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Calculus in 20 Seconds
  1. Philip Hubbe

    Philip HubbeHour ago

    Where is the mix tape

  2. Beren Pearson

    Beren Pearson2 hours ago


  3. IxCloudxIx

    IxCloudxIx2 hours ago

    Lol my Google AI responded when he said OK Google.

  4. Zachary Koedyker

    Zachary Koedyker2 hours ago

    Dat abyssal whip.

  5. Mickey Mouse

    Mickey Mouse2 hours ago

    " squirrel is hard to pronounce " Arabic people : hold my جخهعغفقثصضطكمنتالبيسشدظزورذ

  6. [Cloutmaster] Phluphyy

    [Cloutmaster] Phluphyy3 hours ago

    A girl says she's into you Is she into you? Idk I really can't tell she could just be inserting herself inside of u but it's best to look for other signs

  7. Abrahem Samander

    Abrahem Samander3 hours ago

    I like you’re anology is how the boomers were to strict and the millenisls were too lineant and it led to both being damaged. It’s all about moderation.

  8. Tobbe

    Tobbe4 hours ago


  9. Joanne A

    Joanne A5 hours ago

    Me here like i speak 4 languages ... 🤷‍♀️ the sad thing its not a big deal in my country

  10. Simple0x47

    Simple0x475 hours ago

    Assembly. Truth has been told!

  11. Colin Mulqueen

    Colin Mulqueen6 hours ago

    Anyone else see the 2nd best son sign 2:38

  12. Epic Sax Guy

    Epic Sax Guy7 hours ago

    I technically sort of maybe had my first date today, and it went pretty good. Me and this girl I like got boba after school, and even though I can’t tell if she likes me back yet, I think she might. We had some pretty good conversations.

  13. Muhamad Raihan

    Muhamad Raihan7 hours ago

    Tried to uninstall the game. Instead, i crashed

  14. Wanangwa Longwe

    Wanangwa Longwe7 hours ago

    ehem, is my comment

  15. yeet yeet

    yeet yeet8 hours ago


  16. ferfoxakeladdy

    ferfoxakeladdy9 hours ago

    A server is in essence a subcontractor. Therefore, the customer, who is receiving a service, pays their temporary "employee" for that service.

  17. NPC S/N 1579325

    NPC S/N 15793259 hours ago

    You forgot the third option when you buy a bike.... A moving speed bump that’s worth 10 points

  18. ferfoxakeladdy

    ferfoxakeladdy9 hours ago

    Maybe you aren't a coward but you screw some poor working person who is PERFORMING A SERVICE FOR YOU and can't control the status quo. Or maybe you're just a cheap prick.

  19. Non Active

    Non Active9 hours ago

    Holy duck the drawing moved

  20. ferfoxakeladdy

    ferfoxakeladdy10 hours ago

    When you go out to dine you get a SERVICE. Why do you think that service should be free? The mechanic charges for service. The plumber charges for service. The beautician charges for service. Etc etc etc .

  21. Nardstorm

    Nardstorm10 hours ago

    Fun fact: Arapaho doesn’t even have he/she. It’s just third person animate or inanimate, making it the pinnacle of sjw languages

  22. A Frying Pan

    A Frying Pan10 hours ago

    I didn’t realize the cyclist had sunglasses and I thought he just had a really fuckdd up nose

  23. Boimah Sambola

    Boimah Sambola10 hours ago

    *This is hilarious!* 😂 Even moreso because I can relate. Loss track of how many times I was trying to get with a girl only for her to say "Oh, I thought you just enjoyed my friendship." Funny that now I'm focued on my goals and dreams they flock. Women are strange creatures.

  24. Jacob D

    Jacob D10 hours ago

    Devs need to fox the bug where baby boomer parents keep calling their millennial kids a failure on repeat.

  25. Esoteric Groyper

    Esoteric Groyper11 hours ago

    I don't feel like paying people just because their employer doesn't want to pay them.

  26. Jesse McFarland-Ward

    Jesse McFarland-Ward11 hours ago

    0:42 I don’t have a doubt in my mind that this time will be any different. Wait a second

  27. mochiyu

    mochiyu11 hours ago

    6:36 did he just-

  28. Karl Knueppel

    Karl Knueppel11 hours ago

    Showing my calc professor how it’s done

  29. Hank Zhang

    Hank Zhang11 hours ago

    Using Alexa here o.o

  30. Apple Draws Stuff

    Apple Draws Stuff12 hours ago

    “Where did these memes come from , and where did they go?” WHERE DID YOU COME FROM COTTON EYE JOE

