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The Voice Returns Monday, September 23rd 8/7c on NBC!
The four-time Emmy Award-winning The Voice returns with the strongest vocalists from across the country invited to compete in the blockbuster vocal competition show's new season. Rock icon and pop culture phenomenon Gwen Stefani reclaims her red chair alongside superstar coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Blake Shelton as they return for Season 17. Carson Daly returns as host. The show's innovative format features five stages of competition: the Blind Auditions, then the Battle Rounds, Knockouts, Playoffs and, finally, the Live Performance Shows.
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  1. UAE Alzanbaq

    UAE Alzanbaq19 seconds ago

    I love Kelly Blake Adam n olly alicia thr very cute n funny.i was thinking the other singer him his..all of me singer..

  2. Fall Abela

    Fall Abela25 seconds ago

    Adam be sitting there looking like Tony Stark


    THEODORE NGUYEN29 seconds ago

    This wasn’t an unfair matchup, if she can’t beat them here then she won’t beat them later on. None the less Mikaela should’ve won, but the sound is modified in the video compared to live so we can’t tell completely.

  4. phonsy martin

    phonsy martin6 minutes ago

    She reminded me of Brittany Howard in the beginning

  5. Mary Fifita

    Mary Fifita11 minutes ago

    I love you 😘❤️😍 Kelly If you think she is a great talker and you never get bored listening to her pressed like.

  6. Harry Turn

    Harry Turn15 minutes ago

    Kelly just dang so funny... When threw that jacket, she look like kid temper tantrum but in cute way... Lol she has to put comedian in her job list...


    LUCIANO ERNI DOS SANTOS16 minutes ago

    One of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard singing on The Voice.


    LUCIANO ERNI DOS SANTOS21 minute ago

    Please guys, subscribe to her channel .... she has a lot of talent and posts videos often.

  9. john kamulegeya

    john kamulegeya24 minutes ago

    I pity the person who will go up against her in the battles

  10. Robeto Sumi

    Robeto Sumi29 minutes ago

    Whom did she pick?

  11. nisha mansha

    nisha mansha29 minutes ago

    I just love john and alicia they both are true judges who find the hidden talent in the contestants and always select deserving ones

  12. Liam Maglasang

    Liam Maglasang31 minute ago

    That’s Kelly F*ckin’ Clarkson, people! 😍

  13. radiantTae’s tea

    radiantTae’s tea34 minutes ago

    Alright I’m trying to watch the performance but I can’t take my eyes off taehyung, this is a problem, I’ve re started it 3 times already.

  14. Naira Grigoryan

    Naira Grigoryan37 minutes ago

    BLOCK Shelton everybody 😂

  15. accelworld17

    accelworld1738 minutes ago

    Chevel is so innocent. She looked so cute trying to choose between Kelly and Blake. And I love how hysterically happy Kelly was when Chevel picked her 💕💕💕

  16. J.L

    J.L39 minutes ago

    This is the Voice and she has one of those greatest ones....

  17. Orfeu FH

    Orfeu FH40 minutes ago

    Qual o nome desta música?

  18. Vony Rand

    Vony Rand41 minute ago

    "Block" Shelton 😂 5:05

  19. Vony Rand

    Vony Rand47 minutes ago

    Hahahahaha!!! I love Blake, he's so funny XD

  20. T Carpenter

    T Carpenter50 minutes ago

    So much talent, so good! They should go on tour together!

  21. Jedidiah Wilatphaigoen

    Jedidiah Wilatphaigoen57 minutes ago

    Did she pick Mr. Block? I would love her to pick him ;)

  22. Lørd Pëtter

    Lørd PëtterHour ago

    Kelly is an INCREDIBLE vocalist!!!.Acctually I truly believe she has the most beautiful voice of all the music industry!!! She may not be the best entratainer, like Gaga or Katy Perry... But her voice is really all she needs. What a bless!!! I feel so blessed to be alive in the same generation as hers !!!! Love you Kelly Clarkson!!!

  23. Elaiza May

    Elaiza MayHour ago

    Omg. 😭❤️

  24. frizzij

    frizzijHour ago

    I knew from the moment her audition ended that she was gonna win. Her voice was angelic and just pierced your inner soul. Shes drop dead gorgeous as well. She deserved to win more than anyone

  25. Euigeon X Taeyong

    Euigeon X TaeyongHour ago

    They should've gotten Brandon Urie to replace Adam.Not Gwen

  26. levi Ndonga

    levi NdongaHour ago


  27. Blendi Ajdini

    Blendi AjdiniHour ago


  28. Cheryl Wilson

    Cheryl WilsonHour ago

    Kelly is friggn awesome. Loved this way to much

  29. Yuliana Contreras

    Yuliana ContrerasHour ago

    BTS ♥️

  30. Aidan Machesky

    Aidan MacheskyHour ago

    kelly is kinda annoying

  31. Aj Rivera

    Aj RiveraHour ago

    Of Monsters and Men in the background music!!! <3 <3 <3

  32. Josette Byrd

    Josette ByrdHour ago

    It was said it was leaving last season but then Carson later said he was coming back. I think they all found out or he found out at the last minute. I guess maybe he should have left if he acted the way he did. I mean why did he change his mind and stayed?

