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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

Ultimate Fighting Championship® is the world's leading mixed martial arts organization. Over the past decade, with the help of state athletic commissions throughout the United States, UFC® has morphed itself from a spectacle into a highly respected sports organization. Major fights between world-renowned mixed martial arts superstars have become some of the most popular sporting events of the year, surpassing pay-per-view records previously held by boxing and professional wrestling. Sports fans have made their voices heard - they want reality when they watch sports, and UFC is clearly "AS REAL AS IT GETS!"

UFC Vancouver: Weigh-in
UFC 242: Fight Motion
UFC 242: Weigh-in
UFC Shenzhen: Weigh-in
UFC 241: Weigh-in
  1. astra frux

    astra frux31 second ago

    unfortunately he lost to khabib

  2. Max Starcevich

    Max Starcevich43 seconds ago

    That crowd tho

  3. Selma

    Selma54 seconds ago


  4. Presence

    PresenceMinute ago

    Tito was a dominant group n pound beast.

  5. Мухаммадали Сафолов

    Мухаммадали СафоловMinute ago


  6. D33Lan3 ProductionZ

    D33Lan3 ProductionZ2 minutes ago

    I wish Anderson was in his prime for this!

  7. bep 2

    bep 24 minutes ago

    eagles fly

  8. Violet rose

    Violet rose6 minutes ago

    What khabib's say in Russia?

  9. Samsng Device

    Samsng Device7 minutes ago

    Is it the gracy train Or the greasy train Or the daisy chain??

  10. savvy830

    savvy8307 minutes ago

    Good to see Forest Whittaker getting a win that too via TKO even though he has been in more film credits than actual fights .

  11. Safety Riding

    Safety Riding7 minutes ago

    respect for dustin, congratz for khabib, alhamdulillah

  12. BestGlaive in the world

    BestGlaive in the world9 minutes ago

    That Laugh from Yair looks forced AF 😂😂🤣

  13. Ryu Ken

    Ryu Ken9 minutes ago

    Pretty cool vibe with the lights dimmed on the crowd. Reminds me of lakers home games

  14. alegriasde arte

    alegriasde arte10 minutes ago

    One of the best fights that took place in the ufc, hate to see anderson silva lose tho


    YOUENNNN10 minutes ago

    13:38 yeah that knee is typical of a "light sparring session"..... stupid comments 😥 I love this fight so much !

  16. gordon anirah

    gordon anirah11 minutes ago

    Never seen this before, Whittaker was hurt and bumson fights like a desperate dog

  17. Justin Agame

    Justin Agame12 minutes ago

    Dont bother watching...

  18. Jason Papai

    Jason Papai15 minutes ago

    So good

  19. GSmooth Fly

    GSmooth Fly15 minutes ago

    So for people who a claim they wasn't any respect in the fight. WATCH HERE: Israel would have hurt Anderson really bad here. And remember he kept telling Anderson to stop putting his hands down. Anderson is the boss and Israel is the star. This was a great fight.

  20. GSmooth Fly

    GSmooth Fly15 minutes ago

    So for people who a claim they wasn't any respect in the fight. WATCH HERE: 7:58 Israel would have hurt Anderson really bad here. And remember he kept telling Anderson to stop putting his hands down. Anderson is the boss and Israel is the star. This was a great fight.

  21. Justin Agame

    Justin Agame16 minutes ago

    25mins in same position wtf is the ref doing! Stand them up ZERO WORK. Ida got a refund & left a long time ago.

  22. Abir Hosni

    Abir Hosni16 minutes ago

    this fight was close i would give the first round a draw second round costa and 3rd round romero

  23. Mushareb Mahar

    Mushareb Mahar17 minutes ago

    Coward fighters, Just being cocky but too scared to go after one another. Boring fight.

  24. Eamon Ahern

    Eamon Ahern17 minutes ago

    I never knew he beat Rafael Dos Anjos

  25. Amirul Aiman

    Amirul Aiman18 minutes ago

    0:20 it's that DC cormier??

  26. Pedro Smith

    Pedro Smith19 minutes ago

    Anderson looked like he wanted to lose that fight

  27. Budi Setiawan

    Budi Setiawan19 minutes ago

    Isnt his leg broken?

  28. Lance Vette

    Lance Vette19 minutes ago

    *What a LAME fight!* Good thing it was FREE! I've seen better school yard fights!

  29. Ash Ash

    Ash Ash20 minutes ago

    Seriously! nate diaz could work in hollywood as a body double of matt damon dude seriously look like his doppelganger

  30. anthony pillay

    anthony pillay20 minutes ago

    Nate Diaz the real OG

  31. михаил мельничук

    михаил мельничук20 minutes ago

    Много шоу,мало боя.

