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  1. Paul Gaither

    Paul Gaither2 minutes ago

    George and Juice are the geart of the 49ers run game, not the ball carriers. Sealing the edge and blocking the second level to spring whoever gets handed the ball. The fact that the scheme asks the TE to come off the line and block a backer is why you cannot think pass when Kittle is running right at you. LBs try to avoid his block... but it was a play action and now you avoided a guy that you should be covering.

  2. Randy Kirchhevel

    Randy Kirchhevel9 minutes ago

    They lost in overtime down to the wire. That tells me 49ers are no Joke. The Patriots lost big time to the Ravens so for the 49ers to loose by inches in overtime to a divisional rival is all not that bad.

  3. Jenaelove11

    Jenaelove1113 minutes ago

    She looks like Mille

  4. BlessedTress

    BlessedTress13 minutes ago

    The best and most neutral critique I’ve heard on this matter!!! Thanks for the breakdown

  5. bardez1963

    bardez196321 minute ago

    Has anyone noticed, around the time Kap started his kneeling drama , he was having a bad season! I wonder if he would have done the same if he was performing well

  6. Dancing With the Nintendo Stars

    Dancing With the Nintendo Stars25 minutes ago

    I love Chris Simms cause he's not a guy just critiquing, he breaks down everything and he knows what he's talking about

  7. John Kangarlu

    John Kangarlu25 minutes ago

    what was your opinion on the penalty? It looked like he was just trying ot clear the ball, and the forward just stuck his foot in between...

  8. Canine University 101

    Canine University 10128 minutes ago

    Mitch getting all the blame is stupid..the defense has regressed, the oline has regressed, the WR have regressed

  9. Jermaine Carr

    Jermaine Carr33 minutes ago

    They been hating on the Packers all year!!!

  10. Enrique Guillen Jr

    Enrique Guillen Jr33 minutes ago

    1 yr college experience at NC and you trade up to draft him over to senior QBs whom are much better what a dumbass choice.

  11. Jake Lineman

    Jake Lineman36 minutes ago

    Ayo Rodney, 18-1

  12. Joe B

    Joe B48 minutes ago

    I don't care what anyone says. Nagy benched Trubisky. Nagy needs to be fired ASAP!!!

  13. dj Curiosity

    dj CuriosityHour ago

    Nagy got bd = brain dead Cover yo mouth, ears,nose & eyes.. Will that do?

  14. Miguel López

    Miguel LópezHour ago

    The lions are back to Being the Lions.... Go pack go!

  15. Mo G

    Mo GHour ago

    Ravens are the best!!!!

  16. Chloe Williams

    Chloe WilliamsHour ago

    “Oh snap” 😂 did she really just say that? 😁

  17. localeboy808

    localeboy808Hour ago

    He' s outfit reminds me of Yuri On Ice anime outfit. Well... He's basically a living version of Yuri lol

  18. Joseph Caronna

    Joseph CaronnaHour ago


  19. Rosho Know

    Rosho KnowHour ago

    I dont like Simms.... He comes across as a bitter former pro quarterback that was apart of a system that didn't tailor to his "skill sets". He knows all the answers with Lamar, lets roll some of Simms old Bucs tape and lets see him critique his own game.

  20. Elton Dennie

    Elton DennieHour ago

    Youll not really asking him can he pass.youll really asking him can he think.he is a very bright young man and hes very proud of himself.

  21. Patrick Morrissey

    Patrick MorrisseyHour ago

    Couple of cucks.

  22. Phil McCracken

    Phil McCrackenHour ago

    LETS GO RANGERS!!! 🔵🔴⚪️

  23. NinerByNature 88

    NinerByNature 88Hour ago

    Jimmy G is going through growing pains. He is still a young signal caller that do nothing but win. To be honest, i only see the niners maybe losing against the Ravens because of lemar Jackson but other then that, these non mobile QBs wont have time to put money on the board to match Kyle Shanahan and Jimmy G. Plus, yall are forgetting Jimmy G is doing this with a bunch of injuries on offense.

  24. Elton Dennie

    Elton DennieHour ago

    I know who he is.hes walton payton in the quarter back positon.lamar is going to have a great future.hes very much a walton payton type of person and football player.hes going to own baltimore like payton owned chicago.this guy like payton have god given football ability he is legit.