  31. Nathaniel Knudtson

    Nathaniel Knudtson13 hours ago

    Went on a date with a dude who admitted that he had been watching me on the bus and at my job for months before he got the nerve to ask me out. Had burgers, talked, went back to my place to watch a movie had a little “woohoo”...2 and a half years and a child later he’s my best friend and the man of my dreams

  32. Joseph Parent

    Joseph Parent13 hours ago

    1:14 he's right

  33. yana wild

    yana wild13 hours ago

    Every time i say "i'll certainly be going!" it's just like a curse - i already Know i'm not going, but I keep refusing to admit it and fight with myself until it's too late to go.. When i can finally relax at peace ..and immediately start regretting it Badly >___< - story of my life! xD

  34. Amina King Brown

    Amina King Brown14 hours ago

    cant wait to your next upload you have 68 uploads you need one more to achieve greatness

  35. Pie Crust

    Pie Crust15 hours ago

    Fk this is fking gold

  36. My Life Is Like The Cake

    My Life Is Like The Cake15 hours ago

    I wish those human mains would do something. The oceans are heating up and us cephalopod mains don't like it.

  37. First Aid Instructor Shah

    First Aid Instructor Shah16 hours ago

    This is great 😂

  38. Neight C

    Neight C17 hours ago

    Can you do a video on scientology? It could be your masterpiece...

  39. hihi kiki

    hihi kiki17 hours ago

    2:50 you got me there haha

  40. Boymen1980

    Boymen198017 hours ago

    How to talk baguette?

  41. Akseli Halonen

    Akseli Halonen17 hours ago

    You have the best plot twists.

  42. ben yannay

    ben yannay18 hours ago

    Me "Is this video good?" Simply explained "you realy cant tell, you might have laughed, but even if you laughed you still cant tell since you might just be polit"

  43. ashley c

    ashley c20 hours ago

    “Another unproductive day at work” “Could’ve been just a regular blink” Omggg you’re humour is cracking me up every time 😂😂😂

  44. Mr. X

    Mr. X21 hour ago

    Its rubbish...

  45. GermanGamer7

    GermanGamer721 hour ago

    ok boomer

  46. Karan Khatri

    Karan Khatri22 hours ago

    Memes Die After being Reviewed By Pewds ✨✨

  47. Calvin M.

    Calvin M.22 hours ago

    "Cute coworker", and then face of Natalie Dormer😂😂😂 That made my day!

  48. Elly

    Elly23 hours ago

    Is South Africa really a high difficulty zone ?

  49. niamh brown

    niamh brown23 hours ago

    4:00 lmao. Im an aussie.

  50. silver crown

    silver crownDay ago

    F school

  51. Asfandyar ahmed

    Asfandyar ahmedDay ago

    You dickhead it worked even though I'm wearing headphones

  52. ☢ ƬƝƬƁOƳ-Ɗα-Ɓαωz ☢

    ☢ ƬƝƬƁOƳ-Ɗα-Ɓαωz ☢Day ago

    Lmao trying to lower the difficulty on Tinder

  53. Covle

    CovleDay ago

    If I were capable of love, I'd you.

  54. Paul Brice

    Paul BriceDay ago

    Starcraft 2 sucks ass age of empires 2 is the best.

  55. Paul Brice

    Paul BriceDay ago

    This isn't a normal conversation, very misleading you should rename the title "How to have a normal conversation in USA only"

  56. pumped up kicks

    pumped up kicksDay ago

    boy: you wanna go out? me: you too

  57. John Esparza

    John EsparzaDay ago

    Pluto.....getting short shrift.......again. Pluto tells Uranus, "You think you g-g-ot problems? At least th-they r-r-remember yer nuh-nuh-name"! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  58. Lee Baby Sims

    Lee Baby SimsDay ago

    You'd be..... (i thought you were going to say) behind bars

  59. Mahdi Bakhshoudeh

    Mahdi BakhshoudehDay ago

    So where can download a GF?

  60. Achref Chnenni

    Achref ChnenniDay ago


  61. Sable

    SableDay ago

    "Happy birthday!" "You too!"

  62. Radu Cristescu

    Radu CristescuDay ago

    You go upstairs and star having sex. She's not into you. You're into her.

  63. James Bond

    James BondDay ago

    I tip $5 pretty much everywhere based on the wine bottle theory. It doesn't really matter how much the bill is. If I bought a meal for $10 and tipped $1.50, id feel like a douche. If I paid $10 and tipped $5, I feel like a beast. Lol it's a win win. One time I spent 3 hours at a dinner and gave $15, as I spent $2 on infinite coffee refills and just sat there. Maybe you should do something like $5 per hour per person?

  64. Yoseph Alabdulwahab

    Yoseph AlabdulwahabDay ago

    This was all gold!

