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Fortnite At E3 2019
14 Days of Summer

14 Days of Summer

2 months ago

Fortnite - Prop Hunt
Fortnite X Jumpman

Fortnite X Jumpman

4 months ago

  1. Pro Craft

    Pro Craft43 seconds ago

    I love you Fortnite

  2. HarisPlaysYT

    HarisPlaysYT3 minutes ago

    Is it only me that's wondering what the iPhone 11 fortnite skin will be?


    FE4RLESSYT5 minutes ago

    Oh god a mech *unstall Fortnite*


    FE4RLESSYT8 minutes ago

    Og Fortnite players remember this stair case to heaven sniper pump double pump old kill count and no sweats

  5. Mohanad Reda

    Mohanad Reda24 minutes ago

    That's suke

  6. AShadowOnmobile

    AShadowOnmobile28 minutes ago


  7. Jovanna Amaya

    Jovanna Amaya34 minutes ago


  8. Gecko gaming

    Gecko gaming36 minutes ago

    When are you ending fortnite because i love fortnite and i dont wunt it to end it the best game pled tell me it wunt end until 30 more years

  9. kicksen1

    kicksen146 minutes ago

    Please remove mechs

  10. Eagle_Gamer 518

    Eagle_Gamer 51847 minutes ago

    why am i here when season 10 is out

  11. Irvin Carcaño

    Irvin CarcañoHour ago

    Sa quien la temporada 11 porfiz es el único juego que tengo en mi tablet 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

  12. Fahad Zulfiqar

    Fahad ZulfiqarHour ago

    Plz set server for Pakistan😭

  13. hesham Mostafa

    hesham MostafaHour ago

    We wanna create skins!!!!

  14. hesham Mostafa

    hesham MostafaHour ago

    Hey yo gotta make some creating Skins all I want

  15. Pointless Gamer

    Pointless GamerHour ago

    Is fortnite dead the Asia servers doesn’t seem to work

  16. payet 030409

    payet 0304092 hours ago

    Fortnite porfa mete las skins de fútbol porfavor🙏

  17. payet 030409

    payet 0304092 hours ago

    Fortnite porfa saca las skins de fútbol porfavor 🙏🙏

  18. Code: Goatt

    Code: Goatt2 hours ago

    I’m literally one sub away from 1k.

  19. Jukettimet

    Jukettimet2 hours ago

    Belaeu,kaxie, tohaj is the best trio in eu

  20. ⟪ɌƬ⟫ ᎡᏋϪͲċ

    ⟪ɌƬ⟫ ᎡᏋϪͲċ2 hours ago

    Fornite J7 Prime Pliz 😭

  21. ig weef

    ig weef3 hours ago

    I am hyped for season 11 halloween 🤯🤥👻

  22. Tkdzkzfzk Jifjf

    Tkdzkzfzk Jifjf3 hours ago

    Comment fortnite if you love fortnite, minecraft if you love minecraft

  23. Peyton Redulfin

    Peyton Redulfin3 hours ago

    The season I first started playing fortnite. Even to this day, the Drift skin is still my favorite skin to play as.

  24. The blues Chelsea

    The blues Chelsea3 hours ago


  25. Luis Gauto

    Luis Gauto3 hours ago

    Number of noobs in your next game 👇 Dream 500 subs 1

  26. dizzy

    dizzy3 hours ago

    Bring back combats Epic🙁

  27. Vanik Minasyan

    Vanik Minasyan3 hours ago

    Fortnite please gift new emote apple pen its very popular :) You really epic Epic Games

  28. Perez family

    Perez family3 hours ago

    Fortnite season 10 Meteor


    MONSTER BG3 hours ago

    Ban brutes

  30. jonny cnstn

    jonny cnstn3 hours ago

    who wants to Get 13,500 VBucks for Fortnite PC!

  31. jonny cnstn

    jonny cnstn4 hours ago

    who wants to Get 13,500 VBucks for Fortnite PC!

