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  1. The Kakariko Cowboy

    The Kakariko Cowboy2 minutes ago

    I'd love a copy of this, I need more 3D platformers in my life!

  2. George Johnson

    George Johnson8 minutes ago

    This looks like a great game!!! 🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊

  3. carlos rodriguez

    carlos rodriguez12 minutes ago

    @BeatEmUps hey I was wanting to get a mariokart 8 bundle for the switch I was wondering if the newer models will be im the bundle or not

  4. Bannanamilk Lul

    Bannanamilk Lul12 minutes ago

    2Ds is shaking

  5. The LOLbertarian

    The LOLbertarian21 minute ago

    Me and my girlfriend are playing through the story mode multi player, and the water / duck fight was pretty easy with both of us playing.

  6. AG Cuber

    AG Cuber21 minute ago

    My switch friend code server: 12

  7. AG Cuber

    AG Cuber21 minute ago

    My switch friend code server: 11

  8. AG Cuber

    AG Cuber21 minute ago

    My switch friend code server: 10

  9. AG Cuber

    AG Cuber21 minute ago

    My switch friend code server: 7

  10. AG Cuber

    AG Cuber22 minutes ago

    My switch friend code server: 5

  11. AG Cuber

    AG Cuber22 minutes ago

    My switch friend code server: 4

  12. AG Cuber

    AG Cuber22 minutes ago

    My switch friend code server: 3

  13. AG Cuber

    AG Cuber22 minutes ago

    My switch friend code server: 2

  14. AG Cuber

    AG Cuber22 minutes ago

    My switch friend code server: 1

  15. wd gaser

    wd gaser27 minutes ago

    star rush and top 100 actually started the not in car mario party

  16. maro kuma

    maro kuma38 minutes ago

    Yea the money is just for ranking at the end :) I really love that statue!! Its adorable ^^

  17. Steven Bryan

    Steven Bryan39 minutes ago

    How about the water level in Ocarina of Time. That level still gives me nightmares.

  18. Neptunus72

    Neptunus7243 minutes ago

    Did you not play luigi's mansion 2 ? There are refrences to 2 like how you get the dog

  19. JRP 12

    JRP 1245 minutes ago

    Will your parents spend 390 on you for chrismas? Or am i screwed. I have 4 siblings.

  20. Junior Rodriguez

    Junior Rodriguez46 minutes ago

    Should I get the Witcher 3 ? I really don’t know nothing about this game , but looks fun

  21. Gareth Beaton

    Gareth Beaton56 minutes ago

    It was a specktram game killer qween

  22. mistakez boi Lopez

    mistakez boi Lopez59 minutes ago

    I got two of those

  23. Lamb

    LambHour ago

    I agree the graphics in the game were great but definitely not the environments outside the hotel. I mean they looked awful haha and you said you could stand outside and just stare at them for awhile? Eww

  24. Fasder Rally

    Fasder RallyHour ago


  25. ice wallowc umm

    ice wallowc ummHour ago


  26. TheBrotherZach

    TheBrotherZach2 hours ago

    Dude. I messed around with that golfball for a good 10- 15 mins before it went in. Darn did that suck to get nothing !

  27. Amac Akar

    Amac Akar2 hours ago

    New year.. new finger.. literally 😂

  28. Alan Gretch

    Alan Gretch2 hours ago

    I'm proud of the amount of Lucky based puns in this video, I always subscribe for dad jokes ALWAYS

  29. Dave Seargeant

    Dave Seargeant2 hours ago

    Skyrim - I bought it the other week for my switch lite - its amazing that it runs as well as it does on the little beast in your hand.

  30. kid nt107

    kid nt1072 hours ago

    Please. !!! Do a giveaway with a pro controller my switch joycon is giving me huge problems thank u

  31. Chad Chad

    Chad Chad2 hours ago

    Everyone hating on the water level while it was my favorite. 😨 I loved the design, I thought it was loaded with things to do, the duck navigating was a new mechanic that I really enjoyed, and I spent more time in it than most other levels. Call me crazy but the boss isn’t that hard.

  32. Itz Cookie

    Itz Cookie2 hours ago

    He basically told the future XD

  33. Graham Towler

    Graham Towler2 hours ago

    1: loved the intro so much it had me laughing every time 2: lucky is going to be smash bros DLC ya herd it here first ya'll 3: hope I win 4: I have a soft spot for cartoon foxes

  34. Sami AL-Amir

    Sami AL-Amir2 hours ago

    I only bought it for the legend of Zelda breath of the wild. Then i put it back in the box waiting for BOTW 2

  35. Joey Ford

    Joey Ford2 hours ago


  36. PluMZ Yogurt

    PluMZ Yogurt2 hours ago

    Love your vids

  37. DevinAK49

    DevinAK492 hours ago

    The money collection was a high score thing.

