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Lover out now

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Surprising Gena

Surprising Gena

5 years ago

#HiFromTaylor Teaser
  1. Myalee Mckenzie

    Myalee Mckenzie10 minutes ago

    Sound’s like Billie I smell Billie

  2. Daredevil

    Daredevil16 minutes ago

    Lover has been nominated for GRAMMYs, she's gonna slay again!

  3. Wilmar Villa

    Wilmar Villa36 minutes ago


  4. Christian Camacho

    Christian CamachoHour ago

    the prince of darkness, I wish you well, that's my CD, would you like to comment? I wish you well

  5. Angelin Dhupper

    Angelin DhupperHour ago

    This song is literally stuck in my head- ilysm taylor for this remix!!

  6. #WeStandWithTaylor Queen Of Pop

    #WeStandWithTaylor Queen Of PopHour ago

    She's so humble, I think she didn't know that she's a global superstar. I stan you forever, queen! 😍❤️

  7. U&H official

    U&H officialHour ago

    could someone please listen to our sounds? we just need a chance :(

  8. Baleed Ali

    Baleed AliHour ago

    Yo Taylor. kim Kardashian did it. Not beyonce. Did you do it.

  9. Sagnik Dutta

    Sagnik DuttaHour ago




    Heaven ♥️

  11. Anna Julia Marinho

    Anna Julia MarinhoHour ago

    I love they ❤

  12. TKP 2203

    TKP 22032 hours ago

    🇹🇭21/11/2019 👉 ▶️ ⏩ ⏭ 2020 🎉❤️❤️❤️🎉

  13. Olivia

    Olivia2 hours ago

    *sees song* *freaks out* *saves to song playlist*

  14. Ndn Boy

    Ndn Boy2 hours ago

    Best version

  15. Gordon Geary

    Gordon Geary2 hours ago

    Love this song

  16. vlog gamer

    vlog gamer3 hours ago

    If you give a thumb down you are a hater

  17. Jordan Chavez

    Jordan Chavez3 hours ago

    This would be such a unique and fun song to have a first dance at a wedding to :)

  18. Fariha Mughal

    Fariha Mughal3 hours ago

    How cutèeeeeeee

  19. randomlyartsy 2.0

    randomlyartsy 2.04 hours ago

    85th to comment xD

  20. yuva helen

    yuva helen4 hours ago


  21. Beatriz Aguirre

    Beatriz Aguirre4 hours ago

    Es muy bonita la canción me imagino bailando con mi crushhh♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  22. Khadija Najam

    Khadija Najam4 hours ago


  23. Camille Bovard

    Camille Bovard4 hours ago

    As a french swiftie i think i’ve found heaven

  24. Sarah Baby

    Sarah Baby4 hours ago


  25. Shadan Tanveer

    Shadan Tanveer4 hours ago

    Cutest and warmest and sweeeetest collaboration in the world❤️❤️❤️

  26. Dian Ekasari

    Dian Ekasari5 hours ago

    Ma kasih banyak taylor...semoga km panjang umur bersama keluarga in the genk

  27. Sophia Floris

    Sophia Floris5 hours ago

    Camila cabello: its been a long time coming don't you let me fall - senorita Shawn mendes: ive finally got you now honey I won't let u fall - lover

  28. maleeha imran

    maleeha imran5 hours ago

    Awwwww this song 😭❤❤❤❤❤

  29. Saishri S Iyer

    Saishri S Iyer5 hours ago

    Unpopular opinion: This song is one of her best songs.

  30. Nomin Dolgoon

    Nomin Dolgoon5 hours ago

    My 👧🥰🥰cute TS❤❤

  31. Cake Bell

    Cake Bell5 hours ago

    Am I the one who wanted to read comments after hearing Shawn Mendes's voice?

  32. saria muneer

    saria muneer5 hours ago

    Song starts at 1:49 thank me later 🔥😘

  33. Jin jin

    Jin jin5 hours ago

    Single me can't relate But loving the melody and the voices of Taylor & Shawn

  34. rayn09

    rayn096 hours ago

    *F**king GRAMMY is on sides of Scott & Scooter.. for sure*

  35. Brxken gxrl

    Brxken gxrl6 hours ago

    0:50 me when I hug my crush

  36. Brxken gxrl

    Brxken gxrl6 hours ago

    Christmas vibes are finally here🎅

  37. Andrea Prepo

    Andrea Prepo6 hours ago

    This son can't get any better Shawn: Hold my guitar

  38. Czarhea 22

    Czarhea 226 hours ago

    #IStandWithTaylor.... Scott and scooter are rats...I hate them.