  32. jonny cnstn

    jonny cnstn4 hours ago

    who wants to Get 13,500 VBucks for Fortnite PC!

  33. Nicola Mirra

    Nicola Mirra4 hours ago

    Look pow3r please

  34. Brajesh Parija

    Brajesh Parija4 hours ago

    Imagine not talking about fresh, rel and jynx in oce

  35. EN3RGY

    EN3RGY4 hours ago

    Epic Games - Soldi ( feat mahmood )

  36. Scott Armitage

    Scott Armitage4 hours ago

    Fortnite should be called trashnight

  37. Jacob Lynch

    Jacob Lynch4 hours ago

    Ok Epic. Look up Chow Daddy. If the Spaghetti, Pizza, Burger, dance isn't in the game by this weekend...I don't play anymore....

  38. h._k.a t6

    h._k.a t64 hours ago

    فورت نايت انا عندي بوم ازرق دمجلي ٢٠ خييييير

  39. Ethan Gregory

    Ethan Gregory5 hours ago

    Who else watching this in season x

  40. Crazy Chris

    Crazy Chris5 hours ago

    Deal fall damage to opponents is impossible it's to hard

  41. vo4tex YT

    vo4tex YT5 hours ago

    Can't u just remove the mech fortnite isn't fun anymore

  42. leonardo102y ita

    leonardo102y ita5 hours ago

    Scusa fortenite

  43. leonardo102y ita

    leonardo102y ita5 hours ago


  44. leonardo102y ita

    leonardo102y ita5 hours ago

    Fortenite è una m****

  45. MegaFN

    MegaFN5 hours ago


  46. Jovan Fady

    Jovan Fady5 hours ago

    Hay how many size for fortnite and 1 year can't download fortnite

  47. Anton Erbe

    Anton Erbe5 hours ago

    How stupid to you have to be to pick Stompy, Tschinken and aqua over Benjy, mitr0 and Mongraal?

  48. hard hat Madness

    hard hat Madness5 hours ago

    this game is so bad it was a 1v1 and i needed to place a lunch pad so i had the hight ground but it wasnt letting me place it i pressed b then x but nothing happend and i no my controla wasnt broken because i used it earlier that game to place a spike trap u can add all the skins in make new places on the map but if u cant get the simple building method to work then it shouldn't be released

  49. Amiel Singo

    Amiel Singo5 hours ago


  50. vintxge rosebud

    vintxge rosebud5 hours ago

    Get rid of the brutes. Not a single soul likes them

  51. DJ Hardrock

    DJ Hardrock6 hours ago

    what's wrong with the mechs

  52. KW Films

    KW Films6 hours ago

    fortnite is better

  53. Benjamin Hammack

    Benjamin Hammack6 hours ago

    The birthplace of a monster.

  54. NorCal TBE

    NorCal TBE7 hours ago

    Khanada Tfue and Fiber gonna win it all

  55. CGSDR JC

    CGSDR JC7 hours ago

    Probably the first music pack that i don't feel like spending 200 vbuck on, if only they use the raining doubloon music I'd be sold for it.

  56. L Face

    L Face8 hours ago


  57. walerus gg

    walerus gg8 hours ago


  58. muhammad taha

    muhammad taha8 hours ago

    wheres FalaQ

  59. Snoopy Gamer

    Snoopy Gamer8 hours ago

    Huawei p8

  60. Snoopy Gamer

    Snoopy Gamer8 hours ago

    Huawei p8

  61. Snoopy Gamer

    Snoopy Gamer8 hours ago

    Huawei p8

  62. Snoopy Gamer

    Snoopy Gamer8 hours ago

    Huawei p8

  63. Snoopy Gamer

    Snoopy Gamer8 hours ago

    Huawei p8

  64. Goldfish

    Goldfish9 hours ago


  65. Riva1er Plays

    Riva1er Plays9 hours ago

    Song name?