  65. PapaSpoon

    PapaSpoonDay ago

    But did anyone notice the program is called O.D simulator

  66. Parth Patel

    Parth PatelDay ago

    Somebody had to say this: Natalie Dormer is not that hot. There, I said it. Her face is just all sorts is weird and too big.

  67. PedroTrueMX

    PedroTrueMXDay ago

    Where my dwarf planets at though?😂

  68. Tris78Lego

    Tris78LegoDay ago

    Actually way more helpful than most other serious channels.

  69. reallorn

    reallornDay ago

    "If u don't do what you're told, u take damage" Still happens in Africa and Asia bud

  70. Rishi

    RishiDay ago

    I don’t tip anyone, lol

  71. Cornell Waters

    Cornell WatersDay ago

    🕯️ Thank You!

  72. LYCHEE

    LYCHEEDay ago

    "I use to be 2 feet tall and 25lbs but now 18 years later i am 7 foot 13, 500 lbs 6% bf"

  73. FlyingPanda10P

    FlyingPanda10PDay ago

    Has anyone sent this to Elon?

  74. Omniversal Void

    Omniversal VoidDay ago

    if u think money cannot buy happiness u don't know where to shop

  75. Omniversal Void

    Omniversal VoidDay ago

    maximum red flag: yeah its just you ouch bruh

  76. Call me Sky

    Call me SkyDay ago

    I'm thirteen Viagra ad I'm not even male

  77. pinky patrick

    pinky patrickDay ago

    “I could pay $5,000 for a Gucci suit and people might think I’m cool, but if I were actually cool Gucci would have paid me to wear it” -Casually Explained That really says a lot, I like this quote

  78. ResidentEvil302cuba rican215

    ResidentEvil302cuba rican215Day ago

    This channel is shit jus copyin off sam o nella channel n ur not funny at all fukn lame

  79. ResidentEvil302cuba rican215

    ResidentEvil302cuba rican215Day ago

    Jesus ur a biter stealin sam o nella style of video n ur not funny at all

  80. Bryce_ Brunelli

    Bryce_ BrunelliDay ago

    Thought this guy was going to be a retard but literally is 100% true and didnt miss one thing

  81. Colin Mulqueen

    Colin MulqueenDay ago

    You got to admit he had us in the first half

  82. Jesse McFarland-Ward

    Jesse McFarland-WardDay ago

    3:22 where to buy hydraulic press, amazing

  83. Ben Harder

    Ben HarderDay ago

    What are you doing to prepare for FTC regulations? Hearing from other video makes, as an animator you will not appear in recommended videos and we won't get notifications for videos anymore either

  84. Breanna Bowman

    Breanna BowmanDay ago

    Just bought my first Google Home the other day and tbh I nearly pissed myself when it told me it didnt quite catch that at full volume.

  85. Wheaty23

    Wheaty23Day ago

    Every time you reference smash I love it

  86. Ladicius - Gaming

    Ladicius - GamingDay ago

    “Ok boomerl

  87. Devanox Radio

    Devanox RadioDay ago

    25 cents 🤔 let that sink in..........his videos are funny but has facts behind them just medz him.

  88. Nolan Yamada

    Nolan YamadaDay ago

    To be as rich as *Mansa Musa*

  89. Devanox Radio

    Devanox RadioDay ago

    Lol the love you cracked me up

  90. Devanox Radio

    Devanox RadioDay ago

    😂😂😂😂😂 I'm I the only one going through more of his videos laughing

  91. Zekken

    ZekkenDay ago

    Sometimes I just re-watch this for the sake of my sanity

  92. Kad135

    Kad135Day ago

    Thanks, really helpful instructional video

  93. Moozez

    MoozezDay ago

    Wish I watched this before the phone I watched this on wasn't the only thing I own. Live and learn I guess?

  94. Blazeee

    BlazeeeDay ago

    Me personally being a 12 year old, I use social media a ton, twitter, youtube, and I am even famous on pornhub!

  95. Seoyoung Choi

    Seoyoung ChoiDay ago

    OK, so you've been going out with this girl for almost 2 years and one day you decide to do something special for her birthday and put some candles in a heart shape on a beach then kneel in front of her and pull out a ring. She begins crying tears of joy and screams "YES!". Is she into you? Eh.. I don't really know, maybe she just didn't want to hurt your feelings by saying no.

  96. fortnite GOD

    fortnite GODDay ago

    Teens: ohh i get it. My tiny brain: wut

  97. Eduardo Martinez

    Eduardo MartinezDay ago

    “Jokes on him. I can’t read”😂😂😂

  98. Rapid Gamer

    Rapid GamerDay ago


  99. Mariam Adrian

    Mariam AdrianDay ago

    dude, I love you



    ok *BOOMER*