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  1. Coldwinter

    ColdwinterMinute ago

    I think the backups are looking better to now. Years ago putting in a backup was a death sentence. Now it's not so bad. Minshew looks good. The Steelers, Saints, Colts and the Jets third stringer all look like Competent quarterbacks.

  2. Stan Guevara

    Stan Guevara4 minutes ago

    the Browns won't have as many possessions as they did with the Jets....so if they fall behind aloha

  3. Sam Hong

    Sam Hong6 minutes ago

    The bird intercepts him 不不不不不

  4. Jonathan Wheeler

    Jonathan Wheeler8 minutes ago

    You look like Ben Shapiros dad.

  5. 9 minutes ago

    Where's the body slams?

  6. Mike Pivero

    Mike Pivero11 minutes ago

    Nailed it..Cousins is the biggest mistake the Vikings have made since the herschel Walker trade.

  7. Keneti Pese

    Keneti Pese18 minutes ago


  8. bowlchamps37

    bowlchamps3727 minutes ago

    You cannot tie in straight up games.

  9. Travis Bell

    Travis Bell29 minutes ago

    Its all his ego

  10. Born Again

    Born Again30 minutes ago

    Florio is right. Simms knows nada on this subject.

  11. Born Again

    Born Again32 minutes ago

    My poor team. They will never get it right. Cousins is a stats peddler with no killer instinct aka IT factor. Worst signing since HW.

  12. Yuxuan Li

    Yuxuan Li35 minutes ago

    The English FA got it wrong by not giving the decision to the main ref. In other leagues, the main ref is the person that reviews the replay and makes the final decision. In england, the VAR team checks the reply to trump the main ref's decision.

  13. Christian Gent

    Christian Gent36 minutes ago

    Wheres the Wranglers???

  14. Aaron Poisel

    Aaron Poisel38 minutes ago

    Dolphins will take him

  15. Agent Smith

    Agent Smith42 minutes ago

    American commentating is so cringe.

  16. Justin Sc

    Justin Sc44 minutes ago

    there is no way the jets score 17

  17. cronje van der merwe

    cronje van der merwe47 minutes ago

    If the USA and others smaller nations play tests thay maybe will get better. Tonga. Fiji. Canada. And USA. call it pisific cup

  18. Musa Ngeno

    Musa Ngeno52 minutes ago

    Springboks will win this year Rugby world cup.


    LAMOOOW52 minutes ago

    This simms guy.... please stop saying stuff that happened and stuff vikings fans already know lmao

  20. SKaiPanda2609

    SKaiPanda260954 minutes ago

    not gonna lie tho, that form was freaking amazing

  21. Josh Jacobs

    Josh Jacobs56 minutes ago

    Patriots know what they was doing and they didn't pay him da 1st payment was 2 be made Monday which was 5million they basically tried him out for 2 game checks and realized he wasn't worth it

  22. Nicolas Rasiulis

    Nicolas RasiulisHour ago


  23. junior 4bears

    junior 4bearsHour ago

    The owner a perv as well

  24. Eric Schipperijn

    Eric SchipperijnHour ago

    This is how Bournemouth stays in the prem

  25. SkillzwhoKillz

    SkillzwhoKillzHour ago

    Seahawks will not win by more than 4 points. Im a Seahawks fan and I know what they are. Most Seahawks fans are delusional but if we're being honest with ourselves, we all know its going to be one of those games where the Seahawks offense looks terrible. The offensive line will rear its ugly head yet again.

  26. TheMayhem16

    TheMayhem16Hour ago

    Train wrecks stopped to watch Antonio

  27. A Barnes

    A BarnesHour ago

    The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. - Malcolm X....POLITICS TRUST AND BELIEVE!!!!!...Probably a cover-up exposed because he left the Raiders...Why is Kraft allowed to exploit women in a massage parlor and still remain with the team? REPLY

  28. libertyn jeopardy

    libertyn jeopardyHour ago

    It's buiLding not biWding Florio, learn to pronounce the letter L. Thank you.

  29. Scarletbull

    ScarletbullHour ago

    Is a joy listening to the Simms. Is just so objective. No bias homer analysis unlike most of the other broadcasters. Still dont like DJ pick!

  30. Max Tong

    Max TongHour ago

    Bring Favre back, the guy can still sling it like he was never left

  31. Roger Hammar

    Roger HammarHour ago

    Congratulations to Japan on their opening night victory of the 2019 World Cup Rugby

  32. Mike Lopez

    Mike LopezHour ago

    The Browns. If they signed Hunt, they'll sign him too.