  39. ben han

    ben han6 hours ago

    I just watched this masterpiece.. I can't stop crying. T_T

  40. Stanko Stanev

    Stanko Stanev6 hours ago

    Omg that's the best

  41. Bharti Purohit

    Bharti Purohit6 hours ago

    When my friend told me about the remix she didn't tell me that it included Shawn so I was like meh I'll chk it out but when I read the title is was like what the f-😂😂😅

  42. Anna Wensley

    Anna Wensley6 hours ago

    AMAZING!! also very surprised and excited by the collab hehe


    MAUREEANO6 hours ago

    Read more

  44. Somya Dubey

    Somya Dubey6 hours ago

    Sad ... Taylor is not allowed to sing her songs. #IStandWithTaylor

  45. Hidden Star

    Hidden Star6 hours ago

    I always love you Taylor...your song is so inspiring that when I'm lonely or happy, I love playing your songs over and over again. It makes my mind so calm. I am flying ❤❤❤

  46. Christopher King Rabaca

    Christopher King Rabaca7 hours ago

    Proud Mommy!!! Cry out loud when I saw Taylor's mother!!!

  47. Christopher King Rabaca

    Christopher King Rabaca7 hours ago

    Truly LEGEND and ICONIC !!!

  48. John Lloyd Chen

    John Lloyd Chen7 hours ago

    *why is this in my recommendation*

  49. Anthony Wang

    Anthony Wang8 hours ago

    WoW I seem to understand what…

  50. Liza 91

    Liza 918 hours ago

    Anyone thinks original one was better? Me: I guess I am the one

  51. nini theyo

    nini theyo8 hours ago

    Didn't like this remix... The solo was much better

  52. Baby Let's The Game Begin

    Baby Let's The Game Begin8 hours ago


  53. Harshit Garg

    Harshit Garg8 hours ago

    Who's here in November?? To listen all old songs. #istandwithtaylor

  54. Vikas Popli

    Vikas Popli9 hours ago

    Favourite singers collab!!!!! Wow!!! I’m their their their their loverrrr! Both are such a contrast to each other, but still get along so well! Am I dreaming? Who all want more of Taylor and Shawn together: 👍yaaayyyyyy!

  55. Alona Divine Almasco

    Alona Divine Almasco9 hours ago

    Intro sounds like candy crush 😁😁😁

  56. Manda 3D Projects

    Manda 3D Projects9 hours ago

    Lover Forever Ever

  57. Nessha Chatanavin

    Nessha Chatanavin9 hours ago

    This should be best of Valentine song 2020

  58. SaiF RajpuT

    SaiF RajpuT10 hours ago

    1:Katy perry. 2:Taylor swift.

  59. Iceria Hikari

    Iceria Hikari10 hours ago

    This is amazing... I'm so happy to hear them together in one song! <3

  60. raj islam

    raj islam10 hours ago

    January,december,november my birthday june how about june …….. love you …..pinch you

  61. Versatil Titan

    Versatil Titan10 hours ago

    Modern day Britney/justin for music pop culture....Great song for the holidays plus vintage Taylor with Shawn's touch.

  62. BangtanSonyeondan kimtaehyung

    BangtanSonyeondan kimtaehyung10 hours ago

    I want an MV to both of them

  63. Savannah Thompson

    Savannah Thompson10 hours ago

    Gave me the chills ♥ damn guys 😘😍

  64. Alice Felício

    Alice Felício10 hours ago

    Perfecttt ❤❤❤❤

  65. Lucas Davies

    Lucas Davies10 hours ago


  66. Lee Jester

    Lee Jester11 hours ago

    i miss Zayn and Taylor collab~

  67. ahmed adeel

    ahmed adeel11 hours ago

    Still flop

  68. Teaka Hunter

    Teaka Hunter11 hours ago

    This gonna be on my Christmas playlist

  69. Axt Bxi

    Axt Bxi12 hours ago

    2:30 Beautiful lines

  70. Aman Kumar

    Aman Kumar12 hours ago

    ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🖤💔❣💕💞💓💗💖💘💝 This song is so awesome that i couldn't stop myself to give it all type of hearts.

