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  1. C.M.C C.M.C.

    C.M.C C.M.C.17 minutes ago

    Taehyun: “December 5...” Yeonjun: “December 5th...” THAT’S SO CUTE💞😂

  2. Daenaries Targaryen

    Daenaries TargaryenHour ago

    No but it looks like Beomgyu wanted to use the rest of Yeonjun's blue hair dye. 😂💙

  3. Daenaries Targaryen

    Daenaries TargaryenHour ago

    me, seeing this vid recommended to me: Oh, I like Liam! He's nice!

  4. the donutstrikesagain

    the donutstrikesagainHour ago


  5. Rachel Kim

    Rachel KimHour ago

    Am i the only one who caught yj’s “dass right” at 4:04 🥰 sounds so BA ahaha

  6. Keaira Fowler

    Keaira FowlerHour ago

    He is so handsome 😍😍😍😍

  7. isis medina

    isis medina2 hours ago


  8. Wayne Henderson

    Wayne Henderson3 hours ago

    Luke Eisner is a class act. Anybody hating on the guy is just jealous. Anyone who was at his Greendale Wi high school graduation and listened to his speech, knew this kid was headed for something big.

  9. Ida Mouadeu

    Ida Mouadeu4 hours ago

    They look lost🤣🤣

  10. Dalette yerusa Aranda britez

    Dalette yerusa Aranda britez4 hours ago

    No entendí vrgs no se Inglés ;^;

  11. Diamond Fox

    Diamond Fox4 hours ago

    WOW yay 🤩

  12. silkraps

    silkraps4 hours ago

    who the HECK are the eight dislikes imma *FITE*

  13. sara a

    sara a4 hours ago


  14. Zia BreNae

    Zia BreNae5 hours ago

    Y’all talking about Annie is dramatic but y’all do realize that it’s probably scripted right...🤔

  15. Baked Potato

    Baked Potato5 hours ago

    Beomgyu: I don't like tomato Me: Saaaaame

  16. Baked Potato

    Baked Potato5 hours ago

    Taehyun being fast on telling Soobin "not you" 😂

  17. Lydia Pesterfield

    Lydia Pesterfield6 hours ago

    Are they saying PETER!!!!!! ITS PEETA!!!!!

  18. Kennedy and peppa Omania

    Kennedy and peppa Omania6 hours ago

    me to

  19. Cole Barnes

    Cole Barnes6 hours ago

    She knows none except the show she is on

  20. Rahul Yogi

    Rahul Yogi7 hours ago

    This dude looks like a prince.

  21. MING

    MING7 hours ago

    Aww..bts younger brothers sooo cutie😋😋

  22. Lamia Zahan

    Lamia Zahan8 hours ago

    Who is the best interviewer None other than Liam!!!!


    PROTAILS GT9 hours ago

    What about Jeffrey star

  24. Renad

    Renad11 hours ago

    these boys must be working so hard practicing for performances and learning languages (Japanese&English) .

  25. gucci boy

    gucci boy13 hours ago

    im dead because of their english😭😭

  26. Xaviera Marie

    Xaviera Marie15 hours ago


  27. maymagic 123

    maymagic 12315 hours ago

    0:43 Ben Noooooooooo

  28. April Schauer

    April Schauer17 hours ago

    Aww the bromance with Charlie is the best.

  29. myg1310 l AU

    myg1310 l AU17 hours ago

    What a cute lil interview ☺️💕

  30. Lorraine Kim

    Lorraine Kim17 hours ago

    I love them so much 🥺

  31. Avalon Rivera

    Avalon Rivera19 hours ago

    Lots of love from me and my dad!

  32. Genna Ramirez

    Genna Ramirez19 hours ago

    Who else thinks they debuted in America too early?

  33. kUr0k0chan

    kUr0k0chan19 hours ago

    This is the cutest. Thank you Liam for such wholesome quality content.