  33. Hoa Luong

    Hoa LuongHour ago

    I cannot stand Chris Simm

  34. james bondero

    james bonderoHour ago

    Saints upset Seahawks 30 to 25 with brees out

  35. J C

    J CHour ago

    Needs to hang himself with his Patriot Jersey

  36. Karl Aitchison

    Karl AitchisonHour ago

    Great to see the usa getting into rugby

  37. rodeo 4

    rodeo 4Hour ago

    I so hope the USA host the RWC in the very near future that will be worth it no doubt

  38. A G

    A GHour ago

    Dolphins need him

  39. LA BoutaBagDoe

    LA BoutaBagDoe2 hours ago

    Almost everybody picked the Titans to win and was wrong丹撾儭

  40. D Flatt

    D Flatt2 hours ago

    7:10 Colin Kapernik does not *WANT* to play. Jesus. He got paid ... exactly what he wanted. Also you can screw me any way you want for 10 million lol.

  41. MinisterK

    MinisterK2 hours ago

    I hope your execs read this. $200 was way too much to watch these games

  42. Darshawn Driggins

    Darshawn Driggins2 hours ago

    Yeah what happened to this guy wtf I remember when he was in college they where hyping him up

  43. Chris

    Chris2 hours ago

    that was a goal not lost control

  44. Seng Hunter

    Seng Hunter2 hours ago

    Jordan is an offensive machine. Don't ever tell him to go on the defense again.

  45. xi xia

    xi xia2 hours ago

    So many foreigners on that Japan team, disgusting.

  46. Ericka Jones

    Ericka Jones2 hours ago

    Business might be booming, but he's about to be bankrupt. He continue to make these dumb decisions.

  47. cyclesmoking

    cyclesmoking2 hours ago

    Hanna looks like shes out on a casual jog, but shes actually flying. Wow!

  48. RC Thomas

    RC Thomas2 hours ago

    You know she's bad she's really bad

  49. Linda Minor

    Linda Minor2 hours ago

    CTE is real.

  50. RC Thomas

    RC Thomas2 hours ago

    They running

  51. Julian Coelho

    Julian Coelho2 hours ago

    Washington is his response

  52. Lars Poen

    Lars Poen3 hours ago

    AB is Done. When you burn the Raiders who gave a 3rd and 5th pick away, let's just say if Raiders gave up a #1 maybe Brown would have 10 accusers

  53. Gary Crook

    Gary Crook3 hours ago

    Thanks, Chris, nice vid....

  54. enokido20

    enokido203 hours ago

    Bahahahahall you AB fantasy owners are F**KED.

  55. Pao Lee

    Pao Lee3 hours ago

    Due to the greed of the NFL owners, yes, the game is a boyish game now.

  56. Jay Emm

    Jay Emm3 hours ago

    Good luck to everybody with fantasy football and making bets this week. Lets make that money or get the W. Great video to take notes. Thanks unbuttoned

  57. em kloc

    em kloc3 hours ago

    ..the sad part is, he's prolly innocent, timing of it is sketchy, and it not only cost him millions but maybe even career. But I bet u all charges will be dropped. I'd be suprised if they find him guilty. The man was down and they kept kicking him while being down cuz who wouldn't believe a hot add chick over AB considering everything that happened recebtly

  58. Lone Wolf McQuade

    Lone Wolf McQuade3 hours ago

    Watch out CBS! It won't be long before NBC starts knocking on the door for the "Major League Rugby" broadcasting rights. Give it a few more years.

  59. XxIcyElephant

    XxIcyElephant3 hours ago

    NBC SPORTS stop putting the goals in the i stop spoiling the game

  60. Troy Brandes

    Troy Brandes3 hours ago

    Just an overall bad discussing person!

  61. Todd HugeCock

    Todd HugeCock3 hours ago


  62. rivotrich7

    rivotrich73 hours ago

    He is my favorite racing driver. Raced and won in everything! That is what made him a legend.

  63. Alex Dayenian

    Alex Dayenian3 hours ago

    Ake should start for england


    WILLIE OSBURN3 hours ago


  65. Daniel James Eyewear

    Daniel James Eyewear3 hours ago

    The Patriots made the right move. AB needs help.