  33. Sara Mahler

    Sara MahlerHour ago

    Need this on iTunes to buy!!!

  34. J T

    J THour ago

    I like 3/4 voices.

  35. 책읽기싫어

    책읽기싫어Hour ago

    Kelly sooo funnyyyy

  36. ROAN

    ROANHour ago

    The definitive version and depiction of "Boy with luv".

  37. Kat Naps

    Kat NapsHour ago

    This is the best judge performance of all the seasons.

  38. MHASEPALU Rhakho

    MHASEPALU RhakhoHour ago

    Wow lovely voice

  39. George Morales

    George Morales2 hours ago

    wheres adam?

  40. Vilasuto Thami

    Vilasuto Thami2 hours ago

    Anyone missing Adam Levine. Hit like. Without Adam the show is not that warm...

  41. Pami Perry

    Pami Perry2 hours ago

    What coach did she pick?

  42. Anthony Baioa

    Anthony Baioa2 hours ago


  43. Equilibrium C:

    Equilibrium C:2 hours ago

    So good! 😥🎶💓💛

  44. vickie baldwin

    vickie baldwin2 hours ago

    OMGoodness!!!!! She sounds like Brittany Howard ❣️❣️❣️

  45. Phanela Mae De Castro

    Phanela Mae De Castro2 hours ago

    Kelly: john Or Gwen!!! wahahahahahahaha!! Blake Shelton AKA BLOCKED SHELTON!

  46. Waldemar Aquino

    Waldemar Aquino2 hours ago

    I remember when this song came out back in ‘92, great memories! And this is a beautiful rendition of it ❤️

  47. ShineS

    ShineS2 hours ago

    Really missing the show with Adam Levine vibes.

  48. Cindy O'Hara

    Cindy O'Hara2 hours ago

    What’s this constant BS with not finishing videos & leaving us hanging? Please explain why you want to piss off your viewers!!

  49. Youlooklike Linda Evangelista

    Youlooklike Linda Evangelista2 hours ago

    Gurl i still cant believe that gwen is 49

  50. Maddie Bolland

    Maddie Bolland2 hours ago

    I love how much energy he puts into every performance! His vocals were absolutely flawless, as always!

  51. bellabana

    bellabana2 hours ago

    Gwen is not only beautiful & talented but just so cool as well, love her style!

  52. irawan nopriansyah

    irawan nopriansyah2 hours ago

    Where the other video and where adam..? Oh my

  53. Lluisa Jhenefer Lennon

    Lluisa Jhenefer Lennon2 hours ago

    Blake Shelton for the win. ❤️

  54. Mr GOLD

    Mr GOLD2 hours ago

    DUDE Stay away from my girls , sisters , sister and her moms mom and her moms mom daughter and her moms mom daughters daughter 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤙🤙🤙🤙

  55. Teresa Cody

    Teresa Cody2 hours ago

    Soulful! You go!

  56. Tabitha Marsh

    Tabitha Marsh2 hours ago

    I'm glad Carson got to join the crew...lovely harmonies at the end. Great start to the season.

  57. Ayana Bolton

    Ayana Bolton3 hours ago

    Life just isn't fair.......a GEM. #RestEasy

  58. appyliya19

    appyliya193 hours ago

    Its just weird that Adam is not there. and not fight with Blake It's good that Kelly is there tho

  59. Menge

    Menge3 hours ago

    Where is Adam??????????

  60. Maricar Geronimo

    Maricar Geronimo3 hours ago

    So shook that Adam isn't t around

  61. Robin Johnson

    Robin Johnson3 hours ago

    Kelly was bang on she has Dolly Tones!

  62. Joanne Noland

    Joanne Noland3 hours ago

    Very nice..Kelly was the star of that song..she is the best VOICE !

  63. Paul Agustin

    Paul Agustin3 hours ago



    KWIETSOUL3 hours ago

    I didn’t hear any nerves in Mikaela....she was fearless and I cannot believe they let her leave.... I almost stopped watching

  65. Opoy Bagacina

    Opoy Bagacina3 hours ago

    Excited for Eumee😍😍

  66. ted evans

    ted evans3 hours ago

    they already did a video with her , this makes 2 now , why not another contestant ?

  67. ted evans

    ted evans3 hours ago

    it was 7 minutes long and only showed 1 person ? I hope they all get the same air time ? I was hoping we'd see a little from several of them .

  68. Michelle Evans

    Michelle Evans3 hours ago


  69. gary c

    gary c3 hours ago

    best version ive heard....

  70. Red Zie

    Red Zie3 hours ago

    Oh My God This Is so manly! I really love it!💕

  71. Darius Tidwell

    Darius Tidwell3 hours ago

    What's the point? America is not going to pick her I mean she's not going to win, I've been watching the voice for many years and they don't pick the right people. So what's the point? Why do the judges hype up the people? I think it be young people probably teenagers be voting the people on the voice. They are not interested in good quality singing. I stop watching the voice because I have voted for years and they still don't pick the right singer. I think it's a joke.

