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  1. MelissatheDreamer 99

    MelissatheDreamer 9936 seconds ago

    Omg I would loooooove a collab with Trixie and Katya 😍

  2. monica barron

    monica barronMinute ago

    Rank ru Paul’s drag queens ! By season !!

  3. mari mari

    mari mariMinute ago

    My heart hurt a bit when Donna summer came up

  4. 100 subs with no videos

    100 subs with no videos2 minutes ago

    becky is a vsco girl 0:35

  5. Lillian Buchner

    Lillian Buchner3 minutes ago

    Me,a Taurus: "I can't belive you ranked me sixth" My friend,A Leo: "Hey my ranks not that bad" Edit: Plz don't dislike this commet :(

  6. Gabby Stephenson

    Gabby Stephenson3 minutes ago

    Rally’s and Checker’s are the same thing. Just different names on the east and west coasts like Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s.

  7. MLuff 1611

    MLuff 16113 minutes ago

    Why can’t I delete this garbage? USwork force feeding this mental illness to the masses with no way of sending it to hyperspace AND IT PISSES ME OFF!! 😡

  8. arv

    arv3 minutes ago

    wow i literally wasted 31min bec of whitney, beyonce is THE DIVA OF ALL THE DIVAS

  9. Samyam Shrestha

    Samyam Shrestha4 minutes ago

    Nepal! Also, we need a full version of “Hey Bitch, Let Me Buy You Pizza.”

  10. WhatTheHell

    WhatTheHell4 minutes ago

    Eugene isn't saving Rapunzel one single time in the movie. Actually, she saves him several times, continuing that in her own fucking TV series - and she saves herself, constantly growing as a character (she reflects herself and her character traits, she actually sees that she is a diamond in the rough and continues to grow all of her three series seasons so far, for example she turns out to be a bombass fighter and learns not to please everybody and how important it is to actually sometimes be angry instead of always smiling... a.s.o.). That's the whole point of the movie. Fighting for your dream, facing your fears and learning to stand up for yourself.

  11. Johnny

    Johnny5 minutes ago

    Demi is boring. She can sing, but I never feel anything.

  12. PineapplePie

    PineapplePie6 minutes ago

    Why is Jamie cooler than I’ll ever be

  13. kacytron

    kacytron7 minutes ago

    Do Wienerschnitzel next!

  14. Georgia Christopher

    Georgia Christopher7 minutes ago

    i actually don't know more than the title of my heart with go on

  15. Georgia Christopher

    Georgia Christopher7 minutes ago

    i actually don't know more than the title of my heart with go on

  16. Cyndankit

    Cyndankit7 minutes ago

    watching keith wearing a wendys wig saying fuck scares me

  17. Brucelee Lovan

    Brucelee Lovan7 minutes ago

    How about Billie eilish

  18. Chris Landry

    Chris Landry9 minutes ago

    J.Lo over Adele? Yeah no.. Didn’t J.Lo copy other people music aka Ashanti. Throw the whole thing away at this point.

  19. Val MacLean

    Val MacLean9 minutes ago

    Keith: Orders a frosty Frosty: Is soft serve ice cream Keith: "Why can't I suck this through a straw? Why is this milkshake so thick?"

  20. Colomba Carrasco Rodriguez

    Colomba Carrasco Rodriguez10 minutes ago

    "aisaaa" 😂😂

  21. Josephine Tuinman

    Josephine Tuinman11 minutes ago

    Am I the only one that wants a vid of all the try guys again??

  22. Semaj Patrick

    Semaj Patrick11 minutes ago

    .....I knew since the FIRST SECOND of the video it was gonna be Whitney and Beyoncé head to head and that Whitney was gonna win because.... she is Whitney Houston ❤️

  23. Mr Gritster

    Mr Gritster13 minutes ago

    I died "SO WET"

  24. Blue Bear

    Blue Bear14 minutes ago

    It shouldve been jlo vs selena and shakira vs leona lewis or shania twain

  25. Nuclear_Bart

    Nuclear_Bart14 minutes ago

    His toilet was screaming that night

  26. Lauren R

    Lauren R15 minutes ago

    ...I was literally singing an Amy Winehouse song when you said her name

  27. Katelyn Glass

    Katelyn Glass15 minutes ago

    Can we talk about Eugene’s outfit? He is so classy

  28. lauralanthalasa7

    lauralanthalasa715 minutes ago

    Was this edited last year? Ages are all wrong.

  29. Mikaela Joffs

    Mikaela Joffs17 minutes ago

    The best you've ever done!

  30. KatarinaDreams

    KatarinaDreams18 minutes ago

    oh my gosh that last round was a nail-bitter. I nearly had a heart attack and I'm only 27

  31. Stxlli Spirit

    Stxlli Spirit19 minutes ago

    Beyonce is the NOW ultimate Diva IDC IDC let Whitney rest in the past.

