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  1. Hasebe

    Hasebe17 seconds ago

    This video feels pointless

  2. Darryl Gibbs

    Darryl Gibbs7 minutes ago

    You want to see some dope comedy from Christopher judge? Go look at a few of the teal'c episodes on stargate sg-1

  3. Nilo Gamer

    Nilo Gamer11 minutes ago

    You sweet summer child, you babe swaddled in the cashmere blanket of ignorance, you ask too little of me

  4. NorskBN

    NorskBN12 minutes ago

    Dat edit around 4:20 was so smooth, I've only just noticed it on like my 5th viewing. Excellent video, Polygon!

  5. Ardi wibowo maulana

    Ardi wibowo maulana16 minutes ago

    Found the jokes to be pretty good. Man im old

  6. Strom Clark

    Strom Clark27 minutes ago

    Just like bart!!

  7. Alex Peris Llobell

    Alex Peris Llobell31 minute ago

    I think you just invented la Raíz.

  8. Luke Collins

    Luke Collins32 minutes ago

    Doesn’t mention just cause ;(

  9. Clotted Scream

    Clotted Scream33 minutes ago

    I think my favorite video game reticle is Minecraft’s, because instead of having a solid color that might not contrast against some of the colorful blocks in the game, it’s 9 pixels of photonegative effect, meaning it always contrasts no matter where you are

  10. Tim Engelbrecht

    Tim Engelbrecht42 minutes ago

    Why wasn’t Hiroshima and Nagasaki mentioned? More than 200k civilians dead. Killed by an enemy they’ve never seen.

  11. T.M. Gacutan

    T.M. Gacutan42 minutes ago


  12. cjrockband

    cjrockband48 minutes ago

    Ok, but I was not expecting either to see the witness being played by someone else or being disliked by someone else...

  13. Ibu Ibu Anjay

    Ibu Ibu Anjay49 minutes ago

    Kratos who laugh

  14. Bloodhound A&GV

    Bloodhound A&GVHour ago

    He had to be working on red dead 2 at that time or shortly after

  15. Shane Crawford

    Shane CrawfordHour ago

    Came for the sheer Justin and BDG dynamic potential ngl

  16. avi

    aviHour ago

    this episode genuinely made me laugh so hard i started sobbing

  17. Laura Clark

    Laura ClarkHour ago

    Okay, I legitimately cried tears of joy and awe. This was beautiful.

  18. Anthony Chouler

    Anthony ChoulerHour ago

    That's what would happen if a human fucked a goblin shark

  19. Daniel Morrison

    Daniel MorrisonHour ago

    My name is Creepin' Loneliness.

  20. Nick Chertavian

    Nick ChertavianHour ago

    Some FPS gamers will use a small dot of dry erase marker or a tiny piece of post-it note to create a center dot on their screen that never moves. I've heard of this being used both to try and give yourself and advantage, or to compare the true center of the screen to any "aim sway" that the game creates. I've never heard of someone using one on a puzzle game but for someone with motion sickness that could be a help as well.

  21. Sad balalaika noises

    Sad balalaika noisesHour ago

    "knot-ridden mistake" my dude, you hit the nail on the head

  22. r3ddish

    r3ddishHour ago

    I’d listen to it

  23. username

    usernameHour ago

    Nick did nothing wrong.

  24. theultimatehunt

    theultimatehuntHour ago

    This is crazy!!!!!

  25. Fluffynator

    FluffynatorHour ago

    What a strange way of getting my out of my personal information

  26. wockynerd

    wockynerdHour ago

    Dante's PurGAtorio

  27. Kal-El Steel

    Kal-El SteelHour ago

    I actually have a suggestion for an unraveled. What type of bugs are the Hollow knight bosses? I think thatll be a fun creepy crawly video

  28. Katelyn Schmidt

    Katelyn SchmidtHour ago

    Castlevania: Paso Doble of Blood

  29. David Atkinson

    David AtkinsonHour ago

    The "Explosion flipbook" he's talking about is literally a sprite sheet he needs to calm tf down

  30. InferiorFlame 1

    InferiorFlame 12 hours ago

    How can you make video game explosions real then? 🤔

  31. Couch Guru

    Couch Guru2 hours ago

    Is it me or does Simone come off a little rough and unlikable. I mean sorry she isn't someone I would like tonjanout with.

  32. ThatDominikGuy

    ThatDominikGuy2 hours ago

    This needs to be a series.

  33. Anita Magia

    Anita Magia2 hours ago

    I'm from Oklahoma and hilariously, I tend to main Meta Knight

  34. Sloan Stewart

    Sloan Stewart2 hours ago

    Laptop gotta phat azz 👀

  35. Murphy Leigh

    Murphy Leigh2 hours ago

    I’m Aries Cat.