  34. Christian Pinargote

    Christian Pinargote19 hours ago

    This only makes me want to hear Hayley's voice. I love Hayley's voice, top five singers IMO

  35. Hawo Ismail

    Hawo Ismail20 hours ago

    2:38 I love huening kais laugh 🥺

  36. spoopyjhope

    spoopyjhope21 hour ago

    beomgyus voice is just so 💜♥️⭐❣️✨🌸🌷🌈

  37. spoopyjhope

    spoopyjhope21 hour ago

    I love liam lol

  38. Sarah DUENAS

    Sarah DUENAS22 hours ago

    Why are they rushing at doing this video

  39. Alyssa Hernandez

    Alyssa HernandezDay ago

    4:37 their obv gonna have someone from hsm on the show 😳✋🏼✋🏼

  40. Diana -

    Diana -Day ago

    Odio no entender nada :(

  41. miyah wright

    miyah wrightDay ago

    Plz give me a shout #j14

  42. Theresa R.

    Theresa R.Day ago

    Rabbit! Soobin: ME (◕ᴗ◕✿)?

  43. rm_hobi_ rules

    rm_hobi_ rulesDay ago

    Beomgyu is a snack

  44. Elizabeth Smith

    Elizabeth SmithDay ago

    Hi im the first one here😀

  45. JK. InterNational BabyBoy

    JK. InterNational BabyBoyDay ago

    Hueningkai: I love rabbit ^^ Soobin: Rabbit??! Taehyun: (instant reaction) Not you.

  46. Chiara Vallini

    Chiara ValliniDay ago

    I love these boys !!

  47. Cistine Sinaga

    Cistine SinagaDay ago

    I love u liam💜

  48. Eshal Khan

    Eshal KhanDay ago

    When gabi did the miranda sings impression I had water in my mouth and spilled it all over me😂😂😂

  49. geoffrey lloyd

    geoffrey lloydDay ago

    Are you related to Ariana grande

  50. Axl

    AxlDay ago


  51. Raa Aaaa

    Raa AaaaDay ago

    8:06 I always wanted to know what their musical was going to be lol

  52. Raa Aaaa

    Raa AaaaDay ago

    3:55 "Oh yeah the gayer" - JK Idk what she said haha

  53. Raa Aaaa

    Raa AaaaDay ago

    6:05 what do you think she says? haha

  54. Raa Aaaa

    Raa AaaaDay ago

    I've never seen the 3rd movie either lol

  55. Raa Aaaa

    Raa AaaaDay ago

    7:04 so cute

  56. dO yoU kNoW AnNyEonGhaSeyO

    dO yoU kNoW AnNyEonGhaSeyODay ago


  57. S-Hope

    S-HopeDay ago

    Nobody: Beomgyu: tomatoes are a disgrace

  58. Sky Fullofstars

    Sky FullofstarsDay ago

    The magician doesnt sound like a magician though 😂

  59. sun hobs

    sun hobsDay ago

    love how bighit always get liam interviews with the boys. look at how being nice gets you places

  60. Alyssa Lissa

    Alyssa LissaDay ago

    hueningkai sweetie if you keep rejecting soobin's love for you i swear-

  61. chxrrycola

    chxrrycolaDay ago

    leave it to david to buy coachella outfits the DAY before coachella

  62. saa raang

    saa raangDay ago

    Can we talk about.. how Handsome Beomgyu is😍😍💞

  63. Alina

    AlinaDay ago


  64. Thubhatu Txt

    Thubhatu TxtDay ago

    Im very like them and i hope i can meet them one day #malaysia

  65. Manuela Rincón

    Manuela RincónDay ago

    I melted with soobin's English!! Crying sooo much

  66. Kayde Vulu

    Kayde VuluDay ago

    Thats mest up that you havent seen the first decendants BUT youve seen the second decendants -_-

  67. Kaitlyn Avitia

    Kaitlyn AvitiaDay ago

    He will always be the best interviewer

  68. Lil_Dak_1

    Lil_Dak_1Day ago

    Jojo Siwa being quiet?! LIZARD PERSON! If Jojo talks without making peoples' ears bleed, then she'll explode.

  69. Andrea Shiflett

    Andrea ShiflettDay ago

    There is no more dream team the team rar and it's pretty goodbut it's still the dream team but there's no more dream team merch it done with.

