1. Enrique Polanco

    Enrique Polanco4 minutes ago

    Well, my brother was... I was watching. The guy was strangling my brother for the ball. The guys son got the ball

  2. Enrique Polanco

    Enrique Polanco5 minutes ago

    I was wrestling for that ball

  3. Alexis Avls

    Alexis Avls6 minutes ago

    1:15:37 "Alot of this Astros hit well at Home" No wonder why!

  4. Max Wu

    Max Wu6 minutes ago

    Wow I’m the first comment in 2019

  5. Maor Mama

    Maor Mama20 minutes ago

    Little did all of them know


    JACK JUST JACK24 minutes ago

    I swear the infielders are scared to throw it accurately to the bag Acuna’s running toward. Catchers and other infielders

  7. cris rodriguez

    cris rodriguez25 minutes ago

    2:12:17, during Correa's at bat you can hear it pretty clearly.

  8. drjwbriand

    drjwbriand26 minutes ago

    in 68 i was 13 and brought a big sign to fenway that said "go hawk" with a drawing of his taped wrists. he launched a moonshot way out of left center over the 379 sign. running down the first base line he looked up and gave me a thumbs up. after the game he came out of the dugout called me down to the field level, signed the ball he had hit, took off his cap and gave it to me, gave me and handshake and said thanks!! i never forgot it to this day!

  9. GiantsJets718

    GiantsJets71828 minutes ago

    96, such a great year in life , I miss the mid 90s, 99 was great too

  10. Edwin Alexander

    Edwin Alexander33 minutes ago

    José bautista no pela eso picheo a 98 millas por hora es fuerte hay que darle su respeto en el bate🔥🔥🔥💪😂

  11. Abdelmelik Farooq Alwahid

    Abdelmelik Farooq Alwahid42 minutes ago

    Ok, I was confused what happened here. This happened after the play was completed. The ball was still live. The third base coach was slacking.

  12. lee Harvey

    lee Harvey45 minutes ago


  13. Luis PP

    Luis PP46 minutes ago

    What happenes if it’s corked

  14. Audrey and Remington

    Audrey and Remington51 minute ago

    This is why you don't skip finger day, folks!

  15. ほび

    ほび59 minutes ago

    TOKYO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥

  16. Robbie Delpizzo

    Robbie DelpizzoHour ago

    1:09:35 wonder what Hinch was looking at

  17. eric hauck

    eric hauckHour ago

    The best pitcher ever.

  18. Salvador Blanco

    Salvador BlancoHour ago

    Now is understandable why two of shortest Astros players ALTUVE and Bregman hit that ball so well. I knew it, cheating.

  19. Omaticdream

    OmaticdreamHour ago

    It’s weird. Seems like everyone but altuve wanted to know the signs. Everyone else I heard the bangs on offspeed pitches but altuve at bats I wouldn’t hear nothing. Seems like he refused to use that method of stealing signs.

  20. Craig Smith

    Craig SmithHour ago

    The bad part about that season I'm the biggest met fan ever we played the Dodgers 12 times in the regular season and beat em 11 out the 12 they only won one game against us and we get to the Championship and lose in 7 to them I was devastated

  21. MystiCalBEING89

    MystiCalBEING89Hour ago

    funny thing is looked like another gave it to him to open cuz he is big lol

  22. Dreamerfrom Qc

    Dreamerfrom QcHour ago

    It's a team effort

  23. Eric Black

    Eric BlackHour ago

    3:17 Brett was like "Mind your business Nettles"

  24. bcask61

    bcask61Hour ago

    They say not all Astros hitters use it. Springer, Bregman, McCann and Gattis do for sure.

  25. poshko41

    poshko41Hour ago

    Kurt Suzuki has 11 walkoff hits with three home runs??? Damn son.

  26. gilbert Dennis

    gilbert Dennis2 hours ago

    A’s rule

  27. Hemeregildo Ruperez

    Hemeregildo Ruperez2 hours ago

    Trout can become the GOAT just gonna say that

  28. Cry Havoc

    Cry Havoc2 hours ago

    Maybe the greatest at bat in baseball history! Legendary! Hollywood couldn’t write it better! What a clutch hitter! I think he was a .268 batting avg over his career, so just over .250 which is 1 in 4. He was 1 for 1 in the 88 World Series with 1hr and 2 RBIs.

  29. _가만안둬

    _가만안둬2 hours ago

    마이크 트라웃! 완전 축하해!!

