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Playing Minecraft

Playing Minecraft

2 months ago

Lele Pons Fans Hate Me
Can this egg get 1M likes?
Dr. Phil vs. POSSESSED Girl
The Thieves Of YouTube
The Ironic Memes of Tik Tok
I Copied James Charles
  1. FazeLazer

    FazeLazer9 seconds ago

    Everyone beat Logan Paul you're dumb

  2. Jano Weyers

    Jano WeyersMinute ago

    Do you know how many Vbucks you can buy with $1000 ?

  3. d y

    d y2 minutes ago


  4. Ace Count

    Ace Count3 minutes ago

    i hate honey it say im dumb they a bit## v

  5. Jano Weyers

    Jano Weyers4 minutes ago

    I live this video so much

  6. Jessi Quinn

    Jessi Quinn4 minutes ago

    thank you for bringing this format back

  7. Miimi S

    Miimi S6 minutes ago

    You have pimple Bermudas triangle in your face 🤭

  8. Durpbanana82

    Durpbanana826 minutes ago

    Did Collins call a mini saxophone “the TRUMPET of triumphant”?

  9. oblivion

    oblivion7 minutes ago

    *my life sucks bc I have to uber places*

  10. Paul

    Paul7 minutes ago

    *Jordyn bad* gimme them likes baby 😎

  11. bunnies4life

    bunnies4life7 minutes ago

    Hey Ryan, can you re-create this video on your channel (except with your friends)? I think it would be a cool video idea!

  12. Billy The Goat

    Billy The Goat7 minutes ago

    No one: Not a soul: Literally no living entity in the universe: Jordyn: *NINA!*

  13. Crab Rave

    Crab Rave9 minutes ago

    Used condom: 1$ Ryan: Shut up and take my money.

  14. Saniya Cockrell

    Saniya Cockrell9 minutes ago

    I got shrekked

  15. Muhammad Nurbasit

    Muhammad Nurbasit9 minutes ago

    This is extract reaction when I watched this video couple days ago

  16. Keino O'Brien

    Keino O'Brien10 minutes ago

    Imagine having to cry about not going to the Bahamas

  17. TheGamingDaily

    TheGamingDaily11 minutes ago

    Nice Chalk

  18. Dust in a Spectrum

    Dust in a Spectrum13 minutes ago

    Better than Dr. Phil's interview.

  19. Aidan Hansen

    Aidan Hansen14 minutes ago

    Ryan’s got the iPhone 11 cameras below his lip😂😂

  20. Ali Lamb

    Ali Lamb15 minutes ago



    ITS_YA_BOY_ADRIAN Reeek15 minutes ago

    Bro Ryan made this 100x more funny 🤣🤣

  22. Kevin Cid

    Kevin Cid15 minutes ago

    sheeeeeeeeiit uswork.info/videos/7nM15CUIvZ0-video.html

  23. Isaiah Pryor

    Isaiah Pryor16 minutes ago

    8:14 - 8:25 Lmfao, EXPOSED!!!!!! 😂😭

  24. abby s

    abby s16 minutes ago

    It's clear Ryan watched the video before making this....he "predicted" everything that would happen. No hate just lol

  25. Gacha life is for gay people Gay gacha crackers

    Gacha life is for gay people Gay gacha crackers16 minutes ago

    Can't they split it?

  26. Anson Shumate

    Anson Shumate18 minutes ago

    the cat pee do glow


    XXYEETMASTERXX18 minutes ago

    love dolly

  28. pepe drake

    pepe drake18 minutes ago


  29. womp womp womp yeah yeah yeah

    womp womp womp yeah yeah yeah19 minutes ago

    I’m glad that most of us agree that Jordyn was extremely annoying

  30. KnopSlop

    KnopSlop19 minutes ago

    Spy Ninja

  31. Ben Alba

    Ben Alba19 minutes ago

    Wait wait wait is the girl with overalls wearing CROCS?!?!?!?

  32. Wilma Adams

    Wilma Adams19 minutes ago

    I kind of want to grab Jordyn by her ears and yeet her to the Bahamas

  33. Sonia Myers

    Sonia Myers21 minute ago

    Jordyn = bad noob

  34. Conner Hansen

    Conner Hansen21 minute ago

    Nice chalk

  35. Rosco Conner

    Rosco Conner22 minutes ago

    shut up jordyn... old mc jenkins lookin ass

  36. Yamcha Mui

    Yamcha Mui23 minutes ago


  37. emma dawn

    emma dawn23 minutes ago

    Are you bringing the tiktok series back?

