What I use to animate:
- 22 HD Cintiq drawing tablet (Any graphics tablet will do to be honestly. Just gotta know how to use it. Used a 15 dollar one when I first began)
- Adobe Animate CC
- A computer (duh)
- Adobe premiere (To memefy it and sync audio cuz adobe animate is sometimes weird)
-Adobe Audition (To record)
Business Email:

Fame is Lame

Fame is Lame

Month ago

Just Be Yourself

Just Be Yourself

6 months ago

VidCon Was Fun
Camping Unprepared
I Was A Weird Kid
Rip Offs

Rip Offs

2 years ago

Music Is Awesome

Music Is Awesome

2 years ago

The Bagel Guy Card
I Just Wanted Food
Stupid Things I Do
I suck at chess

I suck at chess

2 years ago

Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure

2 years ago

The Day I Got Arrested


3 years ago

  1. Gil Anies

    Gil AniesMinute ago

    Adam: ChoCLaTe MILk •. • <--me: CALM DOWN

  2. Flower Diamond

    Flower DiamondMinute ago

    Cannibalism could solve both overpopulation and world hunger

  3. Snap !

    Snap !6 minutes ago

    Are you sure you aren't a writer?

  4. Serban Mihaela

    Serban Mihaela9 minutes ago


  5. Antonio B

    Antonio B9 minutes ago


  6. Wyatt Brunswick

    Wyatt Brunswick14 minutes ago

    You are awesome!:)

  7. Wyatt Brunswick

    Wyatt Brunswick14 minutes ago


  8. Wyatt Brunswick

    Wyatt Brunswick16 minutes ago

    I now am embaresed.

  9. Wyatt Brunswick

    Wyatt Brunswick17 minutes ago


  10. Wyatt Brunswick

    Wyatt Brunswick18 minutes ago

    Me too.:)

  11. Sharko Productcions

    Sharko Productcions20 minutes ago

    My bad dream is my mom passing away and my grandma but they alive

  12. BigBoiBrock

    BigBoiBrock50 minutes ago

    No you’re not the Odd1sout your something, somethingelse baby

  13. Ghplayz Rblx and more

    Ghplayz Rblx and more54 minutes ago

    I started at grade 2

  14. Cucins Cisins

    Cucins CisinsHour ago

    Im hapy boi

  15. Cucins Cisins

    Cucins CisinsHour ago

    Do you like bananas

  16. Cucins Cisins

    Cucins CisinsHour ago

    I like potatos

  17. Cucins Cisins

    Cucins CisinsHour ago

    Boi its good

  18. Cucins Cisins

    Cucins CisinsHour ago

    Boi im skillboi2 And its good

  19. Depressed_ _Matrix

    Depressed_ _MatrixHour ago

    Im gonna make this an mp3 Or Mp4

  20. 1,000 subscribers with no videos?

    1,000 subscribers with no videos?Hour ago


  21. israel arce

    israel arceHour ago

    I will pull down your underwear

  22. Elizabeth Sachs

    Elizabeth SachsHour ago

    Omg awesome song

  23. Joel Medina

    Joel MedinaHour ago

    Wtf, now im scared

  24. CHUA YC

    CHUA YCHour ago

    This cop is racist.

  25. Tinsel MaiteZorro

    Tinsel MaiteZorroHour ago

    *Like really far ft.*

  26. RØMAN 123

    RØMAN 123Hour ago

    Te-tel- hello

  27. Vampire Robotdes6382 new on phone years

    Vampire Robotdes6382 new on phone years2 hours ago

    Something else YT: :-) Gacha Zane: this is the worst song ever >:( Me: do that

  28. thehappy camper

    thehappy camper2 hours ago

    Bagle man

  29. Tay Maybray

    Tay Maybray2 hours ago

    I'm addicted to this I can't stop watching I love it , it is my new favorite song

  30. darlene santillan

    darlene santillan2 hours ago

    Cool nightmare dream I haven't have one before bc.. I don't dream, pls don't judge be ;-;

  31. ItsFresy

    ItsFresy2 hours ago

    You are the best the song is the best but your animesion is SO GOOD Sry fore bad engelish

