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Bellator 226 Pre-lims
Bellator 226 Weigh-In
Bellator 225 Weigh-In
  1. Andrew Vazquez

    Andrew Vazquez7 minutes ago

    Ruiz won fair and square. Forget the built and muscles on Joshua that’s all superficial. Ruiz is just a more tactical fighter, he try’s to block more, dodges punches, waits and looks for openings.

  2. iSaetanic

    iSaetanic8 minutes ago

    Urban Dictionary my niggas, we made it.

  3. Master Diablo

    Master Diablo18 minutes ago

    1st fight = GGG 2nd fight = Canelo

  4. Steve Doughty

    Steve Doughty21 minute ago

    I've just become a big fan.

  5. Han Solo

    Han Solo38 minutes ago

    In Ireland, a dosser is someone lazy, usually in reference to how they approach work. It can also refer to someone who constantly jokes and messes around, not taking things seriously. If someone's winding you up, and you get butthurt, they'll say ''I'm only dossing with you''. So yeah, not even exclusive to Britain, never mind Tyson, who I really like by the way, but it's far from being his invention.

  6. matt jameson

    matt jameson45 minutes ago

    He didn't really say he made "Dosser" up, only that he made it famous.

  7. AngryOscillator

    AngryOscillator45 minutes ago

    Not sure if I want to see this fight or not. I love both fighters and don't want to see either lose but for very different reasons. It absolutely has to happen though. I'd be in GSPs corner for sure, love the sexy frenchy (Canadian, whatever)

  8. SmokeSmitty

    SmokeSmitty49 minutes ago


  9. SailorSam

    SailorSamHour ago

    No surprise that the UFC are talking over boxing, well done to them,

  10. J P

    J PHour ago

    Canelo won this hands down! No controversy at all!

  11. Torosus Horneri

    Torosus HorneriHour ago


  12. capio78

    capio78Hour ago

    Notice how Fury insults everybody except Canelo as he's trying to win over the Mexican fans.

  13. Reynaldo Beltran

    Reynaldo BeltranHour ago

    All ggg did was jab the whole fight which gave him alot of points but canelo did more power punches which gets him the same points canelo actuall went for the ko it was a draw

  14. Errol klint

    Errol klintHour ago

    Lomachenko he cowardly fights famous and strong boxers he prefers to stay low in weight and deal with weak boxers to fight

  15. George Bryant

    George BryantHour ago

    not former

  16. RyzenKurt Ritchie

    RyzenKurt RitchieHour ago

    now thats what u calle face off, no bullshit trash talking and trolling..

  17. El Debtor

    El DebtorHour ago

    Women should not judge MEN’s boxing.

  18. Albert B.

    Albert B.Hour ago

    Yah boy

  19. Radeef Kayakkal

    Radeef KayakkalHour ago

    Why GSP is wearing a patient gown??! 😕

  20. Rafael Espin

    Rafael EspinHour ago

    only mexicans fans who’s born here respect canelo like “boxer” you guys are silly hahaha

  21. Melvin Mansoor

    Melvin MansoorHour ago

    First things first, GGG won this fight. Second, DAZN absolutely sucks from start to bottom with their announcing crew, their press conferences, and Ak and Barak.

  22. Badass Skeptic

    Badass SkepticHour ago

    Canelo (just came up short) to Floyd? lol Floyd won all 12 rds!



    that kid will surely RUUUUN from DUNO lets see

  24. Dirty fighter

    Dirty fighterHour ago

    4:35 get out ma wAy 😂

  25. Bjj mad ICON

    Bjj mad ICON2 hours ago

    Tyson great interview a big thumbs up buddy!

  26. Tsn V3nom

    Tsn V3nom2 hours ago

    How he loose to a Mexican

  27. Cdub2k

    Cdub2k2 hours ago

    Kyrie Irving doing a little boxing reporter side hustle?

  28. Alexis Soriano

    Alexis Soriano2 hours ago

    Crazy how they uploaded this fight knowing GGG wont this fight this was not a close draw at all

  29. Robert Makaroniarz

    Robert Makaroniarz2 hours ago

    115-113 for GGG

  30. T Ly

    T Ly2 hours ago

    Hats crew hahaha. One simple call could have prevented this.

  31. Salvador Romero

    Salvador Romero2 hours ago

    Otra,pelea arreglada,un semicompleto,en decadencia y un mexicano sobrevalorado y con una empresa detrás a favor del Canelo,un público conocedor el de la república mexicana conocedor de box y no acepta a este boxeador,tan inflado......hasta cuándo enfrentará a su realidad

  32. Memeking 69

    Memeking 692 hours ago

    This fight proves you don't need a physique to win or be successful all it takes is determination, heart of a warrior and not giving up

  33. Stanthony Pena

    Stanthony Pena2 hours ago

    Cherry picking?

  34. Ace_ Shisui

    Ace_ Shisui2 hours ago

    This is how long it took, everyone has already watched this fight why post it like over a year later?

  35. Pravèèn

    Pravèèn2 hours ago

    GGG robbed !!

  36. Its Sinpai

    Its Sinpai2 hours ago

    118-110 for Canelo!!! Bitch when?!?!?

