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  1. Ben Lynxwiler

    Ben LynxwilerMinute ago

    Great coverage as always

  2. Brett Rosso

    Brett Rosso5 minutes ago

    This shit was hella entertaining.

  3. Cory  Micel

    Cory Micel25 minutes ago

    Pretty lame that you disc "golfers" use all the real golf terminology to describe your lame ass game. This shit is for chumps who wanna bring their IPA's and granola bars to the "course" and then leave all the trash behind all the while not paying a dime to do so....pathetic!!

  4. Cam Dubya

    Cam Dubya26 minutes ago

    I’d like to meet the 20 people that downvoted this video and slap them

  5. Cam Dubya

    Cam Dubya27 minutes ago

    I’d like to meet the 16 people that downvoted this video and slap them

  6. Hexa Torpedo

    Hexa Torpedo40 minutes ago

    Go simon!

  7. Brad Bombardiere

    Brad Bombardiere43 minutes ago

    Always fun always awesome, did the Jomez crew keep their perfect record of never getting hit my a disc?

  8. Danny Richards

    Danny RichardsHour ago

    Great work as usual, Jomez! Feel bad for Dickerson getting these unruly ground breaks and rolls. So odd!

  9. Kelly Perry

    Kelly PerryHour ago

    I love watching these skin matches. So much fun!!

  10. Shafquat Sadman

    Shafquat SadmanHour ago

    FGA tour

  11. Todd Krauss

    Todd KraussHour ago

    Awesome coverage

  12. Alboravin

    AlboravinHour ago

    Now this is what I call entertainment.

  13. 316SR

    316SRHour ago

    5 time world champion....which other countries did she beat? Which other countries did she compete in?

  14. Jake Iverson

    Jake IversonHour ago

    Nate sexton should be play in every skins match, save the commentary, his skins play is too good

  15. FinHatch

    FinHatchHour ago

    Great quality, Jomez.

  16. Entenluc

    EntenlucHour ago

    OMG Simon!!!!

  17. Kevin mcnamara

    Kevin mcnamaraHour ago


  18. Kevin mcnamara

    Kevin mcnamaraHour ago


  19. Marc Steigers

    Marc SteigersHour ago

    Way more entertaining than the Tiger vs Phil match

  20. JoonasJuhani

    JoonasJuhaniHour ago

    This commentary is awesome😂👌

  21. Sonny Gunz

    Sonny Gunz2 hours ago

    Sexton following his dad around @21:24

  22. Erik Brickarp

    Erik Brickarp2 hours ago

    What would be your dream team for a skins match? Think mine is Simon, Ricky, GG and Paige... Sexton seems to thrive in events like this too but wouldn't wanna ruin the big sexy live commentary by having him participating...

  23. Discgolf4life 09

    Discgolf4life 092 hours ago

    "Simon's looking at the hyzer" "that doesn't exist" 😂😂

  24. CO Joe

    CO Joe2 hours ago

    Love the Eagle graphics

  25. slaphappy813

    slaphappy8132 hours ago

    you guys have the best disc golf channel. now i want my 20 dollars lol

  26. Chris Bogenschutz

    Chris Bogenschutz2 hours ago

    9 holes without a par... psh, I've done that....

  27. Karl Lamothe

    Karl Lamothe2 hours ago

    Let's go Paige!

  28. Jason Martinez

    Jason Martinez2 hours ago

    The memory, they're priceless. Thank you Nate Sexton for that silky smooth response. If you did commentary on your own like back in the day on DGmonthly, JomezPro would be top tier professional production.

  29. The_Red_Lion

    The_Red_Lion2 hours ago

    Jomez, it would be awesome to see the Eagle graph a la Mortal Kombat 2 "Toasty" but with McMahon saying "Eagle". Thanks for working on these events so we mere mortals can be entertained by great DG players. Can't wait to see Part 2.

  30. OwnarBert

    OwnarBert2 hours ago

    Now this is what i call quality content! Keep it up guys!

  31. muzmaz1

    muzmaz12 hours ago

    Is there female coverage too? And if so can someone leave a link for me please. Cheers 👍🍺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  32. Tyler Bennett

    Tyler Bennett2 hours ago

    I'll make sure to comment nice things on every video from now on!!! pm me for the address to send the money to ;) Great video! thanks again everyone on the JomezPro crew and for Nate and Jeremy for the great commentary.

  33. Austin Smith

    Austin Smith2 hours ago

    I love that Paige is playing from the same tees. She needs no help to compete with the guys. Get 'em, girl!

  34. Jiusonium

    Jiusonium2 hours ago

    Those eagle faces are brilliant!