  32. Tinsel MaiteZorro

    Tinsel MaiteZorro2 hours ago

    Seeing him eat that burrito weirdly satisfies me because of what he's gone through

  33. Diamond Bro

    Diamond Bro2 hours ago

    Franz(classmate): *pulls down one of my classmates underwear* Natnat(classmate): *kicks Franz* Me: *INSTANTLY THINKS OF NATNAT FAILED SOMETHING*

  34. KawaiiWolfyGirls

    KawaiiWolfyGirls2 hours ago

    when ever it went *beep* you I laughed

  35. Minepoop Bubble

    Minepoop Bubble3 hours ago

    I *almost* got arested when I was 6

  36. Luigi The Plumber

    Luigi The Plumber3 hours ago

    no you’re somewherelse jk

  37. Gabriella Marius

    Gabriella Marius3 hours ago

    Adam good job

  38. YOLOSQUAD708 *

    YOLOSQUAD708 *3 hours ago

    This is very fucking cool

  39. Sploom 101

    Sploom 1013 hours ago

    Don’t start in school: am I a joke to you?

  40. The milky Boi

    The milky Boi3 hours ago

    I learned nothing in 6th grade social studies because my teacher would just send us onto our laptops and fill out stuff on one note. Yes I got a f in that class. I fuking hate that teacher

  41. wolf dome whisper awwoo

    wolf dome whisper awwoo3 hours ago

    I will fuxking eat you 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

  42. wolf dome whisper awwoo

    wolf dome whisper awwoo3 hours ago

    This is my favorite thing too watch ever

  43. Lilly Wessels

    Lilly Wessels3 hours ago

    Just going up to my room to change, then USwork autoplay decides to not like BTS. I’m surprised, this is really good

  44. X Gamer 27

    X Gamer 273 hours ago

    Run it Godzilla

  45. diamond space

    diamond space3 hours ago

    Everyone in the modern warfare beta right now when you keep dieing over and over 1:46 when you have your comeback everyone 1:55 then you win and your like to them 1:56

  46. dark gaming

    dark gaming3 hours ago

    4:18 he was being vegeta from dbz

  47. Ex lotta

    Ex lotta3 hours ago

    This is second best to pewdiepies congratulations song

  48. King Lonzo

    King Lonzo3 hours ago

    3x gold (30 million views)

  49. Yaretzie gonzalez

    Yaretzie gonzalez3 hours ago

    Adam: orca's are scary Me: Dude you watch the news to much. Orca's in the wild actually will leave you alone if you don't bother them

  50. antwan1357

    antwan13574 hours ago

    Just random troll. Don't worry about it and get a surveillance camera.

  51. Ranger Playz

    Ranger Playz4 hours ago

    I watching this while eating food

  52. 배다솜

    배다솜4 hours ago

    4:01 *I Found doodle! ''Butt lolz" haha *

  53. SplatterHatStudio

    SplatterHatStudio4 hours ago

    Crazy people: TREES ARE EDIBLE me: my milk smells like younger cheese I think there is something wrong with me

  54. Amelie Wiliams-Steven

    Amelie Wiliams-Steven4 hours ago

    It’s called tree tops and it’s the best thing ever

  55. Infinity Gaming

    Infinity Gaming4 hours ago

    Most aussies don't even like vegemite. I can confidently say that due to me being australian.

  56. Ady Animates

    Ady Animates4 hours ago

    he sounded like eminem legit for the raps ahhhhh

  57. A Parshley Peeled Potato

    A Parshley Peeled Potato4 hours ago

    Six Cruel Hours Of Our Lives

  58. gacha_life_ emi3516

    gacha_life_ emi35164 hours ago

    You look like Harry Potter in a good way 😍😍😍

  59. Gacha Robloxian

    Gacha Robloxian4 hours ago

    What the frick brean

  60. Eduardo Iniguez

    Eduardo Iniguez4 hours ago

    put it in pandora

  61. Lagging Animator

    Lagging Animator4 hours ago

    Mexican isn’t a language Adam xD

  62. Kit KittenFluff

    Kit KittenFluff4 hours ago

    There is a place like that by my house. It was okay and cool.

  63. Jayden Killer Burris

    Jayden Killer Burris4 hours ago

    You scared the sh*t out out of me!

