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The Last VidCon Recap
My School Dress Codes
Backyard Stories

Backyard Stories

10 months ago

The Girlfriend Fairy
Over The Moon

Over The Moon

2 years ago

THERE'S 20,000 OF US!


3 years ago

The Sochi Hotel Games
  1. Eva Santiago

    Eva Santiago53 seconds ago

    That. Hapenpps to dish when theres a rob/somthing bad happend*i hate that*

  2. Shizu Valenzuela

    Shizu Valenzuela4 minutes ago

    That's how you say it in spanish

  3. Eradio Estrada

    Eradio Estrada4 minutes ago

    I love blood

  4. Angel Wings

    Angel Wings4 minutes ago

    Me to

  5. Carol Pugh

    Carol Pugh6 minutes ago

    I’ve never been to Disney land or Disney world 🌎

  6. C BEAR

    C BEAR6 minutes ago

    All trough out the video I was like “SHE’S Rhyming

  7. Martha Carrillo

    Martha Carrillo7 minutes ago

    “Ruvey shut up” “ruvey SHUT UP”

  8. Sapphire and Mystery

    Sapphire and Mystery11 minutes ago

    The answer is dolls

  9. Carol Pugh

    Carol Pugh12 minutes ago


  10. Stephine Stevens

    Stephine Stevens14 minutes ago


  11. Carol Pugh

    Carol Pugh14 minutes ago


  12. 42 14

    42 1416 minutes ago

    NGL, that song kinda sounded like Chaos55T sung it.

  13. PastelJoe

    PastelJoe17 minutes ago

    what i learned: *yoli is a 24/7 mood when we see our friend.*

  14. kirby [glitch]

    kirby [glitch]19 minutes ago

    Hi bill cipher


    DETERMINATION of FIRE and HEART20 minutes ago

    If you look at the girl in the black dress on the left you'll see her looking at the lamp and if she looks back down the light will move

  16. Joe Breuer

    Joe Breuer24 minutes ago


  17. Katherine Monter

    Katherine Monter24 minutes ago


  18. kender913

    kender91332 minutes ago

    1:03 gravity falls

  19. Jocelyn Bates

    Jocelyn Bates37 minutes ago

    Jaden James

  20. Audria Simmons

    Audria Simmons39 minutes ago


  21. monica Davila

    monica Davila40 minutes ago

    meanwhile me: is in a private school where everyone look forward to be medics or lawyers and i want to be an animator or voice actor oop

  22. Phillip Butler

    Phillip Butler40 minutes ago

    5:56 I have the same thing and I'm 17 years old and except they are baby teeth and I have another on my bottom left or right fang

  23. Nikodem 7777778362926ARCINKOWSKI

    Nikodem 7777778362926ARCINKOWSKI45 minutes ago


  24. Manya Tiwari

    Manya Tiwari50 minutes ago

    Ah yes mouth nostalgia

  25. Andreea K

    Andreea K50 minutes ago


  26. Lea Brock oli

    Lea Brock oli52 minutes ago

    Loved becca’s phantom of the opera preformence

  27. Andreea K

    Andreea K52 minutes ago

    I want to go too at VidCon...but...I CAN'T 😭😭😭I AM THE TERIBLE USworkR EVER!

  28. Jasmine Le-Phan

    Jasmine Le-Phan53 minutes ago

    I just watched that song on channel

  29. Michael .Cooper

    Michael .Cooper55 minutes ago

    I Love you Good job Girlfriend Family! ❤

  30. The.Gacha.Master

    The.Gacha.Master59 minutes ago

    I can't sing and I know that even this is good

  31. XxANTHONyxX ;w;

    XxANTHONyxX ;w;Hour ago

    Fifi shut up

  32. Yo Nati

    Yo NatiHour ago

    its MOUTH!!!!!!!!!

