hilarious facial expressions sometimes. They have just the right blend of human expression and animal build. A rarity for many animations.

  70. Diane Todd

    Diane Todd17 hours ago

    Ok Ko Has finally ended bless the lord we had such a god tier finale to end a god tier show may you rest in peace and who can forget the sonic crossover imma go cry now 😂😭

  71. paperbag head

    paperbag head18 hours ago

    Alright, so I saw the 1st movie when I was younger (like 3-6 or something???) nonstop. About a few weeks ago the movie was available on TV and you know what happened? I'm 18 years old and was fucking bawling at the end. That never happened before in the past. I've seen it twice the past two weeks and I'm still crying at the end... The other movies didnt really get that reaction.

  72. Lucca Saran

    Lucca Saran19 hours ago

    My list

  73. Zack ñø

    Zack ñø20 hours ago

    Kai have the best theme song :)

  74. 4xI

    4xI20 hours ago

    u just lost a subscriber

  75. Ori J

    Ori J21 hour ago

    I think you mixed up the words "Innate" and "Inert"

  76. alstinson

    alstinson21 hour ago

    Love that you brought the show back into public consciousness. I have my own fond memories of watching as a young adult, my sister showed it to me, and it was a deal of fun. Also due to a bad case of mental illness at the time, it was comforting to indulge in such a funny and mostly optimistic cartoon

  77. Michael Imray

    Michael Imray22 hours ago

    you know its going to be a good video when the litteral first thing in the video is not related to the title whatsoever

  78. V2 Delight

    V2 Delight22 hours ago

    Dude, I never even knew this was a movie, I HAD THE *BOOK*

  79. alstinson

    alstinson22 hours ago

    Talk about Go Away Unicorn, since no one talks about it.

  80. Thisis Minoo

    Thisis Minoo22 hours ago

    I actually like 'The Wild'. That scene when they're in trash truck (is that what u call it?😅) & they see NY city at night, is one of the prettiest scenes ever. I loved that part.

  81. DarkyBoode32

    DarkyBoode3222 hours ago

    I agree with you on that one, Chicken Little is a horrible movie!

  82. Jirka Blahút

    Jirka Blahút23 hours ago

    Till now I didn't even know this movie existed...

  83. Sourabh Raja

    Sourabh Raja23 hours ago

    Isn't that the point. The reason why Oogway never told Po about the pandas... The moment he sees Po land infront of him for the selection of dragon warrior.. He chose him without hesitation and acts as if its all destiny. He chose him because he had a past with pandas and knew what Po could become if he is nurtured. And that's exactly what he told Shifu to do in the first movie. To nurture Po into becoming the dragon warrior cause Pandas do have a history of Kung Fu. Just my opinion.

  84. The Mediocre Artist Fer AXAG

    The Mediocre Artist Fer AXAGDay ago

    I didn't even knew they made a 4th let alone a 5th movie what the hell

  85. Zangelin

    ZangelinDay ago

    The only thing I don't like about these movies is the name. Kung-Fu Panda.. is not a great title in my opinion.

  86. Evo Izuku

    Evo IzukuDay ago

    O:17 EXCUSE ME. Did you just to my goddamn FACE that Madagascar 2 was bad??? Read my LIPS. MADAGASCAR 2 IS A CINEMATIC MASTERPIECE. Fool!

  87. Gary Brown

    Gary BrownDay ago

    I watched this movie an embarrassing amount as a kid.

  88. Sophie

    SophieDay ago

    Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron is a good Western animated film

  89. Cruzin249

    Cruzin249Day ago

    I vaguely remember Juniper Lee but I was seriously upset at season 2's Jake Long's design. I enjoyed American Dragon and was really into it's story, so much that the ending almost made me cry. He put so much work into Rose and only to find out, shes no longer the person he knew. It was such a heart beaking sacrifice for her to live a happy life.

  90. Carlos VentRon

    Carlos VentRonDay ago

    Since when squids had rounded heads???? yeah, his name is Squidward but he's clearly an octopus... people just like to complain for anything.

  91. AlshepType

    AlshepTypeDay ago

    What you all fail to see is that Chicken Little is the greatest kids introduction to Lovecraft-ian themes. The biggest one of them being the inability to do anything against horrible situations.

  92. ZeMystic

    ZeMysticDay ago

    11:29 where have I heard this sound before. It sounds so familiar

  93. Yo Whaddup

    Yo WhaddupDay ago

    I have no idea how El Dorado is considered a children’s movie lmao

  94. That One Fuckwit

    That One FuckwitDay ago

    You forgot to mention that the nigga ass was *thick* as fuck.

  95. socialgirl 378

    socialgirl 378Day ago

    3:32- The best one. XD

  96. Hopesedge

    HopesedgeDay ago

    SB-129 is probably my favourite, somehow it mixed horror and comedy perfectly for a kid, I see it as the most nostalgic episode.


    YOU GOT MAIL!Day ago

    That really types my steroes

  98. Taquito

    TaquitoDay ago

    Pretty much all of the 2-D animated movies that did poorly that are listed in this video are actually pretty good, just for more mature audiences. Shit. Also, I love Rise of the Guardians aesthetic, character design and Megamind is just fucking great. Again though, both deal with more mature themes and that affected both.

  99. TheSquidThatDid

    TheSquidThatDidDay ago

    Grug moment

  100. Samantha F

    Samantha FDay ago

    Deltrune fans, assemble! (I'm sorry)