  66. Ifteqar Hussain

    Ifteqar Hussain9 hours ago

    The 1k dislikes are from people who are broke

  67. Ryzer Fighter

    Ryzer Fighter9 hours ago

    Remove the Mech!

  68. Ryzer Fighter

    Ryzer Fighter9 hours ago

    Remove the Mech!

  69. DerNoob

    DerNoob9 hours ago

    Epic Games/Fortnite did I understand it right and everybody is allowed to upload Fortnite Gaming Videos? (I know this question is dumb but I just wanted to know)

  70. Jonah Remignanti

    Jonah Remignanti11 hours ago


  71. alextitin yt

    alextitin yt11 hours ago

    If you don't like fortnite never vault the B.R.U.T.E

  72. Slater Meade

    Slater Meade11 hours ago

    Season 11 anyone btw it’s because season 10 almost over

  73. Tompan

    Tompan11 hours ago


  74. KashishMandia

    KashishMandia11 hours ago

    1.5x sounds better whole different vibe

  75. Liljohnnynandos

    Liljohnnynandos11 hours ago

    Who else is switching to my minecraft because of mechs Just me ok

  76. Lara Elwassif

    Lara Elwassif11 hours ago

    Put pennywise in fortine again please

  77. Maxim

    Maxim12 hours ago

    Mongraal, Mitr0 and Benjyfishy will win this.


    *PANDILLERØ* *HARDLINE*13 hours ago

    2017: 20 million 2019 100000000

  79. Vája Vajush

    Vája Vajush13 hours ago

    ....Takže Skailer se tam asi nedostal, že?

  80. raafat king

    raafat king13 hours ago


  81. O'Connor Mayhem

    O'Connor Mayhem14 hours ago

    Congrats, you found a comment that’s not self promoting

  82. Man like Fadz

    Man like Fadz15 hours ago

    It’s been two years


    FUELED VANSH15 hours ago

    Why is it showing on my feed

  84. Rajasthani Gamer

    Rajasthani Gamer15 hours ago

    Support me

  85. Ryzer Fighter

    Ryzer Fighter15 hours ago

    Germany? 😂

  86. 64D9 Jeu Vidéo

    64D9 Jeu Vidéo15 hours ago


  87. Mr banana

    Mr banana16 hours ago

    I need a long term trio partner please can u help

  88. Agent 1

    Agent 116 hours ago

    Why does this look more fun than the current state of the game?

  89. Kylie Hargrave

    Kylie Hargrave16 hours ago

    When is the Batman collaboration

  90. Alex Ligma

    Alex Ligma16 hours ago

    Fortnight can you do me a favor next season please remove pleasant park

  91. DB Hindi

    DB Hindi16 hours ago

    Please fix middle east servers of creative

  92. banánek v čokoládě

    banánek v čokoládě16 hours ago

    Fortnite please remove robot. I'am Czech my english is bad 🙄🤫

  93. HARYANA Total 90

    HARYANA Total 9016 hours ago

    Acha h thanks

  94. SAved_PewDiePie raflex

    SAved_PewDiePie raflex17 hours ago

    Delete B.R.U.T.E. I love you epick games

  95. irfan ggs1

    irfan ggs117 hours ago

    Whatsupp fortnite dogshit we are adding more dogshit weapon

  96. Nightcore4Turks 2

    Nightcore4Turks 217 hours ago


  97. Dhani The Great

    Dhani The Great17 hours ago

    Fortnitized Vector -_-

  98. Jonahhhh

    Jonahhhh17 hours ago

    I just remember waking up early on a weekend and getting hyped to do squads Those were the good days Not trying to self promo but like if u were the same (just wondering)

  99. Tc-Chemica

    Tc-Chemica17 hours ago

    No more B.R.U.T.O

  100. Johnathan grant

    Johnathan grant18 hours ago

    Number of fortnite fans I V