  38. Sonia Myers

    Sonia Myers23 minutes ago

    Bad person is weird girl

  39. #teamtree 00

    #teamtree 0024 minutes ago

    Vitale sounds like a nice guy

  40. Billie CM

    Billie CM25 minutes ago

    Kalid was so cute omg bless him

  41. Sierrah DiCosimo

    Sierrah DiCosimo25 minutes ago

    Ryan: "What're y'all gonna spend a thousand dollars on. . ." Me: "Stationery!" Ryan: ". . .pencils?!" Me: ". . ."

  42. Ben Alba

    Ben Alba25 minutes ago

    I changed my comment so you didnt know how I got zero likes

  43. Rushil Desai

    Rushil Desai25 minutes ago

    I honestly would ask them to choose me so I can split the 1k among my competitors so everyone feels included cuz something like this is a bit harsh imo

  44. And I oop-

    And I oop-25 minutes ago

    I love you and this isn't the best way for the first good day I've had in a long time since I've talked to someone who hasn't been rude to me

  45. Brian Dillon  Pagtanac

    Brian Dillon Pagtanac26 minutes ago

    ryan’s pimple looks like the therefore sign

  46. Charlotte 123

    Charlotte 12326 minutes ago

    I love these type of Ryan videos they make me actually laugh out loud 😂😂

  47. phoenix lignell

    phoenix lignell27 minutes ago

    Pooteed my Gary Shartid my cart farted my lart banbarded my qwart

  48. Refraction_exe

    Refraction_exe28 minutes ago

    TOO000OoooO BUCKS??!?!

  49. vxnilla bean

    vxnilla bean28 minutes ago

    Khalid deserved to win (think thats how u spell)

  50. NicholasUDub

    NicholasUDub29 minutes ago

    My guy Kalid is the real homie. He goes to my school I'm glad u showed him some respect

  51. kenny

    kenny31 minute ago

    ryan’s pimples b looking like the holes of a bowling ball

  52. Rehoboth122 Bode-Favours

    Rehoboth122 Bode-Favours32 minutes ago

    That jordyn girl was so fucken annoying 🙄

  53. Berky

    Berky32 minutes ago

    After I watched originally the comment section was disabled and I just wanted to see Jordyn memes so bad so thank you dad

  54. Brandon Rejcek

    Brandon Rejcek32 minutes ago


  55. Vincent DeMarco

    Vincent DeMarco32 minutes ago

    I thought this was a PG channel why did I hear bitch and fuck jk I could care less

  56. Zach Pancakes

    Zach Pancakes34 minutes ago

    Ryan becomes a true Texan lol

  57. Overseergamer 91

    Overseergamer 9134 minutes ago


  58. eita semi

    eita semi35 minutes ago

    I mean Heather said that her school or the place the lives (?? Sorry I don’t remember what exactly she said sorry) doesn’t supply busses to where she lives and school supplies can be heavy or the weather can honestly be way too cold so riding a bike is not always optional. I understand why she would have to use Uber most of the time. Last year the bus that would go to the train station would only drive by my dorm twice a day and I would always be forced to take a 28$ Uber and in Canada’s cold riding a bike or walking was not a choice. I remember spending a lot of money on Uber or Lyft just because the busses wouldn’t operate every day of the week. It was really nice of them to give the money to her.

  59. Poppy Jane

    Poppy Jane35 minutes ago

    No hate but the pimples on your face below your lip are literally the Illuminati. 🔼🔺

  60. CharMinx

    CharMinx35 minutes ago



    ALLISON STILES36 minutes ago

    Erin has met her match!!!

  62. Liani Ortega

    Liani Ortega36 minutes ago


  63. HeyHeyHeyyy

    HeyHeyHeyyy36 minutes ago

    Yass loved this video Ryan! I always watch these types of Jubilee vids 😛

  64. Evelyn Mendez

    Evelyn Mendez36 minutes ago

    Spy ninga + slime = ryan going crazy

  65. NoAddictionz

    NoAddictionz36 minutes ago


  66. mallorytaylor6

    mallorytaylor637 minutes ago

    im so happy you did this 😂 I love jubilee but this video sent me!!