  64. Phantom Animations

    Phantom Animations4 hours ago


  65. O Melon

    O Melon4 hours ago

    Adam isnt fooling anyone. Its Markiplier.

  66. Bentley Frahm

    Bentley Frahm4 hours ago

    and dogman

  67. Sub0

    Sub04 hours ago

    It’s been 5 months and it’s still my fav song

  68. Pepperoni Josh

    Pepperoni Josh4 hours ago

    Bye i gotta poop

  69. Will The Awesome

    Will The Awesome4 hours ago

    Frickin awesome

  70. Elrick Davids

    Elrick Davids4 hours ago

    Dope song

  71. SpOoDeR mAnS

    SpOoDeR mAnS5 hours ago

    This makes my whole day listening to it

  72. Lucas Masin

    Lucas Masin5 hours ago

    Like that smash button More like smash that like button

  73. Collin Lough

    Collin Lough5 hours ago

    You I’ve been listening to this song on repeat all week make more songs please

  74. Tiffany Finotti

    Tiffany Finotti5 hours ago

    Lol I did that every day

  75. Jordan and Elizabeth

    Jordan and Elizabeth5 hours ago

    I’m not scared of heights I’m scared of falling from great heights

  76. Sara Miller

    Sara Miller5 hours ago

    Adam: pulling down peoples underwear Jaden: anorexic James:life

  77. Theskee O

    Theskee O5 hours ago

    I've conquered all my fears

  78. anextraordinarygamer #lil000g

    anextraordinarygamer #lil000g5 hours ago

    Halo was a great game.

  79. Chroma

    Chroma5 hours ago

    0:07 AYAYAY

  80. Seth McCutcheon

    Seth McCutcheon5 hours ago

    Adam has fricken super powers!!

  81. DuctTapeRuler_14

    DuctTapeRuler_145 hours ago

    Waffle Bagels Times 6= Half a Dozen Bagel Waffles

  82. Cristina Margulescu

    Cristina Margulescu5 hours ago

    If they break my game *i break their life*

  83. Slw Pke

    Slw Pke5 hours ago

    Oh my god people are so stupid

  84. That one Gamer

    That one Gamer5 hours ago

    Adam how do I make bad merch

  85. unicorn smith

    unicorn smith5 hours ago

    Its ok

  86. James Smith

    James Smith5 hours ago

    You, are, awesome

  87. AlexTweakTucker

    AlexTweakTucker5 hours ago

    That one jump scare scared the living shit out of me👌🏼🤣👌🏼

  88. Nicky Diaz

    Nicky Diaz5 hours ago

    Looking in the endless void called the white board wait......bored bored WHITE!

  89. Maricela Coronado

    Maricela Coronado5 hours ago

    Umm my fear is drowning 😓

  90. ChipityChupity OwO

    ChipityChupity OwO5 hours ago


  91. Amy Ziehl

    Amy Ziehl5 hours ago

    To beat them up put them to the ground so you be above all day I'm not Savage I'm Not Afraid system Naka match come

  92. Amy Ziehl

    Amy Ziehl5 hours ago

    Something else YT I will get revenge for who for who bully you whoever boys you know they will die

  93. Limon Miah

    Limon Miah5 hours ago

    Are you ready fool I I captain

  94. *internal screeching *

    *internal screeching *5 hours ago

    Mr blahblahblah reminds me of Snape.......uh

  95. Kary Da Queen

    Kary Da Queen5 hours ago

    ItS *_gAmE oVeR_*

  96. Vlabstavag

    Vlabstavag5 hours ago

    I just realized that you kinda sound like markiplier a little bit

  97. Hadley McCulley

    Hadley McCulley5 hours ago

    I have been bullyed to i just wish i had the guts to pull down people’s underwear

  98. Vlabstavag

    Vlabstavag6 hours ago

    Ya dont want the AWWW?! Ok... whatever ya say. HUUUUUUUUAAARRRRRRRRRR

  99. Jayluis Vasquez

    Jayluis Vasquez6 hours ago

    How I skip class Friend:dude we have ELA for next class me:*puts on naruto headband and naruto run to the bathroom*

  100. Panda Son

    Panda Son6 hours ago

    My man said Mexican in stead of Spanish