  25. nbalive2k9

    nbalive2k92 hours ago

    Where do u find these people, he really said hard to stop the vikings defece when we already BEAT THEM

  26. SILVATION 71415

    SILVATION 714152 hours ago

    Wait, did she just say "by a lady?" Last time I checked, that's a very young lady, like a child?😕 Maybe that's what she meant.

  27. Hiroader11 The Analysts

    Hiroader11 The Analysts2 hours ago

    Great beginning of the commentary, " Everybody was minding their own business"., All of a sudden 🤔❗

  28. 11I1I11I

    11I1I11I2 hours ago

    If anyone wants to objectify child figure skaters, 4chan has got you.

  29. Eric D'Aleo

    Eric D'Aleo2 hours ago

    lamar MVP BB5 Top 20 srry dog

  30. Kono Dutch

    Kono Dutch3 hours ago

    Why dont they wear pants? She looks underage flashing her bum bum

  31. James Mcgregor

    James Mcgregor3 hours ago

    Florio seemed so pumped to have a topic where he could show case his law school knowledge lol 😂 he was not going to let Chris ruin his moment

  32. All about the Mula

    All about the Mula3 hours ago

    Niners just need to be healthy bruh. That’s it. No Kittle, no Gould, no Sanders, no Ford, no Breida, Alexander out for the year. The list goes on and on but at least we should get some of these players back soon. Go Niners!!!

  33. Spy - V -Spy

    Spy - V -Spy3 hours ago

    Another QB who had a bad habit of throwing Ints. at the wrong time in the regular season who relied on his defense to give him a second chance... a little guy named Montana. He through 3 in the NFC championship against Dallas. The difference is what you do with that second chance & what you do in big games, he didn't throw a single one in the biggest game of them all, and always came away with a ring. While I head your concern I see it as no reason for alarm just yet. It starts losing us big games I will start being concerned... as for the Seahawks game it came down to a missed FG by a guy who was working making sandwiches for a living the week before, and he didn't exactly have Rice & Taylor, or even Solomon & Clark catching passes for him.

  34. Nes

    Nes3 hours ago

    Krapernik insane bad got media fans and the nfl

  35. Nes

    Nes3 hours ago

    Krapernik.foogin nutzz

  36. L8erdayz

    L8erdayz3 hours ago

    She’s 15.... Ladies and gentlemen, we got him.

  37. Branflakes K

    Branflakes K3 hours ago

    Girls never cease to amaze me in their power and beauty

  38. Small Penis

    Small Penis3 hours ago


  39. YMSA (:

    YMSA (:3 hours ago

    He’s just barely finished starting over 16 games aka a full season. If you take his stats over that 16 game span, those numbers are very impressive for a 1st year starter. Even though he’s been in the league for years now, he’s barely started just over one full season. He’s BASICALLY A ROOKIE ABOUT TO ENTER HIS 2ND YEAR..

  40. Cricket Cobo

    Cricket Cobo3 hours ago

    Obviously amazing but why does it always seem like the skating and music don’t go together.

  41. Chris Atkinson

    Chris Atkinson3 hours ago

    Adam Lefkoe needs to be on this show

  42. G Mo

    G Mo4 hours ago

    It's now all on video for all to see ,not behind closed doors like being in a prison with no video . He doesn't need you to show up now ,watch the tape like every team does before playing an opponent!!!

  43. Jason Mobbs

    Jason Mobbs4 hours ago

    Florio such a Niners hater.

  44. G Mo

    G Mo4 hours ago

    Exactly a short notice but u don't care ,

  45. don lair

    don lair4 hours ago

    It is nice to see the US women's team wearing a more modest apparel. Other teams still want to spill it all out for all to see. Just pitiful.

  46. Toothy Cortez

    Toothy Cortez4 hours ago

    Haters gon hate.

  47. Marc A. Henderson

    Marc A. Henderson4 hours ago

    I smell Shenanigans man!!!!! SPORTS IS A BUSINESS FOLKS!!!!!

