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  1. Kitty Kat

    Kitty KatMinute ago

    Another piece of the puzzle falls into place.🙋




  3. Tasmia Sneha

    Tasmia Sneha23 minutes ago

    no one : Me : sees one of the top song off Billboard chart and comes here

  4. sude aydin

    sude aydin30 minutes ago

    “La Cienega where I remember you” Dont call me delusional, but this has to be about Lauren Jauregui, X factor is recorded in La Cienega. Look up CBS television city if you don’t believe

  5. Sthefany Godnhofr

    Sthefany Godnhofr30 minutes ago

    Oi pedia-lhe Tudo bem Com você is

  6. taha berber

    taha berber38 minutes ago

    This song deserved to be nominated for the Grammy 2020...

  7. ari alves siqueira santos

    ari alves siqueira santos47 minutes ago

    Gosto muito das músicas são sensacionais

  8. karol garza

    karol garza49 minutes ago

    Uuuuuh♥♥♥♥♥la amoooooo

  9. Puppy

    Puppy51 minute ago

    Thats just her bra guys

  10. Xd_efreaks

    Xd_efreaks54 minutes ago

    so your telling me around a third of the planet has viewed this song

  11. Mario.d78 Dobosz

    Mario.d78 DoboszHour ago

    2michael Jascon 1 Bruno mars

  12. Lyte_Br

    Lyte_BrHour ago

    Someone in 3579?

  13. perplexing lady

    perplexing ladyHour ago

    Her voice is very doo wop-y but the beat is very 80s synth.

  14. perplexing lady

    perplexing ladyHour ago

    It's the song from that ad, lol. I knew it had to be Alicia Keys.

  15. Frisk Dreamuur

    Frisk DreamuurHour ago


  16. mickeymouse2able

    mickeymouse2ableHour ago

    Mark Ronson is beautiful

  17. عبد ستار خليل جوبان

    عبد ستار خليل جوبان2 hours ago

    ما شاء ما جمل هاذا القنية تشعرني في كل الراحة النفسية... 🥰🥰🎧


    MERSAC EJDARASI2 hours ago

    Turk var mi lan

  19. Antonio Silva

    Antonio Silva2 hours ago

    This deserved a Grammy nomination.

  20. Melanie Draayer

    Melanie Draayer2 hours ago

    i love this song, but as a potterhead , i listened too much to dark lord funk, so i am litterly singing to that lyric XD

  21. Skelan pai

    Skelan pai2 hours ago

    cool video im late._.

  22. Warda

    Warda2 hours ago

    No one: Miley: 👁👄👁

  23. Shreyank Sharath

    Shreyank Sharath2 hours ago

    Street performance

  24. Монт

    Монт2 hours ago

    Кто с рекламы?

  25. Vineet Bindal

    Vineet Bindal2 hours ago

    love yaaa!!!!!

  26. vzhsk hzyzj

    vzhsk hzyzj2 hours ago


  27. dr troy turner

    dr troy turner3 hours ago

    This is like Beatles intersect with Prince.

  28. Melvin Volcov

    Melvin Volcov3 hours ago

    Coucou sa va tu fait quoi beau mois j'écoute de la musique et toi bisous mddr lol 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

  29. Heidi Caterina

    Heidi Caterina3 hours ago

    no nominations from the Recording Academy itself... low key disappointed

  30. dinesh palav

    dinesh palav4 hours ago

    Can't believe Grammys snubbed this masterpiece.

  31. Wesley Santana

    Wesley Santana4 hours ago

    Merecia indicação ao grammy!

  32. R R

    R R4 hours ago

    Até gostava dessa música, a letra é muito legal. Só que depois que vi o vídeo me decepcionei, tinha tudo para dar um bom vídeo, mas como sempre é melhor esfregar a bunda na cara das pessoas como se só isso bastasse.

  33. Лидия Затлер

    Лидия Затлер4 hours ago


  34. Emi XD

    Emi XD4 hours ago

    1:08 WTFF BABYYY!

  35. Christian N'dri

    Christian N'dri4 hours ago

    I can' t believe this song was snubbed at the Grammys

  36. Ariana is best

    Ariana is best4 hours ago

    Warum hat bruno Lockenwickler wenn er Naturlocken hat???😂


    ANDY JONES4 hours ago


  38. Bts vmin lover

    Bts vmin lover4 hours ago Very important notice check it right now plz

  39. Lê Thuỳ

    Lê Thuỳ4 hours ago

    I like uptown funk

  40. 1Million Subs before 2100 Challenge

    1Million Subs before 2100 Challenge4 hours ago

    Can i get 1 Million Subs before 2100?

  41. Pham Cong

    Pham Cong4 hours ago

    we come from Viet Nam

  42. Tech Boy

    Tech Boy5 hours ago

    Like = Uptown Funk Comment = Despacito Btw who's here in 2019? :)) ⬇️

  43. Paatristras

    Paatristras5 hours ago

    Fucking masterpiece Grammy’s sucks

  44. Estilo Gabi

    Estilo Gabi5 hours ago

    Quem veio pela Vivi Guedes deixa o like❤🇧🇷

  45. Valerie agnew

    Valerie agnew6 hours ago

    Miley is amazing. This song, her voice...... wow!

  46. 小胖The胖

    小胖The胖6 hours ago


  47. N Madrid

    N Madrid6 hours ago

    Girl hit your hallelujah...🤘👅🎶

  48. Andrew Jones

    Andrew Jones6 hours ago


  49. スマクワチャンネル

    スマクワチャンネル6 hours ago


  50. Elliot Loh

    Elliot Loh6 hours ago

    Who came here after the trailer?