  30. Smughal13

    Smughal132 hours ago

    I love the Yankees. I'm a Die hard Yankees fan. When the Yanks last won the World Series, I was 4 years old. (2009)

  31. Jeffrey Redman

    Jeffrey Redman2 hours ago

    I can happily say this is my first sports memory as a kid

  32. William Adon

    William Adon2 hours ago

    ...22 un a row retired ...domination !!

  33. Dark Nite

    Dark Nite2 hours ago

    Everyone heard that whistle right? Altuve expected a fast ball in the middle because of that whistle...he just couldnt catch up...

  34. bcask61

    bcask612 hours ago

    The 1-2 pitch to Springer in the first inn. THUMP THUMP!!

  35. Gary A

    Gary A2 hours ago

    One little cheater and one honest humble giant.

  36. William Nowacki III

    William Nowacki III2 hours ago

    Cargo was right this ump had made 2 terrible calls. Umps can’t get thrown out though maybe fire him? I wonder

  37. Gary A

    Gary A2 hours ago

    I think the alleged cheating by the Astros lately should have MLB reconsider the 2017 MVP award to this guy. Clearly the runner-up (and ROK) Judge outgunned him mightily in every category except BA. I’d like to suggest Altuve be stripped of his award. Judge accomplished his stats without knowing what pitch was coming next. Altuve should be ashamed of himself and surrender the award back to MLB himself. Until then, he’s a little leaguer who cheated his way in (allegedly 🙄). 👎👎👎

  38. John McGurty

    John McGurty2 hours ago

    Yo if the Mets had 2 winners, then they should have been in the playoffs like the Astros

  39. Preston Alanotama

    Preston Alanotama2 hours ago

    Betts is still and always will be my favourite player 💯

  40. John McGurty

    John McGurty2 hours ago

    Lesson: never mess with the big stars

  41. Darby Blair

    Darby Blair2 hours ago

    @3:14:07 Correa’s at bat. 2 bangs slider 1 bang change up. Absolutely disgusting cheating.

  42. Darby Blair

    Darby Blair2 hours ago

    Disgusting. Absolutely horrible. Astros must face severe penalties. They must be made an example of.

  43. Yafreisy Elias

    Yafreisy Elias2 hours ago


  44. test account

    test account3 hours ago


  45. jeff manibo

    jeff manibo3 hours ago

    Even with the *alleged* cheating, Houston still couldnt win the World Series. And they had the nerve to get all sad when they lost. All the players that participated in this scandal will forever be tainted. Your championship title is BS!

  46. Mary Madden

    Mary Madden3 hours ago

    I was at this game. It was amazing how, after the third out, the normal buzz of the crowd seemed to quiet for a few moments, until they realized what had just happened. Then everyone was on their feet screaming.

  47. The Rocketeer

    The Rocketeer3 hours ago


  48. Abram Blackstock

    Abram Blackstock3 hours ago

    Did anyone first think the astros were doing the trash can signal

  49. Bruce cooke

    Bruce cooke3 hours ago

    Heading for New Jersey? Pffff. That ball was definitely heading for DC. That’s how Bonds would hit a ball during his prime back in early 2000s until he admitted that he was juiced years later.

  50. Bintang Kurik

    Bintang Kurik3 hours ago

    Jeffrey Maier is the 26th man in the Yankees 96' roster to help the team won the Gold

  51. askari france

    askari france3 hours ago

  52. Ben

    Ben3 hours ago

    I’m not hearing anything at the time stamps. You witch hunters need to do better!

  53. Rawane Derraz

    Rawane Derraz3 hours ago

    For people talking abt the kid saying if the lady did it to the kid every one would get mad and stuff he Is A KID !! relax there

  54. jjaffbaseball15

    jjaffbaseball153 hours ago

    2:22.:10 there is a very distinct bang prior to the slider

  55. Bairon Fernandez

    Bairon Fernandez3 hours ago

    Who’s here after the pardon my take interview

  56. Michael Littlewood

    Michael Littlewood3 hours ago


  57. Gilbert Rodriguez

    Gilbert Rodriguez4 hours ago

    So Gattis is the only batter this happens to?

  58. Michael Littlewood

    Michael Littlewood4 hours ago

    Cheater! Take ring....

  59. Jacob Flowers

    Jacob Flowers4 hours ago

    Why is this in my recommended? HMMMMMMMMMM....

  60. Bongo Cat

    Bongo Cat4 hours ago

    i feel bad for dave roberts trying to win against a cheating team ;(

  61. RyxnCraft

    RyxnCraft4 hours ago

    This is purely an example of why deGrom is the NL strikeout leader.

