1. Pan Pan

    Pan Pan5 hours ago

    He should've just ran it

  2. James Epstein

    James Epstein5 hours ago

    *Bang Bang*

  3. sinjin K

    sinjin K5 hours ago

    I watched this live in '93. What a moment The sad thing is the pitcher got death threats after the game.

  4. Nancy Hwang

    Nancy Hwang5 hours ago

    TRASH (can) team. Can’t wait to watch them get trolled by fans in 2020.

  5. Matt Skanberg

    Matt Skanberg5 hours ago

    Doug Eddings would have called it a strike

  6. SCL75

    SCL756 hours ago

    Everyone’s gotta win these days. Everyone gets a trophy. That little guy needs those little life lessons of not always getting what he wants. The real winner here is the young man who gave him his ball he bought. His pops taught him to be gracious.

  7. Hayden Lassalle

    Hayden Lassalle6 hours ago

    Hmm maybe he was using old Pager or something to know the pitch

  8. Zach Barlow

    Zach Barlow6 hours ago

    Lmao the jokes on this post are lame af

  9. Arne Cruz

    Arne Cruz6 hours ago

    I am not a Yankee fan, but I always enjoy watching Jeter.

  10. Mike O'Grady

    Mike O'Grady6 hours ago

    The only Mets highlight besides Syndergaard from this game

  11. Sam -

    Sam -6 hours ago

    Is he still opening it? It is a cliffhanger...

  12. Mad Max Rockatansky

    Mad Max Rockatansky6 hours ago

    The game was that fun huh?

  13. _ NEGAN _

    _ NEGAN _6 hours ago

    Buncha sissies. Let the man have his win, he’s dead now for god’s sake.

  14. MigoPlayz99

    MigoPlayz996 hours ago

    50$??? Bruh they sell in my country for like less than 1$

  15. Hogan Turd

    Hogan Turd7 hours ago

    But it hurts my lily soft hands, maybe if u ever done any real work.

  16. Alexander Silady

    Alexander Silady7 hours ago

    Even legends and Hall of Famers can make crazy bloopers.

  17. Danny Walsh

    Danny Walsh7 hours ago

    Altuve should go to prison.

  18. Clxxer

    Clxxer7 hours ago

    ok i don’t really like it sry

  19. SpaceJam Gaming

    SpaceJam Gaming7 hours ago

    I kinda feel bad that’s he’s not on the show cover be he’s still on a video game

  20. Grey Grenzeback

    Grey Grenzeback7 hours ago

    I guess those biceps are for handling dumbbells only.. not for water bottle...

  21. David Silva

    David Silva7 hours ago

    A Yankee from beginning to end. Congrats.

  22. Tee Jay

    Tee Jay8 hours ago

    If you didn't know that was Russell Wilson this would just be an MLB clip. Yeah. He struck out but he didn't get beat. Looked like he belonged there. That was a professional at bat. Speaks to him as an athlete and baseball for its difficulty.

  23. T Money

    T Money8 hours ago


  24. Paige Crusher of Planets

    Paige Crusher of Planets8 hours ago

    One word Steroids

  25. Clark Bucher

    Clark Bucher8 hours ago

    Kim gave up 3 HRs (2 game tying and 1 game winning) in 3 innings pitched..

  26. Charlie Pratt

    Charlie Pratt8 hours ago

    Kids these days don’t understand the importance in anything anymore.

  27. The guy Who needs freedom

    The guy Who needs freedom8 hours ago

    Should have bought a glass bottle u dookie then it wont end up in a landfill...........wake up peoples

  28. Noname1672 ?

    Noname1672 ?8 hours ago

    Why isn’t David wrights over the head bare hand

  29. The Dizzle

    The Dizzle8 hours ago

    one thing I love about baseball and soccer and sometimes basketball , you'll never see a Chinese dude and a Cuban fkn with each other in another sport. not to mention both of those countries are communist. it's fun to see two separate countries on the same team loving sports. and if something I said sounded racist then I give my apologies I just like to see people getting along.

  30. Dharma Ram

    Dharma Ram8 hours ago

    Sorry MLB nice try, but this Jeter HOF won’t distract us from the fact that the ASTROS and REDSOX cheated the game!

  31. Dharma Ram

    Dharma Ram8 hours ago

    Sorry MLB nice try, but this Jeter HOF won’t distract us from the fact that the ASTROS and REDSOX cheated the game!

  32. Dominic Macchia

    Dominic Macchia8 hours ago

    The buzzer might not worked

  33. Jordan P

    Jordan P8 hours ago

    An absolute legend

  34. Prime Productionz

    Prime Productionz8 hours ago

    What does he do? He gets on base. And he gets out at home.