  32. Jermaine Thomas

    Jermaine Thomas22 minutes ago

    Mariah Carey is not on the thumbnail. So this list is automatically bull. 😂😂

  33. panda joi

    panda joi24 minutes ago

    is the sluing a result of being drunk off Wendys or is it heat stroke?

  34. ka少年愛

    ka少年愛24 minutes ago

    Love Eugenes look!

  35. Zefo No

    Zefo No24 minutes ago

    It's Freddy Mercury! Boom. There. Question answered and video done.

  36. Colls054

    Colls05426 minutes ago

    I said to myself “there’s no way that I’m going to get mad” UNTIL YOU PICKED ARIANA GRANDE OVER TAYLOR SWIFT IN THE FIRST ROUND. omg.

  37. squaresoft01

    squaresoft0126 minutes ago

    i love wendys fries bro

  38. Paul Austin

    Paul Austin27 minutes ago

    I agree with Whitney but Cher over Barbra? C'mon, Cher can't sing. I love her but no. and Where the hell is Gloria Gaynor the ultimate gay icon from the 70s

  39. bakayaro onna

    bakayaro onna28 minutes ago

    Always nix the Ranch dressing. It is disgusting. Too bad you did not do this in the summer when they have the Berry salad with strawberries and blueberries with a fruity vinaigrette. I prefer the pomegranate vinaigrette.

  40. ChrisMignemi

    ChrisMignemi29 minutes ago


  41. Vivian Vail

    Vivian Vail29 minutes ago

    Rihanna vs Beyoncé hurt my soul

  42. Abigail Haynam

    Abigail Haynam30 minutes ago

    I agreed with everything until they put Jlo over Shakira which is just absolutely ridiculous.

  43. Leona van Kempen

    Leona van Kempen30 minutes ago

    Whitney's voice is literally incredible

  44. Hadeel Al Kholy

    Hadeel Al Kholy30 minutes ago

    This video was just the best

  45. Gabi Benschop

    Gabi Benschop31 minute ago

    Whitney wins over DOLLY? Ya’ll are cancelled.

  46. Anna Bertilsson

    Anna Bertilsson32 minutes ago

    Omg! I love this so much! We need a second one! Of course Whitney won! So good! Imagine the guy version: Prince, Bowie, Freddie Mercury and MJ. We need that ASAP. Those guys are male Divas! Don't forget Jared Leto too.. I loved this video! But more!!! More of this! A part two or guy version too! This video made my Universe! 😍😍😍

  47. Jordan Miller

    Jordan Miller35 minutes ago

    Whitney wasn’t even a song writer.....

  48. Carmen Fox

    Carmen Fox35 minutes ago

    Okay, now that he’s gotten to be the king, can he do Dairy Queen with Becky?

  49. Stxlli Spirit

    Stxlli Spirit35 minutes ago

    You are out of your fuckin mind if you think Pink is better than Kelly Clarkson.

  50. arv

    arv35 minutes ago

    guuurl be careful with your answer miss thang

  51. Kelsey

    Kelsey35 minutes ago

    Ummmmm where tf is LIZZO IN THIS LIST

  52. Yuya Saladbar

    Yuya Saladbar37 minutes ago

    This kid is way funnier than I ever was at his age, and is more funnier than I'll *ever* be.

  53. Dimitrov505 Z

    Dimitrov505 Z38 minutes ago

    I wanna punch this queer in his non existent vagina

  54. thais

    thais41 minute ago

    eugene and mayhem: * chooses jlo over shakira * me: * screams angrily in brazilian language * guys... shakira is literally a goddess in south america wtf

  55. Sarah Smart

    Sarah Smart42 minutes ago

    Mariah Carey beating Cher AND Celine Dion is an abomination. I feel like you should have taken into account who can/could sing live. Mariah through that out the boat years ago

  56. Fuchsia Crayon

    Fuchsia Crayon42 minutes ago

    Barbra was robbed

  57. Gram Henley

    Gram Henley42 minutes ago

    Just a few things...1) I’m genuinely concerned with Keith’s health when he does these. 2) Wendy’s nuggets are the best. 3) proper fry eating technique is to dip them in a frosty. 4) I hope the leftovers are given to the homeless at the very least.

  58. Prove Me Wrong

    Prove Me Wrong42 minutes ago

    Next video: The try guys try the most iconic diva...

  59. ciara beth

    ciara beth42 minutes ago

    mariah carey

  60. Charmaine Arongay

    Charmaine Arongay43 minutes ago

    Rank the sexiest men of all time from People Magazine

  61. Bee'zzz

    Bee'zzz43 minutes ago

    Ugiene is such a try hard.

  62. Paige Kuepker

    Paige Kuepker43 minutes ago

    Stopped watching after y'all got rid of Taylor lmao

  63. Lindsey Sumstad

    Lindsey Sumstad44 minutes ago

    I don't know any of these "divas" sorry I'm young? (18 years old)

  64. Monica Baird

    Monica Baird44 minutes ago

    The constant "I love you" when the kidnappers come

  65. Hoola The Hoop

    Hoola The Hoop44 minutes ago imaginary wig has been snatched! Y'all are killing me with this incredibly thorough, provocative list! Gimme back my edges...🦱🦲😫

  66. Lisa Serrano

    Lisa Serrano45 minutes ago

    Eat the menu at Mr.Hero!❤😊

  67. enzmondo

    enzmondo45 minutes ago

    Stop pitting legends against other legends.