  62. Son Gohan

    Son Gohan4 hours ago

    There is no other year that hurts us Yankees fans more because there is no other year where where the Yankees should have won it all more... Okay, maybe 2009-2019 has been far worse too us. 2009 because of it was the start of us playing in the fake stadium they have the nerve to call Yankee Stadium today and because of how utterly forgettable that World Series win and Yankees team was back in 2009 and 2010-2019 because I even need to say why??? But still, the 2004 ALC's seriously sealed our fate to where the organization is now.

  63. Bongo Cat

    Bongo Cat4 hours ago

    cheating fucks title should be GIVEN to the dodgers

  64. The Huguenot

    The Huguenot4 hours ago

    Nobody got it worse than Robin Ventura.

  65. i support bacon hairs

    i support bacon hairs4 hours ago

    Yankees *exists* Meanwhile... Indians *thats illegal*

  66. Blaise Green

    Blaise Green5 hours ago


  67. Papi Negro

    Papi Negro5 hours ago

    Eh used a foreign substance, jomboy broke it down already. But hey he exposed the astros for cheating so he’s a great guy In my book. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  68. hiram aponte

    hiram aponte5 hours ago

    DJ LeMahieu should have won😡

  69. The Chosen1

    The Chosen15 hours ago

    Altuve knew it wasn’t a fastball

  70. Hayden Walker

    Hayden Walker5 hours ago


  71. بولص& بطرص

    بولص& بطرص5 hours ago

    شوف كيف عم بهز ويهز هذه هي نتيجة ترك المسيحية. 🤔🤔

  72. daniel Boisselle

    daniel Boisselle5 hours ago

    Yes did after sign stealing

  73. kabes7

    kabes75 hours ago


  74. J Horton

    J Horton5 hours ago

    Congrats on being the MLB patriots.. they should strip your World Series title for cheating.

  75. marmar Blt

    marmar Blt5 hours ago

    We love LA! Congrats #35!

  76. edwin berrios

    edwin berrios5 hours ago


  77. GD - Flowik

    GD - Flowik5 hours ago

    You know the match is boring so you focus on Guy trying to open bottle... Wow

  78. GorillaRadio88

    GorillaRadio885 hours ago


  79. TEXANS anonymous

    TEXANS anonymous5 hours ago


  80. Christopher Murphy

    Christopher Murphy5 hours ago

    I’ll be damned if this isn’t a 1- 1000000 inning. I don’t think luck of any kind could replicate it.

  81. 和樹

    和樹5 hours ago


  82. LoganFuzz

    LoganFuzz6 hours ago

    Lmao all of the comments are within a few days ago and about the Asterisks cheating

  83. Bongo Cat

    Bongo Cat6 hours ago

    cheating astros have to cheat to win lol

  84. Wildcat 6319

    Wildcat 63196 hours ago

    Dammit! Who’s chopping onions???

  85. Jon BrittleBones Jones

    Jon BrittleBones Jones6 hours ago


  86. Mike D

    Mike D6 hours ago

    Nice one, cheater

  87. Andy L

    Andy L6 hours ago

    Cheating SOBs

  88. Brandon Wong

    Brandon Wong6 hours ago


  89. Louise P

    Louise P6 hours ago

    What a range and a beautiful rendition v well done Michael 🇺🇸

  90. Scott Gombar

    Scott Gombar6 hours ago

    Judge just standing in the middle of it

  91. Julian2 Frosty

    Julian2 Frosty6 hours ago

    This is how many times Bryce Harper said um 👇🏿

  92. 둥글레TV

    둥글레TV6 hours ago


  93. Candy Banks

    Candy Banks6 hours ago

    When the announcer cares EVEN MORE than you!

  94. walterlv01

    walterlv016 hours ago

    Just about every interview or even just a conversation that you see Uecker have with anyone leaves the other person in stitches. One of the truly funny human beings in America, sports related or non-sports related.

  95. Debi Congram

    Debi Congram6 hours ago

    What's the other pitcher in there? How did he get in there?

  96. Sherlock Holmes

    Sherlock Holmes7 hours ago

    I get goosebumps every time I watch this! Great video MLB!

  97. 칸쵸

    칸쵸7 hours ago

    Welcome to kia tigers

  98. Kevin Rodriguez

    Kevin Rodriguez7 hours ago

    I’m watching this video hoping I find evidence of astros cheating lol

  99. TheDCGuitar13

    TheDCGuitar137 hours ago

    The shortest 23 minute video on USwork. The type you can rewatch and not feel like you burned 45 mins.

  100. BatZombie 911

    BatZombie 9117 hours ago

    Who’s watching after belli won mvp