  35. Bobby Brown

    Bobby Brown8 hours ago

    he came out with his long hair and funny vest and they laughed at him - but when he started to sing - Watch the little kids reaction 1:17 And The Rockets Red Glair took them to a place we all want to be - PROUD Soon Realizing how lucky we all are and wiped the smirks right off their faces - God bless America! Must-Have Watched This 50 times

  36. Jacob M.

    Jacob M.8 hours ago

    Scherzer pitching with a broken nose?

  37. My Info

    My Info8 hours ago

    That should be a stat... 1 JTS (Joe Torre smiles). Just one is enough to get you in to the HoF. :-D Even cracked a smile on Randy Johnson. Haha!

  38. Worldwide Wyatt

    Worldwide Wyatt8 hours ago

    Deion wasn't a great ballplayer, but he was a legit major leaguer. One of the greatest athletes of all time.

  39. Aj

    Aj8 hours ago

    Baseball is boring af

  40. Da Ali G

    Da Ali G8 hours ago

    Go Astros

  41. J Monay

    J Monay9 hours ago


  42. T S

    T S9 hours ago

    Astros = pumpkin eaters....ha ha ha

  43. Aaron P

    Aaron P9 hours ago

    21 bucks is a value meal?

  44. AJ Games

    AJ Games9 hours ago

    Gotta love kris Bryant’s smooth swing

  45. Drew Zuhosky

    Drew Zuhosky9 hours ago

    Is that All-4-One singing _O Canada?_

  46. appleman

    appleman9 hours ago

    If you don’t want him to watch it don’t throw a meatball down the middle. *RIP #16*

  47. Reuben James

    Reuben James9 hours ago

    Great teammate, roll model but as a player was overrated. Only in NY

  48. SP 29

    SP 299 hours ago

    Walker was the best five tool guy in his era. Shame he got to wait this long...

  49. Angel Guerrero

    Angel Guerrero9 hours ago

    Im my recommendation since ive being watching the Atros Cheating

  50. Luna T

    Luna T9 hours ago

    Imagining how those girls will react when they see dads ´highlight´ reel. The moment they realize their dad was revered by a nation. ⚾️💙⚾️💙

  51. Mike DiPasquale

    Mike DiPasquale9 hours ago

    Saw Jeter play many glad I did...truly amazing

  52. triodesrbetter

    triodesrbetter9 hours ago

    What position did he play in this game?

  53. Lance G

    Lance G9 hours ago

    He has InSANE!! BatSpeed

  54. Brandon Ohara

    Brandon Ohara9 hours ago

    Haha he looks like a damn MLB player LOL

  55. bronco devil

    bronco devil9 hours ago

    Think the nfls gold (yellow) jackets are pretty bad but these baseball outfits are pretty lame.

  56. kenneth griffin

    kenneth griffin9 hours ago

    this could theoretically have been the 2001 Seattle mariners C - Darrin Fletcher 1B - Tino Martinez 2B - Bret Boone 3B - Carlos Guillen SS - Alex Rodriguez LF - Ken Griffey Jr. CF - Jose Cruz RF - Ichiro Suzuki DH - Edgar Martinez

  57. John Stodalka

    John Stodalka9 hours ago

    Four of the last five outfielders going into the HOF have been Expo Alumni all drafted/signed and playing with Nos Amours. None of them finished their career there of course. But think about that. Dawson, Raines, Guerrero, and Walker. The non-expo of the last 5 was Griffey.

  58. BaseballStar

    BaseballStar9 hours ago

    Oh yea I forgot about Stanton

  59. DominicanaMente

    DominicanaMente9 hours ago

    Batters are always 2-2 or 1-2 when he uses the change up!. This guys is always on top of the count. Wathc the view and check the count! If he keep the same approach he'll have a alot of Ks in hes career

  60. Robert Brustad

    Robert Brustad9 hours ago

    Imagine people there who don't know anything about football that are so confused about the fans clapping for a minor league player

  61. Infinity

    Infinity10 hours ago

    body builders be like

  62. Bhavik Upadhyaya

    Bhavik Upadhyaya10 hours ago

    Steroids or not you still need hand eye coordination to hit the ball it' s not like football

  63. Ultimate MLB

    Ultimate MLB10 hours ago

    1:04 The lower nut would really really hurt.

  64. Samuel Kim

    Samuel Kim10 hours ago

    #RE2PECT Our forever Yankee Captain Congratulations to you Cap #HOF2020 (even though he should have gotten 100% with Mo) New York will always remember as our Captain Forever #2 Thank you for everything Derek Sanderson Jeter You are greatly missed

  65. ray

    ray10 hours ago

    He just like Patrick mahomes but like... a lil better as of right now

  66. golf rep

    golf rep10 hours ago

    I'm so sick and tired of these catchers getting a big up their a** over so called "un-written" rules being broken. Let the kid enjoy his first MLB HR and be done with it

  67. Justin Nardine

    Justin Nardine10 hours ago

    Big game pitcher

  68. Kenneth Jara

    Kenneth Jara10 hours ago

    Houston Cheated.