  48. Ouroboros Nagyok

    Ouroboros Nagyok4 hours ago

    Overall 1. Wilson 2. Mahomes 3. Rodgers 4. Watson 5. Jackson 6. Prescott 7. Brees 8. Ryan 9. Cousins 10. Brady 11. Stafford 12. Carr 13. Brissett 14. Foles 15. Wentz 16. J. Allen 17. Rivers 18. Murray 19. Bridgewater 20. Mayfield 21. Roethlisberger 22. Garoppolo 23. Minshew 24. Newton 25. Goff 26. Jones 27. Winston 28. Darnold 29. Tannehill 30. Manning 31. K. Allen 32. Flacco 33. Mariota 34. Trubisky 35. Fitzpatrick 36. Dalton 37. Moore 38. Smith 39. Rudolph 40. Mullens 41. Haskins 42. Keenum 43. Driskel 44. Taylor 45. B. Allen 46. Griffin III 47. Schaub 48. Rosen 49. Bortles 50. Daniel

  49. DRUMNICOdotcom

    DRUMNICOdotcom4 hours ago

    yummy lil spinner dolphin

  50. vincenzo vieri

    vincenzo vieri4 hours ago

    She pulled a (Frozen) play at disneyland california, well done!

  51. Alex the greatest

    Alex the greatest4 hours ago

    Brian Allen? His name is Brian Hill.

  52. Izabella Sanchez

    Izabella Sanchez4 hours ago

    The song she chose was so fitting to the amazing performance she did. The Fire Bird- Igor Stravinsky. Beautiful piece for a beautiful performance!!

  53. ChuckO

    ChuckO4 hours ago

    Shcherbakova pulls off costume.... 😳 ....change. 😂

  54. Dman444

    Dman4444 hours ago

    “So fun” lol

  55. Rak43cb

    Rak43cb4 hours ago

    Funny how NE puts up 214 yds against Buff then loses to the Ravens while doing what they do [ fattening their record vs weak AFC opponents] and no one questions their record. They struggled against and lost to the only two teams they've played with winning records and still all the prognosticators drool all over them and put them in top 3, lmao.

  56. LukNatU2

    LukNatU24 hours ago

    All others who analyze this situation had us believe that this was a standardize waver. I am glad you put this into prospective for us.

  57. Trevon Suggs

    Trevon Suggs4 hours ago

    Keep sleeping on the pack 💯

  58. B Wheels

    B Wheels4 hours ago

    These mfs always try to dissect the Saints wins “if Winston wouldn’t have threw 4 picks it would have been a closer gm” duh you big dummy

  59. SunshineSurfsup1

    SunshineSurfsup14 hours ago

    Finally an intelligent conversation on the subject. Thank you!

  60. Der Wolfpack

    Der Wolfpack4 hours ago

    Goff made some good throws last night.

  61. Steve Oh

    Steve Oh5 hours ago

    The most sensible take I've heard on this whole topic

  62. Keevin Hesue

    Keevin Hesue5 hours ago

    More analyst 49ers haters!! F them hahaha

  63. Orlando soto

    Orlando soto5 hours ago

    Staley is not a big loss skule has been doing good, kittle will be back

  64. Russo SF49

    Russo SF495 hours ago


  65. Ibraheem Rao

    Ibraheem Rao5 hours ago

    Nagy didn't even deserve COY in 2018.

  66. Luis Espinoza

    Luis Espinoza5 hours ago

    Florio 🤫

  67. Luis Espinoza

    Luis Espinoza5 hours ago

    Florio is straight out 9er Hater we don't care what you say and the record says it are 9-1

  68. Jhabari Owens

    Jhabari Owens5 hours ago

    I'm going to ride with Jimmy all day everyday if you look at his stats they are pretty good in my opinion is it me or does it seem like the media is pissed that the 49ers are doing good this year and the media had them being crap this year?

  69. LightningNC

    LightningNC5 hours ago

    The first OT segment is played twice.