  72. Tuấn Anh

    Tuấn Anh3 hours ago

    Kyla Jade, Kymberli Joye, Kim Cherry, Katie Kadan <3 all the 'K' girls made us go mad

  73. Moonlight Lav

    Moonlight Lav3 hours ago

    i thought Adam and Blake stay forever 😭

  74. Arep Shdn

    Arep Shdn3 hours ago

    When your baby leaves you all alone And nobody call you on the phone Doncha feel like crying Doncha feel like crying Well, here I am, my honey c'mon baby, cry to me When you're all alone in your lonely room And there's nothing but the smell of her perfume Doncha feel like crying Doncha feel like crying Doncha feel like crying C'mon baby, (c'mon) cry to me Nothing could be sadder than a glass of wine alone Loneliness loneliness, it just a waste of your time, oh yeah But you don't ever you don't ever have to walk alone You see, Come take my hand, and baby, won't you walk with me? whoa yeah When you're waiting for a voice to come In the night there is no one Doncha feel like crying (cry to me) Doncha feel like crying (cry to me) Don't you feel like cr-cr-cr-cr-cr-cr-cry (cry to me) cr-cr-cr-cr-cr-cr-crying? (cry to me) Don't you feel like cr-cr-cr-cr-cr-cr-cry (cry to me) cr-cr-cr-cr-cr-cr-crying?

  75. Stranger Things

    Stranger Things3 hours ago

    spoiler : she picked adam

  76. Anne Meczywor

    Anne Meczywor3 hours ago

    Will this be available on Apple Music for download!?!?!?

  77. Meaghan Hoffmann

    Meaghan Hoffmann3 hours ago

    Girl you better pick John.

  78. Halim Zaitir

    Halim Zaitir3 hours ago

    how dare you blake!!! it has just begun but you've blocked kelly...

  79. Righteous Brother

    Righteous Brother3 hours ago

    She ain’t no Yebba Smith

  80. Monica Mabel Naranjo

    Monica Mabel Naranjo3 hours ago

    Que pasó con ADAM porqué no está

  81. Ebo J.

    Ebo J.3 hours ago

    SANG Katie! Reminds of Brittany Howard, whom I LOVE, but still her own style. Plus THIS look! She is awesome!!! I STILL do NOT like the block feature. To me it's not fair to the artist.

  82. Lethel Timberlake

    Lethel Timberlake3 hours ago

    I soooo wanna hang out with Kelly.

  83. Hulahoney 70

    Hulahoney 703 hours ago

    WOW! I LOVE HER! Such an amazing voice. Cool, groovy, bluesy... timeless

  84. Senyorita Juana

    Senyorita Juana4 hours ago

    Here we go again hahaha Kelly and Blake hahaha

  85. Dewashis Rai

    Dewashis Rai4 hours ago

    If this was a battle round then I would definitely pick Kelly... 😍

  86. Jesse J

    Jesse J4 hours ago

    Jackie and Adam really sounded good, Rayshun really got good towards the end t hough. But Jackie my my my what a beautiful voice.


    DeeVaBae CHRONICLES4 hours ago

    I hope she goes far but America votes with their superficial eyes not talent so probaly not!

  88. Josephine Turner

    Josephine Turner4 hours ago

    Lol poor kelly 👍😄😂

  89. Nanisabelle

    Nanisabelle4 hours ago

    That is SO nice ! Absolutely love it ! Great job guys 💕💕💕

  90. Laura L

    Laura L4 hours ago

    Loved it! U need 2 go on tour!

  91. WildRoseCountryGirl

    WildRoseCountryGirl4 hours ago

    anyone know who she picked? Thanks in advance.

  92. Koreti

    Koreti4 hours ago

    Don't get me wrong, I will miss Adam, cos he was a pioneer in The Voice, but Kellllllllllly, I live for her! haha, love that banter.

  93. Ako

    Ako4 hours ago

    The effortless Kelly 💕 The struggling Gwen 💉

  94. Clementine Monroe

    Clementine Monroe4 hours ago

    Oh so awful I can never get time back I lost watching this

  95. Jade T.

    Jade T.4 hours ago

    I thought she was channelling her inner Jhud right there when she threw it. I forgot she was blocked for a sec. Lol

  96. Miguel Hdez

    Miguel Hdez4 hours ago

    You can tell she was going to pick Kelly cause her family flipped when they found out she was blocked

  97. Majah Abeleda

    Majah Abeleda4 hours ago

    I like adam more

  98. Jen Dickens

    Jen Dickens4 hours ago

    I’ll buy whatever she records and puts out right now! Amazing!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  99. VeR Players

    VeR Players4 hours ago

    That's why i love the Voice Us.

  100. Shai C

    Shai C4 hours ago

    I mean it’s okay. A bunch of growls. Not something I would listen too again. Can’t wait for the rest of the auditions.