  38. william parker

    william parker2 hours ago

    Did any one count how many times he cursed

  39. Dangrousdave20

    Dangrousdave202 hours ago

    I started crying at 5:57 I was laughing so hard. LMAO 🤣🤣🤣 I played this game on pc a few years ago. My GTX260 couldn't handle it so I upgraded to a GTX970 JUST TO PLAY THIS GAME and after about 38 hrs of absolutely struggling to build a base and stay alive my progress got deleted because it was the beta at the time. Thought I would check it out on switch to see if it got any better,,,, but nah I think I would rather choke myself to death. Thx for the vid and the laughs!!!

  40. william parker

    william parker2 hours ago

    Beat emups he's just trying to show you how hard it is to break

  41. JSamuel Currie

    JSamuel Currie3 hours ago


  42. JSamuel Currie

    JSamuel Currie3 hours ago


  43. DragonMaster474

    DragonMaster4743 hours ago

    The Clem boss was hard but I wouldn’t say it was rage worthy

  44. Roffa010

    Roffa0103 hours ago

    I literally made a list of 12 games i want but it costs 590! I cant imagine what your games behind you costs

  45. Kristine Skjelstad

    Kristine Skjelstad3 hours ago

    i would literally die for Simon😍😍😍

  46. Alexis Marquez

    Alexis Marquez3 hours ago

    The switch library is very limited compared to the others not worth it

  47. Rocket Garcia

    Rocket Garcia3 hours ago

    Your hair looks so good in this vid!!!

  48. Angel Gutierrez

    Angel Gutierrez3 hours ago

    Count me in !

  49. Arctic Conquest

    Arctic Conquest3 hours ago

    The robot ghost (Larry), the cat and the hat and your vendetta for horror games makes this HILARIOUS!

  50. Steven Orr

    Steven Orr3 hours ago

    As a casual gamer, the sewer/water floor boss got me as well. I thought it was just me but I found that once I got out of the water until he knocked himself out, it became super easy. I was able to hold 10 bones by the end of the game though. So 5 isn’t the max. My favorite floor was the tree floor for sure. Though the movie set came in a close 2nd. Well worth the preorder!

  51. Mitchell Barbosa

    Mitchell Barbosa3 hours ago

    That nostalgia game type is real Giveaway please

  52. Daniel Dean

    Daniel Dean4 hours ago how to change the control scheme!

  53. Kevin Berger

    Kevin Berger4 hours ago

    CR123 battery. There is a rechargable version, but it runs at a higher voltage than the normal CR123. (RCR123). You can get the batteries at Walgreens/Walmart/CVS

  54. Hi MyGameis

    Hi MyGameis4 hours ago

    Battery is an 18650. It's rechargeable(I'm assuming). Looks like an awesome game and statue!

  55. TQDigitalMod

    TQDigitalMod4 hours ago

    to hard for me to rank them... so I will do it by Zelda games per console #1 GB/GBC #1 GBA #1 3DS #1 SNES #1 N64 #1 GC #1 Wii #1 Switch #2 Wii U #2 DS #3 NES #100 CDi

  56. Blood May

    Blood May5 hours ago

    I love foxes. The game looks super cute. I've heard of the XBOX version before, but I don't have an XBOX. On the other hand, I do have a Switch :3 The Switch seems to be getting the best, most polished and most improved versions of games.

  57. Midas

    Midas5 hours ago

    The money is used to give a different end reward, a better “mansion” once you beat the game. It was more pronounced in the other two, with Dark Moon giving you anything from a tent to a colossal mansion, but that’s what they money is generally for in Luigi’s Mansion.

  58. Dimitriy Dzyuba

    Dimitriy Dzyuba5 hours ago

    I love how people have the randomest stuff ad a meme on their channels

  59. Grim reaper

    Grim reaper5 hours ago

    Golf ball course just jump a few times, with the ducky ignore the blowing part it would save you a headache. Suck and use the control stick and you good. I hated it because it was a chore because of how you have to return again for no good reason, and honestly finding the gems were the chore part but that is due to the forced to get gem later bit.

  60. Neil Angeles

    Neil Angeles5 hours ago

    Pipi in tagalog is vagina

  61. Paige Abacaba

    Paige Abacaba5 hours ago

    When you realise they're in Canada. And that you're in Canada. And that they probably live a few hours from you.

  62. Dan DW0lf

    Dan DW0lf5 hours ago

    Shall I comment here? Great video but damn Wood you almost made me tear XD

  63. Pseudo Nostalgia

    Pseudo Nostalgia5 hours ago

    I really disliked the Xbox version. Lucky doesn't feel good to control into that game. He looks much more fun to play in this game.

  64. sMiles the Narrator

    sMiles the Narrator6 hours ago

    Is it worth $60?