  35. Faded Jep

    Faded Jep2 hours ago

    Y'all are so awsome I watch you all the time! Amazing content!

  36. Phil Titean

    Phil Titean3 hours ago

    Caddy's reaction at 36:28 is what my face looked like the entire time watching this match

  37. SickWorldPerspective

    SickWorldPerspective3 hours ago

    Ben & Jerry's makes some banana flavored ice cream.

  38. Martin Wetterholm

    Martin Wetterholm3 hours ago

    Probably one of the funniest and most exciting disc golf productions ever streamed on the net. Please continue these skins matches, so much fun. And Bix Sexy having absolutely awesome commentary, changing the rules as the game proceeds. Best!

  39. Brian Glover

    Brian Glover3 hours ago


  40. Joshua Benton

    Joshua Benton3 hours ago

    Please tell me the USGA is taking notes on this production value and commentary. This is top-level in every way.

  41. Seth Heasley

    Seth Heasley3 hours ago

    Love the Eagle graphic. That's the kind of value-add we expect from Jomez.

  42. Eric Boal

    Eric Boal3 hours ago

    Every part of this was awesome, but my favorite was how bigjerm was too tall to stay in frame. Priceless.

  43. Mathias Fischbach

    Mathias Fischbach3 hours ago

    4 amazing players doing fantastic and sometimes insane stuff for big cash, Big Sexy letting loose on the mic and handing out extra money just because they can, and everybody being goofy, silly and having a great time all around. Thx for this, Jomez, it is amazing. Can't wait for part 2.

  44. Geezer

    Geezer4 hours ago

    I say nice things about you for free.

  45. Brandon Salaiz

    Brandon Salaiz4 hours ago

    Just trying to win something! 😂

  46. David

    David4 hours ago

    Skins matches ftw

  47. Tyler Bruce

    Tyler Bruce4 hours ago

    Paul's caddy looks like the bum Happy Gilmore pulled off the street to be his caddy. That is amazing

  48. Sam Bossn

    Sam Bossn4 hours ago


  49. Killa Tay

    Killa Tay4 hours ago

    This skins match is more exciting to watch than worlds.

  50. Seth Heasley

    Seth Heasley4 hours ago

    Dude the live commentary is rad.

  51. Adam Wiley

    Adam Wiley4 hours ago

    I love that Paige shows her guns at 4:53. You got this Girl!

  52. John Bowers

    John Bowers4 hours ago

    This is such fun! Amazing work JomezPro, Nate, Jerm and incredible shots by the players. That drive on 9 by Simon was hard to fathom. Big Sexy: Consider using some of that extra cash to reward trick shots.

  53. heikki hietala

    heikki hietala4 hours ago

    Great exercise for Big Jerm

  54. Muikku

    Muikku4 hours ago

    Simon Lizotte: Human highlight reel. 110% accurate :D

  55. Joseph Augustin

    Joseph Augustin4 hours ago

    I've only tried disc golf once in college, but I'm addicted to JomezPro. The camera work and commentary are soooo good!

  56. FractaLens Portals

    FractaLens Portals4 hours ago

    Great to see that Eagle was able to head off to the event as well...

  57. K Lö

    K Lö4 hours ago

    Big jerms laugh on lizottes biiig any on hole 9 is so funny 😂. Love you guys !

  58. A B

    A B4 hours ago

    Shit I seen Uncle Rico hit chains on hole 7.

  59. weathedaw

    weathedaw5 hours ago

    Greatest commentary in Disc Golf! Keep up the good work Big Sexy!

  60. Blue Rey

    Blue Rey5 hours ago

    Nate Sexton:I'm winning!

  61. Jay Bolster

    Jay Bolster5 hours ago

    great show

  62. WBCSaint

    WBCSaint5 hours ago

    Absolutely LOVE the live Big Sexy commentary as they walk the course. Especially love the "runner up at the canadian open" ribbing of Paul on the first hole.

  63. Jeff Heim

    Jeff Heim5 hours ago

    This is so much fun. You guys are great.

  64. Robert Titler

    Robert Titler5 hours ago

    OMG...McBeast taking that eagle on a hole over 1200ft was crazy!!!

  65. Micheal Grzywinski

    Micheal Grzywinski5 hours ago

    “Daddy Fat Stacks McBeth”...awesome BigJerm 😀

  66. Jslim Threenine

    Jslim Threenine5 hours ago

    Lmao Nate and Jerm dragging each other around by the microphones has me in tears. Best commentators ever. Love these skins matches.

