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    I will eat the cookies while Hannah tries to kill juanpa

  2. Борислава Брайчева

    Борислава БрайчеваHour ago

    I was latina but now I'm not

  3. Gianna Aragona

    Gianna AragonaHour ago

    Can you make a part 2???

  4. Ari 001

    Ari 0013 hours ago

    Just ask Shawn Mendes

  5. Fatima Junaid patel

    Fatima Junaid patel4 hours ago


  6. Camila Trevino

    Camila Trevino4 hours ago

    The way how Adam was like move bitch I died😂

  7. Diana Fere

    Diana Fere4 hours ago

    JAJAJAJA me encanta este lado de Juanpa 😂🤩 divertido y tierno. ❣

  8. Love Violet Rose

    Love Violet Rose5 hours ago

    Do you like Lele pons???

  9. Julio Moreno

    Julio Moreno5 hours ago

    I love your USwork video from juliette 😁😀🤑🤗

  10. banjosinclairr 26

    banjosinclairr 265 hours ago

    Blue. *bows*

  11. LetsPlayWith Noel

    LetsPlayWith Noel6 hours ago

    0:19 Hey that’s my name Azul :D

  12. Pedro Diaz

    Pedro Diaz6 hours ago

    Or you and lele boy friend and girl friend

  13. Croack

    Croack6 hours ago

    I love you

  14. Iris Vlogz

    Iris Vlogz7 hours ago


  15. Lilia Guadalupe Aguilera Galvez

    Lilia Guadalupe Aguilera Galvez7 hours ago

    Se estás viendo un comentario de una latina ¡felicidades! :v

  16. be Balkis

    be Balkis8 hours ago

    Azul = hello en Algérie

  17. Derling Mota A

    Derling Mota A9 hours ago

    ¿Por qué Lele habló con ese acento *gringo* , si se supone que ella viene de Venezuela?

  18. Charles Clement

    Charles Clement9 hours ago

    Hhhhhhhhhhh yes yes yes from Daniella in tinidad

  19. erodgz

    erodgz9 hours ago


  20. Haidy Zahran

    Haidy Zahran9 hours ago

    i love flirty juanpa XD

  21. Haidy Zahran

    Haidy Zahran9 hours ago

    first time i actually laughed outloud

  22. Andrea Ramírez

    Andrea Ramírez9 hours ago


  23. Danny Hernandez

    Danny Hernandez10 hours ago

    4:24 chingada madre Ah jajaj

  24. Abigail Mendez

    Abigail Mendez10 hours ago

    idk if it’s just me but adam is real cute in this...

  25. Kota Angel

    Kota Angel10 hours ago

    lele isnt funny at all-

  26. Fried Miracle

    Fried Miracle10 hours ago

    Don't worry juanpa we all love Taylor Swift🙈😂

  27. Natalie Selden

    Natalie Selden10 hours ago

    they already did that

  28. mini morgz

    mini morgz10 hours ago

    Mexico espanol but I'm in UK

  29. Neha Naidoo

    Neha Naidoo11 hours ago

    Playing videos without the tv on...seem suspicious🤨

  30. Limpisis A.

    Limpisis A.11 hours ago

    I feel so sorry for him for saying yes all the time

  31. Sapphire Sapphire

    Sapphire Sapphire12 hours ago

    2:30 senoritis 🤣🤣

  32. Cyclopz Hybrid

    Cyclopz Hybrid12 hours ago

    If the doctor went like do you know who tony stark is? And Juanpa replied “dead” I would have cried 😭😭🤣

  33. Rushiss :3

    Rushiss :313 hours ago


  34. Mr. dogge

    Mr. dogge13 hours ago

    Not dragging but haven't you made another one maybe two of this already not a hater just sayingg love u tho❤️

  35. Vanessa Barlow

    Vanessa Barlow13 hours ago

    a little out of tune 3:30 ha

  36. mz k

    mz k13 hours ago

    Start a Taylor swift fan page 😂😂😂😂😂🤣 I'm done

  37. Aligarh walkers

    Aligarh walkers13 hours ago

    I love lele.

  38. Zuleikha M Ahmed

    Zuleikha M Ahmed14 hours ago

    Love u juanpa you'r my idol❤

  39. Carlisa Solis

    Carlisa Solis14 hours ago


  40. Cantu

    Cantu15 hours ago

    iM a LaTInA

  41. Caterina Arata

    Caterina Arata15 hours ago

    Ella es latina y yo soy eltino→_→

  42. V Erka

    V Erka15 hours ago

    U should turn ur TV on next time u play😂☺️ hihihihi

  43. Najma Abdisalam

    Najma Abdisalam15 hours ago

    Now that's what we really call a plot twist😂😂😂♥

  44. Tarun Verma Films

    Tarun Verma Films16 hours ago

    from where did you get the intro footage of satellite and earth????


    SARA HAULE17 hours ago

    I like juapa voice

  46. Sugirtha Samuel

    Sugirtha Samuel17 hours ago

    Who else tried "rrrr" sound while Juampa and Adam were doing it?😂 Well I did!

