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  1. I like apples :3

    I like apples :34 minutes ago

    He literly so fat he couldnt fit in the cow

  2. Sean Jones

    Sean Jones4 minutes ago

    Now here's comes to best of season 8

  3. Elmina Fanis

    Elmina Fanis6 minutes ago

    When DC sang "your lace front movingggggggg" I almost peed

  4. Arriyah

    Arriyah9 minutes ago

    “ So.. he got acne and his finger nails is dirty”

  5. bluethenewb

    bluethenewb9 minutes ago

    1:39 conceited tryna get the mic like a little brother tryna get the console

  6. Ona

    Ona14 minutes ago

    3:04 Tim got his feelings second hand hurt Imao

  7. Krisann Ochoa

    Krisann Ochoa28 minutes ago

    I'm confused, why did they get serious when matt touched zendaya? I mean they b touchin other celebrities dat come on here🤷‍♀️

  8. jonny davis

    jonny davis30 minutes ago

    Nick got that paper

  9. Alana Aymer

    Alana Aymer31 minute ago

    BRUH!!! Lay Lay ended DC's whole career..... what had me dying was everyone's faces when Lay Lay roasted DC

  10. Taymom Jackson

    Taymom Jackson32 minutes ago

    And she be Laughing because the funny stuff y’all be saying

  11. Moeshaak Shakur

    Moeshaak Shakur32 minutes ago

    I am white and adopted!? Why you be telling us your life story?

  12. Taymom Jackson

    Taymom Jackson33 minutes ago

    My sister always watch y’all shows before she goes to bed

  13. SavageXzombiex

    SavageXzombiex34 minutes ago

    Nobody: DJ Dwreck laugh: AHAHA ...HA

  14. Jimmy Benyoucef

    Jimmy Benyoucef34 minutes ago


  15. Hussein Jibriil

    Hussein Jibriil37 minutes ago

    Lmao 14:50 made me spill my drink😅

  16. hoywendell

    hoywendell40 minutes ago


  17. Moeshaak Shakur

    Moeshaak Shakur41 minute ago

    Blackson the only non gay person on this show

  18. Samoan_ GachaYT

    Samoan_ GachaYTHour ago

    Dinah Jane is so FIRE!!! YAS QUEEN! 👑😻❤️❤️❤️❤️

  19. karrisma_slayys peroidtt

    karrisma_slayys peroidttHour ago

    My gurrrrrlllllll laylay

  20. Mickiii P

    Mickiii PHour ago

    n_ggaz, trifling ass n_ggaz

  21. darren singh

    darren singhHour ago

    Emanuel Hudson is so good and he shows proves everyone roung

  22. darren singh

    darren singhHour ago

    Checo bean is so good at mcing

  23. Ragga Chat

    Ragga ChatHour ago

    He even ate it

  24. Ragga Chat

    Ragga ChatHour ago

    wo town

  25. Caleb Kately

    Caleb KatelyHour ago

    Ahhh the yo momma comebacks they got me through some tough roasts😢

  26. evieisaqueen17

    evieisaqueen17Hour ago

    8:50 the most funny shit

  27. Braden Miller

    Braden MillerHour ago

    Dc is funny as hel

  28. Timothy Hurse

    Timothy HurseHour ago

    Give me Nick's number. I'ma pick up and kill em on his show, with my bars

  29. Desdemona

    DesdemonaHour ago

    What does Zoie say at 0:48?

  30. Jayden Chambers

    Jayden ChambersHour ago

    “Dj auhhhh” 🤣🤣🤣

  31. Michael Segovia

    Michael SegoviaHour ago

    That's right number 1 got respect

  32. Michael Segovia

    Michael SegoviaHour ago

    I liked number 5

  33. Michael Segovia

    Michael Segovia2 hours ago

    Omg thank you for this recommended video :-) :-)

  34. Brandon Gordon

    Brandon Gordon2 hours ago

    Lauren is so damn underrated

  35. xxx

    xxx2 hours ago

    3:00 DC's verse got cutoff 3:06 too

  36. Dasha R

    Dasha R2 hours ago

    I love renny on the show..... I want more of him please!!!.

  37. Iam saaydestiny

    Iam saaydestiny2 hours ago

    DC don’t play 😂😂😂

  38. Alagie Jallow

    Alagie Jallow2 hours ago

    Best post wno ever posted I swear 😂😂 dc at this aga you already a legend I swear

  39. Azniv Simonyan

    Azniv Simonyan2 hours ago

    She’s dope 🥵

  40. Alagie Jallow

    Alagie Jallow2 hours ago

    Best post wno ever posted I swear 😂😂 dc at this aga you already a legend I swear

  41. JAHLEKE LEWIS jahleke us virgin islands

    JAHLEKE LEWIS jahleke us virgin islands2 hours ago


  42. Ronaldo92379

    Ronaldo923792 hours ago

    Why do the men only get girls while girls do get both?

  43. Alyzè Gonzalez

    Alyzè Gonzalez2 hours ago

    Her voice sounds so fucking scratchy

  44. Suresh Yumnam

    Suresh Yumnam2 hours ago

    Another version of Eminem....

  45. Jake Soto

    Jake Soto2 hours ago

    Did Wiz Khalifa look at the red team when they said the weed part

  46. Kishon Lee

    Kishon Lee2 hours ago

    B Simone Looking 😍

  47. Jazmene Henegar

    Jazmene Henegar2 hours ago

    Is the dream dolls name Tabatha or no

  48. Manny Garcia

    Manny Garcia2 hours ago

    Girls are just not funny

  49. T Jackson

    T Jackson2 hours ago

    10:57 He could've said "When I'm on the stage it's a celebration, all y'all niggas need discipline, administration, when you read a book you need illustration."

  50. Yamilka Martinez

    Yamilka Martinez2 hours ago

    Yo black people are so funny when it comes to Spanish music 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

  51. puurple

    puurple2 hours ago

    I didn’t know Wild n Out clickbaited

  52. mugisha alex

    mugisha alex2 hours ago

    2019 am still here for MGK❤

  53. Josmar De la fuente

    Josmar De la fuente2 hours ago


  54. Zeno

    Zeno3 hours ago

    Best season

  55. Deion Sean

    Deion Sean3 hours ago

    3:10 Con laughed before Charlie Clips finished😂😂😂😂😂

  56. Phil Denkyirah

    Phil Denkyirah3 hours ago


  57. chad thundercock

    chad thundercock3 hours ago

    "you're a real smarty, but guess what? you're no longer invited to my birthday party" JESUS FUCKING CHRIST JACOB

  58. Hadoon Mubarak

    Hadoon Mubarak3 hours ago


  59. Youjay Number 16

    Youjay Number 163 hours ago

    O my God can you guys be quiet

  60. C-manz_69

    C-manz_693 hours ago

    Nick Young yelling cheat didn’t age well...

  61. Skye Amaya

    Skye Amaya3 hours ago

    That lil bitch at the end 😫😂

  62. Sandile Mabhena

    Sandile Mabhena3 hours ago

    Who is that chick in the beginning?

  63. Kailyn Daniels

    Kailyn Daniels3 hours ago

    Omg u got caught nick cannon al🤣🤣🤣🤣