  67. Random

    Random38 minutes ago

    Make more of these series it funny asf

  68. Henry69 - Brawl Stars

    Henry69 - Brawl Stars38 minutes ago

    “I liked it, but I also didn’t like it” me: wait, that’s illegal

  69. Sophia Martinez

    Sophia Martinez41 minute ago

    Ion like Jordan very much

  70. CO2Vlad

    CO2Vlad41 minute ago

    for the Tiddy Bear 4:46 i actually had this problem but i feel like these are for old 2000s cars that are shitty

  71. Rust Vandit

    Rust Vandit43 minutes ago

    For a second I thought he was 11 year old Daniel Radcliffe

  72. Sophie 123

    Sophie 12343 minutes ago

    Hey can I get $1000 my dad died. Actually no, you know what the girl who wants to go to the Bahamas well she deserves it!

  73. Sam Jones

    Sam Jones43 minutes ago

    Yo Ryan I mean Conner what's poppin lmfao 2019 fam!!!

  74. aditi kommawar

    aditi kommawar44 minutes ago

    U started on my bday

  75. Jordan Berke

    Jordan Berke44 minutes ago

    omg i watched this the other day and the girl in the overalls was so rude :))))))

  76. Jerry Zheng

    Jerry Zheng44 minutes ago

    Jordyn pisses me off

  77. Noodle Dood

    Noodle Dood45 minutes ago

    Jordan is straight up not vibing🚫🙅🏼‍♀️

  78. Nicholas Gerou

    Nicholas Gerou45 minutes ago

    Do more reactions

  79. zeina

    zeina45 minutes ago

    Oh thank god you uploaded this bc they disabled the comments on the original video and i wanted to know what people thought 😂

  80. celia

    celia45 minutes ago

    ok ima admit it, i dont think those tasks were fair like u should give the money to whoever needs it not based on who can draw better

  81. Kishore Jay

    Kishore Jay46 minutes ago

    It might be because I'm new here, but what's up with the random Shrek memes? I'm not complaining but...


    ALLISON STILES46 minutes ago

    Finally cut has its own Erin! Jubilee fans will get it

  83. Henry69 - Brawl Stars

    Henry69 - Brawl Stars46 minutes ago

    I hope jordyn watches this and realizes how rude she was being lol

  84. Savannah Fogarty

    Savannah Fogarty47 minutes ago

    for the one who UBERs everywhere, Joe Sugg has about 12 million subscribers across all his channels but he chooses to UBER everywhere so there's nothing wrong with that and it obviously isn't that much pressure

  85. Always Clip

    Always Clip47 minutes ago

    You didn’t solve it you bought a new one 😤

  86. Hannah Korger

    Hannah Korger47 minutes ago


  87. Philosophy 101

    Philosophy 10148 minutes ago

    nothing wrong with the other guy vids.. it just feels like ryan is making fun of him for nothing...

  88. iREKKU

    iREKKU48 minutes ago


  89. lexi styles7

    lexi styles748 minutes ago

    heather deserved the money i’m glad she got it

  90. lexi styles7

    lexi styles749 minutes ago

    jordyn is so annoying omf

  91. Bahareh Rahimi

    Bahareh Rahimi49 minutes ago

    Jordyn is definitely a freshman

  92. Anika Thorson

    Anika Thorson49 minutes ago

    I literally watched this, this morning

  93. Kenzie Lyons

    Kenzie Lyons50 minutes ago

    He's doing commentary again?

  94. Elijah Killeen

    Elijah Killeen50 minutes ago

    I like is one prayer for kalid | | | V

  95. Ariana Grippo

    Ariana Grippo51 minute ago

    They used fake names, Jordyns name is actually Karen.

  96. Jason Niu

    Jason Niu51 minute ago

    Ryan: Hey Obama!...what's his last name???? Me: Obama......

  97. jad sidani

    jad sidani51 minute ago

    Are you doing NNN?

  98. Daniel Youngblood

    Daniel Youngblood52 minutes ago

    You did a good deed, thanks for helping that gentalman.

  99. Fer Ramcam

    Fer Ramcam53 minutes ago

    • _ •

  100. Atgtr33

    Atgtr3353 minutes ago

    Spy ninja