  36. Online

    Online2 hours ago

    the names Writing Lickable Jack Russel Terrier. No, I am not telling you my backstory.

  37. Chef_Roach

    Chef_Roach2 hours ago

    Long hair gus Johnson

  38. Missa Kerr

    Missa Kerr2 hours ago

    I really liked this video -Marinara Money

  39. Delaney Shaw

    Delaney Shaw2 hours ago

    Your telling me games aren’t real???

  40. Ashton Nash

    Ashton Nash2 hours ago

    Control looked absolutely beautiful and it was soooo boring.

  41. Jean-Raymond Boulle

    Jean-Raymond Boulle2 hours ago

    Yea I don’t buy it

  42. Vrushabh Bhavsar

    Vrushabh Bhavsar2 hours ago

    Freya looks hot 💋😍

  43. Mason Bishop

    Mason Bishop2 hours ago

    I looked up rycuda and this video’s thumbnail showed up

  44. katzerl

    katzerl3 hours ago

    hi, I'm Insignificant fireman-man (clone) and if you’re wondering how I got this name, well, let me tell you.

  45. Grace Lastname

    Grace Lastname3 hours ago

    more like Hunky Tonk Man am i right ladeez?

  46. latenight

    latenight3 hours ago

    i wanted to see sexy man tho

  47. Pablo Marrero

    Pablo Marrero3 hours ago

    comedy goa'uld

  48. Pablo Marrero

    Pablo Marrero3 hours ago

    thats the dude from stargate sg1

  49. Kiara Blitz

    Kiara Blitz3 hours ago

    Brian: *introduces the tenth 'purpose' of music* Me: ...yep, that's how this video's gonna end. :P

  50. parker bennett

    parker bennett3 hours ago

    i am learning from the same channel that holds final pam and a man discussing bowsers military. this is like going to a bounce castle full of people who want to kill you, but one of them just wants a hug.

  51. St. Mixa

    St. Mixa3 hours ago

    generational knowledge

  52. Spoods Spoods

    Spoods Spoods3 hours ago

    So does link just not age because one of the crew in phantom hourglass is an old guy in spirit tracks?

  53. FluesterAxt

    FluesterAxt3 hours ago

    i love griffin so much

  54. Antonio Cialfi

    Antonio Cialfi3 hours ago

    "I think Dr. Wily is just REALLY into trains." I really felt that

  55. Hamish Meikle

    Hamish Meikle3 hours ago

    i actually tried to reboot skyrim, ended up getting anoyed at my mouse curser moving around my screen.... anyone know how to fix that ?

  56. FluesterAxt

    FluesterAxt3 hours ago

    all 3 of them look so awkward and i love it

  57. Tobi Ade

    Tobi Ade3 hours ago

    We know😒

  58. Tobin Carlino

    Tobin Carlino3 hours ago

    That fraiser reference was absolutely perfect

  59. John Smith

    John Smith3 hours ago

    You guys goofed when you swallowed the food, that’s a rookie move! You don’t have to eat the food in order to taste it!

  60. Josh M

    Josh M3 hours ago

    OK jesus christ, i'll watch the fucking video, just stop showing up in my recommended

  61. Airwave

    Airwave3 hours ago

    He looks like Boris Johnson

  62. Kiara Blitz

    Kiara Blitz3 hours ago

    *goes through four sections* Now, if you roll a 69, forget all that work you did; you're Hideo Kojima!

  63. Abhimanyu Khadwal

    Abhimanyu Khadwal3 hours ago

    Christopher Judge is such a cool guy! He feels genuinely nice!

  64. JefferyTheNotepad

    JefferyTheNotepad3 hours ago

    I don't know wether to take this seriously or not...

  65. Sacha Severov

    Sacha Severov3 hours ago

    Why does dude look like he used to be a cat person?

  66. Daniel Kajan

    Daniel Kajan4 hours ago

    Hi, I'm Relaxed Empire State Building Pain, and if you're wondering how I got this name, well,... I don't think I want to tell you.

  67. geniusburger

    geniusburger4 hours ago

    The Talos Principle is my The Witness (though The Witness is also my The Witness)

  68. Eve Lyn

    Eve Lyn4 hours ago

    I found the bread man uswork.info/videos/PMBXJ9I3pJM-video.html You’re welcome

  69. Bruh Moment

    Bruh Moment4 hours ago

    i thought it said 3 years....