  70. Valitaconmuchasa

    ValitaconmuchasaDay ago

    Want this star xD

  71. ale

    aleDay ago

    *im so happy to see them interact again*

  72. kth

    kthDay ago

    liam : i like new rules yeonjun : *same*

  73. Nana 5

    Nana 5Day ago

    4:36 more small and cute 😂😂😂 huening being savage

  74. Angela Stratton

    Angela StrattonDay ago

    I get to play Taylor McKessie for our play High School Musical! I felt like I was taking the quiz too because of that lol

  75. 5lovelygirl5

    5lovelygirl5Day ago

    Txt: *every member is able to speak english* Bts (except nam): *say sike right now*

  76. TaeTae Lynx

    TaeTae LynxDay ago

    when you know their answers to most of the questions but you'll watch it anyway to hear them speaking english😅💙

  77. Suga is My bias

    Suga is My biasDay ago

    I love how he didn’t ask any questions about BTS. Like some interviews I have seen. It’s nice to just hear them about themselves. I love BTS btw

  78. jasmine rae guzman

    jasmine rae guzmanDay ago

    STAN TXT🥡🥢🍓

  79. jasmine rae guzman

    jasmine rae guzmanDay ago


  80. jasmine rae guzman

    jasmine rae guzmanDay ago

    37k <3

  81. ingrid Bautista

    ingrid BautistaDay ago

    you guys imagine if our lightsticks are star shaped!!!

  82. ingrid Bautista

    ingrid BautistaDay ago

    Liam is the best isn't he?

  83. Anonymous Person

    Anonymous PersonDay ago

    ‘’I don’t remember that night because I was just running around and shooting’’

  84. Gabriela Perez Santiago

    Gabriela Perez SantiagoDay ago


  85. Flame

    FlameDay ago

    When Huening Kai says he love hedgehog , I was like SONIC😓😓😅😂😂🇲🇾

  86. The Hub-Bub Hub

    The Hub-Bub HubDay ago

    Kai: Rabbit Soobin: rabbit? Taehyun: Not you! Kai: Like small and cute Soobin: **internally** I'm cute... 😭

  87. ALaa

    ALaaDay ago

    Taehyun : December five Yeonjun : December fifth! Okay now grammar and spelling police

  88. Sinfonia Sonata

    Sinfonia Sonata2 days ago

    Heuning rabbit! Soobin rabbit? Pertaining to himself 😂

  89. Victoria Chavez

    Victoria Chavez2 days ago

    So cute

  90. 안나

    안나2 days ago

    they’re perfect :<

  91. 안나

    안나2 days ago

    my whOle heArt <3 right when soobin started talking

  92. valeria velasquez

    valeria velasquez2 days ago

    the best interviewer!!!

  93. try me bih ._. Yea

    try me bih ._. Yea2 days ago

    Liam is the best because: 1. He knows their names 2. Ask about the music and not random questions like what’s your favorite color? 3. Isn’t awkward and doesn’t think he can’t do things cause of a language barrier 4. Plays games but related to the song 5. Doesn’t copy questions 6. Actually interviews TXT and not try to ignore them

  94. brittney marie

    brittney marie2 days ago

    BROOO MY HEART IS SWELLING WITH LOVE. for real the most precious boys ever like it’s so weird whenever i see them i just get a sense of calmness and joy like they really are the best. their english is so cute also they’ve improved. ugh please protect them forever

  95. //M S//

    //M S//2 days ago

    Best interviewer uwu

  96. sugasweetv

    sugasweetv2 days ago


  97. monoseouls

    monoseouls2 days ago

    Soobin: "rabbit?" Hyuka: "no not you" Soobin: "oh ok sorry sorry sorry >~<"

  98. DR phil

    DR phil2 days ago

    The thumbnail tho.....

  99. sleepines

    sleepines2 days ago

    awkward but cute :'D they're trying so hard to speak english every chance they get

  100. Reyes Smith

    Reyes Smith2 days ago

    Liam thank you so much for this interview! The boys looked so comfortable and they seemed to had fun! 🤗❤️