  37. Michael Rodela

    Michael Rodela2 hours ago

    And running from the Charlo twins giving up his title other than defending it and yet you call him the best I don't think so what you going to do when the cholos come up in weight move to heavyweight not to face them

  38. Franz Tittner

    Franz Tittner3 hours ago

    Kovalev is the real Deal! Age is Just a Number

  39. LoneStar State

    LoneStar State3 hours ago

    If you think Canelo won then your not a boxing fan your only a Canelo fan!! CJ Ross had a draw 114-114 against Mayweather when we all know Mayweather beat him every round!! “O$car”

  40. Reaper Ice

    Reaper Ice3 hours ago

    Shouldn't of ended the match

  41. Saul Suarez

    Saul Suarez3 hours ago

    Canelos facial expression says it all he knew he lost

  42. sammy O

    sammy O3 hours ago

    I used to love GSP until he started fighting ‘not to lose’ towards the end of his career. He failed to deliver what the fans wanted to see.

  43. Liam MacDonell

    Liam MacDonell3 hours ago

    There's 3 too many hats on this panel

  44. Tyrone Williams

    Tyrone Williams3 hours ago

    I don’t know why fighters go up against Canelo, it’s only going to be fixed again. Hopefully Kovalev can surprise everyone and knock Canelo out.

  45. VT Watchdog

    VT Watchdog3 hours ago

    It’s clear. The Gypsy is Matchroom’s new bitch. Keeping the Bomber faaar away from Joshua. So much so, they gave up the strap.

  46. korikawa

    korikawa3 hours ago

    After watching this. Expecting kovalev to knock canelo out in 3 rounds

  47. Luis Escobedo

    Luis Escobedo3 hours ago

    Another boring fight we go to the judges

  48. Kimbo slice

    Kimbo slice3 hours ago

    Oscar always has to read from a script or either never remembers anything lol he should just sit down and let someone else fucking do it

  49. Sam Nabaso

    Sam Nabaso3 hours ago

    Ryan garcia should fight tough fight. duno is a tough fight if garcia wins this I think he should fight farmer next then he will get his respect.

  50. Miguel Torres

    Miguel Torres3 hours ago

    La puira fibra del boxeo

  51. Andriy Makukha

    Andriy Makukha3 hours ago

    My favorite boxer ever since he beat Klitschko.

  52. Michael Boado

    Michael Boado3 hours ago

    Damn Oscar you cringey

  53. muhammad hisam

    muhammad hisam3 hours ago

    Over confidenz

  54. William Vicente López

    William Vicente López3 hours ago

    Y el que no lo crea que chinge su madre

  55. William Vicente López

    William Vicente López3 hours ago

    Todo es negocio

  56. William Vicente López

    William Vicente López3 hours ago

    El Canelo es la verjuensa del boxeo mexicano

  57. Blk Foreign

    Blk Foreign3 hours ago

    I don't understand why more fighters before Lima didn't attach MVP's front leg. That weird long stance with his leg hanging way out in front. I would be chopping at that front leg, take some speed away and zip off punches. Nobody ever really went after it until Lima and look what happened. I know, easier said than done, but with that stance it is only a matter of time until you get caught IMO.

  58. William Vicente López

    William Vicente López3 hours ago

    El Canelo es una parte comercial

  59. JR

    JR3 hours ago

    Yo my respect for Canelo going against a dude that’s huge compare to him. Kovalev is no joke.

  60. Aron Carvajal

    Aron Carvajal3 hours ago

    Very different fight for Canelo Viva Mexico

  61. Roy Hollins

    Roy Hollins4 hours ago

    Don't listen to this dude, he's obviously still suffering from the concussion that he received compliments of Deontay Wilder !!

  62. ez breezy

    ez breezy4 hours ago

    If he win that fight, Fight the undisputed cruiserweight titlist oleksndr usyk 😎😎😎

  63. Jose Martinez

    Jose Martinez4 hours ago

    POR TODOS LOS CINTURONES DE TODAS LAS DIVICIONES 🇲🇽.. Hard fight for Canelo, yes it will be... Canelo will come at his best and do you all think that Canelo hasn't been preparing for fighters at this weight class? What if , if he wins of course, after this he would want to accomplish ,185lbs🤔...At his mid 30's cruiserweight 🤔... He does have the discipline ,, he already has the money , now he might want to do something that nooo Mexican has accomplished..

  64. k96

    k964 hours ago

    CLENELO ALVAROIDS VS SERGEY KOVALEV The only way Kovalev wins is by knocking Alvaroids out, but there will be some kind of controversial ending that will give Clenelo the win. No way the Boxing cash cow losses. Boxing is so dead.

  65. Shane Vaughn

    Shane Vaughn4 hours ago

    Oscar please hire someone to do the talking you got to be the worst promoter. In the history of boxing

  66. I Love Carlito Ganja

    I Love Carlito Ganja4 hours ago

    Lineal Title in this situation is imaginary and it’s because Fury forfeited everything to snort off hookers asses. I think Fury is great but the truth is the truth.