  69. francisco rodriguez

    francisco rodriguez10 hours ago


  70. generatorx

    generatorx10 hours ago

    Watching every pitch.....awesome.

  71. generatorx

    generatorx10 hours ago

    As a hitter, all you can do it tip your hat to a catch like that.

  72. Madden NFL Football Gameplay

    Madden NFL Football Gameplay10 hours ago

    BULLSHIT, I think the pitcher has every right to be Pissed off and upset

  73. Logan

    Logan10 hours ago

    No way the NL war leader only has 5.7 war...although I'm ok with it being yeli and beli

  74. Mysterious

    Mysterious10 hours ago

    Bruh the only reason he cant open it because he griped it the wrong way,the mf grabbed on to the whole bottle. I wish it was the workout that was the reason. That would he hilarious 😂😂🤣😭

  75. Clipzilla

    Clipzilla10 hours ago

    Stanton will be strikeout leader

  76. Joseph Heiden

    Joseph Heiden10 hours ago

    Congrats to both Walker and Jeter. They both have had extrordinary careers and congrats to the Rockies on first HOFer

  77. Nick Bern

    Nick Bern10 hours ago

    Destroyed Garrison Lassiters career. Jeter is trash. Lol

  78. mike prince

    mike prince10 hours ago

    Heart. The 96 team had it.

  79. Stephen P

    Stephen P10 hours ago

    The most beautiful home run ever hit

  80. LuigiLuger

    LuigiLuger10 hours ago

    if its fair its one nothing its fair its one nothing

  81. Jose Jimenez

    Jose Jimenez10 hours ago

    No se como perdieron los Dodgers de los Ángeles hoy ya se como perdieron los Dodgers pues con trampa de este puto equipo mediocre de Houston rateros y corruptos hijos de su reputa madre perros a chingar a su madre mediocres igualmente que los Boston putos ratas robando señas y no jugando limpió perros esos trofeos deben dárselos a los Dodgers

  82. EaglesBamaF1 23

    EaglesBamaF1 2310 hours ago

    Cheata playing for the Houston Asterix

  83. Thotty DaGod

    Thotty DaGod10 hours ago

    Pretty decent at bats

  84. Eduardo Gomez

    Eduardo Gomez11 hours ago

    1:18 when you get a question wrong in kahoot and you drop from 1st to 8th

  85. Diego Palacios

    Diego Palacios11 hours ago

    I miss Dex Fowler having with the Cubs so bad. He’s a good MLB player.

  86. jbsmg

    jbsmg11 hours ago

    I will never understand why they stopped playing Schoop.

  87. Snowyy

    Snowyy11 hours ago


  88. Andrew S

    Andrew S11 hours ago

    1 min 58 seconds is what she sang here

  89. Sam

    Sam11 hours ago

    She stopped reporting from the stands after that and after the following season, left the network. She was replaced by Meredith Marakovits, who is 5'11", and a good athlete. She would have leveled that guy with one punch if he tried that with her.

  90. Rusty D

    Rusty D11 hours ago

    You don't get paid 4 million a year to be get paid 4 million a year to work your tail off for the organization and especially your fans and should act grateful. Tsk, tsk.

  91. The Dudest

    The Dudest11 hours ago

    You people believe anything you read dont yall?

  92. The Dudest

    The Dudest11 hours ago

    Here come the salty Yankees fans thinking the buzzers were real

  93. Lucas Blanton

    Lucas Blanton11 hours ago

    0:02 the sound on that

  94. olga fernandez

    olga fernandez11 hours ago

    I am a life long Yankees fan but Boston is the best baseball town in the country. The kids that get to grow up there i envy them. it was like when i was a child in Cuba, baseball was in the blood.

  95. Ghost

    Ghost11 hours ago

    We not gonna y’all about the pine tar

  96. Lucas Blanton

    Lucas Blanton11 hours ago

    I got one word to say DAYUMMMM

  97. Ryan Touhey

    Ryan Touhey12 hours ago

    Fun fact, the umpire who ejected him, Bruce Froemming, was the home plate umpire for the A-Rod-Varitek brawl at Fenway in 2004.

  98. Vincent Michello

    Vincent Michello12 hours ago

    Hall of fame induction?

  99. Yrret Noskcaj

    Yrret Noskcaj12 hours ago

    Back when baseball was popcorn

  100. Bailey Smith

    Bailey Smith12 hours ago

    real projections Home Run leaders: Mike Trout: 51 Giancarlo Stanton: 47 Christian Yelich: 46 Alex Bregman: 44 WAR Leaders war is a dumb stat Strikeout Leaders: Gerrit Cole: 307 Justin Verlander: 293 Max Scherzer: 289 ERA Leaders: (wont be chris sale) Jacob DeGrom: 2.51 Gerrit Cole: 2.37 Bartolo Colon: 0