  67. Dennis stoneman

    Dennis stoneman5 hours ago

    Big Jerm pacing off CTP is literally the best footage on JoMez!!!

  68. Micheal Grzywinski

    Micheal Grzywinski5 hours ago

    Love the BigSexy commentary and the “Eagle” graphic on Hole 4. Can’t wait to watch part 2

  69. MIOutdoors

    MIOutdoors5 hours ago

    The quality of Jomez vids just keeps getting better. Thanks for the fantastic content. It's getting me back into the sport after a couple years away.

  70. Kristopher Marvin

    Kristopher Marvin6 hours ago

    Amazing as always.

  71. Bonesaww

    Bonesaww6 hours ago

    Daddy "Fat Stacks" McBeth LOL 32:53

  72. Danny Cotney

    Danny Cotney6 hours ago

    Good to see you getting around again Jerm. Hope to see you throwing again soon.

  73. Niklas Mattsson

    Niklas Mattsson6 hours ago


  74. SoaR Lynn GWK

    SoaR Lynn GWK6 hours ago

    Where's my 20 bucks I comment a lot 😂

  75. Thomas

    Thomas6 hours ago

    Jerm u look kinda different...what is it??

  76. David Hammond

    David Hammond6 hours ago

    How many chics can get out there and hang with these guys ? What Paige is doing on the Womens side is legendary . I love Big Sexy and your great coverage and you don't have to give me $20 to say it Thanks keep em coming . Looking forward to Charlotte for sure

  77. Luke Altenbach

    Luke Altenbach6 hours ago

    Someone nerf Paul

  78. Derek Hawn

    Derek Hawn6 hours ago

    Jerm your new teeth look great. Thanks as always Jomez. Unparalleled content.

  79. Nate Herrema

    Nate Herrema6 hours ago

    Par McBeth

  80. Steven Gary

    Steven Gary6 hours ago

    Commentary is great!!!

  81. zen babaloo

    zen babaloo6 hours ago

    McBeth just completely letting 'em know who's boss with that eagle. Bastard!

  82. Jeremy Schriner

    Jeremy Schriner7 hours ago

    Just when i thought jomez couldnt get any better... enter the skinz match... big sexy live uncut... canadian 2nd runner up eagle a 1225 footer... simon doing uh whatever he was doing... hahhaa this just made my day!!!

  83. Air Gordon

    Air Gordon7 hours ago

    Thanks Jomez! Love these.skins matches! Keep them coming!

  84. Brandon Smith

    Brandon Smith7 hours ago

    I so want a signed disc from the skins 😭😭 please pick me i watch all these videos and have most of the pro tour series 😁

  85. Ernesto Hernandez

    Ernesto Hernandez7 hours ago

    Que deporte más pendejo hahahaha

  86. Brandon Smith

    Brandon Smith7 hours ago

    I so want a signed disc from the skins 😭😭 please pick me i watch all these videos and have most of the pro tour series 😁

  87. Aaron Waggoner

    Aaron Waggoner7 hours ago

    oye, some of that camera work on the commentators is all over the place. need to adjust those gimbal settings! :)

  88. K Ped

    K Ped7 hours ago

    Guys the live on course play-by-play is Awesome!

  89. Kasey Burlingham

    Kasey Burlingham7 hours ago

    Great scene page in the Skins match also always fun to see the shots players can do when they're not worried about their tournament score!

  90. Michael Hudson

    Michael Hudson7 hours ago

    Is it more og to mark your lie with a cookie or with $100? Really enjoying this years production guys keep it up!

  91. Curtis Smith

    Curtis Smith7 hours ago

    Can't wait to see part 2. Such a fun event

  92. G S

    G S7 hours ago

    More of these well produced and entertaining skin$ match please.

  93. Baron Richmond

    Baron Richmond7 hours ago

    Awaiting the comment from that dude who was bribed $20 by Big Sexy, ha ha

  94. Alan Nadeau

    Alan Nadeau7 hours ago

    Love the skins format!!! Hope I win!!!

  95. Isaac Brown

    Isaac Brown7 hours ago

    Is Big Jerm injured? I feel like he's hobbling a little weird lol

  96. Michael Kearns

    Michael Kearns8 hours ago

    Strange editing upfront. But great video.

  97. WunderGeu

    WunderGeu8 hours ago

    Simon just got some 'outside the box' ideas, +1 for the effort

  98. WunderGeu

    WunderGeu8 hours ago

    Damn MCBeast is on fire

  99. Allan Beasley

    Allan Beasley8 hours ago

    What is it with meters I thought we are in America

  100. Zach Snyder

    Zach Snyder8 hours ago

    The commentary on this is perfect lol