  67. Juan Zambrano

    Juan Zambrano4 hours ago

    Glass Jaw

  68. Luis Chavarria

    Luis Chavarria4 hours ago

    Wtf is going here

  69. Daniel Ramos

    Daniel Ramos4 hours ago

    Y no raje leña vale puro para adelante

  70. Hugo Mandujano

    Hugo Mandujano4 hours ago

    Mungia llegara muy lejos...sin duda tiebe talento y ha demostrado tener disciplina y eso es findamentalen este deporte....

  71. Erik Garza

    Erik Garza4 hours ago

    Canelo is biting off to much more than he can chew just plain stupid

  72. одинокий волк

    одинокий волк4 hours ago

    Когда реванш энди руиз красавчик

  73. Jorge Pérez

    Jorge Pérez4 hours ago

    Y'all realize Diaz vs Masvidal is on the same day

  74. Brayan Dannunzio

    Brayan Dannunzio4 hours ago

    Canelo’s chin is the most underrated in boxing. The guy’s never even been rocked or come close to touching the canvas.

  75. GambletoGamble

    GambletoGamble4 hours ago

    Ruiz fights like he is in a tuff man contest. He seems like a 3 round dirty fighter.

  76. Waren Plania

    Waren Plania4 hours ago

    I think canelo will never win with kovaleb because kobaleb is much bigger than him thats all thank you hhehehe

  77. Hugo Alvarez

    Hugo Alvarez4 hours ago

    This is supposed to be a GGG vs Derevyachenko promo and all I heard was complaining about the Canelo fight. Not once did u hear the name Derevyachenko in the promo. lol Btw, GGG cant fight in Vegas unless he fights Canelo. GGG needs to challenge himself and move up in weight class instead of fighting nobody's.

  78. Xezer Azeri

    Xezer Azeri4 hours ago

    İts fixed for sure. But the second match will be Anthony Joshuas..this poor boxers are just employees and they have to obey to their masters

  79. Anderson Ash

    Anderson Ash5 hours ago

    I simply just fux with Tyson. Fam’s Just Dope.

  80. LOOK9893

    LOOK98935 hours ago

    Another old man sack of russian potatoes for Cinnamon

  81. Becker AS

    Becker AS5 hours ago

    Its obviously a joke, with the dosser one, calm down boys.

  82. Juan Humberto Neira Saldivia

    Juan Humberto Neira Saldivia5 hours ago

    Este García es uno de los tantos Inflados boxiadores , que por ganarles a paquetes ,se le sube el ego de campeón , hasta que los bajan , a golpes .

  83. two toenail

    two toenail5 hours ago

    I must say, I had no respect for Canelo before this fight, now I do. He’s going in there with a guy who knocks heavyweights out

  84. two toenail

    two toenail5 hours ago

    Sergey too big

  85. Amalgamaite

    Amalgamaite5 hours ago

    Joshua ain't use to no Mexicans! They don't have Mexicans in England where Joshua is from.

  86. Jack Black

    Jack Black5 hours ago


  87. Jack Black

    Jack Black5 hours ago

    Real deal!

  88. Sergio Garcia

    Sergio Garcia5 hours ago

    I see highlights to Sergey is power punch is no easy to canelo but lets go canelo #1

  89. savii

    savii5 hours ago

    Why does Tyson fury sound like he’s talking through a mic

  90. Wild-Olive Prick

    Wild-Olive Prick5 hours ago

    I wonder how much Kovalev will earn of this fight... Awesome match Oscar, great super fight! If, again I say "if" I'm Krusher, Canelo is crushed... Canelo by decision I think....Kovalev is old.... Good luck to both... I love Boxing; Just sport! <3 ;-)

  91. Luis Escobedo

    Luis Escobedo5 hours ago

    Canelo you are never going to silence the so call haters until you start knocking out and not winning by decision

  92. J. BODDY

    J. BODDY5 hours ago

    Canelo finna pop those Peds

  93. El Gringo

    El Gringo5 hours ago

    Damn, De La Hoya is getting as bad as Don King with all that smiling and laughing for the cameras after an obvious robbery. As far as Munguia, how is he so big and tall at this weight division and yet he doesnt know how to throw out a jab to measure the distance of his punches or use the jab to cut off the ring on his opponent? Hopefully, Eric Morales can help Munguia reach his full potential in future bouts.

  94. Benny Aves

    Benny Aves5 hours ago

    What a weird fucking lie - dosser just means someone that slacks off, lazy etc

  95. Checo80 Checo

    Checo80 Checo5 hours ago

    Vamos CANELO 🇲🇽🇲🇽💪🏼💪🏼🥊🥊

  96. allan cardenas

    allan cardenas5 hours ago

    I enjoyed the respect these two gentlemen has towards eachother props

  97. Chris Garcia

    Chris Garcia5 hours ago

    Canelo maybe to fast for the Krusher....interesting either way.

  98. Reynan Fernandez

    Reynan Fernandez5 hours ago


  99. Dj Lethal

    Dj Lethal5 hours ago

    Welcome to the jungle of the big boys

  100. Chris Garcia

    Chris Garcia5 hours ago

    Get that Mexican beef Cinnamon boy!