  33. Mr no name Gacha

    Mr no name GachaHour ago

    My love life is nonexistent Rebecca Me My LIFE is nonexistent

  34. Mochi

    MochiHour ago

    My purse is a messenger bag

  35. Woo Lidd

    Woo LiddHour ago

    This is 2019 and I wish you kept drawing mouths :(

  36. Illegal_pearl

    Illegal_pearlHour ago

    When you were laughing you sound like me when there's no pizza rolls

  37. Eli Travis

    Eli TravisHour ago


  38. Kaylee Smith

    Kaylee SmithHour ago

    simon Weijenborg ikr definitely cuz i'm TERRIBLE at drawing human models :/

  39. Kaylee Smith

    Kaylee SmithHour ago

    1 thing try to draw robots like in my game Five Nights at Freddy's, it will help you understand the joints better than a skeleton, and is REALLY easy to do!

  40. Sonicfazbear 1987

    Sonicfazbear 1987Hour ago

    who else had tom from eddsworld in there head when tom line came up

  41. Little Hamster

    Little HamsterHour ago

    I found this in 2019 but I found the word it’s Dolls

  42. sheela van der burg

    sheela van der burgHour ago

    Yes yes it does

  43. birgit Kingham

    birgit KinghamHour ago

    Actually those drawings that you draw a really good and never be able to draw those type of drawings

  44. megan kennedy

    megan kennedyHour ago

    its dolls

  45. CoolSkeleton91 Ouo

    CoolSkeleton91 OuoHour ago

    _I remember stuff about a video about gravity falls that shows secret messages in the intro and secrets in the episodes_

  46. R4zeroR4 sanchez

    R4zeroR4 sanchez2 hours ago

    😑 really dolls is answer😒

  47. William Morales

    William Morales2 hours ago


  48. Ninja Girl

    Ninja Girl2 hours ago


  49. Shawntae N. Fletcher

    Shawntae N. Fletcher2 hours ago

    Dab on the haters

  50. Shawntae N. Fletcher

    Shawntae N. Fletcher2 hours ago


  51. Spog Bulb

    Spog Bulb2 hours ago

    6:38 GAME!

  52. lily chan

    lily chan2 hours ago


  53. Kathryn F

    Kathryn F2 hours ago

    i had the same teacher for 2 years prep and year one she was angry all the time and if you did one thing to piss her off like your late or spelt a word wrong

  54. Dj McCullum

    Dj McCullum2 hours ago

    Medusa: you’re not popular Couple of years later: 2.56 million subscribers and counting

  55. Jordan Ellstrom

    Jordan Ellstrom2 hours ago

    Have you heard the song, fear is a liar by zach Williams

  56. Melanie Hall

    Melanie Hall2 hours ago

    I don't believe in ghosts either

  57. Jericho Cage

    Jericho Cage2 hours ago

    *Rebecca is a Disney princess conformed!*

  58. missygold1000

    missygold10002 hours ago

    Rebecca I know I spelled that wrong I just wanted to say thank you forgetting me through the my stay in the hospital

  59. CLRC Odyssey

    CLRC Odyssey2 hours ago

    my faveriot it also ghost adventures TOO !!!

  60. Amani Aydin

    Amani Aydin2 hours ago


  61. Collin Livengood

    Collin Livengood2 hours ago

    This is what gigantamaxed butter free should look like

  62. Gãçha Łáuriē

    Gãçha Łáuriē3 hours ago

    I misread it as “Dumb things *to* do” XD

  63. Valery Thompson

    Valery Thompson3 hours ago


  64. [ The - Alter - Egos ]

    [ The - Alter - Egos ]3 hours ago

    _F L A N_

  65. Ask cross Chara

    Ask cross Chara3 hours ago

    Water is not wet


    FUTURESQUASH7673 hours ago

    We found out “e”’s real identity Now we need to find Medusa’s

  67. Benimations #1

    Benimations #13 hours ago


  68. LightChan_PlayzGames

    LightChan_PlayzGames3 hours ago

    2019 - 2020 anyone?

  69. Brian Upton

    Brian Upton3 hours ago

    the first word i was like''ryhme video''.

  70. Buggy's World

    Buggy's World3 hours ago


  71. Chris The man

    Chris The man3 hours ago

    But I’m a boy Muck wit a f 😄

  72. Awkward Boi

    Awkward Boi3 hours ago

    "Discuss anime" Me: I've already been to 7 of those slumber parties

  73. Maya Fletcher

    Maya Fletcher3 hours ago

    Here's my injury: I was at a restaurant and I turned around in the chair on my knees with my hands hanging over the back. The next thing I knew the chair was falling, and I hit my right pinky HARD. Blood got everywhere. It wasn't deep enough to get stitches, though.