  32. McMeevin

    McMeevin21 minute ago

    Adesanya is so fucking cringe

  33. thee jambo

    thee jambo21 minute ago

    Rob showed he can change his game to suit the fight and still win in style

  34. Jawa Post

    Jawa Post22 minutes ago

    how to make a fast and powerful punch: 1. Buy and look for a large rubber size 1 inch up (to lift weights) 2. Attach it to a place that does not shake easily (window trellis) 3. do these repetitions over and over 50 Reps in your left hand and right hand 4. REMEMBER .. The blow is done by relaxing the hands and impact hard, this will help to make the condition of your hands faster and more stable 5. Do not do on children or adolescents because it can inhibit the development of the hands (like heavy fitness people) It is recommended for fighter who usually faces tough matches like MMA GBU Bye 👍

  35. Rafael Lajato

    Rafael Lajato22 minutes ago

    Derek brunson is marcus brimage of middleweight


    RANA PRATAP23 minutes ago

    After watching it.... Easy work For Adesanya .. #Andnew...

  37. john shelly

    john shelly23 minutes ago

    Slow stop from herb

  38. Shanchui Zimik

    Shanchui Zimik23 minutes ago

    Let's be clear now, everyone knows who the fuck is this guy!

  39. phantom

    phantom24 minutes ago

    un gros conard d alcolo qui frappe sur des vieux file de poutain

  40. Fokonoyt Art

    Fokonoyt Art24 minutes ago

    Man I feel sad for korean zombie . that's a bad way to start a career :(

  41. oneshot perrotte

    oneshot perrotte24 minutes ago

    The last style Bender is very overrated

  42. Adil Hussain

    Adil Hussain25 minutes ago

    No doubt unbelievable respect in mma both stay happy forever 😄😃😀🌹

  43. oneshot perrotte

    oneshot perrotte25 minutes ago

    Silva would have worked him in his prime!

  44. Иван Мельников

    Иван Мельников27 minutes ago

    Первый репортер какой то ванильный😂

  45. JuanLGonzalez

    JuanLGonzalez28 minutes ago

    This dude fights as if is drunk! You just know he’ll get KO!

  46. UberAV

    UberAV28 minutes ago

    There was no knee to the groin. Rodriguez faked it. 25:13 no contact from this the worst angle, and none from the better angle either earlier live. UFC covered for him but that was some pandering Rodriguez did and very insulting.

  47. If you laugh you sub!

    If you laugh you sub!29 minutes ago

    This was like me shadow boxing in the mirror Except lamer

  48. Morvoice ASMR

    Morvoice ASMR29 minutes ago

    Israel Adesanya is the Picasso of Mixed Martial Arts.

  49. christian primig

    christian primig30 minutes ago

    are we doing spinning shit?

  50. The Mask

    The Mask31 minute ago

    Sad to see a fluke end it like this , both fighters deserved to see it out. I would call it a drawer.

  51. curious shaman

    curious shaman32 minutes ago

    Brunson has the highest chin in mma and worst stance,balance and foot work i have ever seen

  52. Preeti Goswami

    Preeti Goswami33 minutes ago

    1:45 When your little brother wants to fight you 😂

  53. Aijaz Ali Khan

    Aijaz Ali Khan35 minutes ago

    There is an old saying - 'fools rush in' 🤦‍♂️

  54. Jesse Sanchez

    Jesse Sanchez35 minutes ago

    Honestly really is the hardest hitting in that division. Never seen this guy fight but he was right

  55. MadMike2618

    MadMike261836 minutes ago

    Forrest Whittaker? 3:01

  56. * Mako *

    * Mako *36 minutes ago

    Amazing stand-up defense by Whittaker and what a finish. It's time that someone shut childish Adesanya's trash talk once and for all.

  57. rahul singhal

    rahul singhal36 minutes ago

    Does Nate has some speech problem?

  58. wongfou

    wongfou37 minutes ago

    The only person hurt in that fight was the fans.

  59. tr0fast

    tr0fast37 minutes ago

    Thanks for everything Gus!

  60. Reuben Papang

    Reuben Papang37 minutes ago

    "The New Zealander" 😂🙏

  61. turko boss

    turko boss37 minutes ago

    Adesanya gonna fuck you up Robbie!!! Them 2 fights with romero were good but you didn't deserve both bro. Make up your mind too are you Aussie or kiwi cunt?