    WILLIE OSBURN3 hours ago


  67. G3bardi

    G3bardi3 hours ago

    I have no idea wtf the rules are but this is exciting


    WILLIE OSBURN3 hours ago


  69. Michael D

    Michael D3 hours ago

    I'd still take Favre on the Jets

  70. Bryce Bro

    Bryce Bro3 hours ago

    Idk why but I feel like VAR ruins the game

  71. Chad Willard

    Chad Willard3 hours ago

    Where's Simms?

  72. Abdisamed Saeed

    Abdisamed Saeed3 hours ago

    5:03 Loitering lmao amazing commentary

  73. Donald J. Trump

    Donald J. Trump3 hours ago


  74. taylor bowers

    taylor bowers3 hours ago

    Love these commentators they're havin a good time with it, I'm having a good time with it

  75. dvcreservations

    dvcreservations3 hours ago

    The guy and the agent lied to the patriots through clear, orchestrated omission. They dont owe him a dime.

  76. FlyHi 808

    FlyHi 8083 hours ago

    Japanese player: "Don't ever leave me..." Russian player: "Stop it!"(proceeds with smack)

  77. Steven

    Steven3 hours ago

    Very good guy and the GOAT

  78. ross welch

    ross welch3 hours ago

    I like it when florio is this fired up

  79. Owen

    Owen3 hours ago

    southampton's kit is kinda whack

  80. LeBears

    LeBears4 hours ago

    Well sign Antonio Brown for $1 take it or leave it不

  81. Kelp Farming

    Kelp Farming4 hours ago

    Ghetto thug is GONE. YES

  82. evansusmc

    evansusmc4 hours ago

    9:32 OK... So I'm guessing those two white guys Japanese citizens? That's why they were able to play on the Japanese national team?

  83. achaarpickler

    achaarpickler4 hours ago

    American Football and NFL can kma.....

  84. Aldo Raine

    Aldo Raine4 hours ago

    That Russian at 19:57 looked like he wanted to wind up a kick at the Japanese player.

  85. Alan J

    Alan J4 hours ago

    Mariona bout to pull an Andrew Luck if this O-Line keeps it up.

  86. oreemmanuel

    oreemmanuel4 hours ago

    @3:38 that was quite a healthy smack on the back by the Russians

  87. Kevin Costello

    Kevin Costello4 hours ago

    The cowboys

  88. Anthony Provencio

    Anthony Provencio4 hours ago

    You the man Florio

  89. Long Her

    Long Her4 hours ago

    Only juice heads in olympic sports.

  90. P Shooter

    P Shooter4 hours ago

    AB can come clean my toilets if he behaves

  91. NeoAndersonReloaded

    NeoAndersonReloaded4 hours ago

    Kraft should be released for his happy ending!

  92. BREEZO

    BREEZO4 hours ago

    Judge: 69 45 years in federal prison 69: You heard of Antonio Brown he just sign with the patriots

  93. radicalindependent

    radicalindependent4 hours ago

    VAR officials are turning out to be as subjective as the ref on the field, at least when it comes to Pk's. Offsides are becoming increasingly ridiculous, in the 90's FIFA was supposed to give the attacking players the benefit of the doubt especially in situations like the goal that was disallowed.

  94. Book of shadows contributor Brian

    Book of shadows contributor Brian4 hours ago

    8th comment 踝綾拎

  95. Tracy Pohle

    Tracy Pohle4 hours ago

    Thanks for the highlights! Peeved that its so expensive to watch here in the US . The trip to Japan was expensive and really hard to plan... I couldnt risk not getting tickets. or not getting an accommodation... and blowing money on the airfare and losing it if I didnt get tix or a hotel. I wish it was at least shown on cable.... boo! Great job Japan ! .. Go Eagles! Go Bokkies!

  96. C

    C4 hours ago

    Everyone remember this conversation... the next six weeks of wins dont jump on Teddy side then... Geaux Saints! If Sean and the Team have faith in Teddy we do too!

  97. idrobinhood

    idrobinhood4 hours ago

    KC is longer the star of the Offense. Its the rushing and O-line zone run blocking is the star.

  98. idrobinhood

    idrobinhood4 hours ago

    KC QB rating was like a 4 out of 100. 43% completion. The offensive line aloud 60% pressures. But KC needs to get that ball out within 4 secs.

  99. loopba

    loopba4 hours ago

    The REDSKINS and dumpster fire Dan Snyder will give the Patriots number 1 picks and AB a max contract

  100. Joe Cruz

    Joe Cruz4 hours ago

    Dan Snyder is a douche dope!