  51. cris agustin

    cris agustin6 hours ago

    She moves like lady gaga

  52. Avik Das

    Avik Das6 hours ago

    2019? Next hour: 1k likes. Wtf. How does it work?

  53. ayush gupta

    ayush gupta7 hours ago

    Mark Ronson looks like Andy Murray 🤣

  54. hy G

    hy G7 hours ago

    일어나라 드래곤 드래곤 일어나라 박물관이 살아있다 올드 박 마인드 물의 러브 박

  55. Belle

    Belle7 hours ago


  56. Mohammad

    Mohammad7 hours ago

    DUA would you please come dance in Iraq Electricity has never been stable since 1991.

  57. 吉岡健史

    吉岡健史8 hours ago


  58. Tyler RBLX

    Tyler RBLX8 hours ago

    The fluffle? I searched for "Hallelujah" with View Counts on the filter, this thing popped up first.

  59. BeeMan Bulent Aydin

    BeeMan Bulent Aydin8 hours ago

    It will sound good on movie. But I cant comment more

  60. Fabulous Kitty

    Fabulous Kitty8 hours ago

    *This song is everything, if you know this song since 2014. Your a true legend*

  61. ビックスライム

    ビックスライム8 hours ago


  62. pepper mint

    pepper mint8 hours ago

    I Always knew Mark was a Coward!!!

  63. 吉岡健史

    吉岡健史8 hours ago


  64. Monlada Saengkaew

    Monlada Saengkaew9 hours ago


  65. Andrea Cullen Santos

    Andrea Cullen Santos9 hours ago

    Its been 5 years <3

  66. Manuel Franz

    Manuel Franz9 hours ago


  67. Manuel Franz

    Manuel Franz9 hours ago

    Is ok

  68. Steve Glen

    Steve Glen9 hours ago

    *I use this song as a unit of distance* My workplace is 10 Uptown Funk away from my home

  69. Derron Everest

    Derron Everest9 hours ago

    definitely aparty song

  70. vinay dhyani

    vinay dhyani10 hours ago

    Small height legend like it Who is legend like this cmnt

  71. Tsotne

    Tsotne10 hours ago

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  72. Rohit Mewada

    Rohit Mewada10 hours ago

    Miley Cyres, She is something extraordinary talent 😎

  73. TinyFindy

    TinyFindy10 hours ago

    ココに日本人のいる? ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓

  74. Naveen A

    Naveen A11 hours ago

    ┏━━╮┏┓┏┓╭━┓┏━┓ ┃┏╮┃┃┃┃┃┃╭┛┃┗┓ ┃┃┃╰┛┃┃┃┃╰┓┃┗┓ ┗┛╰━━┛┗┛╰━┛┗━

  75. mushruzzz

    mushruzzz11 hours ago

    Sounds like music from 70s . I love it 👍🏽

  76. Respect

    Respect12 hours ago

    Bruno Mars ft. Mark Ronson.

  77. Christian Toralba

    Christian Toralba12 hours ago


  78. HTk Gcc

    HTk Gcc12 hours ago


  79. Kevin Zamora

    Kevin Zamora12 hours ago

    Damn this hole song is a hook

  80. Andrey Da Silva Nunes.

    Andrey Da Silva Nunes.12 hours ago

    Alguém 2019?

  81. kenu g

    kenu g12 hours ago

    Old song are gold


    ESTRELA LUA13 hours ago

    Quem veio depois de ouvir na novela a dona do pedaço?

  83. MaulanaFreed Official

    MaulanaFreed Official13 hours ago

    A very cool and delicious song to hear every day :D

  84. ice cream gamer

    ice cream gamer13 hours ago

    See this is the only hope I have left for him.

  85. Idrees Khan

    Idrees Khan13 hours ago

    from Switzerland

  86. Idrees Khan

    Idrees Khan13 hours ago


  87. Артур Даврешов

    Артур Даврешов13 hours ago

    19 11 2019 5 yers

  88. Peter Michaels

    Peter Michaels13 hours ago

    omg i love love love this beautiful sexy soulful woman x x x x

  89. Karen Jean

    Karen Jean14 hours ago

    Love this song...Great for sexy dancing...he is pretty !!

  90. MrStealYoFries

    MrStealYoFries14 hours ago

    0% Girls 0% Expensive Cars 100% Talent

  91. special videos

    special videos14 hours ago

    Nov 19 , 2019 it's been 5 years of this song 👍👏

  92. Victoria Vivar

    Victoria Vivar14 hours ago

    gm2 de tortuga

  93. Gavin Jackson

    Gavin Jackson14 hours ago

    Kaiser chiefs version is great. This is absolute shit.

  94. Joel Poppe

    Joel Poppe14 hours ago

    3 billion views, 7 billion people on earth. Unbelievable

  95. Teresa Blanco

    Teresa Blanco15 hours ago

    Ahhh my love Mark

  96. SrEmeth

    SrEmeth15 hours ago

    Alguien que hable español? :D

  97. wikili202

    wikili20215 hours ago

    Que tous les français qui regarde encore cette musique en 2019 ce manifeste :)

  98. Wayne Daves

    Wayne Daves15 hours ago

    Well then... ain't she sublime and beautiful and wonderful... and extremely great.

  99. Marlon Perez

    Marlon Perez15 hours ago

    11/19/14 - 11/19/19

  100. Leim Peña

    Leim Peña15 hours ago

    Love 🥰