  68. Isabel J Thorell

    Isabel J Thorell45 minutes ago

    When Keith gets high on food he talks like Jessica Day from New Girl

  69. Jacobee77201

    Jacobee7720146 minutes ago

    Mariah Carey bar none!

  70. Joseph Carmona

    Joseph Carmona46 minutes ago

    No offense, but the fact that Taylor Swift was even an option is disappointing

  71. Aesthetic Plants

    Aesthetic Plants47 minutes ago

    The loneliest - are the kindest The saddest - smile the brightest The most damaged - and the wisest The chillest dogs - have anxiety

  72. Iieishii I

    Iieishii I47 minutes ago

    They did Celine Dion and Adele wrong....

  73. Pita Pita

    Pita Pita47 minutes ago

    Nooo worst decision was jlo over Shakira

  74. Iieishii I

    Iieishii I47 minutes ago

    They should have left it at Whitney Houston vs Beyoncé........Tbh

  75. ANMKohaku 007

    ANMKohaku 00748 minutes ago

    Ariana is so fake though....

  76. tanny morrison

    tanny morrison48 minutes ago

    None,their all too young.

  77. Cin Kredible

    Cin Kredible48 minutes ago

    Best content ever! Whitney is the icon of the century.

  78. Jerome Alve

    Jerome Alve49 minutes ago

    the top 4 was on periodt

  79. Briana Massey

    Briana Massey49 minutes ago

    The fact they didn’t include zendaya is just sad

  80. Rebecca Jane

    Rebecca Jane49 minutes ago

    Id be so upset if I was a young woman of color who had to work harder than most people in this country even know about to perfect myself then overcome an abusive relationship in front of everybody, make my own top selling beauty line, release songs like " take a bow" and people decided that my nickname was ReRe

  81. omomo lol

    omomo lol50 minutes ago

    Eugene is the best husband na lol xD

  82. Karla C

    Karla C50 minutes ago

    Did anyone else notice the transition from Merida shooting an arrow and them cutting to Elsa blocking an arrow? No just me? Ok....

  83. Arianna Martinez

    Arianna Martinez50 minutes ago

    Is it just me or is anyone noticing some Ratatouille moments? 🤔😂

  84. Me O

    Me O53 minutes ago

    You could sit through a crappy forty minute not vegan video, eat twenty boxes of cereal, or eat one handful of total.

  85. Sophia Trash can

    Sophia Trash can53 minutes ago

    Pie isn’t a word to me anymore

  86. Capricorn Tingz

    Capricorn Tingz54 minutes ago

    Me... Im the iconic diva

  87. The Red Knight

    The Red Knight55 minutes ago

    Before he came out from under the stairs. We all know he was gay.. ever since he told the world wat we already know, hes been flaming gay, wats next.. drag 247

  88. Anchita B

    Anchita B56 minutes ago

    Keith..... Please visit a doc. to control the stringiness... If you know what I'm talking about 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  89. Tyler Chalmers

    Tyler Chalmers57 minutes ago


  90. Cafe Caram

    Cafe Caram57 minutes ago

    Good! Whitney Houston is the one and only!

  91. Carolina Andrioli

    Carolina Andrioli58 minutes ago

    demi lovato is here and gwen stefani is not? demi lovate has like two hits

  92. Eric Cartman

    Eric Cartman58 minutes ago

    #16 on trending

  93. OfficialBunn_E

    OfficialBunn_E59 minutes ago

    The top choice is correct.

  94. Eadig

    Eadig59 minutes ago

    Yasssss! I completely agree

  95. Joanna Castro

    Joanna CastroHour ago

    Rate Disney princess sidekicks

  96. it's sam

    it's samHour ago

    I’m a Capricorn with a lot of Cancer friends, a few Leos, a Taurus and a Sagittarius lmao But yes I, a Capricorn, have a lot of self-hatred and bleak look on life like most Caps 🐐🌊

  97. Sarah TheDragon

    Sarah TheDragonHour ago

    I was about to like stop watching this once I thought they were going to choose Taylor Swift over Ariana Grande

  98. Shakarus Sanders

    Shakarus SandersHour ago

    Wendy's had great fries before they switched to the mashed potatoes fingers that they call fries now!

  99. Sabrina Virk

    Sabrina VirkHour ago

    This was fun to watch but SOOO difficult. I think its hard to separate talent vs influence. I lean towards talent like the person in the yellow, bc I think talent is timeless. But there's no denying influence is a MAJOR part of culture and what makes someone a DIVA.

  100. Tosin Akin

    Tosin AkinHour ago

    I'm a Leo-Virgo cusp w/ a Gemini moon and rising. I don't know whether to be elated or pressed...