  47. Sumiati Sumiati

    Sumiati Sumiati17 hours ago

    If I was in that film I would be so annoyed by him. 😣 Not a hate comment Btw...😔 Love you! 😘

  48. Christine Ungab

    Christine Ungab17 hours ago

    Juanpa looks like Eddie Redmayne🧐🧐😂😂❤️

  49. Christine Ungab

    Christine Ungab18 hours ago

    It actually looks like a movie👍🏼❤️❤️

  50. Ain Fatehah

    Ain Fatehah18 hours ago


  51. blah blah

    blah blah18 hours ago

    Does anyone know that lele is a latina

  52. Justice John

    Justice John19 hours ago

    Let me get the nurse

  53. Awdcvb Bbhnm,k

    Awdcvb Bbhnm,k19 hours ago

    I hope I get cancer

  54. Natasha Kiwi

    Natasha Kiwi19 hours ago

    Make zodiak video

  55. kpop blame

    kpop blame19 hours ago

    This make my day hahaha:D Keep it up Zuanpa! im always waiting for your next video✓ >///< love from Indonesia:)

  56. Hilma yessenia Reyes sanchez

    Hilma yessenia Reyes sanchez19 hours ago

    Like si no te gusta que juampa hable en ingles

  57. Averi Speights

    Averi Speights20 hours ago


  58. sumreena Kamran

    sumreena Kamran20 hours ago

    Was that brent rivera he's my favrite You tuber

  59. al-zhraa khoja

    al-zhraa khoja21 hour ago

    arnt you get tired of the "latina" thing??!!!

  60. Hello Pie

    Hello Pie21 hour ago



    PUBG GAMING21 hour ago

    Juanpa has a talent of playing xbox when the tv is turned off

  62. Isabella Coss

    Isabella Coss23 hours ago

    I commented 3 Times to make it 1000 comments

  63. Mr Pro Kid

    Mr Pro Kid23 hours ago

    I love how Anwar is trying to stop Juanpa from paying but Anwar is poor 😂

  64. Isabella Coss

    Isabella Coss23 hours ago

    Good job

  65. Isabella Coss

    Isabella Coss23 hours ago


  66. It's basically ants eating

    It's basically ants eating23 hours ago

    I really hate people who start the movie from the start repeatedly

  67. Sr Yahnn

    Sr YahnnDay ago

    This is sad

  68. CheeZy Alberto

    CheeZy AlbertoDay ago


  69. Alexis Solorzano

    Alexis SolorzanoDay ago

    Im i the only one who feels bad for the dog at the end

  70. Nancy Rodriguez

    Nancy RodriguezDay ago

    Me when I’m hungry😂

  71. Dennis Kocher

    Dennis KocherDay ago

    the fake laugh at the and dude😂😂😂😂

  72. Sumiati Sumiati

    Sumiati SumiatiDay ago

    This is how many ppl LOVEEEE Juanpa Zurita ⬇❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  73. LovedBy You

    LovedBy YouDay ago

    I love Juanpa and Lele in videos together!!




  75. Britany Herrera

    Britany HerreraDay ago

    Me: Mom! I- Mom:it's because that dam phone.

  76. knight_sync

    knight_syncDay ago

    Spicy senorita


    ITZ THE SQUADDay ago

    their so weird....

  78. no_ vob57

    no_ vob57Day ago

    This is so drama!

  79. Esperanza Goytiño

    Esperanza GoytiñoDay ago

    Te amoo😙😍😍

  80. Fallyn Carson

    Fallyn CarsonDay ago

    That video was good 👍

  81. Stephanie Garza

    Stephanie GarzaDay ago

    Guys you didn’t eat the cookies wow

  82. i love anime

    i love animeDay ago

    i so needed this i had the worst day today so thank god for funny content

  83. jeet singhh

    jeet singhhDay ago

    Juanpa your look familiar with Miley Cyrus that creepy dude hahah


    LILY LOOSEDay ago

    who else got creeped out a little when it came to the dreams

  85. Abenezer Demeke

    Abenezer DemekeDay ago

    Adam u too funny😂😂😂

  86. fortnite with no sound

    fortnite with no soundDay ago

    Brent i though you didn't have any friends

  87. Sara Sanchez

    Sara SanchezDay ago


  88. Matilda Regueira

    Matilda RegueiraDay ago

    Aguante Taylor Swift!!! Saludos desde Argentina!!

  89. melani Horan

    melani HoranDay ago


  90. Lorena Zarco velasco

    Lorena Zarco velascoDay ago

    Is that how people are really treated in jail?!😭😭😭😭😭😣😔😔😞

  91. Arshiya Chisti

    Arshiya ChistiDay ago

    No homo

  92. Its Mochi

    Its MochiDay ago

    That made me laugh

  93. Katelyn Mccloskey

    Katelyn MccloskeyDay ago


  94. Rahul Sharma

    Rahul SharmaDay ago

    😁🤘........Superb boys .... keep rolling🎥🎬💗💯

  95. JBS Slimes

    JBS SlimesDay ago

    🙏 Azul 🙏 😂 lol I'm dead

  96. salah Eddine Bat

    salah Eddine BatDay ago

    Delete the intro

  97. ardnas alehandra

    ardnas alehandraDay ago

    Im. dead right now,the ending😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  98. Christina Guite

    Christina GuiteDay ago

    My only question why is adam never in the title? It's ur channel you are there of course no need to put your name too😪

  99. Acid Pixels

    Acid PixelsDay ago

    More like how to get back the money I have stolen from the earthquake victims

  100. Sabrina & Alex

    Sabrina & AlexDay ago

    Omg this is so true ❤🤣😱🔥