  62. MAkM

    MAkM37 minutes ago

    *The UFC team has gotten so much better... This whole UFC 242 was just wickedly good.*

  63. Dirk Digler

    Dirk Digler38 minutes ago

    Waste of my fookin time

  64. Comicstelling

    Comicstelling39 minutes ago

    Love Dan, fav commentator, but this mispronunciation was funny

  65. bonbon ramos

    bonbon ramos39 minutes ago

    This fight will go down to highest ppv buy sale

  66. Belarbi-Kun

    Belarbi-Kun39 minutes ago

    Whittaker has a comportment of champion. Adesanya, I very like his kickboxing but sometimes he is very arrogant for me.. But I like him He support Uzumaki Naruto. 😂

  67. David

    David40 minutes ago


  68. Michael Pryor

    Michael Pryor41 minute ago

    Sure Israel won, but this was honestly a beautiful fight by Anderson. Shame it wasn't five rounds.

  69. Mitch G

    Mitch G41 minute ago

    Good to see Yair has been wearing his corset. Cute.

  70. Derro Farm

    Derro Farm41 minute ago

    Hahahahahah hilarious

  71. Daniel Magana

    Daniel Magana41 minute ago

    Gotta love this Kat bro. Regardless what you think. That’s one BFM...👍👍

  72. Comicstelling

    Comicstelling42 minutes ago

    Brunson deserved this. Throwing himself like this with this barrage of strikes.

  73. Asfand Khan

    Asfand Khan42 minutes ago

    Who da fook is that guy?😂

  74. King Kaos

    King Kaos42 minutes ago

    Paul Craig wants to make out not fight 🤣

  75. J R

    J R42 minutes ago

    Wtf happened to Silva. It’s retirement time.

  76. YGB Rogi

    YGB Rogi43 minutes ago

    Brunson is like a victim

  77. Jame Andy

    Jame Andy43 minutes ago

    This shit was once as soon as boring , these two offered admire for each and every one-of-a-kind , they desire to hate each and every one-of-a-kind

  78. THX video

    THX video44 minutes ago

    13:35 so close

  79. Will I Am

    Will I Am45 minutes ago

    Is there no REAL UFC fighters on the card? Rodriguez Glasses are bigger then him :P

  80. Ralowski

    Ralowski45 minutes ago

    Now that was intense. Great card!

  81. Shahir Abdullah

    Shahir Abdullah45 minutes ago

    Did anyone else notice cris hemsworth and his wife in the right corner? 14:47

  82. Ben M

    Ben M46 minutes ago

    Why is the majority of 10th planet old guys?

  83. Tommy Stock

    Tommy Stock48 minutes ago

    This was less a display of Whittaker’s skill but more of a reminder of just how retarded Brunson is

  84. Zul Azri

    Zul Azri48 minutes ago

    Kenny Florian what a shit list

  85. Zul Azri

    Zul Azri48 minutes ago

    Kenny Florian what a shit list

  86. Harvey Tan

    Harvey Tan49 minutes ago

    He smashes faces. End of story.

  87. Lucas S

    Lucas S50 minutes ago

    Derek brunson is the journeymans journeyman

  88. Mack SkeetO

    Mack SkeetO51 minute ago


  89. vitor pedro

    vitor pedro52 minutes ago

    Roni jason morreu depois dessa hahahahahaha

  90. Pocho_ Mon

    Pocho_ Mon53 minutes ago

    The reaper Robert Whittaker that's a bad bad man

  91. Shane Kennedy

    Shane Kennedy53 minutes ago

    Anderson Silva in his prime would of easily destroyed Israel .. Anderson Silva is a legend. But he needs to retire. I believe since he lost to Chris Weidman because he was playing to much. I believe it messed his psyche up. Still Respect to the Spider 💪👊

  92. Scrapsteen Life In The Forks

    Scrapsteen Life In The Forks53 minutes ago

    It's like a father whooping his son into a man.

  93. Dead пул

    Dead пул54 minutes ago

    Жми лайк если ты так же как и я смотрел это всё на VHS видеокассетах впо щегляне.

  94. rainbowthegod

    rainbowthegod54 minutes ago


  95. Lawrence Mcau

    Lawrence Mcau54 minutes ago


  96. Tyler Robbins

    Tyler Robbins55 minutes ago

    Israel is about to get knocked the fuck out.

  97. Matt Scare

    Matt Scare56 minutes ago

    1:30 a few hours ago I saw jeff Ross roasting people on the street. One guy was wearing a superman shirt and Jeff was like 'Wearing that shirt is like kryptonite for pu**ies.' Well, that Dude on the right took it to another level.

  98. Jestem sobą

    Jestem sobą56 minutes ago

    Zajebista walka 🤜🤛

  99. Bricks

    Bricks58 minutes ago

    Why does Whitaker seem to have the agility of a buffalo

  100. RhinoAg

    RhinoAg59 minutes ago

    lame fight. Whittaker fight way better.