  74. Tamika Risper-Wallace

    Tamika Risper-Wallace3 hours ago


  75. Maya Fletcher

    Maya Fletcher3 hours ago

    My school dress code rules: Don't show up butt-naked. That's it.

  76. Sade Julien

    Sade Julien3 hours ago


  77. Sade Julien

    Sade Julien3 hours ago


  78. Galaxy

    Galaxy3 hours ago

    Can you make a vid of playing SSBU with fans?

  79. eden owoeye

    eden owoeye4 hours ago


  80. GoldenalexVol75 14

    GoldenalexVol75 144 hours ago

    Playgrounds: Are we a joke to you?

  81. Blake Re-Animates

    Blake Re-Animates4 hours ago

    Maybe it's not that those people think *you're* stupid. Maybe it's because *they're* stupid.

  82. Maya Fletcher

    Maya Fletcher4 hours ago

    Finally someone who understands how I feel. I'm autistic and super short so everyone immediately believes that I'm also DUMBER than they are. Just two days ago I was in class and saw a kid behind me with a tape roll on his desk. I grabbed the tape roll, used it, and put it back on his desk. I didn't want to assume the tape was someone else's, so I left it where I found it. Then the girl next to me said, "You left your tape on his desk." And in my head I was like, "Really?? I TOTALLY didn't notice myself placing a tape roll there!!" I couldn't say it out loud, because the girl would act all shitty towards my face and hate me for the rest of the year. So I'm basically forced to look stupid in other people's eyes. In case you're wondering, I DON'T have any friends. But with an "idiot" like me, who would WANT to be my friend, anyway??!!

  83. Sebzur

    Sebzur4 hours ago

    Oh that’s pretty good

  84. Goesd

    Goesd4 hours ago


  85. Juliana dog cat

    Juliana dog cat4 hours ago


  86. GellyJones Fan

    GellyJones Fan4 hours ago

    Yo, I live and from San Antonio, Texas

  87. E Dubb

    E Dubb4 hours ago

    Sooooo I was sitting on the couch with my cousin and then I got a text ( them: who is this?)(me:uhhhhhh hello)(them: I'm sorry I killed your dog)

  88. TheGachaLuna XOXO

    TheGachaLuna XOXO4 hours ago

    Is the answer dolls?

  89. The_little_winter_fox 08

    The_little_winter_fox 084 hours ago

    Rise my fellow witches!!

  90. Amani Aydin

    Amani Aydin4 hours ago


  91. Jennifer Brenner

    Jennifer Brenner4 hours ago

    AugU gdffhjrerijfuhfaoijeoherougrea Ion Ajkgreabk Framboise Uguit Itgrer Guierrurefihefugi hingowqhufrf ojWequgofuwoqgrfhigwrq The Uigaeri Tho Augfhgore Uierfhuirfhuirefhiuerafiuh Erfifaiugurigefgerfi Huierfafaeruhifrea Oiteajonaerg OhuorheoirjeaogjenraekjnrfaekNrfJferKjnreKjgfkjGfreakjgerfajogeFgjfrfwW oegjorfgjkLNkfmlkWrfnlkrjoglErrewfrreferf Kk.efrknjfKjnerfknjerfHkghejgrqfhjg.refJhg.erfgjh.herfGjer

  92. Envy Maples

    Envy Maples4 hours ago


  93. Daph Hodder

    Daph Hodder4 hours ago


  94. Colleen Rice

    Colleen Rice4 hours ago

    Your a furry!

  95. Garrett Reese

    Garrett Reese4 hours ago

    I have a schoolmate and she has a clear backpack but I don't know if it's plastic.

  96. Rad Gamer

    Rad Gamer4 hours ago

    And I'm the fire god

  97. Dresden Lambert

    Dresden Lambert4 hours ago

    Them rhymes though

  98. Jayden Soto

    Jayden Soto4 hours ago

    Is it dolls?

  99. Garrett Reese

    Garrett Reese4 hours ago

    Mah last name is Reese. By the way I'm a girl on mah dad's account.

  100. Kenzo Uchiha

    Kenzo Uchiha4 hours ago

    6:40 no don’t