  70. fattyspat

    fattyspat4 hours ago

    This is legitimately the most effective ad I've ever seen. I'm now a lifelong customer of Totino's, purely because of this series

  71. A Shwin

    A Shwin4 hours ago

    I had this mfer on less than a quarter on his health left and then that FUCKING POISON GOT MEE UGHHH

  72. John Hollander

    John Hollander4 hours ago

    I am Big Dramatic Educator and I feel VIOLENTLY attacked

  73. Razvan Efros

    Razvan Efros4 hours ago

    9:20 the wet gamer lmao

  74. manny granny

    manny granny4 hours ago

    His voice is fuckig beautiful homez

  75. Quasimofo

    Quasimofo4 hours ago

    4:25 From one pedant to another, I must inform you: you mispronounced pedant.

  76. Remi Lalaque

    Remi Lalaque4 hours ago

    Thank you captain obvious !

  77. GermanAf

    GermanAf4 hours ago

    From here on out I shall be known as Tax Supporterman!

  78. Cody Stouffer

    Cody Stouffer5 hours ago

    Thank you so much for getting rank structure right, you did your homework!!

  79. Wagner César de Brito Pintão

    Wagner César de Brito Pintão5 hours ago

    Hello, my name is Normal Breakfast Substance, please don't consume i have wife.

  80. ArkhamPatient1329

    ArkhamPatient13295 hours ago

    Hey. I'm Fanboy Shinning. Yeah, you wish you were as cool as me. I met Mads Mikkelsen once. And when I told him how much I love his work, he told me he felt the same, too. And he geeked out about Doctor Strange and Star Wars a bunch. Before he left, he gave me his discord. I won't share it with you, though. Keep your head up, kid. Maybe one day you'll be this cool.

  81. TiredOfBinary

    TiredOfBinary5 hours ago

    Plasma Brush

  82. Acho Que Não

    Acho Que Não5 hours ago

    I mean, aka manto would be pretty hot, in the original history he was a man so beautiful that he had to use a mascara so people don't fall in love with him immediately

  83. Jesse Worden

    Jesse Worden5 hours ago

    Hi my name is wayward centipede

  84. Akari Tsukino Janimes

    Akari Tsukino Janimes5 hours ago

    Is Hatsune Miku a Better Pop Star than Justin Bieber? Of course no dounts about it XD Hatsune Miku is a diva a godness of pop even she is a vocaloid^^ :3 Just* Bieb* is just some trash with just a little good-looking and just a random crazy guy who likes to make suffer his fans ><

  85. Nayyar Rashid

    Nayyar Rashid5 hours ago

    She is pretty similar to the undead Witch in Divinity 2 Original Sin but only she is very hard to beat without using teleportation in Divinity 2

  86. Antoine Saint-Just

    Antoine Saint-Just5 hours ago

    The tricorn IS in the game

  87. I Don't Care

    I Don't Care5 hours ago

    Please help, I stared too deeply into the grim mask of death on Griffin’s digital duplicate and it trapped me in PGA Tour 08 I have done nothing but play Ball Chess for the past three years _-Sent From the EA Sports GamerNet_

  88. Abberistired

    Abberistired6 hours ago

    it took me several episodes to notice randy was a ms. randy

  89. Wolf_A_Zhan

    Wolf_A_Zhan6 hours ago

    Probably some Russians made that

  90. ΛNDROID 17

    ΛNDROID 176 hours ago

    It takes only *4* soul sand & *3* wither skeleton skulls

  91. FreakSquad

    FreakSquad6 hours ago

    This video is so terrifying that i need to take a bathroom haha

  92. orchestra99

    orchestra996 hours ago

    context for 3:06 uswork.info/videos/PMBXJ9I3pJM-video.html THE HOW I MAKE BREAD GUY HAS BEEN LOCATED

  93. Karla Cristina de Almeida

    Karla Cristina de Almeida6 hours ago

    Hi, I’m The Tired Pee Pants, and if you’re wondering how I got this name, well, let me tell you. I peed my pants when I was at kindergarten and now I'm feeling tired from doing nothing at all yesterday. THIS IS AMAZING.

  94. Alexandre boisot

    Alexandre boisot6 hours ago

    My name Is Dying gaming, I have 6 other names that you doesnt need to know (why the hell did i roll 6)

  95. that person

    that person6 hours ago

    5:40 is very good concidering what Death Stranding's like lmao

  96. Noggie

    Noggie6 hours ago

    ginger powder?

  97. Dee Znuts

    Dee Znuts6 hours ago

    I have nothing intelligent to say other than the fact that Brian David Gilbert, if you are out there reading this, I can and will commit atrocities for you

  98. pikachucet the second

    pikachucet the second6 hours ago

    You don’t want a National Dex It’ll only break your heart

  99. Drew Freeman

    Drew Freeman6 hours ago

    Well done 🙌