    LUMI LOOMI6 hours ago

    This channel is under Pewd's spell 😂

  66. Ashton Cooke

    Ashton Cooke6 hours ago

    I absolutely hated the water level...even called my little brother to vent. That and the final boss drove me crazy! I couldn’t hit the right boo and went through the 4 minute count down like 7 times.....ughh I’m glad I’m done with it haha

  67. Zxe

    Zxe6 hours ago

    Love the skit😂😂😂

  68. Adiel Gonzalez

    Adiel Gonzalez6 hours ago

    The only reason why you hate the water level is because you Probably dead a lot

  69. MCseanalot12

    MCseanalot126 hours ago

    comment under 10 seconds

  70. Stoner James

    Stoner James6 hours ago

    Wow BeatEmUps! You're just like me! I've got to collect EVERYTHING in every game I play as well! Thought I was the only one that did that. Because every gaming video I've watched on USwork, the gamers I watch don't do that. Except for one. And that's CarlSagan. If you haven't subbed to his channel, then it's a must!

  71. Sammy Animations

    Sammy Animations6 hours ago


  72. Stoner James

    Stoner James6 hours ago

    I was just wondering. I've seen all the awesomeness and hype about Luigi's Mansion 3. That game is on my watch list and getting it on launch day. But my question is, I haven't played Luigi's Mansion 1 or 2. Playing the first two isn't necessary to follow the story in nr 3 is it?

  73. kingOFcartoons

    kingOFcartoons6 hours ago

    I love these types of games. The graphics style, the focus on good controls. Nice review.

  74. Anna Fletcher

    Anna Fletcher7 hours ago

    Such a cute looking game

  75. em1ownerify

    em1ownerify7 hours ago

    Honestly the best game on my switch so far. First game that’s really got my girlfriend really interested in games. So it’s been a fun experience to play together

  76. Frank Jerome

    Frank Jerome7 hours ago

    Welcome to beatemups, where this guy copies everything from rgt85 and spawn waves material a week later.

  77. Acklord thecool guy

    Acklord thecool guy7 hours ago


  78. BankBoiiEntCeo LoaMcFly

    BankBoiiEntCeo LoaMcFly7 hours ago

    I reallly love your channel

  79. Percyception

    Percyception7 hours ago

    The most violent unboking ever

  80. BankBoiiEntCeo LoaMcFly

    BankBoiiEntCeo LoaMcFly7 hours ago


  81. Arnnav Gupta

    Arnnav Gupta7 hours ago

    We went to Japan the at same time and I Didn’t even know it. Btw I spent my birthday there too

  82. Tasty Anime Waffles

    Tasty Anime Waffles7 hours ago

    Luigi's Mansion is the literal definition for the word NintendoSwitchNeedsTrophiesAmIRight? ...that golf ball - "A Very Sad Hole in One" ...beating that water level - "Don't return the game. Please." Lost potential. But that also goes into a Marketing tactic if they made them now for all their titles. It would get business from essentially buying and playing older switch games with the new reward of a trophy system. This has been fun to think about. Now where's an accurate game timer?

  83. BankBoiiEntCeo LoaMcFly

    BankBoiiEntCeo LoaMcFly7 hours ago

    I would love to try this game

  84. Bert Visscher

    Bert Visscher7 hours ago

    13:12 I take it you mean "people who don't care."

  85. SKS2L

    SKS2L7 hours ago

    that last controller click is annoying

  86. James Mullen

    James Mullen7 hours ago


  87. Jeff G

    Jeff G7 hours ago

    I know this is old but bro!! Kim looks hot as **** all emo’ed up!!!

  88. Dart Plays

    Dart Plays7 hours ago


  89. Luigi Gamer

    Luigi Gamer7 hours ago

    The hotel ranks wood you need money for a hotel rank, that luigi and polterpup statue, I NEED IT, but I don't have money

  90. Nintendo

    Nintendo8 hours ago

    its uhhh... it's a port ngl

  91. Fred Clark

    Fred Clark8 hours ago

    Its like a g rated version of conkers bad fur day

  92. D3monic W0lfz

    D3monic W0lfz8 hours ago

    You should start merch

  93. Matthew Floyd

    Matthew Floyd8 hours ago

    Halo Reach was my favorite In the series too.

  94. Matthew Nerbel

    Matthew Nerbel8 hours ago

    Witcher still has terrible controls though. Which is why i prefer bloodborne.

  95. kingkoda1992

    kingkoda19928 hours ago

    Damn those spikes lol.

  96. Matthew Nerbel

    Matthew Nerbel8 hours ago

    Better heroes? In comparison to mua1? Nah

  97. Kenny Carter

    Kenny Carter8 hours ago

    In that floor with the annoying float ride, id prefer underwater areas,B2 was a great level "except" the floatie duck part

  98. Greensky02

    Greensky028 hours ago

    $79.99 CAD for 8 hours average of entertainment? $10 an hour? ... Take my money! Seriously though that's pretty expensive =p

  99. Adam Bear

    Adam Bear8 hours ago

    lucky said:🦊💅🏻

  100. DreamingDragon

    DreamingDragon8 hours ago

    I can confirm the multiplayer is much better with a voice chat, I did it with a friend over discord and we were much more organized