  70. Big Dog

    Big Dog5 hours ago

    Man you guys are so smart have a half a players are hurt

  71. Veronica Farias

    Veronica Farias5 hours ago


  72. Jagminder Bassi

    Jagminder Bassi5 hours ago

    Joe 😎 cool now jimmy 😎 cool

  73. lucaboden

    lucaboden5 hours ago

    She is gonna be the GOAT

  74. Maskill Maldonado

    Maskill Maldonado5 hours ago

    I’m gonna cry when Brady retires and I’m not ashamed to say it

  75. Daniel Rodriguez

    Daniel Rodriguez5 hours ago

    That was kool

  76. jerseydevs2000

    jerseydevs20005 hours ago

    6:14 Ball on Irish 30 Book drops back to 23 yard line Book launches a missile downfield Lenzy catches it as cool as you like on the Navy 25 and then sails into the end zone What a freaking amazing throw! 🔥🔥🔥☘️🏈

  77. weakbrainthrombosis

    weakbrainthrombosis5 hours ago

    Lamar was hitting some guys in stride, and it looked like he was throwing to spots on some routes.

  78. HeyFranziska

    HeyFranziska5 hours ago

    Clutch-y Cousins

  79. chris chandler

    chris chandler5 hours ago

    Did we not cover the Dallas game? Covered Prescott as your player of the week but no breakdown?

  80. Enchanted Corpse

    Enchanted Corpse5 hours ago

    My heart's a-pounding

  81. Reno Geremen

    Reno Geremen6 hours ago

    Go pack go baby!!! All day everyday!! Fawk da rest!! Just hoping we got new looks on defense and offense this coming sunday !!!

  82. CallMeOptimist

    CallMeOptimist6 hours ago

    He's playing y'all for fools and the NFL and Nike and all Kaeperknick supporters fell for all his crap and did EXACTLY what he wanted by giving him all this attention and money! When will you be ready to act like adults and make this little boy experience consequences for his actions instead of giving the crying baby everything he wants??

  83. Yo Yo

    Yo Yo6 hours ago

    They’ll cheat so no worries Cheatriot fans

  84. Didi Segal

    Didi Segal6 hours ago

    Clark is the other Baltimore safety, not Canaday (who was cut).

  85. Nicholas Liu

    Nicholas Liu6 hours ago

    To put his skating into perspective, his last jump combination is a 3A-2T. Lots of men struggle doing a solo 3A as one of the first few jumps.

  86. Wheatley

    Wheatley6 hours ago

    Self scouting thyself would also involve you stopping the tongue clicks, constantly saying ok, you know etc, and relaxing your speaking tempo

  87. NiK Volt

    NiK Volt6 hours ago

    He is a has been.

  88. John Bishop

    John Bishop6 hours ago

    lamear jackass will never be the MVP

  89. SarahBarson Hollinger

    SarahBarson Hollinger6 hours ago

    Firebird! Nice!

  90. Ayu Lohnnah

    Ayu Lohnnah6 hours ago

    He is a second years starter. He's 17-3, he pretty good.

  91. KevinGaming

    KevinGaming6 hours ago

    Man, I wish I was as fast as him😁

  92. Tim Salahi

    Tim Salahi6 hours ago

    She’s on steroid

  93. PippiOnePointOh

    PippiOnePointOh6 hours ago

    I went back to watch the costume change in slow motion on 0.25x speed, and the announcers’ voices became something out of a horror movie.

  94. Devn

    Devn6 hours ago

    the reason there wasn't a rule on helmet swinging is because the NFL didn't have helmets in the old days.

  95. Supreme Mathematics

    Supreme Mathematics6 hours ago

    White people always got a opinion

  96. Abraham Herrero

    Abraham Herrero6 hours ago

    Seahawks just got lucky.

  97. CMort760

    CMort7606 hours ago

    Truss - Giselda Records and affiliates. 38 Spesh, Benny the Butcher, Conway, Westside Gunn, etc

  98. Jay Dee

    Jay Dee6 hours ago

    Dude can throw these all day long

  99. Elizabeth Sloman

    Elizabeth Sloman6 hours ago

    If the Cardinals defense wasn't so terrible 49ers would of lost both games to the rookie Kyler Murray

  100. Ryan DeGrave

    Ryan DeGrave6 hours ago

    I think they missed a key point here. It seems clear to me that the Niners defense has issues with mobile QBs. The most points they've given up were against Kyler Murray and Russell Wilson. Against pocket QBs, their d-line dominates the game. The Niners offense has never been great this season but the difference the last 3 weeks was the QBs avoiding sacks and running for key 3rd down conversions. They have to figure that out before the end of the season or it might be a disappointing year.