  71. Samantha Broome

    Samantha Broome12 hours ago

    We can all agree. Shawn Mendes just makes everything better.

  72. tay lyrics

    tay lyrics12 hours ago


  73. DomBotum11

    DomBotum1112 hours ago

    I’m kind of not a fan of this remix

  74. Hannes Jakobsson

    Hannes Jakobsson12 hours ago

    Kacey is shaking in her cowboy-boots

  75. Saravanabavan Devapriya

    Saravanabavan Devapriya12 hours ago

    I really want to see Taylor and Shawn perform this song

  76. Bernice Cheung

    Bernice Cheung13 hours ago

    She dances so beautifully and shes having so much fun. Also that split!!

  77. elif ergü

    elif ergü13 hours ago

    Taylor ı love you and ı am from turkey you have a lot of fans in turkey 😍 look at the comments there is a lot of turkish people we love you

  78. yukikay

    yukikay13 hours ago

    the way he says "lover" my ovaries suddenly burst.

  79. Rafsan Ahmed

    Rafsan Ahmed13 hours ago

    *"I would go down with the titanic"* TITANIC: no thank you i already sunk once cant do it twice..

  80. Lea Camsa

    Lea Camsa13 hours ago

    Ershettt. What a beautiful collab ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  81. Iam Joergen

    Iam Joergen13 hours ago

    You sang both part coz you're single AF.

  82. Sergio I. Lopez

    Sergio I. Lopez14 hours ago


  83. Ray Quintana

    Ray Quintana14 hours ago

    This is the Straight Jam!.....I love you Babe !!.

  84. love WW

    love WW14 hours ago

    I love Taylor and I love Shawn ! This song is the best what I heard ! I love it !

  85. Priyanka Verma

    Priyanka Verma14 hours ago

    "Should've said no to big machine "...🙁🙁

  86. Marianne

    Marianne14 hours ago


  87. Egyptian Doll

    Egyptian Doll14 hours ago

    Can I go where you gooo can we always Be this close 🎶🎶

  88. Calvin Biefeld

    Calvin Biefeld14 hours ago

    *Head over to my channel and watch a couple of my covers,i've done 133.SUBSCRIBE,LIKE,SHARE if you enjoy.Thanks and have a great day*

  89. Arts of MAHI

    Arts of MAHI15 hours ago

    My ears are blessed👼👼

  90. Selena Roz

    Selena Roz15 hours ago

    Perfect wedding song♥️😩

  91. Dillon Kosek

    Dillon Kosek15 hours ago

    Its a sign, shes singing this at the amas!!!

  92. Zantagiro7

    Zantagiro715 hours ago

    he's no longer my lover! 💔

  93. Andrea Samayoa

    Andrea Samayoa15 hours ago

    Taylor + shawn + zayn??

  94. Kunda Siwale

    Kunda Siwale16 hours ago

    No disrespect to Shawn, this either came too soon or way too soon. Just made me want to listen to the original a lot more (if that's even possible; it's already on repeat all day) Shawn is great artist.

  95. Eriey3

    Eriey316 hours ago

    Annnnnnnd I’ve officially found my wedding song! 😍

  96. Mae Ann Sayson

    Mae Ann Sayson16 hours ago

    I hate it when shawn mendes sing a song he over do the song and when he sang a song so gayyy

  97. Mae Ann Sayson

    Mae Ann Sayson16 hours ago

    I dont like shawn mendes so disrespectful

  98. Ann N

    Ann N16 hours ago

    I come here for Ellen DeGeneres ☹️ And Taylor Swift too of course 😉

  99. Fanaticalplel Oof

    Fanaticalplel Oof16 hours ago

    When u found the perfect wedding song but no one to marry 😂

  100. Shirts Deluxes

    Shirts Deluxes16 hours ago

    Jesus 😂😂😂😂😂